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Michael Paul Astorga, Officer James McGrane

Michael Paul Astorga is again 'News' in Albuquerque New Mexico. In fact the entire Astorga, Lucero, Romero 'clan' and their Matriarch 'Theresa Romero', are highly visible most every day... for years... 'In the Courtrooms' Accused or Convicted in the deaths of FIVE men
  • While being vigorously defended by 'The ACLU' for (unproven) murdering Officer James McGrane.....

    One fear stricken witness (from Juarez Mexico) that previously acknowledged knowing Astorga, said that she did not even recognize him in the courtroom. His ACLU attorney had a 'complete makeover' done on him for the trial. A perfectly fitting new suit and business shoes, clean shaven, perfect hair, nicely prepared teeth and designer glasses with the perfect tint. So scholarly, such a nice young man, in 'Appearance'. So respectable looking. The tattoos and self mutilation adornment scars well hidden. His previous murder charge 'Disallowed' from testimony (Naive Jury 'can not' be informed...of anything). This family tree has been involved in so many Violent and Deadly altercations, including Law Officer James McGrane
  • it makes noteworthy the term 'Career, Violence Prone Repeat Offenders'

  • Update 19 Jan 2012: Michael Astorga has been found guilty in yet another murder. His attorney asked for change of venue to Las Cruces NM to try and get a 'naive'? jury. He is too well known in ABQ. His sentencing could run max 28 years for this one. He shot and killed neighbor Candido Martinez after a long running feud over a 1959 Chev low rider. That is the reason he shot and killed Officer James McCrane, he was on the run for several months with the help of his adoring, caring? family (they love 'son', it's Other people that are always the problem). He has not been sentenced yet for that earlier killing.

    Seems like this dysfunctional family is not too good at backing away from conflict. De-Escalation, as we learned in CCW certification, is just not in Their DNA. Pray that you Never cross paths with a family such as this. If so, be armed and alert... at least to somewhat even your odds.... of survival. Remember that the ACLU protects Him and his like, YOU are on your own.

    As the Patriarch of three successful, law abiding adult sons with their own functional families, I notice many stark differences in the raising principles of our cultures. Let alone, the end results. Governor Bill Richardson notices as well

  • Theresa Romero, the mother 'superior' of their 'family unit' seems to have passed on a trait of Never accepting the word 'NO'. Theresa Romero flagrantly and maliciously exhibits this 'Behavior' daily in the courtroom. A mistrial (a previous success) due to Theresa Romero's 'circus'
  • is apparently the goal of herself and her 'ACLU' Attorney. I will not go into details reported in the Media, but the links (trial is ongoing) explain it better. This one from the 'Professional viewpoint'

  • Anyone that wonders why Five Million (now 2012, over eight million) Law Abiding, background checked, FBI Certified Citizens in the USA, are today 'Carrying Concealed' weapons, need only view this scenario occuring daily in the courtrooms.... all across the USA. Preyed upon heavily by the Notorious 'Special Interest' groups (ACLU)
  • The U.S. legal system of taxpayer funded Lawyers for Defense as well as the Prosecution, now encourages violence Prone, Career 'Repeat Offenders' to roam freely among Law Abiding society (repeat offenders generate more tax funded revenue). This abhorent Behavior is promoted at every chance, while 'persecuting' the Law Abiding Citizens... The Tax Payers, You and I. Especially the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer

  • Woe be to Any individual (including Law Officers) or family, that crosses paths with these free 'Roaming' Predators among society. Violent Psychopath Predators that now number into the countless thousands. To say that Your life will 'Never Again Be the Same'
  • is an understatement.. No matter what the final outcome. No matter what side of the 'Yellow Tape' you end up on.
    Like this Unfortunate Woman
  • Maria would have made the front page 'News'...if she were an Entertainment IDOL...

    Self Defense Training courses all across the nation, including local Omega Defense
  • offer the Law Abiding Citizens, the Choice of far more likely becoming a 'Survivor' of attack. That choice also naturally involves being a 'Passive Victim'. I and family, personally choose 'NOT' to partake in the 'Passive Victim' aspect of Life Choices. Longevity and it's ongoing spirit of 'Fighting' for our survival, is in our family DNA.. We also VOTE for and support, Political Representation that enjoys Life and Freedom for Law Abiding Citizens, The Taxpayers of The USA. Now, for refreshing 'News', These men and women are the Future of Our Nation

  • Enjoy 'Life and Freedom'
  • in this United States of America, "One Nation Under GOD"

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    May 26th, Closing arguments for the 'Prosecution'. A witness for the defense, testified an 'alibi' for his 'friend' Astorga.... In complete reverse of his sworn testimony before trial (says he was mistaken). His name is 'Lyons', guess that says it all. He is an extremely Hostile witness and on verge of being charged with contempt by the Judge. Guess he realises that brother Mathew Astorga (convicted Murderer) is due to to be realeased from a Kansas prison within weeks. Such a nice family. Brings a tear to my eye..

