Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Icelandic Rednecks at Play...I'll drink to that!

Top Gear - Racing Trucks across a Lake

Top Gear in Iceland racing a truck across the water. That's not enough, so they race against a snowmobile. Something to pass the time waiting for the sun to set.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Anti-War vs Wildfire

The Anti-War demonstrators were out in force, well organized, in a Nationwide Network. Such planning and perserverence on the part of the planners. Albuquerque alone had about two hundred or maybe some more. Gee, that means that almost a half million ABQ residents stayed home, did other things, went other places and basically could not have cared less. The most interesting comparison came when I looked at the turnout for the 'Wildfire' casting call at the Hilton Inn on University in Alb. I stopped counting after 500 because they just kept on coming. (Thousand? More?) I always say, things are NOT what the 'Mainstream Media' portrays them as being. The average person does not even care about 'film Casting Calls', but obviously far more care about that, than are 'against the war'. Sort of puts things back into perspective now, doesn't it? Enjoy your day and come back again...I will have more later today. Bill Richardson seems popular, WhaddyaThank?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Bill Richardson, President of the USA, 2008

I know I am premature in the announcement, but this is the kind of MAN the citizens of the US want and deserve. He knows when to cajole and when to put on the pressure. He gets along with the rest of the world better than any of his 'competitors for the throne' The Albuquerque Journal, Sunday, 28 January 07, has the entire story. this only contains a little of the highlights.

Bill Richardson is not, at this date anyway, for total gun control as some of the other popular Dems are. As a matter of fact he took the NM required training course to personally carry a concealed firearm. I read that he did pretty good. Thats called good gun control. Now thats the kind of President I want. He is smart enough to read the 'stats' about the States that have concealed weapons available for its qualifying citizens. Bill saw that there is absolutely no correlation or increased gun deaths per capita in those states. I wish more 'Law Loving' citizens 'carried', I would feel safer in public knowing that several legal guns were in the hands of qualified citizens around me. More firepower is a great way to prevent 'repeat offenders'.

Bill is for the Death penalty in drug related murders. this doesn't mean only between 'druggies', which I really do not mind that much. This does mean 'drug users' doing murders to aquire drug money. This nation seems to have a problem with that sort of thing, especially with 'repeat offenders', due to our system that employs an overwhelming number of attorneys doing both the defence and the prosecution, Win-Win right ? WRONG!

Bill wants a law to prohibit the desecration of the US flag. Well it's about time. Try that little stunt in Iran. They don't seem to have a problem with repeat offenders in Iran either, come to think of it.

Bill is for spending caps in congressional races. Thats another one overdue. Spending didn't help Kerry though. bill is one of the best fund raisers by the way.

I don't agree with his lifting the Gay issue from military though. I beleive a problem might ensue over time, or maybe not, but that is just me. In a firefight, I want to be surrounded by 'Buddies', not just 'GOOD Buddies'. Truck drivers know what I'm saying. Of course, 'Alexander the Great' wasn't short of whacking a million or so folks. That guy sure had a lot of 'Pent Up Hostility' don't you think?

Bill wants to confront the Lobbying issues and gifts to Congress and staff. Good one Bill. To bad it's been entrenched for so long in society, it may be hard to up-root.

This one is a tuffy, Bill wants a 'balanced budget'. Bill I don't even have a balanced budget, most of the citizens of the USA don't have a balanced budget. I know it sounds good but force it on each and every one of us, not just the government. Of course absolutely nothing would happen in our economy if that did take place. We all live on our future earnings, the Government is no different. As a matter of fact Blogengeezer holds 'Bonds', what would he do for income? Background actors make very small paychecks. They don't work steady either. Hear that Bill, find me a job in the film industry.

Bill gets high points here from Blogengeezer. Bill is FOR 'One man, One Woman' Marriage. Not the loosey-goosey Liberal concept of marriage between MEN, dogs, sheep, (No matter how attractive they are) or any other species, or other 'MEN', plural due to the concept of poligamy practised by a segment of society. Ditto for Women.

Now for what Bill Richardson is 'AGAINST'...
He is against a seven day waiting period for handgun purchases. The time I almost really needed one, I would not have liked to wait a week. We are having a rash of Home Intrusions lately and I don't think the neighbors want to wait a week to see what happens to them. Of course I grew up in farm country and 'arms' were always in the family, we hung 'em over the mantle and next to the front problem. Contrary to Media opinion, my entire family as well as all of the other farm families, survived the imminent dangers. I guess people were smarter back then.

BLM land 'increasing' grazing fees on ranchers. This is a political football in rural New Mexico. 'Big voting block' so he watches his step out there.

Bill is against the war in Iraq... Give a little, take a little is Bill's way of pleasing everyone. Seeing as how our Media is against the war, and for the Jihadi's, and convincing everyone else to be likewise, I guess that's the way to get elected. See Bill is smarter than all of the rest.

Bill is against limiting fed funds for abortions. I guess that when you are a member of 'The Abortion Party' You gotta do what you gotta do'. That party seemingly does comprise more than half of the USA now, so that's the way it goes. the USA has a drug problem, a sex problem, and so many other social issues since it banned the Ten Commandments, what else is Bill supposed to do? Bill served in Congress through three Presidents. He knows how to play the game. Go get 'em Bill Richardson.

Worlds First Wheelchair Backflip!

