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New Mexico Victims of Violence

Every one of these research-able incidents I am about to tell in these following stories, occurred in the state of New Mexico over the past 30 plus years. My focused interest allowed me to realize the Evil Propensities of mankind. As You may ascertain, I am not a lover of 'Anti-Gun' activists... I hold Them responsible..

I view anti-gun activists as 'society programmed', Emotional, wanna believers, in a dream state of their own created Utopia. Sorry to disillusion them... but, 'Reality' is Not a show on TV. But This sure is... AMW TV

  • Also is the fact that Our U.S. Government will NOT defend Our borders. Here are just a few of the cases in point

  • I plead for women to consider taking the course in Certified Concealed Carry, whether young or old. College age women are especially attractive to the male with an all too Human, Behavioral problem. Gee, Never would have guessed that...

    In most all cases of violence, 'He' (attacker is rarely female) has had numerous 'conflicts' with law abiding society. Most noticeable, is the purposeful legal hiding of his juvenile record. The Word ..NO.. is one they 'can not' deal with. It follows them throughout life and a trail of devastated innocent lives is constantly found in it's wake. Sexual deviancy and violence is Never Programmed out.

    Pray that your life is shielded from these 'Behavior Challenged' individuals. I guarantee that IF You ever cross one of them, Your life, if you survive, WILL be forever 'altered'.

    As is often said, "The best Defense is a good Offense".
    'Certified Concealed Carry' courses are ongoing in every city and state. avail Yourself of the knowledge. In itself, it is power. Defend Your 2ND amendment Right. Your life may depend on it one day. Now read these story's about just a few of 'The VICTIMS' of Career, Violence Prone Repeat Offenders, encouraged to roam among Law Abiding Citizens in the State of New Mexico alone. Don't feel smug, your own state has far more than you can imagine.

    I have endlessly heard people remark.."What are you afraid of. Why do you carry a gun"?

    Well 'Fear' is not the reason, Self preservation is. It isn't hard to figure out, when every day you read about a legal system encouraged, Career, Violence Prone, Repeat Offenders, Violently changing an innocent Law Abiding Citizens entire life...forever.

    New Mexico had our own local 'OJ'. We had an 'incident' years ago. Pretty university cheerleader and her escort a popular Sports Star, stopped in at the local University area Pub, really busy popular place.

    They parked a distance away. Left early, walking through the alley to their car. A local, Career, Violent, Repeat Offender, casually walked toward them. One fast 'Slash' to his throat, and our university star was pumping out blood, gagging and choking on the ground for his life.

    The Violence Prone, Career Offender then turned his attention to HER. according to one source, Picking her up and hanging her on the alley fence, he violently raped her for an extended time. added note: the rape according to other sources, was not consummated.

    The popular star died writhing on the pavement. It only made the news because of the Star Player Gabe Nava, not because of Her Rape.

    Good thing we didn't have legal 'CCW' (concealed carry weapon) at that time a 'GUN' might have been involved. The Career Offender would not have been still in prison (possible parole now imminent). The News Media, all too predictably would have attacked the 'star player' for using a 'Gun' in that alley.

    Whew... things could have gotten Bad..
  • Added note correction. Gabe's sister informed his throat was Not slashed and the rape was Not consummated.

    Yet another for you 'deniers'. I know how you hate 'Firearms', so gnarl on this one for a while. Pretty College student arrived home from grocery store to fix a turkey dinner for her fiance.

    She had been followed, dragged from the driveway of her home, and disappeared into the population of the city. Police were called to the apparent crime scene of groceries scattered about, her car door open.

    Her ATM card was used. Camera showed a young man and vehicle in background. Intense citywide search was on. Weeks later, vehicle was finally identified, Search warrant issued.

    As Predictable, social misfits Career, Violence Prone Repeat Offenders were brought in for questioning.
    One 'Toadie' (always seems to be at least one) told the story. The young beautiful woman was to be sold into the Porn trade, 'after' being totally demoralized in the 'Sex' aspect.

