Monday, November 23, 2009


  • is Under Attack in America. The results are being seen in small communities across the nation. The Universities have relented in some cases
  • Now the High Schools are the target

  • The Liberal Left sympathizer, Albuquerque Journal (comparable to The NYT, LAT and the San Francisco Bee)
    23 November 2009: headlined a large picture of Highland HS, sharply uniformed, ROTC Girls Drill Team standing 'At Ease', during inspection. "Served Up To Recruiters" was the heavily suggestive caption (Spin). Then devoted the first half of the article (most readers fail to hold interest past the front page) reporting the statements scripted by the detractors that are working endlessly to weaken the US Military. (this subversive administrations goal?)

    Examples are held up as fact that the youth are Impressionable, Well who would have thought that? Yes they are impressionable
  • to gangs, drugs, child sex with no afterthought, youth alcohol, and all numbers of secular society induced, poor choices for a future generation. Make Love Not War
  • was the motto of the teachers of this generation, the students of Jimmy Carter Mid School
  • are finding that out. As well as far too many students across this HIV/AIDS and STD infested, 'Nation of Tolerance'. Almost makes a student want to Pray in school...

    The demand being made by the Dystopian Liberals
  • The term Liberal, being a flagrant misnomer
  • is to remove the tempting curriculum of a Military Career. The statement made was to the effect that it was wrong for these 'children' to be introduced to the violent life of a soldier.

    By what means are these Do-Gooders
  • using to fight the other multitude of poor choices secular society presents in schools today? They seem to only want these young people in organized team Sports of Their approval or whatever curriculum approved by their Liberal Left viewpoint, now THAT is Intolerance.

    Today's young people are exposed to many detrimental aspects of secular society. The ROTC gives them an alternative opportunity to experience Teamwork, Discipline, taking Orders and accomplishing a Goal. Why does that appear bad in the eyes of the 'Liberal' Left?
    One problem they seem to have, is that 'They' are not the Leaders, some other entity is.

    ROTC and it's related organizations, are used World wide
  • to teach young people that Dedication, Discipline, Honor, Teamwork and most of all Leadership are all great goals absolutely required for any society to function. Scouting worldwide is under attack by the exact same foes for the exact same reason. Total Destruction and then programmed reconstruction to fit 'Their' Dystopian
  • Agenda is their goal.

    We enjoy our Freedom only because our US Military has defended our way of life. If a child is raised to passively accept anything that is taught, any ideology, in any school, home or on the streets, they will accept the lowest common denominator as fact.

    The Honorable goal of Our Military Service, is to protect this nation's society in times of attack from the far different ideologies and ambitions of those who would use force or subversion to take control of the USA and it's citizens. This Honorable goal is acceptable and written into the US Constitution.

    Look at the News of today and you will see that a percentage of society is career violent by nature. It is far better to channel that violent predisposition into an organized activity which teaches Self Control, Self Respect, Discipline, Teamwork, Respect for Authority, and Goal Oriented Service to the society that insures their well being and Freedom.

    In case no one has noticed, our Police, Fire and Rescue services all respond under an Authority and Chain of Command. The Liberal Left seems to not understand that system except when 'They' are in Totalitarian command. Our entire system of Democracy functions on a multi-tier system of that discipline.

    Many young people of today are feeling Left Out. Feelings of Depression and Loathing of Self, are far too common. Resultant Self Abuse, Self Mutilation and Suicides are not rare. For whatever reasons, Physical, Mental, Lack of Confidence, Athletic Abilities or their personal appearance, they are not easily accepted into the selective, (Inclusive-Exclusive) closed society crowds, of 'beautiful people'
  • on the campus.

    JROTC is not dependent on whether someone can catch a ball, run and throw or kick it, or sink a basket with style and ease. Those are wonderful attributes... to Media worshiping society. Fitting in with peers is a natural desire, whether those peers are honorable or not is an always risky, Sometimes Fatal Choice

  • The ROTC, it's brotherhood family and even it's possibility of a Military Career to follow, is far better than many choices pushed upon the young adults of today, by a society that is far too self serving. Our Freedom allows Freedom of Choice. Do not allow those Intolerant individuals on the so called 'Liberal' Left, working endlessly, trying to remove it from our way of life.

    To obtain support, Fight them with every means at your disposal, and at every opportunity. Call or write Your Representatives and Senators. Attend these 'meetings', voice your opinions. Support our great Military. Our Nations future and Your way of life depend on it.

    "One Nation Under God" The United States of America

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