Footage of Aaron Fotherinham doing some pretty sweet tricks in his wheelchair. He also performs the worlds first wheelchair backflip. Video found on

Saturday, January 27, 2007

XM-Sirius-WS-"ION Drives"

Since 1988, the way we listen to tunes has sure changed. There are satellites (Birds) all around the world sending down hundreds of channels of tunes, weather and talk (if you can call it that) broadcasts. American Mobil Satellite Radio started it.

Xm was the first and has over 150 channels and four Geostationary (they hold a pretty still orbit, low lattitude angle, over North America) Satellites, two of the originals are the back-ups, seeing as they have slightly clouded solar collectors. They were supposed to last 15 years but as you can see they are not going to cut it. Xm has about 800 ground 'repeaters' of the low (50 to 100) Watt power range to fill in between tall buildings and such in the cities.

You may see them on corner rooftops of tall buildings. XM has allocated some bits of data transmission for 'On Star' due to an agreement with GM and others. Xm uses the upper half of the alloted band of 2332.5 to 2345 MHZ for its transmission. The repeaters use the same frequency to supply complete coverage to the 'individual' recievers, which buffer the transmitted data by 4 seconds, so that when you drive under an overpass you cannot hear the pause.

A unique 26th floor of a building in Manhattan, has a floor that was poured on top of a bladder inflated to isolate the street noises and vibrations from the transmitter that is the 'uplink' to the Satellite, so that the noise doesn't waste valuable bits of data. Now wasn't that intelligent? I believe Sirius 'uplink' data transmission comes out of NJ. When you pay for the programing you desire, the system sends the info to the 'Birds', they in turn send the code that blocks the rest from being recieved by your reciever. Your reciever has an internal code which the 'Birds' recognise as friends so you can listen to whatever your heart desires. Now aren't those smart 'Birds'?

Sirius uses the lower half of the frequency bandwidth at 2320 to 2332.5 MHZ. They have three satellites up, a fourth stored for emergency (in California) and a fifth to be used for the latest coverage that is not compatible with the early version individual recievers. The original 3 are in a lazy '8 semi-stationary' orbit that meanders down to South America and back. South America has not yet payed for the licensing. (but that doesn't mean they don't use it). The Sirius system ensures two Satellites are over the USA at any given time with 16 hours overlapping coverage by each. The fifth satelite is to be truly geostationary. Sirius has about 100 High power repeaters in the 400 to 2000 watt category, placed high on mountain tops and tall transmitting towers. The same 4 second rule is used by them as well.

XM and Sirius are prevented from a merger by the Justice dept. They will soon co-operate to stem billions of dollars in losses from competing with each other. XM has over 7 million customers while Sirius has over 6 million but is gaining customer base at a faster rate. New 'Data compression algorythms' are going to increase the channels available as time allows.

Europe, India, Africa, and Asia are covered by "world Space" Which is now totally a part of XM. WS uses two Geostationary Satellites on the Equator over the Euro-asian Continents. WS has a unique 'Flashlight' type of beam which is very selective about which country gets to listen to the broadcast. the technology was part of the reason that XM used their cash revenues to buy back the 20 percent of outstanding shares that were held by WS.

The most interesting feature of these 30 or so latest comunication Satellites all around the world, is the fact that they use a futuristic space age system, called "Ion Propulsion" to help them maintain their position in Geostationary orbit. "Ion Propulsion" drives the 'Star Ships' in science fiction books for as long as I can remember, Star Ship 'Enterprise' being no exception. the "Ion Drive" operates for about an hour or more each day to 'nudge' the satellites back to the perfect position they need to maintain for great data transmission.

This latest bit of 'How things work' comes thanks to the magazine rack's, current 'Scientific American' complemented by my own link to 'Wikipedia'. You might want to check out the pros to get the total 'skinny'.

Now you know enough to sound intelligent at the bar with the 'Buds' or at the local beauty shop or even the barber shop. Now aren't you glad you stopped and visited my blog? Stop in again some time. I just love the attention.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Yoyo man!

Now this guy could pass any casting call. We have talent but I do believe he is the best in this field....Ya Thank?

Thursday, January 25, 2007


The casting calls are starting to appear after the Holidays. Blogengeezer answered one at the Elegante Hotel on Menaul in ABQ last week. Gwen Savage ( did the casting for 'The Eye', and Gwen said Blogengeezer could possibly be cast as a truck driver. Blogengeezer worked with Gwen before on, 'The Lost Room', Gwen is a fun person to work with, she made us dance around the room. Big 18 wheelers go BAHD-DAH-DAHD-DAHD-DAHD when they slow down, and PSHIIIIISH when they stop. Thats all you need to know when you are a truckdriver background actor. Of course a Cat, Cummins, or Detroit powers most of the trucks in the USA today, then the Horsepower is very important with a 600 being much better than a 400. Now lets 'Fire 'em up Gwen.

I heard that the film about the Mexican 'Border....' with 'Jenifer Lopez' has defaulted on it's New Mexico loan. Come on J Lo, don't be a 'Dead Beat', make those 'Hommies' of yours pay the state back so we can all still have fun here. This is obviously going to stereotype your 'Hommies'. larry Barker the TV investigative reporter is going to do a lot of 'Rant' on the entire industry if you don't do something about that past due account. Come on J Lo, get your 'Gangstas' out of their 'Lowriders' and into the Pawnshops with their flashy chrome wheels, to send a check to the nice State of New Mexico to pay off the loan. At the least they could get some cash from the local 'Pay day Loan' sharks all over NM. Or sell a few 'imported Bales' to raise the cash. Come on, the Guvs going to be Pres some day, you don't want him to look bad.