    Things went against their (4 of them) plan so they finished up with her many days of extended 'Body workout' at their apt. The trip to the mountains was filled with her pleading '"I won't Tell", "I won't tell"! Her tortured body of that 'once beautiful' young woman, was dragged, kicking and screaming, to a lonely side road, killed and stuffed into a cold frozen culvert.

    Toadie pleaded states evidence for his own release, took officers to her frozen corpse. Reportedly committed suicide later. Evidence linking him to murder was 'misplaced'... He was released back into society.

    Her fiance, devastated by the description of her terror filled final weeks, worked out his utter frustration, by becoming fully trained in the 'Deadly' martial Arts, becoming a 'Combat' firearms expert, and btw, he is not... 'Anti-Gun.

    Women, please reconsider your 'Programed' aversion to firearms. Consider taking the Certified Concealed Carry course.
    The amount of despair You will leave behind, would be unbearable to Your family.
    New Mexico Serial Killer:
    One more local story for you 'sports fans'. Several years ago young local women began disappearing randomly. Yep.. University town Albuquerque New Mexico.

    Yep they were involved in some unsavory practices. Last year a dog was running around the mesa and brought a bone to it's owner. Well the police started digging. About 9 months later using forensics, all 11 sets of female remains were identified.

    Seems it all ended at about the time an 'escort' waiting for his 'fiance' to come out from her 'date's home. The escort saw the guy actually stuffing her strangled body into the trunk of his car.

    Naturally the 'escort' pulled his Concealed weapon and permanently 'offed' the Bad date. The disappearances stopped..mysterious wasn't it. Police surmise that 'date' was the 'Serial Strangler. Gotta hand it to em there.. they also still suspect a local nearby Interstate truck stop as a possible staging area as well.

    911 works, they show up and chalk and tape the scene. Too bad none of the other girls 'carried'. This Bad Behavior might have been ended before it began..

    Now pray tell us again, about 'civilized' society not needing a weapon for self defense.....
    Hollywood Video Slaughter:
    How about another one? Border states along Interstate highways are quite 'lively', what with Transients and all. Young people closing up the local Hollywood Video. One young man's Grandparents were waiting for them to close up, waiting to give their grandson a ride home.

    Career Violent Repeat Offenders, say where have we seen that phenomenon before? got in and lingered until closing.

    'Violent Killer Dude' and his Career Druggie 'girlfriend', then forced everyone to the back of the store, opened the safe, laid everyone on the floor and executed all but the grandparents. Made them drive to the nearby mountains and executed them as well. Body bags... five or more.. if memory serves me.

    I Sure wish the grandparents or store manager was 'armed' on that night. Odds would have been a little more even..
    New Mexico was not 'CCW' legal back then...Tis now.. nearly 20,000 Law Abiding Citizens as of today..

    Las Cruces Bowling Lanes:
    Got one more from a NM border city on an Interstate Hwy. The Las Cruces Bowling alley was just opening. The machine guy and his little daughter had arrived. Gradually the restaurant mgr and the alley mgr all got there, with family helpers.

    The two dark complexioned guys that showed up about then, were definitely not friendly. They grabbed what little cash they could, executed everyone including the little girl.

    One lady faked death and dragged herself to put out the evidence burning fire, set by the 'Bad Boys' as they left. Evidence sketchy, No other witnesses. Never solved in spite of AMW TV. Body bags..about five. Happened 'before' CCW legal in the state. No one there (except the Bad Boys) 'carried', because it was against the law. Kinda like a 'Gun Free Zone'?

    Legislators passed 'CCW' after that little fiasco and a couple more. No way to know how many unarmed, missing victims are dead and buried along the desolate highways of the great South West.

    'CCW' has surely slowed that 'Bad Behavior' thing in our state of New Mexico. Now if only the government legal system, would do something about the 'Career Violence Prone, Repeat Offenders, we might have a fighting chance in this uniquely Lawyer infested Country.

    BTW heard that CALIFORNIA recently turned loose about 5,000 prisoners, not really bad they say..
    Get Your Certified CCW. Vote for the lawmakers that protect Your second Amendment Right. Your Life and those of Your loved ones, depends on it..

    Address the Behavior, not the Device...

