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"MY ONE AND ONLY" a casting call

Saturday July 12 th original post;
see updates at end.
Finally a long awaited 'Casting Call' I recieved from Marty Keener Cherrix
  • casting, inviting me to a 'call'. I worked with Cherrix casting on Hamlett II
  • and enjoyed an evening working with the absolutely delightful Catherine Keener
  • Catherine kept telling the director to "Bring 'Blogengeezer' a REAL cold Beer", instead of the warm 'ODouls' prop sitting on my table next to her. We worked that restaurant scene until the wee hours of the morning, at El Pinto after hours, on N 4th street here in albuquerque.

    It has been a while since a film project that looked interesting, has been posted on Most are 'political agenda' films about whatever greivance is on the screen writers mind. In other words 'Propaganda' films like the communist countries spew about the 'Glorious Utopian state of Communism'. Boy I wish some of the old writers were around to just make some fun stuff.

    One really fun movie we did here in NM, was Disney's 'WILD HOGS'
  • with John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H Macy and Marisa Tomei. Now that was a fun 'flik' to work in and watch. Despite the poor revues, it still is earning money..and fun, that's what it's all about isn't it?.

    Many old films are of course on 'pay for view' and trailers are on YT. I spend a little time each evening watching trailers of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and many others of 'just for entertainment' value. I have no idea why we should subject ourselves to the endless new trash films and their drivel, after being bombarded endlessly with talking heads and other MSM agenda, proclaiming that we need so and so for president because we are such stupid people and need 'CHANGE'.

    This entire year has been an election from hell, pre-ordained by the media as to who is the winner. Guess we don't really need an election. The Main Stream Media has already picked the winner of 'The Leader of The World'.... This has been the longest campaign in human history, or at least it seems that way. I'm filled up to the top of my hat (I wear a big one) with campaign promises and the mass media telling us exactly what we need.

    End of Rant, back to the Casting Call for 'MY ONE AND ONLY'
  • My old friend, at least in my mind, Renee Zellweger
  • from our 'Western' film this last winter, "APPALOOSA"
  • starring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen and Jeremy Irons. Renee is now listed as a star in this film 'MY ONE AND ONLY' as well. When I saw Renee listed on the call, I immediately thought back to our 'Classic Western', written by Robert Parker and due for release in September of 2008. Scroll down my right sidebar to 'Appaloosa' if you want to read about us working on set day by day.

    Renee Zellweger is staring this time with Kevin Bacon
  • and Chris Noth
  • and Steven Weber
  • 'MY ONE AND ONLY' Should be fun, I am looking forward to being called for a background 'Starring Roll' in this one. The 'call' was held at the Holiday Inn Select at 1501 Sunport Place SE, Albuquerque New Mexico. Nearby is the ABQ International Airport. An arriving flight of, most likely The 188th NMANG 'Tacos''Tacos' F-16's
  • 'Thundered' the runway one time, then quickly swung around and landed in close line formation. Great to watch our fantastic military in the USA. The 'Call' Started at 2:00 pm and lasted until 6 pm. As I arrived, the line was seen to double back in the long hall. My guess was, there were about 500 at that time alone.

    Going by that very rough estimate, I would venture to say that easily well over a thousand, possibly two thousand, 'Stardom Hopefuls' were applying for a position in this film. The line, as always, has people from every walk of life, waiting in anticipation. Many telling their own stories of past academy award winning performances in the 'background' of previous films. Of course they all are 'Stardom Bound' and freely let every person around them know about it..

    On this particular day at the Holiday Inn, I was not early for 'the Call'. Usually I arrive very early and see many friends from previous films. That is really fun because we recall past 'bloopers' we all have done. I arrived at about 4:15pm It was about 5:30 when I left, after a quick picture taking and 'drop off' of the required headshot and 'data' sheet. While in line I did meet a man and his wife from 'Hamlett II' last fall. We worked a scene taking a delivery from the back of a truck. His wife was walking across the parking lot at that time. Naturally we repeated that scene many times to get it just right. That's how we remember each other so easily after months pass by.

    In the line today, I met a woman from Southern California. Her experience out there was in the TV show recording sessions. They only use certain sizes of people, usually shorter and petite, as well as limiting them to a particular age, primarily younger. She said she didn't fit many profiles used in that sense. Her aim since moving to NM is to be seen in filming as an American Indian. NM does many films in her category, as well as hispanic, so maybe she will be happier here. I asked her if she checked
  • but she said no. she also asked if I had an agent. My answer is no. In sports I would be a 'Free Agent'?

    Now the wait for the official call from the casting agency as to where and what time to report for duty near the end of July (if called). This will be filmed for about 3-4 weeks here. One lunch meal is provided for the 8 to 10 hr days. 7.50 per hour and OT after 8 hrs.

    Judging by the terms listed, this is definetly a low budget film? NOT. We were served an excellent breakfast and lunch. I was so mistaken after reading the preliminary statement. Everthing was great and both meals were well catered.