Today was the fourth year casting call for the successful TV series "Wildfire". Blogengeezer parked 1/4 mile away due to the crowds lined up at the Hilton Hotel on University in ABQ. 'Darlene Hanson' and crew was doing the Casting. At 4 PM the line stretched to the front door until someone started to use the 'fan fold' method of the line. We then did not use as much linear space but the entire outside patio was covered in a sea of the strangest looking people you could ever imagine. One guy even had his face implanted with ridges and tatoos covering his head, and as well as I am fairly certain, other parts of his body that we were not priviledged to see. The line had many old friends of blogengeezer. we yelled back and forth to each other about the latest films we were in, and all of the details behind the scenes. Chanel 7 was covering the scene with even one Harmonica player doing his thing. So much talent in one patio.

I had the fun time of being in line with a former young Honeywell engineer, laid off recently that plays the Bass guitar in the local Jazz bands. He told me many stories about meeting famous personalities at the clubs around town and in Santa Fe New Mexico. He liked Santa Fe for it's higher class of clientele . He told me of the better patron participation in the musical renditions from the past. I am sure the night goes much faster for the entertainment group when the crowd is pumped. Remember that, next time you go out to hear a great group and give them your wholehearted support. thank you my friend for making the long wait in line go faster. Anyone needing a great young guy for your firm's Engineering dept, just send me a 'Comment'. It is directed by moderation, to my 'e mail' first so I can post it for him to contact me. thank you my 'Bass Playing' friend.

As the line slowly moved through the high hundreds to thousands of future film stars, the sun slowly set. A flight of the latest V-22 or Osprey, as it is more commonly known, flew by. What an intriging engineering marvel with over 20,000 hours of successful flying since its four early crashes during testing before the year end in 2000. They are stationed at Kirtland AFB nearby and fly over my home daily. they are one fast flying Helo-plane.

As We got more and more chilled in the darkness, the end was in sight. a person came to those of us with 'Head Shots' and moved us to the front of the line. Halleluia, blogengeezer got to go inside. Lo and behold the person directing us to the front was Blogengeezers wife from the 'racetrack scene' last fall. See, if you are patient good things come your way. While in that much shorter line a few more good friends were with me to share tales and pictures of the latest deeds of daring. Even a few pictures of a daily driven classic pink and gray Dodge Dart.

When the time came to present the pictures and resumes to the desk sargent, Lo and Behold there was Anthony Nichols, Blogengeezers friend from many previous films including 'Wild Hogs' (see trailer in January post) Anthony is a great casting assistant with many years experience in the film industry. His mello British accent is like a much loved familiar tune in a world of static. thank you Anthony for just being on the planet with us.

Now is all blogengeezer has to do is wait and 'blog' nonsense while waiting for the parts to materialize. "Tennessee' is starting to film and I received my call to be on set 02 fri 07. I have no idea what part I will be playing. somehow I know it will be great, they all are. Soon the blogs will be back to the daily work of film production, with all of the deeds and sights around me during the 'Rolling-Rolling....background..Action!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Just when I was bragging on the Asians, CHINA goes and proves that they are 20 years behind the Soviets and the USA by creating this huge 'Mess' of thousands of pieces of 'Shrapnel' in the 500 mile high orbit that once was clean and useful for satelites. But No, you had to blow the thing to 'Smithereens'.

Now if CHINA had sent the rocket up and then 'nudged' the satelite back down to a lower orbit where it could have been sucked by gravity, back to earth to burn up in the atmosphere, I, as well as the entire world, would have been really impressed by your foresight as well as your technological prowess. Those same Engineers and Rocket Scientists could have gone even one step further by sending up a "Capture Capsule" similiar to the one seen in the old "007" films. Remember when it opened up and captured the Orbiters and returned them to earth containing the Astronauts? Now 'that' would have amazed the world.

As it stands now, some other future Engineers are going to have to figure out how to clean up that huge 'Mess' you just made 500 miles above the earth. "Shame on you". Pieces like that are going to circle the Globe for hundreds of years at balistic speeds. Thats why the USA as well as Russia decided 20 years ago it was a real bad idea. CHINA I am real disappointed with your 'old school' technology. Maybe it was the Politicians that made you do it. In that case I understand. We in the USA have way more than our share of those types as well.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bill Richardson, New Mexico, President?

Bill Richardson for President of the United States. It now is official, we New Mexican's knew all along what was in the works. Actually I see no other candidate better suited for the job. Based on his immense experience in foriegn policy alone, Bill is so far out in front of the other runners, it is not even a contest. I sometimes disagree with his tactics. They do seem to work in todays world because they are 'time-tested'. "Plentifully reward the people around you and they will work to ensure your success".

On the news the evening of 15 Jan 07, the state of New Mexico's legislature met and has to figure out how to spend it's.. 720 Million (conservative estimate) extra dollars over the five plus, Billion dollars of regular budget. Oil and Gas revenue is due to the "Depletion allowance" paid to the state by the Oil and Gas industry. Absolutely never "Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs". Bill knows that by heart.

New Mexico is supposedly one of the poorer states in the USA. Bill has done a lot to ensure New Mexico gets as much Federal Revenue as possible and works to attract future revenue to NM by tax incentives for large employers.

I personally am happy that the film industry still views NM as a favorable state to 'film' in, due to the "tax incentives" Bill keeps giving them, along with the interest free loans. 25 films were done in NM last year (2006). Bill has 'enticed' more than 60 films to be produced in New Mexico, since he took office as our Governor. This year looks even better. As a 'Background Actor' "Blogengeezer" thanks you.