    Tara leigh Calico;
    Story time....Again... I can use her name now. College student Tara Calico was offering promise for the future, brilliant, honors student, physical fitness buff, absolutely Gorgeous young woman. Often during the week, Tara was seen riding her bicycle a short distance from her home, on a quiet nearby highway.

    One afternoon she did not return. Tara's parents went in search of her,.... before notifying local Sheriff's dept. Of course 'they (Sheriff's dept)' were adamant she would return .....eventually, maybe 'after' 24 hours.

    After an enraged community that knew her, pressured an investigation, along with a group of searchers, the scene of the beginning of her terror filled ordeal was discovered.

    The tracks of Tara's bicycle led off the pavement, to a fence. Particles of thread indicated she attempted to climb over the fence, but was dragged back to a waiting vehicle. The bicycle had also been removed. Police suspected a pair of local Career, Violent Repeat Offenders, but as usual, had no hard evidence to do a legal search.

    Within a year, a mysterious photograph showed Florida, thousands of miles from her NM home. Her parents tentatively identified her in the back of a van, bound and gagged, with terror in her eyes, along side a young boy also tied.

    John Walsh of America's Most Wanted, did Tara's story. Case never solved. Parents both died, living a thoroughly devastated life...after moving to Florida where the photograph was found..

    Good thing Tara was living a safe 'Gun Free' life, and attending a 'Gun Free' School. Local police seemed to know who did it, but no solid evidence was found to bring a case to trial. They pulled it off, roaming free. Some say they died during their lives of violence, some say they are still around..

  •  BTW That same 'Gun Free School' just had another 'Throat slashing'.

    A 41 year old female student walking to her car, is alive only because of the students in a nearby classroom knowing radical first aid. She is now secluded and fearful of returning to UNM. If she, as well as Tara, had been allowed to 'Carry' she might have been equally as strong as her attacker, but not in a..... 'Gun Free Zone'..

    I find it difficult to think of Beautiful Tara Calico today, what she might have been.. I will tell Her story for the rest of my life.. Just to cause people to think, rather than 'Emote' their feelings 'against' Gun ownership.

    Women, and the men that care for you, take the Certified Concealed Carry course, even if You never intend to Carry.
    The education alone could Change Your life...
  • Katie Sepich:
    Like those other ones? thought not..well here's another one to twist your undies. Pretty college student with a promising future, left a party early. College town, Mexico border city of Las Cruces New Mexico on Interstate hwy I-10.

    Never arrived at her apartment. Her family, always used to her calls, notified friends, search was begun friends. Police will not respond for many, many hours.. all girls are considered as 'runaways' for 24 hours.

    Local Dump site 'lovers park', finally checked. Burned beyond description, was the remains of that beautiful college student. Time passes, with life long painful, sleepless nights. devastated family members wondering Why...Who?

    Eventually enough evidence gathered to make an arrest of guess what..Career, Violence Prone, Repeat Offender. That night, filled with Terror, Violence, Torture and of Course a night of loving, extended, repeated Rape.

    Naturally with an 'anti-Gun' atmosphere on most every College campus, this beautiful young woman was safely 'unarmed'. According to predictable Hysteria of emotional News Media driving the agenda, she was much 'safer' that way.

    Latest note: 'Katie Sepich's mother has worked endlessly to get the U.S. Congress to enact legislation requiring arrested 'Felons' to be DNA registered. The U.S. House of Reps has passed it. It is known as 'Katies Law'
  • That was the key to finding her daughter's killer.... three years later btw.

    He testified that he saw her walking home, tried to get her into his car, turned around, followed her and caught her at the side window of her home. Raped and strangled her there, before 'dumping' and Burning her body soaked in alcohol. His Excuse, he "Just Lost It", Oh well..... The Worthless piece of CR-P.... He will eventually be released from prison. Are 'YOU' ready to meet him... some night? BTW this was not his 'First Rodeo'. Read the link. This is one Bad 'Illegal Immigrant' being perpetually supported by the US tax PAYERS...

