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The first articles I read of 'Oetzi' were published in a weekly news magazine soon after the information had been released. That being said (spin), I read of a maurauder type of person caught stealing from the local peaceful, agrarian, society. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Extensive scientific research of the type depicted on 'CSI' for TV viewers of 2006, showed quite a different story that coincides with society of today. The Haves vs the Have Nots. Updated, added notes from Nat Geographic: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/10/131016-otzi-ice-man-mummy-five-facts/?rptregcta=reg_free_np&rptregcampaign=20131016_rw_membership_r2p_us_sm_w#

'Oetzi' was discovered by hikers on 19 September 1991, as the 'Glacier' of the same name, 'Oetztal', in the Austrian/Italian Alps, retreated to levels it had been before the rapid cooling of the 'Priora Oscillation'. In other words a previous 'Global Warming' period, much more extensive than what we are experiencing today. That previous warm period is referred to as the 'Hollocene Climatic Optimum'. Ending about 5,300 years ago, By the way, we still are in the 'Holocene Period' but at a later stage, this scene now unfolds.

'Oetzi' was far from a Maurauder. As a productive member of society, 'Otzi' was a true Craftsman. His talents were taught to him by mentors. A Father and Mother most likely, and handed down through generations as happens today. Oetzi lived near the end of the stone Age but had extensive knowledge of the latest High Technology in 'that areas time', the Age of Copper metalurgy.

Oetzi was a master of the Craft of Smelting Malachite Ore, painstakingly mined from the mountains, crushed to powder, mixed with the perfect amount of arsenic, heated to very high temperatures in a hand made rock oven, melted down then collected in crucibles for casting into shapes such as axe heads for his own use and that of others. Oetzi was strong and very intelligent, he was about 47 years of age. Very mature for those violent times. The average age was 10 to 12-14 years.

In otherwords 'Oetzi' was a Miner, a Chemist, a Metalurgist, Manufacturer, skilled Hunter, Warrior and Self Defence expert, and Merchant Trader all wrapped in one amazingly efficient package. He oviously either made his own excellent high quality clothing or, 'much more likely', attracted an equally talented mate to share in the daily labors and supplying of provisions neccessary to stay alive in those violent times.

'Oetzi's' hand woven cloth wrap, his goatskin vest, his leggings, and his fantastic wide shoes made from soft deerskin uppers and tough bearskin soles, lined with soft grass, were posessions very valuable in those days. He had a flint knife with wooden handle and was skilled in it's use. His extremely well made copper bladed axe was similiar to a tomahawk. He carried different types of mushrooms on a hand made string for use as an anti-bacterial remedy. He had recently eaten a meal of bread, leafy greens, berries, roots, goat , and deer. In todays comparisons, Oetzi and his mate were great outdoor survivors. They carried a hand made bucket, a very complex 'fire starting kit', and the makings to replenish the arrows used, as well as a bow waterproofed with blood.

A picture of 'Oetzi' and his mate is formed with the 'CSI' documentation available today. They were traveling in an area about 30 to 60 miles from where they lived. A modern day husband and loving wife, possibly infertile? no children. (My thoughts formed after reading all about Oetzi) The trip was to trade the products which they toiled to produce, for other goods of value, as well as hunting/gathering for survival. They traveled often and knew where the resources were located for sustenance.

As is even more true today, the world was populated with 'career repeat offenders' that are 'Parasites' on society. The same system of genetics that produce self sufficient, strong, goal oriented people like Oetzi and his mate, also produce the 'Parasites'. Society today still contains both. As the couple traveled to trade their goods and hunt, they came upon, at the least, a couple of 'parasites', attempting to take away his worldly posessions, most likely his most valued posession as well, his wife?

A battle for their life ensued, as I picture it in my survival oriented mind. Oetzi was shot in the back with an arrow, by a person that knew how to kill. During the hand to hand knife fight, Oetzi had been dealt a crushing blow to the head, that also did mortal damage. His wife, who had been wounded in the initial fray, removed the arrow shaft from his back. He then attempted to help support her as they made their escape. Oetzi had done damage to his attackers as well, of which there were at least two. His knife had found it's mark. Oetzi, and his wife who were both mortally wounded, now struggled to climb through the connifer forest, higher into the mountains. Eventually his mortally wounded wife, dropped on the climb through the rocky terrain.

Evidence exists, that Oetzi lived approximately 2 to 3 days after the attack on himself and his wife. The head wound, along with the internal bleeding, finally took his life. He lay down to rest for the last time. Then, at that time, 'unprecidented' snowfall began. The Ice and snow of the 'Prioran Glacier' started it's 5,300 year advance. Mummified Oetzi was preserved for the future to reveal the crime done by the parasites of society. The present warming toward the 'Holocene' global temperatures of the past, has allowed us to see the life of a totally Self Sufficient Man, that won over the human parasites, that shortly therafter, were reduced to microscopic dust. Long live 'Oetzi'.

To read all about this fantastic person, use the Wikipedia search in my right sidebar, National Geographic or several other sites. Thank you for visiting, return again some time, I love the company.


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I have made note of where the 'Hits' for each subject come from. I find it interesting that the most 'Hits' for 'Otzi' come from the countries I admire for their "Get 'er Done, I can handle my own life" attitude. Australia has dealt with the rough life since their existance first became known. My wife toured and lived in Australia for 6 months before I married her. She loved the self sustaining attitude of the people on the 'Stations' in the 'Outback'. She lived for a time in 'Alice Springs' after 'Hitching' across the continent. She was flown over the beautiful rugged country by the owners of stations. Ayers Rock was an interesting stop. She had a pet 'Joey' for a time after a 'Roo Shoot'. Many a story was told to me during our first years of marriage...."Good On Ya Mates"..Keep up the Fight, "We 'Real Yanks' love Ya' Blokes".

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Well another small revelation in the news today, 07 Jun 07, or should I say 'nothing much new' about 'Oetzi'. The arrow in his back severed an artery and killed him. But not before Oetzi got far enough away from, or far most likely, killed his attackers first. (easier to get away from when they are dead) Now how did I figure this out? Well Duh...he still had his prized and very valuable possesions with him. Also the dating of the Copper axe is important and is being 'adjusted' by the journalists to 'modify' history to fit the agenda more to the liking of 'some'. Another misstatement in this latest report was that he was found 'on' the Glacier. Not so. He was found 'under' the 'Priora glacier' as it retreated back to Holocene conditions. The date of his being covered over and remaining covered for the thousands of years show that a rapidly advancing 'Global Cooling' took place and did not retreat until recent years. Before that all was warm and sunny, similiar to today. That's why Oetzi was finally released to us for study.

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