Now I see why Our Governor, Bill Richardson, 'from Massachusetts', just showed up on our doorstep, before grooming himself for President of the United States. One other bit of cause for 'Elation' is the fact that Bill's mother, as well as Bill, is from South America. Bill was born in the USA but returned to Mexico promptly. This gave him citizenship. Now this would be no big deal except for the 'estimated' 10 to 20 million 'illegals' who probably will get to vote due to few restrictions on proof of citizenship, voter registration.

Bill went on the record as against 'the Fence', another good political move for the 'Media'. Bill lived in the lap of luxory in Mexico City as the son of a banker. Bill left for Boston Prep School at 13. Read all about his life in the Jan 21 Sunday Albuquerque Journal. As you read the article, keep in your mind that Bill has on his staff ex-Journalists. See I told you he plans ahead. He did not stop the National Guard from "Observing" the border though. See how intelligent and politically savvy Bill is? He is a 'Shoo-In' for Pres. He knows how to play both sides like a fine violin, without alienating the voting majority.

Did anyone notice he travelled to Darfur recently and according to 'his media', settled the conflict, within an hour. ...Truly, he met with the 'UN' supported Islamic ruler for roughly one hour. His meeting with the 'Christian' faction that the 'Islamics' are trying to erradicate, was not detailed in the Main Stream Media of course. He is very good on National Diplomacy but I don't think 'that' good.

Of course as soon as Bill left, the Islamic Ruler said they were 'not' (surprise, Surprise!) going to do what Bill Richardson said they were going to do on National TV. It doesn't matter, people in our country get all of their facts from CNN and work down from there. When the citizens of the USA find themselves in a hole they just will not stop digging. It's that work ethic thing, we just have to keep on digging.

I'm not positive of course, but I see major financial rewards coming Darfur's way in the future. Maybe it will work, who knows?

In actuality, Bill Richardson and Jimmy Carter, were instrumental in giving North Korea, through diplomatic channels of course, their Nuclear system under the Clinton Administration. (for the generation of electricity you understand) You know the one we are upset about now. The latest low cost (comparativly) centrifuge system like Iran's, that we (the USA) are just now starting to build near Eunice New Mexico. (December blog) Thank you 'Urenco'.

I have no idea about why we in this world do some things. I guess it just gives us something to work on or against in the future. Remember when we were kids? We worked to store up weapons for a conflict that seldom occurred. Whether it was snowballs or sticks. I guess we just have to have goals. Deterrence is much better than the actual act. The 'Cold War' worked.

Bill sure has his goals in order. He even went on a diet for a healthier image. That 'goal thing again' makes him the very best choice for the next President of the United States of America as far as common logic goes. Of course I am not absolutely positive common logic still works in the USA. You know, that 'smoky' fire in the 'mirror' factory.

Bill Richardson is known worldwide and respected by the North Koreans, they actually came to NM to meet with him soon after he became Governor. I think they actually thought he had been already elected President. Bill brought back a dead US Helo pilot that had flown over the line though. that gave him lots of 'Kudos' from the House of representatives. He traveled to Iraq and 'bartered' with 'Sadam' for the release of a couple of US guys that wandered over the line from Kuwait. Possibly he would be able to talk to the Iranians leadership...maybe...somewhat?? Nah..they don't give a 'Rat's Patootie' for anyone.

Remember the American Embassy hostage situation, 444 Days of it, 1979 to 1981 during the Carter administration years. Carter kept pleading with the Iranian captors to please, Oh please, release them. He is a real 'Humanitarian' you know. Iran's current president, Amadinejad, was one of the leaders of the young radicals who held them when he was a rabble rousing college kid. But I am not sure the Islamic radicals (10 to 15 percent) respect any one but themselves. I like the Asians much better myself. At least they do not desire to eliminate us Infidels from the face of the earth, as the Islamic extremists do.

Considering all of the others waiting in the field to be President of the United States of America, Bill Richardson is by far the best for that horribly thankless job. He sure knows how to 'control' the media. He has hired a number of journalists for his staff. I have been watching him for years as one of his detractors.

Bill is a large man, who like a majority of Americans, does not fit into little Econo-Box cars. He loves to maintain high speeds while traveling anywhere in any form of transportation. Thats why the State plane is a late model twin Jet Cessna. Large fast Luxory SUV's are not only a neccessity due to his size, but a great ride. Truly a man after my own heart. very Charismatic, and is smiling a lot more for the camera than previously.

As it stands today, I am now one of his ardent supporters. "I was Against Him Before I was For Him"...maybe he will give me a job ..."working with the New Mexico film Industry"? Are you reading my Blog Governor Bill Richardson?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Jeong-Hyun Lim, a 23 year-old Korean that self taught himself to play the guitar over the last 6 years. He is one of the most popular videos on YouTube with over 8.8 million views. After viewing this video I decided to post it everywhere so everyone can enjoy his talent on the guitar. He makes the rest of the crowd look like they are on drugs......Uh Yea...a lot of 'em are. "Blogengeezer"


"Jet-Man" : Yves Rossy (from Switzerland) is the first man ever to be able to fly, following Icare's dream, with true wings and a jet-pack.

