Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snowy Owls too Cold, Heading South?

Wolverines are now returning to the USA from Canada, following a long absence. Lake Tahoe California, recent sighting of Wolverine, has not had a Wolverine in residence since last sighted in 1922.  

Career 'Enviros', programmed into the religion of global warming from childhood, are mystified, so invent reasons.... such as.... you guessed it.... Global Warming. 

 'Everything' today is blamed on Global Warming. Too hot.. Global Warming. Too cold... Global Warming. Animals and birds heading North.... or South... Global Warming. Wind, Snow, Rain, Hail, Waves, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Wars...... All Global Warming. Naturally when the globe refuses to actually 'Warm', the Religion of Climate Change takes precedence. Never fear, Raising taxes will 'Fix' it.
Not sure about you, but if I was getting warm, I would head further North. Canada's remote Cold wilderness, is where Wolverines really are into their preferred elusive ambiance.

Now we have another fluffy, Arctic loving critter heading South.... Once Again, to reside in the USA for the winter. What do these animals and birds instinctively know? Is there something coming? something they enjoy? An ambiance where they thrive in the winter?

According to several reports from many states including Michigan, Snowy Owls are once again on the increase. Typically they breed in the Arctic tundra and feed on Lemmings. You know, those  cute plump little critters that are reported to sometimes over breed their territories, then periodically dive off cliffs into the ocean. 

If Hollywood is involved, trying to emphasize the event, any event, Lemmings are imported from their breeding  grounds, naively placed on a spinning disc below the camera and 'launched' Lemming like, off the cliff. Hopefully onto a large net, where they are regathered by PETA observers and returned to their happy breeding grounds, to profusely breed happily, 24-7 forever after (Not likely :>)

in 2013 Dec they sighted 55 Snowy  Owls in Wisconsin. Historically many routinely follow the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan to Indiana where numerous sightings of the magnificent two foot tall, white feathered birds have been reported. Several have made it as far south as Missouri and even into Florida.

Snowy Owls like airports because they are vast 'Tundras'... with lots of 'Voles' that apparently taste like Lemmings :>) Some interact with aircraft and that soon controls the tendency of that particular Snowy Owl to reside at the airport.

Maine and New Hampshire are not 'owl free' either. They have returned all across the northern states in numbers not seen in many years.

'Experts' argue on the causes. Some say not enough Lemmings. If not enough, how did there get to be so many Snowy Owls?

Some 'experts' say lots of Lemmings. Plethora of Lemmings and Lemming families, encouraged the breeding proclivity of Snowy Owls (sounds reasonable).

Possibly they ate all of the slower less intelligent Lemmings.... then headed south after the first cold wave signifying the onslaught of winter?

It does seem likely, especially seeing as their breeding ground and prolific food source is totally frozen and iced over during the winter months, as the earth tilts it's northern axis Away from the sun. A sun that seems to have quieted down, lost a bit of it's agressive tendancies (not so prolific, solar flares) for the last 18 years? Mars probes are noting some strange events as well... hmmmm, must be Global Warming.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Story of Christmas Past and Christmas Future

A Story of Christmas Past, and Christmas Future?

Courtesy of Dr. John Rossi, as shared with Glenn Beck
Every once in a while, a very special story comes along to remind us how blessed we’ve been in our Republic — and how threatened it is as we rack up bills totaling trillions of dollars in IOUs and the spectre of massive inflation, socialism and the systematic destruction of personal freedoms continues to grow like a cancer in America.

Glenn Beck read this on his radio program on December 8th.  It was written by Dr. John Rossi, who handed it to Glenn while he was making his book tour rounds in Florida earlier this month.  Here it is:

“Once upon a time there was a very happy couple. Their names were Freedom and Capitalism.
They married and had many wonderful children.

Their names were Independence, Self-worth, Hard-work, Dignity, Charity, Faith and Hope. They all lived happily for many years and the children respected their parents and loved them both very much.

But Freedom and Capitalism later had several naughty children, very naughty. They weren’t so respectful and never appreciated their parents.

Their names were Wealth-envy, Environmentalism, Animal-rights Activism, Racism, Feminism, and Ultra-liberalism.

These evil children blamed their parents for everything and hated their parents Freedom and Capitalism. In fact, these unappreciative children began to hate their parents, since they didn’t realize their parents gave them everything they had and didn’t realize that they wouldn’t even exist without their parents.

They hated their parents so much that they began to plot with their neighbors to kill their parents and to keep their home.

Their neighbors’ names were Socialism and Communism, who on the outside were a very lovely couple, but inside they were very, very ugly.

They and their children, whose names were Despair, Poverty, Suffering, and Repression had been welcomed into every neighborhood they had lived in. Eventually, they were thrown out of each neighborhood, after years of suffering and the loss of many lives.

