Monday, January 29, 2007

Bill Richardson, President of the USA, 2008

I know I am premature in the announcement, but this is the kind of MAN the citizens of the US want and deserve. He knows when to cajole and when to put on the pressure. He gets along with the rest of the world better than any of his 'competitors for the throne' The Albuquerque Journal, Sunday, 28 January 07, has the entire story. this only contains a little of the highlights.

Bill Richardson is not, at this date anyway, for total gun control as some of the other popular Dems are. As a matter of fact he took the NM required training course to personally carry a concealed firearm. I read that he did pretty good. Thats called good gun control. Now thats the kind of President I want. He is smart enough to read the 'stats' about the States that have concealed weapons available for its qualifying citizens. Bill saw that there is absolutely no correlation or increased gun deaths per capita in those states. I wish more 'Law Loving' citizens 'carried', I would feel safer in public knowing that several legal guns were in the hands of qualified citizens around me. More firepower is a great way to prevent 'repeat offenders'.

Bill is for the Death penalty in drug related murders. this doesn't mean only between 'druggies', which I really do not mind that much. This does mean 'drug users' doing murders to aquire drug money. This nation seems to have a problem with that sort of thing, especially with 'repeat offenders', due to our system that employs an overwhelming number of attorneys doing both the defence and the prosecution, Win-Win right ? WRONG!

Bill wants a law to prohibit the desecration of the US flag. Well it's about time. Try that little stunt in Iran. They don't seem to have a problem with repeat offenders in Iran either, come to think of it.

Bill is for spending caps in congressional races. Thats another one overdue. Spending didn't help Kerry though. bill is one of the best fund raisers by the way.

I don't agree with his lifting the Gay issue from military though. I beleive a problem might ensue over time, or maybe not, but that is just me. In a firefight, I want to be surrounded by 'Buddies', not just 'GOOD Buddies'. Truck drivers know what I'm saying. Of course, 'Alexander the Great' wasn't short of whacking a million or so folks. That guy sure had a lot of 'Pent Up Hostility' don't you think?

Bill wants to confront the Lobbying issues and gifts to Congress and staff. Good one Bill. To bad it's been entrenched for so long in society, it may be hard to up-root.

This one is a tuffy, Bill wants a 'balanced budget'. Bill I don't even have a balanced budget, most of the citizens of the USA don't have a balanced budget. I know it sounds good but force it on each and every one of us, not just the government. Of course absolutely nothing would happen in our economy if that did take place. We all live on our future earnings, the Government is no different. As a matter of fact Blogengeezer holds 'Bonds', what would he do for income? Background actors make very small paychecks. They don't work steady either. Hear that Bill, find me a job in the film industry.

Bill gets high points here from Blogengeezer. Bill is FOR 'One man, One Woman' Marriage. Not the loosey-goosey Liberal concept of marriage between MEN, dogs, sheep, (No matter how attractive they are) or any other species, or other 'MEN', plural due to the concept of poligamy practised by a segment of society. Ditto for Women.

Now for what Bill Richardson is 'AGAINST'...
He is against a seven day waiting period for handgun purchases. The time I almost really needed one, I would not have liked to wait a week. We are having a rash of Home Intrusions lately and I don't think the neighbors want to wait a week to see what happens to them. Of course I grew up in farm country and 'arms' were always in the family, we hung 'em over the mantle and next to the front problem. Contrary to Media opinion, my entire family as well as all of the other farm families, survived the imminent dangers. I guess people were smarter back then.

BLM land 'increasing' grazing fees on ranchers. This is a political football in rural New Mexico. 'Big voting block' so he watches his step out there.

Bill is against the war in Iraq... Give a little, take a little is Bill's way of pleasing everyone. Seeing as how our Media is against the war, and for the Jihadi's, and convincing everyone else to be likewise, I guess that's the way to get elected. See Bill is smarter than all of the rest.

Bill is against limiting fed funds for abortions. I guess that when you are a member of 'The Abortion Party' You gotta do what you gotta do'. That party seemingly does comprise more than half of the USA now, so that's the way it goes. the USA has a drug problem, a sex problem, and so many other social issues since it banned the Ten Commandments, what else is Bill supposed to do? Bill served in Congress through three Presidents. He knows how to play the game. Go get 'em Bill Richardson.


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