Another great video explaining jetman technics :

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ocean Odyssey - Deep Into the Abyss

The creatures that live in this abyss are the least known of any on the planet and the awesome majesty of the world remains beyond our reach. However, with technological advances and breathtaking CGI, Ocean Odyssey has created the most accurate portayal of the deep oceans that has ever been seen. OCEAN ODYSSEY - NOW ON DVD!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The National Debt

The Film Industry in New Mexico works on interest free loans as long as guide lines are met relating to expenditure of the funds back into the states economy. A factor of many times more than the loan is the result of this re-circulating of cash. The free world economy works in much the same way.

I can't find it right now, but I had a Wall Street Journal graph and article, a while back, that showed the USA 'Debt to Earnings' ratio, similar to when you and I, as citizens in the USA, buy a house or car. (the rest of the world it appears, has no such system, thus has no idea what in the world we are talking about)

The graph showed the USA debt structure and compared it to the GDP. (Gross Domestic Product) We are among the lowest ratios in the world. Much lower. Thats a good thing. Much better than the other developed/developing countries.

Large companies borrow to build their business for tomorrows demand of their product.

The USA is a free country much like a huge world business. China and India and all of the European countries are in the range of 'big' debtor nations, percentagewise much more in debt than the USA. Most times the debt shows up as very good for the GDP's performance in a free country like the USA. It shows we are investing in the future.

Our GDP is the highest in the world by far. NO nation in the world even comes close. A Billion dollars is a drop in the bucket. (Now for you and I, it looks gargantuan) The cost of the war in Iraq is surprisingly, the same dollar amount of our own consumption of 'salty snacks' in the USA. sort of puts things back into perspective now doesn't it. (the Wall Street Journal)

The graph was for the last ten years back from 2005. As the debt fell, the GDP 'fell' likewise. It was an interesting article. Raising taxes actually 'depressed' the GDP in the same way, causing less tax revenue to be generated. (a graveyard spiral) Luckily, people that are much more knowledgeable than us, keep track of such things.

The Oil exporting nations, like UAR, Saudia Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Iran are awash in cash but do little for the modernization of their countries. The North Sea Oil has helped Great Britain as well as the Scandinavian countries but nowhere near making them rich.

Russia has been nationalizing the Oil industry as Communist nations are prone to do. It will eventually fall into an environmental disaster like it was before the 'temporary' fall of Communism. Putin is smart enough to 'commision' the Oil companies that rebuilt their Oil industry, to run it.....for now.

The Oligarchs (sp) are back in power again. Putin and 'they' run the nation.
The head of 'YUKOS' Oil was imprisoned and friends of Putins divided up the wealth he controlled. Lately, Putin and his 'Band of Merry Men', have been slowly nationalising the worlds other oil interests in the former Soviet Union. Russia's Putin, also wields the energy resource much as he would a weapon.

Hugo Chavez is another fun bedtime story. Venuezuela has gone through boom bust cycles that lead to revolt and military coups from time to time. The falling price of world oil may cause another economic disaster like it did for them in the 80's. They are really strung out in debt, and Oil is their only 'cash crop'. They, like a communist country does, 'nationalized' their Oil industry. Lately Hugo has said that the rest of the privately held interests in Nicaragua are in his sights. Communism works, oh yeah! history has shown that. (choke, gag, cough) It will take a while, but it too will turn to Kaa, Kaa. Remember, 'killing the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs'? Has anyone else noticed how much Hugo looks like Mussolini? Remember the guy, read 'Dictator', that destroyed the Italian nation by an aliance with Hitler during the second world war? The same guy that was hung by his heels after being killed a little at a time by his own citizens along with his mistress? Amadadinejad from Iran just paid a visit to his new best friend Hugo. A new Kalishnikov (think AK-47)factory is already on Hugo's table. (that will control the 40% of his population that thinks he is not to be trusted) along with some MIGS (for USAF target practice?) I see a repeat of history already. Doesn't Hugo know that Cindy Sheehan, one of his latest squeeze types? is in favor of gun control? Oh I forgot she meant only the guns in the USA.

The USA is lucky to not depend on, as an only resource, volatile 'Oil'. As it stands we only produce about 28% of our own needs. We are a big importer of OIl. The warm weather in the East has resulted in lower consumption so it affects the world price, as well as our 'trade deficit'. (Makes it lower as well) Watch for the opening of the new much wider 'Panama Canal' to have a drastic effect on the world price of Oil. Saudi Arabia is ramping up production as well. They are already the supplier of one fourth of the worlds consumption. The decreased price will also have an effect on the amount of cash available to support terrorism as well...maybe?

The reduced energy costs and resultant increased profits, due to reduced expenditures across the board, raises the USA's total tax revenue, thus decreasing the national debt. (not to be confused with 'the trade deficit') The Wall Street Journal does a much better job of explaining it than I do. In other words, 'All is well in the USA', not perfect of course, but nothing in this world is. So long as no one upsets the 'Apple Cart'...." todays world, is 'an apple cart'?"