    The bigger films have at least two meals, and many times three, along with numerous snacks. In line, we also talked about the latest Terminator Salvation
  • series as well as the just finished 'LEGION'
  • also cast by Marty Keener Cherrix. Some films have conditions that deteriorate badly near the end, as the films funding ran low. As in the famous Sienfield series show, The Soup Nazi?
  • "No Soup for You". No one could get any food near the end of some of them. A secrecy contract sometimes has to be signed as well. Keep it a secret that you were starving?

    I will know and of course blog some more about 'My One and Only' after (and if) I get called. The famous last farewell among us, as we all leave the 'call'. "SEE YOU ON SET"!

    added note 7-23; Sora just called for 'wardrobe', tomorrow July 24 at 10:40 am. I am to be a western figure in the movie within the movie? sounds interesting......"See You On Set"...See, It works.

    Update July 24th; the 'Wardrobe Fitting' at 10:40 am, was at the old Phillips Electronic mfg facility. Nice building now used for the filming industry (Phillips electronic technology was outsourced, what's new?) Andrea signed me in. My 1878 looking wardrobe is similiar to that worn by Billy the Kid in that famous old photo. Not quite sure about a prop. (rifle?) Monday 28 July is our 'day in the sun' at Bonanza Creek Ranch, 30 miles south of Santa Fe where We worked on Comanche Moon. We have to be 'on set' at 4 am. If breakfast and lunch is good, I will take it back about low budget. Many stars, so maybe it will turn out better than I thought. Berlinda gave me a hair cut, said I looked a little too shabby. Lorie from past wardrobe fittings did her usual fun job to get me 'lookin good'. I will blog the happenings as I see them on the day of the shoot of course, so come back.

    Latest update 7-28; After a 60 mile (96km) drive from ABQ to Santa Fe New Mexico, turning off I-25 at La Cienega, to backtrack to Bonanza Creek Ranch
  • all went well, Wardrobe was efficient and sign in went quickly. Gate one, of Bonanza Creek takes us to the old western town North of the Austin town scene from Comanche Moon. Many people from CM and Appaloosa were on set today. Karen (Appaloosa) did my 'makeup' and dirtied my face. The dirt was also applied all over my wardrobe to give the effect of a dusty western town in the 1800's. We were all then loaded into the vans for transport to the 'set' town.

    Tom, the sign painter from Appaloosa, was dressed like a Teamster from 1954. Jarrel was the Assayer in Appaloosa. Pretty Rachael from Swing Vote is a 'townsperson'. Fernie who spent years in Taos NM as a professional ski bum, is now a PA on the set. As always happens on set, I found some new friends as well. Two young 'Cowhands' are planning to make a film themselves this coming year. It is about the Salt Wars of El Paso and is of historical relevance. The True West Magazine author will be involved, so accuracy should be observed. We three had our picture taken dressed in 'Character'. If the picture makes it to my em, I will stick it on this post as well as on the more recent Lincoln County 'Billy The Kid post'.

    The prop man gave me a cartridge belt and holstered 'Iron' to wear. Not a very fast rig, but efficient like they all are. His explicit instructions were to keep it holstered at all times or it will be taken away from me. My character stands talking with others on the walkway near a corner. When the alarm is loudly voiced as the bad guys hit town, we run back into the store doorway. I place my hand on my 'Iron' and back into the doorway as if expecting trouble.

    We did this about ten times to get the shot perfect. This is the movie within the movie. One man stepped fast behind a horse and was kicked right in the chest, which sent him flying. They took him to the ER for a checkup. My favorite PA was working on set in another capacity today. Rebecca is a hard worker that you may recall from my previous 'movie' postings.

    The film equipment from the 1954 era was somewhat the star in todays brief segment. Many 1954 and earlier cars and trucks were on set today. some of the background stayed and changed wardrobe for the airline passenger scene. at least one of the young 'cowhands' is playing both roles so watch for him.

    There will be no further need of this Geezer after todays 'wrap'. We were taken by van to base camp for chow about 11:30am. We were released about 1:00pm which makes an 8 hr day. The 4am arrival was even traffic, nice and dark.

    Another pleasant surprise this afternoon, Elizabeth Gabel called and asked if my name was spelled correctly on her records. Elizabeth was my Casting Agent for Appaloosa. It seems that Ed Harris, our Star, Director and Producer wants my name in the credits. Now that will be something new. guess I will have to buy many copies of that DVD for sure, stopping it every time to see my name. Check out the blog post listed in the right sidebar, APPALOOSA. As Elizabeth said when she called me for the part as 'The Carpenter', Two P's two O's.

    New revelation dated July 29th. Sora called from Cherrix Casting and wanted this Geezer back on thursday but plans were already in place for that day :<( Nice to be 'wanted'.

    Isn't life in the USA fun? "One Nation Under GOD"

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    A 'CAPS' check arrived and was for more than I expected. In addition to the hours worked, I received a mileage allowance, a 'Bump' for strapping on the weapon, and compensation for the wardrobe fitting. All in all, totally unexpected. Add to that the nice haircut, good meals and fun role playing. It was a pleasure to work with 'My One And Only' and Cherrix Casting. Hope they remember me for another film. They did an excellent job, just as they did on Hamlett II.

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