So late one night in total darkness — because Socialism and Communism did everything in darkness and  away from the light of the truth — while everyone was asleep, Wealth-envy, Environmentalism, Feminism, Animal-rights, and their younger obnoxious brother, Hollywood, disguised Socialism and Communism from recognition and let them into the house of  Freedom and Capitalism.

It wasn’t hard to sneak in, for the two parents, Freedom and Capitalism, always left their gate and their door open for everyone.

Wealth-envy led the way because he knew the house oh, so well. The evil children then led Socialism and Communism throughout the house, one room at a time.

And one at a time they killed Hard-work, then Dignity, then Independence, Self-worth, Charity and Faith.
They finally found the room of Freedom and Capitalism and killed them as well. It wasn’t hard to do, since Freedom and Capitalism always left their door unlocked and open for everyone.

Only Hope survived. Hope survived hiding in the closet. She ran out during the ensuing celebration.
After Socialism and Communism moved in, things went well for a while, but then they decided they didn’t like Freedom and Capitalism’s evil children, either. They wanted their own children to have the rooms in their new house.

So late one night in total darkness — because Socialism and Communism did everything in darkness and away from the light of the truth — they sent their children to kill Freedom and Capitalism’s remaining evil children.

Poverty and Suffering killed Environmentalism and Animal-rights first, for they were so hungry, they had to kill all the animals for food and the trees for their wood. And besides, why should animals have rights if people don’t?

Hopelessness killed Liberalism, the retarded brother of Communism. Then Poverty, Suffering, and Repression killed Feminism, the retarded sister of Liberalism.

And Hollywood, the young obnoxious son of Freedom and Capitalism, was also killed.
Finally, Wealth-envy, who had originally led the attack on his parents, died at the hands of Poverty since there was nothing left to envy.

So Socialism and Communism and their children, Poverty, Despair, Hopelessness, Suffering, Repression lived in the once beautiful home of Freedom and Capitalism which was now in great disrepair and they all lived sadly ever after.

All that was left of the family of Freedom and Capitalism was Hope, who was quietly hiding in the woods.”
Dr. John Rossi lives in Florida and hopes to turn his piece into an illustrated children’s story one day and is looking for an artist and a publisher to help.  I hope he finds both — and soon.  Little Hope needs to be able to read something to keep up her faith out there all alone in the cold and dark woods as she reads this Christmas Story (of the future?)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Varela-Casaus, Roberta Morales Alb Journal 30 Dec 2013

10:13 AM
My letter to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal is within this story, following the article of 30 Dec 2013 describing Synthia Varela-Casaus 9 year old son 'Omareee's death.  Roberta Morales comments. Click on her and her associates pictures, store their images in your memory, to see and remember the effects of what the Liberal Leftists have done to US society.

As is said, "a picture is worth a thousand words".
Pictures, images depicting situations such as these are increasingly very common across the USA of today, of course they are rarely published for obvious reasons. Exposure would threaten the status quo of massive, ever more demanding governmental bureaucracy and it's escalating taxation.

'The Great Society', a visioned utopia of cradle to grave, subsidized, perpetually dependency addicted existence, at the expense of the 'Traditional Family', subsidized using Social Security if you have any doubts. If you really believe that Social Security is only for retirees, you are quite naive.

Blogen Geezer · Top Commenter · Albuquerque, New Mexico
There sits just one poster child of 'The Great Society'. Perpetually Dependency Addicted, subsidized from cradle to grave. The direct epitome of totalitarian Government Welfare. Even the overwhelming 'Tats/piercings' indicative of the culture are subsidized. No reason to have a Traditional Family, of which less than 25% of the US school children in society consists today. The Feral, random associations breed for dollars and sexual gratification, nothing more. Someone asks about the Father'? Why have any need for a real, caring working Father, other than the random donor of sperm for spawn fertilization. When the Govt fills All needs, there is little to no motivation for personal gain or betterment. Cradle to Grave existence, leisure time for 'whatevers' (including career repeat offender crime), nothing more. Taxation fed, ever expanding CYFD bureaucracy only stirs the cauldron over the fire. Continuing to demonize the Traditional Family, the Only historically sustainable societal structure remaining, demeaning Traditional Family in the time honored Liberal Leftist agenda and Varela-Casaus and associates such as Roberta Morales will become the new 'Normal' to be forever subsidized (including victimized). Retain their images in your memory bank. You, as Liberal Leftists, created her and her clones, millions of Morales's, Varela-Casaus's and Omarees. btw, in the future 'Vote like Your life depends on it', It Does'.

2 days ago ... One of Varela-Casaus' longtime friends, Roberta Morales, said that although the incident is tragic, she doesn't think that the mother meant to kill ...