The National Debt. It sounds like a four letter word when used by our 'mass media' during an administration that does not conform to their own 'personal' desires. Yes the 'media' is comprised of people like you and I, shocking isn't it.
The US Dollar is our standard of exchange, most all of the world holds it in high esteem as well, due to it's unequaled stability. The 'Debt' is nothing more than a 'loan'. Bond holders like Banks, Corporations, foriegn Nations even lowly Blogengeezer holds bonds. They earn 'Interest' (profit) and it is a 'Hedge' against inflation. It is a savings account for many.
When the dollar is 'High', things that are imported, 'Tourism' for one, are very costly to visitors using their undervalued currency. They tend to stay away and spend their 'Pesos' elsewhere, unless they are wealthy, the wealthy live 'well' everywhere. (thats why they are called 'wealthy')

Norway will get you a ride from the Airport to downtown Oslo in a cab for $95 in US currency. Oviously the 'Krone' is very 'High' against the Dollar due to Norway being one of the North Sea Oil exporting Nations as mentioned earlier. A hotdog at an 'Ethnic', (think anyone not Native Norwegian) cafe stand, will set you back $2.30, not bad unless you compare it to a 'Spicy Chicken Sandwich' at McDonalds in the USA, for a $1. 'Geezer Coffee' is only 50 cents. Right now, Burger King has a 'Sausage Biscuit and Coffee' for about 75 cents. That would not buy you the napkin in Oslo Norway. Things 'made in Norway' are way too expensive for anyone except the wealthy. Norwegians love stuff made in Asia, it's relatively cheap.

Well guess what happens now? The people from other countries, like Norway, that want to tour the USA can do it cheaper than staying home. We are a 'Bargain' to them. As long as the Dollar is low in relation to other 'Higher' currencies, we can sell them our 'goods'. So see the 'weak' dollar is not all that bad. Where it does hurt is when we 'just have to have' things (think of all the latest electronic gizmos our 'Poor' kids have to own), from other countries that have higher currencies. This eventually (don't hold your breath) tends to make us forego the 'foriegn goods', which helps to reduce our "TRADE DEFICIT" Voila! I don't see that happening anytime soon, because we American people love 'Stuff'.

Now that I have made 'Blogengeezer Economics One' so simple, the world will all even out some day. The John Nash (A Beautiful Mind) 'Theory of Equilibrium' in action. Go For It! Don't 'Sweat' the Petty Things and Don't 'Pet' the Sweaty Things.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

USA, China, India,Pakistan. Panama Canal

I walk each pre-dawn morning to the local super Market, a mile away. Once there I read a bit from the magazine rack. An article jumped out at me from Scientific American. Out of 100 of our university graduates in recent years, only six are 'Engineers'. Well guess how many are graduate 'Engineers' out of 100 in China, as well as India or lately Pakistan? Give up? Think 40 for openers. That's 40 percent Engineers! Our USA Universities, graduate overwhelmingly, what are called 'The Soft Sciences' (Victor Davis Hanson refers to math and engineering as 'Hard Sciences') psychology, Lawyers, Paper Shufflers, Mystics, Underwater basket weavers and anything but 'real science'. Such as people that can change the world, by coming up with 'Alternative Energy sources', for starters. When did we switch to this 'gaggle' of users and consumers with a degree in 'University Studies'? , rather than builders? No wonder most of the new technology is originating in that dreaded political arena called 'Offshore'. The USA was, at one time in the fairly recent past (50 years ago?), the "Go To" place to be educated in the 'useful sciences'. Now it seems all we teach are 'Political Sciences'. The rapidly climbing nations of China as well as India are run by 'Engineers' not 'Lawyers'. The USA is run by 'Career Lawyer Politicians'. 'Google' India and China some day when you have time between shopping trips, or whatever.

The Panama Canal is totally maxed out after 93 years of service. (Popular Mechinics Feb 07) It took about 70,000 people to build it back then. This time they (about 7,000 people) are giving it an overdue upgrade. The design is obsolete, as far as the largest container ships traveling the globe today. They are wider and longer than the existing locks. Trains and trucks are overwhelmingly used to traverse the Continental USA from the Atlantic to Pacific ocean shores, because of this problem. Think Diesel fuel, and exhaust, 'lots of it'. Sorry truck drivers.

The 'Engineers', who else? Are going to build a new modern parallel system that will allow the largest container ships to pass through Panama. My first thought was where is the water going to come from to operate it? "No Problem Mon". The 'Engineers' have devised a system of water recycling and storage facilities along the route. The old gates swung on hinges like house doors. The new gates are going to roll into pockets and be paired for redundancy. Maintenance can be done on one, while the other is holding back the water. Now aren't those 'Engineers' smart? Did you know the 'daily' cost of operation for one ship is about $40,000. They do not like to wait in line a week for a 'slot'. They actually bid to get to the front of the line. BP bid about a quarter of a million 'extra' to 'Jump' the line last August, setting a record. Several others did as well. About 14,000 vessels a year pass through the 'locks'. One of my links is to 'global cameras'. You can watch them go through some time when you are bored.

The 'Engineers' of 100 years ago did a fantastic job. The Wright Brothers were still learning to fly and the Titanic was not even on the drawing boards. I am wondering how many 'Engineers' from the USA will be on this latest project? I would venture to say, not as many as from other countries with indoor toilets. Our Universities are going to have to change 'drastically' to keep up with this 'Brave New World' as Aldus Huxley, referred to these times. I believe that our 'Old Universities' are like the old canal, "Maxed Out" with professional, as well as an over-abundancy of 'tenured' amateur, Political Scientists. It's time for change. When the hundreds of thousands of our fantastic "Can Do" troops return from 'Civilization building', where none seemed to exist, They will take over our Educational as well as Political system. They have seen 'Disfunction' and will know how to deal with it in the USA. God Bless the future Generation.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wild Hogs

New Harley Davidson Comedy movie. Great tip to date in cinema. Blogengeezer worked with John and the Hogs nine days in June 07 at Madrid New Mexico. John Travolta is a great guy. I gave him my book "Born to Fly" about the P-3 Orion downed on a Chinese Island in 01. We talked planes. Met all of the others as well. Fun to work on this film. See it in theatres soon. What a fun career.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

''How U.S. Marines say Goodby''

Whether you are a woman or a man, whether you are for or against the Iraq war, regardless, this will definitely wet your cheeks and pierce your heart. Every American should view this video so please pass it on to all on your list. I don't believe one person will be offended.

