Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Texas State Parks Concealed Carry

In anticipation of travel across state lines while carrying a firearm as a Multiple State, Certified Concealed Carry Licensee, I wrote the Texas State Parks Division for clarification. This is the reply to my original question.
..which is below the reply....

"Thank you for your interest in the Texas State Parks".

A person can carry a loaded concealed handgun in Texas State Parks with
a current and valid CHL license at anytime. Please remember that you
must continue to follow all CHL rules while carrying in State Parks.

If you need further information, please contact the Law Enforcement

Marianne Schooley
Park Information
Customer Service Center Texas Parks and Wildlife
4200 Smith School Rd
Austin, TX 78744

Original Comment or Question:

As long time visitors and camping enthusiasts. We visit the
fantastic Texas State Parks often. We love the over 100,
beautiful Parks, and the much appreciated fishing access that
comes with our daily camping fee. We Endlessly tell everyone
about that little 'Perk'. :>)

I am becoming concerned about one thing. Is it still
permissible to enter the Texas State Parks as a Multi State Certified,
NM and Utah, Concealed Carry licensee?

Traveling the USA in a motor home over the past 40 years, it
has Always been imperative that we are armed. Knowing Texas to
be a reciprocal State, is a great feeling. We feel much safer in
restaurants and public facilities, to know there are CHL CCW armed
patrons present. Even more so, camped and traveling in remote areas.

There are so many new restrictions trying to be implemented by
Anti-2nd Amendment, Anti-gun, 'hysteria' groups across the Nation, We must plan our
trips to 'Only' visit Concealed Firearm Friendly States.

Thank You for your assistance in this most important matter.

With your permission, I would like to post your response on my
Family and Travel, Opinion blog. http://daflikkers.blogspot.com/


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