    8:36 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    May 27th, 'Lyons' little Tatoo party at the Saiz family 'compound', has more witnesses coming forward and testifying an
    Alibi for Michael Astorga. They are now All changing their stories... fast... Michael's brother Mathew Astorga is soon to be released from a Kansas prison...and he is also a killer. Don't blame them one bit, they know he will kill them. Now the ACLU's 'NM Top Gun' is in the home stretch defending Michael. Remember that 'He Be Da man'. Gary Mitchell gets Killers 'Off'.

    Remember to take the course for 'Concealed Carry' in Your State. With these huge numbers of 'Career, Violent Repeat Offenders', endlessly being released and Roaming among Law Abiding Society in the legalistic USA, It is Your Only alternative to be at least somewhat equally defended. Otherwise You and Your family members, are the unarmed passive Victims if you ever cross paths with them. The Police only arrive After the 'incident'... to put up their 'crime scene' Yellow Tape.

    9:47 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    May 28th 2010, Michael Paul Astorga took the stand in his own defense. His vague responses to his various alibi's and whereabouts around the time frame of the murder (shot in the face with a 10mm pistol, like the one, Astorga showed a store clerk before the murder) of Officer James McGrane, were evident to many. Whether it sinks in "Without a Questionable Doubt", to the Jury 'Of His Peers' remains to be seen. His account of a 'Friend' that he has no recollection of his name, another 'friend' that drove him to Mexico, yet another friend he met in Mexico, all is very strange indeed. His response to the vague answers? "It all happened four years ago".

    9:08 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Actually Matthew Astorga is doing a life sentence in Kansas, so Im not sure where you got your information that he will be released soon. In Kansas, a life sentence is a minimum of 50 years. Matthew was sentenced only last year.

    4:00 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    The Jury now has had the case for the last couple of days. They had over 100 questions. The state of New Mexico is unique. It's jury is allowed to continually ask questions during testimony (they have short attention spans?). The answers to those questions would have mostly come up during following testimony. Other states do not allow questions until all testimony is finished. The fact jury deliberation has gone on for this long, could mean that Astorga might be set free...again.

    8:00 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Absolutely amazing. Michael Paul Astorga was found 'Guilty'. The Jury actually did it's job. The ACLU.... LOST. Now to see the final outcome..

    6:36 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Knew this was coming. The ACLU (Gary Mitchell) defended, 'Astorga', wants a re-trial (has always worked in the past for him). Claims courtroom disturbance (His own ranting mother?) prevented Fairness and Equality. Says Officer McGrane's parents were sitting too close to the jury and cried when details of his murder were described. Next decision by a Jury, decide if the death penalty is good enough for him. It was 'on the books' when He murdered Officer McGrane.

    8:02 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Facing the Death Penalty, he pleads innocent, although already found Guilty.
    Astorga's Atty, Gary Mitchell is trying to throw doubt on his guilt to reduce the sentence to 'life'.

    Astorga on the stand..mistake. Astorga thought he was so intelligent that he could intimidate the DA Brandenburg like he does the juries. Told her he was afraid of the cops and their habitual shootings.

    Problem: That was not a typical occurrence at the time...until AFTER Astorga shot and killed the deputy. Cops, due to new 'McGrane' classes, are now far more prepared, as they approach the violent 'Astorgas' of this world.

    Astorga, obviously taught by his family and peers, perpetually Lies to everyone, including the jury. He lies as easily as a Liberal politician running for election. Almost as easily as when a Super Liberal politician runs for Re-election. The PC obsessed Liberals in the legal system, would tell Career Repeat Offender Astorga, as they have all of his criminally violent life, "Go Forth, and Sin No More".

    9:08 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Astorga is to serve 'Life' plus 13 years. In NM that means he will be a Free man within about 30 years. The 11 woman 1 man jury was almost unanimous on the death penalty, but changed for some mysterious reason, falling one vote short. State Prosecutor Kari Brandenburg suspected 'Fear' about the juror's safety, after they asked for assurances from Judge Candelaria, that their voting identities would remain confidential. They also desired escorts to their vehicles. The Astorga 'clan' is tight... and Violent. Stay alert. There are countless thousands of 'Astorgas' encouraged by the Liberal legal system, to roam day and night among law abiding Citizens, all across the USA. Police are very adept at placing the Yellow Crime Scene Tape...after the Violence. The Second Amendment of 'Your' Bill of Rights, is for YOUR protection. Protect It.

    5:26 PM  

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