Click here:

Monday, January 08, 2007

John Wayne

Marion Robert/Michael Morrison born in Winterset Iowa, 26 May 1907. His 100th birthday is fast approaching. He died in 1979 but still managed to be the third most popular actor behind Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp in 2004. Thats pretty good for a dead guy.
'Marion' learned to ride at the family ranch in Arizona at the age of 7. His family was always on the edge of poverty, his Dad could not get the hang of manageing money. after that the family moved to Glendale California. His Mom and Dad divorced after 20 years of strife in their marriage.

Marion had an Airdale Setter named Duke. Duke was always with Marion so the locals named Marion, 'Big Duke'. big Duke was pretty popular and was the football star as well as the class president at Glendale High. He was pretty smart to boot. Duke applied for an appointment at The Naval Academy but got rejected. A scholarship for football at USC helped him get over the rejection. In his Sophomore year he suffered an injured shoulder doing something that probably would have made a good vid for Google. That little discretion cost him his 'Trojan' football scholorship at USC.

"It is interesting how something that seems devastating to a person in his life can turn out to be a great opportunity". (Blogengeezer's Words of Wisdom to my youngest Son)

Duke had to now find real work. Tom Mix apparently liked him enough from his little odd jobs around the film lot where he hung out, to get him a job as a Prop Boy. It did not take the film industry long to recognise, tall good looking 'Marion'. Duke? He liked that better than Marion for obvious reasons, even though it probably taught him how to fight. Remember Johnny Cash's song, 'A Boy Named Sue'?
The name John Wayne was bestowed on him 'after' he was in a few low budget films. The film 'Stagecoach' in 1939 brought him to Stardom where he remained for over 25 years. John Ford probably did more to promaote John Wayne than any one.

'John' was always going against the flow in 'Hollyweird'. He was, of all things, a Conservative while H..W went Communist.
Controversy surrounded him for not enlisting in WWII like a lot of other Stars did. In spite of all of this he remained Patriotic to the core. In around 1949 John played a sort of good guy/bad guy, in Red River. The film industry switched from the Superhero Stars to the more real life type, that are a reflection of society at large. Today that is the agenda, rather than the older 'idealistic' view. Personally I liked the older 'Role Model' type Stars.

John did not like scripts that portrayed the Hero as a misfit in society. He turned down those rolls after He became a Star. It cost him awards at times when the film was a hit. In the Movie, 'The Shootist' John refused to shoot a guy in the back, like the book portrayed. John was like that. At one of the latest acadamy awards ceremonies in his life, John stood at the podium and said "I'm John Wayne and I work with my clothes on". He also dealt 'harshly' with an intruder in his home. I'll bet the guy never forgot 'that old man' open'in a well deserved can of 'Whupass' on him.
Rodeo Rider, 'Yakima Canutt', worked with John for many years as his stunt partner and horseback riding mentor. When the 'crawling under the wagon tongue' scenes between the galloping, 6 horse hitch, was deemed too dangerous, and for the studio to lose John, Yakima did the crawling and jumping. The realistic fight scenes were a direct result of John and Yakima practising untill it was real, from a viewers perspective. It still is done that way today, computer enhanced of course.

Duke was married three times, always to a spanish speaking woman. Patrick Wayne and Alisa Wayne, followed in Dad's footsteps when the film industry came up as an option in their lives. John smoked five packs of cigs a day. that is untill He had a lung removed in about 1969. Cigars followed, Stomach Cancer finally whipped the 'Duke' in 1979. Happy 100th 'Duke'

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Coolest Dog in the World

Watch one of the smartest breeds in America dance to the hit song from "Greese ". 'Blogengeezer' loves dogs and also worked with John Travolta at Madrid New Mexico on the film 'Wild Hogs' due out 02 Mar 07. I did not know Olivia Newton John likes dogs too. 2 minutes and 12 seconds of fun.

£10 000 coin domino effect

It takes moments (2 minutes) to destroy hours of pain-staking precision ! Blogengeezer was, at one time, a technician on 'High Speed automatic Coin Sorting and Rolling' Machines like Banks and Casinos use to process coins. This reminded Blogengeezer of those times.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Uranium Enrichment, New Mexico

