Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Just when I was bragging on the Asians, CHINA goes and proves that they are 20 years behind the Soviets and the USA by creating this huge 'Mess' of thousands of pieces of 'Shrapnel' in the 500 mile high orbit that once was clean and useful for satelites. But No, you had to blow the thing to 'Smithereens'.

Now if CHINA had sent the rocket up and then 'nudged' the satelite back down to a lower orbit where it could have been sucked by gravity, back to earth to burn up in the atmosphere, I, as well as the entire world, would have been really impressed by your foresight as well as your technological prowess. Those same Engineers and Rocket Scientists could have gone even one step further by sending up a "Capture Capsule" similiar to the one seen in the old "007" films. Remember when it opened up and captured the Orbiters and returned them to earth containing the Astronauts? Now 'that' would have amazed the world.

As it stands now, some other future Engineers are going to have to figure out how to clean up that huge 'Mess' you just made 500 miles above the earth. "Shame on you". Pieces like that are going to circle the Globe for hundreds of years at balistic speeds. Thats why the USA as well as Russia decided 20 years ago it was a real bad idea. CHINA I am real disappointed with your 'old school' technology. Maybe it was the Politicians that made you do it. In that case I understand. We in the USA have way more than our share of those types as well.


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