    He also is a 'Career', Repeat, violent Offender that 'assaults others' for entertainment. Now.. what state is enforcing their U.S. Constitutional laws, to check upon arrest, for 'Illegal' Immigrant status? ARIZONA Governor Jan Brewer as well as Sheriff Joe Arpaio are being attacked in the Leftist Liberal Media (it restricts the 'Voters' for Liberal Leftists). This administration is actually 'Suing' Sheriff Joe. If possible support Sheriff Joe. National Support Center, PO Box 8897, Pueblo Colorado, 81008-8897

    This Present U.S. Administration is getting twisted undies and joking (on You Tube)
  • over that new Arizona Anti-Crime Immigration law, signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, sign up for her moral support
  • Could it be that this current 'Pres' (the Joker) himself would be hard pressed to prove his own legal 'status'. His own mystery qualifications for being a US President?
    He sure loves to cuddle up to El Presidente Calderon of Mexico, while berating 'Our' U.S. Congress and Arizona. 2012 can not come soon enough for the sanity of the Voters in the USA. Time to press the 'Flush' lever.________________________________________________________
  •  Susan Johanna Hill: (pen name)
  • Here is another one for your bed time stories..
    The attractive young woman, 26 years of age, was traveling in a cross country caravan, became lost and turned off Interstate 40 onto East Central. Near midnight, tired and low on cash, she stopped in at a Circle K for a quick snack. A young man the clerk described as a regular, started a conversation, gave the woman his local business card (bouncer at nearby BJ's lounge), and offered to pay 10 dollars for a ride to his apt complex.

    Within minutes she realized how grave that mistake was..... After the Violent Rape in a nearby vacant lot, and 'board' bashing in of her skull, he left her lifeless body laying in the vacant dirt lot. She miraculously survived his brutal attack of final 'devastation', and crawled for help.

    With her detailed mental notes of her attacker, and prayers for her survival, she managed to recover. Her description of the attacker, resulted in his arrest. DNA was not allowed in Albuquerque at that time. Her testimony and the evidence gathered at the scene, 'his sperm in her vomit', resulted in his conviction. Her attack resulted in DNA being a necessary tool for all ensuing cases.

    She is now writing a book on her near death experience n 1988. 'Susan Joanna Hill' is her pen name. This crime perpetrated by a Career, Violent Repeat Offender, (he had done a similar crime when he was only 16) was carried out 'before' the States had begun Certified Concealed Carry Certification. Much devastation to innocent law abiding citizenry, has been encouraged by the Liberal court systems. Certified CCW is one way to discourage this Violent Repeat behavior.
    Acception of Destruction of your life, is one option.....without it.


  • UNM...again. Young Woman... Victim:
  • Another young woman returning to school to improve her education, moving into her small apartment not far from the college, was intensely observed by two teenaged 'Boys' from nearby apartments. They struck up a 'friendly' conversation and helped her to move her belongings. During the 'helping' they became sexually 'aroused'. Huh, who would have thought? Naturally, boys being boys (some are far more 'in-sertive' than others), they decided to 'Insert' themselves into her..Life. These were Not nice boys from a Traditional Family. 'Feral' Families being the source of approximately half the children born today across the USA, their Dysfunctional Dependency Addicted home situation is now considered 'normal'? 
  • They slashed her throat, while forcibly Inserting themselves 'into' her life. Being a fighter and not particularly enjoying their company, she died violently.... as they Raped her repeatedly. Being considered 'Children', by the "It's For the Children" court system, they served minimal time and are back out circulating among innocent law abiding society, enjoying great 'hunting'. Now doesn't that give you a warm fuzzy feeling? Kind of makes me wish she had been armed, but that's just me, an old romantic. Added note: Of course she would have faced racial agenda driven, anti-gun media fanned charges, just as George Zimmerman has. The UN would probably get involved and her life would be ruined. Gee, things could have gone Bad...
    More Victims of this Nation and the World's Most Wanted

  • These are just a few of the New Mexico State Police 'Unsolved' cases

  • Please Women, forget what the 'anti-gun' Men say, they like you Weak, the more helpless you are, the better...'for them'. Please attend a Certified Concealed Carry Course
  • whether You ever intend to Carry or not. The education alone is worth every dollar.

    Protect Your 2ND amendment Right. It not only protects the 1st, it will one day protect society.... Your society.. Join and support the NRA it is Your Voice against the Anti-Gun, Control obsessed, segment of society.

