Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google Politically Censoring You tube Videos?

The immensely popular Hide The Decline
  • video from M4GW, 'Minnesotans For Global Warming'. Is being tightly monitored and controlled by Google. At first it was the noticeable hit count on the word Climategate. As Yahoo was climbing, Google was falling. The word 'Climategate' had to be spelled with No errors to get a logical Google search. Highly questionable to say the least. I first found this questionable practice revealed during reader comments, on Steve McIntyre's well represented website Climate Audit
  • The deceitfully common practice is often referred to as Google Washing' or related to Political enhancement (more brainwashing) of unpopular opinion, by Google Bombing

  • Not only did Google's search count not advance, it 'dropped' by millions per day. Yahoo was climbing steadily and rapidly past 50 million. Google climbed in lockstep to 30 million, then mysteriously started falling like the bottom was being pulled out. Milllions of hits per day were being 'Lost'.

    Last time I looked Google was down to about 10 million. Yahoo was still climbing past 52 million. As a regular contributor to the comment threads, I noticed another strange 'Trick' (Method) of Google's flagrantly biased You Tube team. The dropping of Pages of Comments, started innocently enough. At first it was barely noticeable. Then it became a torrent.

    Huge blocks of very intelligent, Data questioning comment, on the released 'Emails' were obviously being 'Deleted'. Some of the original pages were left for a time until the video had gone 'Viral', spreading like a wild fire. Soon it was noticeable that the very intelligent content was being 'Adjusted' by Google's You tube team.

    The really noticeable fact. The Total lack of International Dialog on an immensely popular HIDE THE DECLINE
  • What hugely popular video can you think of, that has 'NO' International dialog?

    Even the little nonsense vids get International attention.
    The hits to Hide The Decline
  • crawled at a snails pace, even as the US dialog was increasing at the rate of seconds and minutes between comments. One observer commented, "Why isn't the 'Hit's for this in the Millions"? This phenomenon went unnoticed by countless others....for a time.

    Now we are led to believe (brainwashed), that this subject of International Fraud, is of little interest by the MSM? We are very aware of the Deal made by Google with China some years back. Content would be Internationally blocked by Google, IF Inflammatory... or for whatever imagined reasons between the Co-Conspirators.

    The relationship of Google with Al Gore
  • is common knowledge. Is that 'Relationship' the cause for CENSORSHIP? Most likely the quest for immense profiteering like in, Blood and Gore, Cap and Trade
  • Or is there a far deeper, more sinister motive of 'Control and Power' being applied in this highly controversial, International issue?

    One thing is certain in these times of flagrant Deceit and International Fraud.
    The United States of America is still, "One Nation Under GOD"

    Blogger WeAreChange Cape May said...

    Wow, this is great stuff. I hadn't even heard the term "googlewashing" before but I knew that Google would often mess with hit counts and rankings. I'd really like to get interviews with some of their corporate staff in the future.

    If we bring light to their political censorship they'll have to begin toning it down.

    9:19 AM  

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