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Bill Richardson, New Mexico, President?

Bill Richardson for President of the United States. It now is official, we New Mexican's knew all along what was in the works. Actually I see no other candidate better suited for the job. Based on his immense experience in foriegn policy alone, Bill is so far out in front of the other runners, it is not even a contest. I sometimes disagree with his tactics. They do seem to work in todays world because they are 'time-tested'. "Plentifully reward the people around you and they will work to ensure your success".

On the news the evening of 15 Jan 07, the state of New Mexico's legislature met and has to figure out how to spend it's.. 720 Million (conservative estimate) extra dollars over the five plus, Billion dollars of regular budget. Oil and Gas revenue is due to the "Depletion allowance" paid to the state by the Oil and Gas industry. Absolutely never "Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs". Bill knows that by heart.

New Mexico is supposedly one of the poorer states in the USA. Bill has done a lot to ensure New Mexico gets as much Federal Revenue as possible and works to attract future revenue to NM by tax incentives for large employers.

I personally am happy that the film industry still views NM as a favorable state to 'film' in, due to the "tax incentives" Bill keeps giving them, along with the interest free loans. 25 films were done in NM last year (2006). Bill has 'enticed' more than 60 films to be produced in New Mexico, since he took office as our Governor. This year looks even better. As a 'Background Actor' "Blogengeezer" thanks you.

Now I see why Our Governor, Bill Richardson, 'from Massachusetts', just showed up on our doorstep, before grooming himself for President of the United States. One other bit of cause for 'Elation' is the fact that Bill's mother, as well as Bill, is from South America. Bill was born in the USA but returned to Mexico promptly. This gave him citizenship. Now this would be no big deal except for the 'estimated' 10 to 20 million 'illegals' who probably will get to vote due to few restrictions on proof of citizenship, voter registration.

Bill went on the record as against 'the Fence', another good political move for the 'Media'. Bill lived in the lap of luxory in Mexico City as the son of a banker. Bill left for Boston Prep School at 13. Read all about his life in the Jan 21 Sunday Albuquerque Journal. As you read the article, keep in your mind that Bill has on his staff ex-Journalists. See I told you he plans ahead. He did not stop the National Guard from "Observing" the border though. See how intelligent and politically savvy Bill is? He is a 'Shoo-In' for Pres. He knows how to play both sides like a fine violin, without alienating the voting majority.

Did anyone notice he travelled to Darfur recently and according to 'his media', settled the conflict, within an hour. ...Truly, he met with the 'UN' supported Islamic ruler for roughly one hour. His meeting with the 'Christian' faction that the 'Islamics' are trying to erradicate, was not detailed in the Main Stream Media of course. He is very good on National Diplomacy but I don't think 'that' good.

Of course as soon as Bill left, the Islamic Ruler said they were 'not' (surprise, Surprise!) going to do what Bill Richardson said they were going to do on National TV. It doesn't matter, people in our country get all of their facts from CNN and work down from there. When the citizens of the USA find themselves in a hole they just will not stop digging. It's that work ethic thing, we just have to keep on digging.

I'm not positive of course, but I see major financial rewards coming Darfur's way in the future. Maybe it will work, who knows?

In actuality, Bill Richardson and Jimmy Carter, were instrumental in giving North Korea, through diplomatic channels of course, their Nuclear system under the Clinton Administration. (for the generation of electricity you understand) You know the one we are upset about now. The latest low cost (comparativly) centrifuge system like Iran's, that we (the USA) are just now starting to build near Eunice New Mexico. (December blog) Thank you 'Urenco'.

I have no idea about why we in this world do some things. I guess it just gives us something to work on or against in the future. Remember when we were kids? We worked to store up weapons for a conflict that seldom occurred. Whether it was snowballs or sticks. I guess we just have to have goals. Deterrence is much better than the actual act. The 'Cold War' worked.

Bill sure has his goals in order. He even went on a diet for a healthier image. That 'goal thing again' makes him the very best choice for the next President of the United States of America as far as common logic goes. Of course I am not absolutely positive common logic still works in the USA. You know, that 'smoky' fire in the 'mirror' factory.

Bill Richardson is known worldwide and respected by the North Koreans, they actually came to NM to meet with him soon after he became Governor. I think they actually thought he had been already elected President. Bill brought back a dead US Helo pilot that had flown over the line though. that gave him lots of 'Kudos' from the House of representatives. He traveled to Iraq and 'bartered' with 'Sadam' for the release of a couple of US guys that wandered over the line from Kuwait. Possibly he would be able to talk to the Iranians leadership...maybe...somewhat?? Nah..they don't give a 'Rat's Patootie' for anyone.

Remember the American Embassy hostage situation, 444 Days of it, 1979 to 1981 during the Carter administration years. Carter kept pleading with the Iranian captors to please, Oh please, release them. He is a real 'Humanitarian' you know. Iran's current president, Amadinejad, was one of the leaders of the young radicals who held them when he was a rabble rousing college kid. But I am not sure the Islamic radicals (10 to 15 percent) respect any one but themselves. I like the Asians much better myself. At least they do not desire to eliminate us Infidels from the face of the earth, as the Islamic extremists do.

Considering all of the others waiting in the field to be President of the United States of America, Bill Richardson is by far the best for that horribly thankless job. He sure knows how to 'control' the media. He has hired a number of journalists for his staff. I have been watching him for years as one of his detractors.

Bill is a large man, who like a majority of Americans, does not fit into little Econo-Box cars. He loves to maintain high speeds while traveling anywhere in any form of transportation. Thats why the State plane is a late model twin Jet Cessna. Large fast Luxory SUV's are not only a neccessity due to his size, but a great ride. Truly a man after my own heart. very Charismatic, and is smiling a lot more for the camera than previously.

As it stands today, I am now one of his ardent supporters. "I was Against Him Before I was For Him"...maybe he will give me a job ..."working with the New Mexico film Industry"? Are you reading my Blog Governor Bill Richardson?


Blogger RLW said...

For what it's worth, Urenco is not owned or operated by anyone in Amsterdam. Urenco is owned by the Dutch Government, a couple German Utilities, The British Government, and a private company called British Nuclear Fuels...

The facility being built near Eunice is owned and operated by Louisiana Energy Service (who are funded by Urenco). Urenco's corporate offices are located in Marlow, UK. Thanks...

11:53 AM  
Blogger RLW said...

Fow what it's worth, Urenco has no ties to Amsterdam other than a small percentage of ownership by the Dutch Government. In addition to the Dutch, a couple of German Utilities, the British Government, and a private company called British Nuclear Fuels own Urenco. Urenco's corporate offices are in Marlow UK, not Amsterdam. The only Urenco facilities in Holand are on the far side of the country in a town called Almelo.

11:56 AM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

Thank You for the 'Intel' RLW. Does anyone know how the Pakistani Engineer got the design specs out of Holland and back to Pakistan. The specs that were later 'dispersed' to Iran and from there,.... Who knows where? Knowing what is on the mind of Amadinejad? Not that it makes any difference at this date.
On another note, Bill was also the 'Politico' overseeing Los Alamos under the Clinton Admin. Looks good on a resume, right?

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