The great Southwest of the United States is the home to some of that 'U' family of ingredients to make bombs, as well as power the Nuclear reactors for the worlds generation of electricity. Canada mines most of the worlds supplies out of the 'Athabaska' (Middle) region. Australia holds the largest known reserves. Uranium is fairly plentiful over the Earths surface, due to its suspected role in keeping the Earths core 'nice and toasty' (think Lava, Magma..lots of it) through the recycling force of 'Plate Tectonics' (Subduction of one plate beneath another adjoining plate).
New Mexico has a lot of background radiation because of it's 'Dirt'. Grants NM was the site of the first big Uranium find in the USA by 'Paddy' Martinez, an Indian Sheepherder 'Prospector'. He lived to the ripe old age of 80 plus. He was hired to keep prospecting and find more (He did). Grants NM had the 'Haystack Mountain' area to supply the USA with it's Uranium Ore for years (about 30). It gave a lot of the residents in the area, jobs in mining and milling. Boom times were responsible for the active economy. Now Oil and Gas is a driving force, due in part, to the 'Depletion Allowance' paid to the State's bank account, by the companies that are mining and drilling.
We do pretty well (to say the least) financially, for a generally backwards State that has a big number of people on it's Welfare rolls.
Recently we (Hobbs area New Mexico) were presented with the opportunity of using the, now common, 'Urenco Centrifuge Technology'. You know the same type of Uranium processing that North Korea and Iran, as well as most 'Nuclear Countries' like India and Pakistan as well as Israel and many (unknown) others possibly use. The 'Centrifuge Enrichment' system is fairly simple and easy to conceal. Pharmaceutical manufacturers use it. Say didn't someone send missiles to destroy a "Pharmaceutical facility a few years back? Actually most of the world uses Centrifuge Technology now.
A fine intelligent young scientist, "Abdul Quadeer Khan", (Cough! Cough!), 'Borrowed'? the technology while working for a contractor to 'Urenco' in Amsterdam, and took it home to Pakistan. From Pakistan it 'Migrated'$$$? around the world.
The USA since 1993 has chosen to buy Russia's old Nukes to keep them off the market as well as 'Downblend' the radioactive material into a grade useable for electrical power generation reactors. Russia likes this plan. It brings them lots of US cash. The recent 'Polonium', Russian spy incident, shows that a lot of people are carrying some pretty nasty stuff around in their pockets, and I'm not talking about a dirty handkerchief.
Believe it or not, we (USA) still use the ancient, outrageously expensive, massively complicated, technology that is situated in Oak Ridge Tennessee.
You know, the Tennessee hills that produced the best 'Corn Squeezins' in the world for years.
The argument being, that "We do not want to contribute to 'Nuclear Proliferation', now, do we"? That old "Not in my backyard" syndrome has a bit to do with it as well. You know, the argument put forth by one or two people, that can derail any new project and 'Litigate' it to death.
Well at this late date it's like trying to put the 'gas' back into the dog. Uranium Hexafluoride Gas, to be exact. A lot of people in the USA, as well as the world, think we are 'way too powerful' like a football team that keeps on winning, and needs to be chained down, or at the very least have every player thouroughly discredited in the Media, while the rest of the world runs faster to gain an advantage over us. Some times I think we as a Nation, are similiar to those short, 'You Tube' Videos that portray mostly young males, doing things that almost guarantee that they are removed from the 'Gene Pool'.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

James Brown I Feel Good

James Brown VIDEOS and MUSIC at :
Remember doing this stuff? I do. The 'clubs' were alive with his sound. Everybody was happy and the music was nonstop. The night seemed to fly by. At least for Blogengeezer and friends.

An Inconvenient Truthiness

The New Years Eve party was celebrated by three couples
and another lady friend at the local Black Angus. Of course we did this
at the early hour and ran home to the 'sack' soon afterward. The
conversation among the couples ran the gamut, as well you could immagine.
One of my favorites came up about 'The Horror of Global Warming'.
Yes it's warmer than when 'Ol Hector' was a 'Pup'.
See my post from early December about my
findings in 'Wiki'. Yes we are slowly coming out of the last 'Glacial'
period and progressing into an 'Interglacial' (temperate to tropical)
period. Contrary to the 'Dazzlingly Brilliant' News media,
this has happened before...Well Duh!
More has been popping out at me from day to day reading. The latest being
an article about the Bode'le' depression in the Sahara Desert. It's been
there since the 'blurry' end of the last ice age. Remember these things
do not happen over night, no matter what Hollywood says. About 3 to 4
thousand years ago A large area of northern Africa had lost it's temperate
climate of ten thousand years ago, to become desert.
As a matter of fact it is almost the size of the
USA at this time and getting larger. Oh will horrors never cease?
PBS loves it. Political activists love it, and Hollywood loves the work.
One inconvenient 'truthiness', is that without that big 'dustbowl',
the Amazon Basin (our Oxygen factory) would not be fertile with the
neccessary minerals needed to maintain growth.
During the winter months, about 0.7 million TONS of 'dust' PER DAY is
transported from the Saharas Bode'le' Basin, to the Amazon, on the winds.
(Satelites watch that stuff)

I, earlier in December, mentioned The 'Maunder' Minimum/Maximum (Sunspots)
as well as the 'Milankovich' Cycles, of 40,000 years. (Earths 'tilt)
These happenings have an effect on the amount
of greenhouse gasses in the Earth's atmosphere, always have and always will.
I get those two guys mixed up at times, you know that 'M' thing.
Of course these effects are
compounded by other effects in conjunction. Methane from
'Cow's (2.5 billion of 'em) Exhaust',
being 20 times more 'Greenhousy' than CO2. (See the latest UN publication)

The somewhat debated 'Snowball Earth' (600 to 800 million years ago)
with it's glaciers extending almost
to the Equator, was a cold one with lots of shoveling required to get to
All in all, this old Earth has seen it all, many times over. It is a
fantasticly 'Engineered' machine.
As they say in Jamaica, "No Problem Mon"

references, Wikipedia...

Read about it, then you decide for yourself. don't let Mainstream Media,
Hollywood and Political 'agendas' make you have 'knee jerk' reactions.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Evolution of Dance

Comedian dances to clips of music from the 60's to the 2000's. I know it's been around for over a year but it's still fun to watch and think about when we did those moves..Blogengeezer