Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wild Hogs set with 'JOHN TRAVOLTA

Reading the Sunday Journal today, shows the amount of money now being spent to educate the New Mexico College crowd in, among all things; the Film Industry. Our Universities are offering courses in Digital 'Animation' as well as other Crew trades. Now those are what we need instead of more mundane courses like 'Law', we have more than enough of 'that' to go around.

The person I admired the most on the set of 'Wild Hogs', filmed in Madrid NM, is John Travolta. What a nice man. He walked over to me twice during the breaks in filming. Both times we spoke about his passion for flying. I gave him a book 'Born to Fly' by shane Osborn. You may recall the US Navy Lockheed Orion 'survellance plane' rammed into by the Chinese fighter jet, in international waters off the coast of China during the first weeks of the Bush administration. (the first crises) John said he was reading it before bed and liked it.

A great book to learn the truth about what actually occured, without the 'Media Spin'. John has an apparently semi-photographic memory. He seldom rehearsed his lines, yet made no problems, to be 'cut'. Astonishingly Johns stunt double, stand in, is not only of the same character as john, walks and stands like him, but also walked up to me twice to talk about the area and our filming. I could not say the same about Tim Allen. He had to constantly re-learn his lines. This gave him the appearance of being 'standoffish'.

Martin Lawrence was pretty darn good. William H Macy was very funny and great at improvisation when things went awry. the dance floor scene was complicated when Marissa Tome' spun off the floor. William H Macy kept the flow moving through the little flaws, seamlessly. Robbie, the director is in the scene wearing a dark flowered cowboy shirt. He, like Alfred Hitchcock likes to be placed somewhere in each film. Look for him in his other work.

Remember Roscoe P Coltrane in 'The Dukes of Hazard movie years ago? Well he, MC Gainy, is one of the two bad bikers looking for 'The Wild Hogs'. You would never recognise him today. Fun guys to work with. I was in the 'Carnival Scene'. I parked the 'Rolling house' in Madrid for 11 days and worked for nine days, or should I say a few all nighters, Dusk to Dawn. The nighthawks loved the first nights with the brilliant lights and the flying moths.

A 'Grip' is a hard working person that I truely respect. The 'Techs' are very intelligent and fun to speak to. In most cases, they will inform you of what is going on if you just ask. Do not ask at the busiest time. When the 'Grip' is supporting the difuser screen during a breeze and takes the time to tell you just what he or she does, now that is 'Quality' time.

On the set of 'Wild Hogs' I ran into just such a person. We all enjoyed his comments and knowledge. He came from a backgroound in Modern Dance of all things. Are not people just the most surprising things? Have you ever asked what people have done in their lives? It may surprise you to find out they are interesting people just like yourself. When I meet the people in 'Wardrobe' or any of the other 'Crafts' represented on the set, I always think to myself; What have these folks done before? What is in their future. What 'Goals' are they heading for? The same questions can be asked about all of the 'Extras' as well.

I tend to observe the people around me. I especially enjoy waiting in line for the chance to present yourself at 'The Casting Call'. Most of them will share with you, their experiences of life and what plans they have for the future. Now that is 'Quality' time spent during the long wait for the words ; Background...Action!


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