Thursday, January 25, 2007


The casting calls are starting to appear after the Holidays. Blogengeezer answered one at the Elegante Hotel on Menaul in ABQ last week. Gwen Savage ( did the casting for 'The Eye', and Gwen said Blogengeezer could possibly be cast as a truck driver. Blogengeezer worked with Gwen before on, 'The Lost Room', Gwen is a fun person to work with, she made us dance around the room. Big 18 wheelers go BAHD-DAH-DAHD-DAHD-DAHD when they slow down, and PSHIIIIISH when they stop. Thats all you need to know when you are a truckdriver background actor. Of course a Cat, Cummins, or Detroit powers most of the trucks in the USA today, then the Horsepower is very important with a 600 being much better than a 400. Now lets 'Fire 'em up Gwen.

I heard that the film about the Mexican 'Border....' with 'Jenifer Lopez' has defaulted on it's New Mexico loan. Come on J Lo, don't be a 'Dead Beat', make those 'Hommies' of yours pay the state back so we can all still have fun here. This is obviously going to stereotype your 'Hommies'. larry Barker the TV investigative reporter is going to do a lot of 'Rant' on the entire industry if you don't do something about that past due account. Come on J Lo, get your 'Gangstas' out of their 'Lowriders' and into the Pawnshops with their flashy chrome wheels, to send a check to the nice State of New Mexico to pay off the loan. At the least they could get some cash from the local 'Pay day Loan' sharks all over NM. Or sell a few 'imported Bales' to raise the cash. Come on, the Guvs going to be Pres some day, you don't want him to look bad.

Today was the fourth year casting call for the successful TV series "Wildfire". Blogengeezer parked 1/4 mile away due to the crowds lined up at the Hilton Hotel on University in ABQ. 'Darlene Hanson' and crew was doing the Casting. At 4 PM the line stretched to the front door until someone started to use the 'fan fold' method of the line. We then did not use as much linear space but the entire outside patio was covered in a sea of the strangest looking people you could ever imagine. One guy even had his face implanted with ridges and tatoos covering his head, and as well as I am fairly certain, other parts of his body that we were not priviledged to see. The line had many old friends of blogengeezer. we yelled back and forth to each other about the latest films we were in, and all of the details behind the scenes. Chanel 7 was covering the scene with even one Harmonica player doing his thing. So much talent in one patio.

I had the fun time of being in line with a former young Honeywell engineer, laid off recently that plays the Bass guitar in the local Jazz bands. He told me many stories about meeting famous personalities at the clubs around town and in Santa Fe New Mexico. He liked Santa Fe for it's higher class of clientele . He told me of the better patron participation in the musical renditions from the past. I am sure the night goes much faster for the entertainment group when the crowd is pumped. Remember that, next time you go out to hear a great group and give them your wholehearted support. thank you my friend for making the long wait in line go faster. Anyone needing a great young guy for your firm's Engineering dept, just send me a 'Comment'. It is directed by moderation, to my 'e mail' first so I can post it for him to contact me. thank you my 'Bass Playing' friend.

As the line slowly moved through the high hundreds to thousands of future film stars, the sun slowly set. A flight of the latest V-22 or Osprey, as it is more commonly known, flew by. What an intriging engineering marvel with over 20,000 hours of successful flying since its four early crashes during testing before the year end in 2000. They are stationed at Kirtland AFB nearby and fly over my home daily. they are one fast flying Helo-plane.

As We got more and more chilled in the darkness, the end was in sight. a person came to those of us with 'Head Shots' and moved us to the front of the line. Halleluia, blogengeezer got to go inside. Lo and behold the person directing us to the front was Blogengeezers wife from the 'racetrack scene' last fall. See, if you are patient good things come your way. While in that much shorter line a few more good friends were with me to share tales and pictures of the latest deeds of daring. Even a few pictures of a daily driven classic pink and gray Dodge Dart.

When the time came to present the pictures and resumes to the desk sargent, Lo and Behold there was Anthony Nichols, Blogengeezers friend from many previous films including 'Wild Hogs' (see trailer in January post) Anthony is a great casting assistant with many years experience in the film industry. His mello British accent is like a much loved familiar tune in a world of static. thank you Anthony for just being on the planet with us.

Now is all blogengeezer has to do is wait and 'blog' nonsense while waiting for the parts to materialize. "Tennessee' is starting to film and I received my call to be on set 02 fri 07. I have no idea what part I will be playing. somehow I know it will be great, they all are. Soon the blogs will be back to the daily work of film production, with all of the deeds and sights around me during the 'Rolling-Rolling....background..Action!


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