    BTW the United Nations (Useless UN) is attempting through 'UN Treaty' to Disarm the citizens of the United States of America (good luck fools). I recently read on Reuters, that 'HILLARY CLINTON' signed this piece of worthless CR-P?. BTW In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and´╗┐ exterminated. Ready for that, U.S. Citizens? I thought Not..

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million 'Armenians', unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    Once prosperous Rhodesia became Bloodthirsty ZIMBABWE with the guise of 'Firearm Control' Socialism under Totalitarinism with Robert Mugabe.

    There are 100's of these 'Anti-Gun' examples in history. With an avowed Anti-Gun U.S. President, his administration and Secretary of State, in dealings with UN officials...Be aware, vote wisely, your family's life and FREEDOM depends on it.

    Be confident, be safe, BE ARMED, enjoy Your life of Freedom in these United States of America, One Nation Under God.
  • The comment below is described in many links. This is just one news broadcast on You Tube. GARY and LINDA HASS

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Having Certification is no guarantee of survival. Gary and Linda Hass from Oklahoma, were traveling in their beloved RV rig (truck and trailer). They stopped in at a nice roadside rest area in NM, not far from a NM state park where they usually spent an evening.

    Apparently naive and unaware about the rest area's Arizona 'prison escapees' (Career Repeat Offenders) as 'illegally' armed 'fellow travelers', Gary and Linda were NOT Armed at the time. Linda was the first to be grabbed by McCluskey's 'fiance', as she walked from the restroom back to their truck. McClusky now accompanied Linda to the door of the truck. Gary suspected something, but too late and reached under the truck's seat for his weapon. McCluskey issued a warning and Gary relented, surrendering his weapon. They were shot several times while seated in the dinette of the camp trailer. Their was so much blood it leaked out at the next gas stop.

    The blood soaked rig was left behind an abandoned barn near Santa Rosa and set afire. It burned to the ground, only found days later. The truck was left in Albuquerque, as the escapees continued on their little 'vacation'. Only an alert Arizona Forest Ranger, resulted in their arrest. They are all back in prison...for now.

    Carry Your Weapon. Your 2nd Amendment gives You that RIGHT, in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Defend that Right against All Politicians that desire You defenseless. It is 'Your' Only chance of personal Survival against the Career Repeat Offenders that the Political leaders and Lawyers have routinely kept in circulation among law abiding society.

    1:19 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Awareness of the dangers of Not being in control of your own self defense, has been accelerating ...after the 2008 elections presented the specter of Disarmament of law abiding citizens, contrary to the 2nd Amendment of Our Bill of Rights. Fire Arms classes are packed, sales of weaponry including handguns, Concealed carry certification is ongoing.

    Rio Rancho NM, across Rio Grande from ABQ NM. Upper mid class neighborhood periodically burglarized, mid day, attractive middle aged woman home alone. Two young Hispanics kicking/bashing her front door.

    Woman called 911 and while on phone with dispatch, door breaks in. She drops first one with two 9mm rounds, second perp is hit by third shot, turns and runs. Even 'before' police arrive, the dependency addicted Feral 'Family' of the mortally wounded 'recipient' is over him on the front lawn, angry at the woman, vow revenge?

    They have 'smoky' excuses, as to why they were on scene so rapidly. Career Repeat Offenders...there are countless thousands now circulating among law abiding society. Now with a steady increase and proliferation of firearms 'in the hands of the law abiding', the tables are turned, it's become risky for 'business as usual'. FBI violent Crime Stats show a steady weaponry possesion by law abiding citizens.... increases.

    4:34 PM  
    Blogger Little Sister said...

    With regard to the Gabe Nava murder, you certainly took liberties with your recounting of this horrible and unforgiveable incident. Gabe's throat was NOT slashed and there was an unsuccessful rape attempt of Gabe's girlfriend, without your graphic depiction of how she hung from the fence and was raped repeatedly. I know this because Gabe was my brother. I respect your right to post your opinions, but slandering my brother's name is unforgivable and embellishing his murder to favor your blog is cheap. Good luck

    6:14 PM  

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