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KNIVES and Kids, 'Back in the day'

Having carried countless knives of many types and sizes for all of my life, I discovered that in today’s protective nanny society, kids can no longer do such socially abhorrent activity, fraught with great risk of Danger.

I had one time asked the boys why they didn’t carry knives while in school? They looked at me like I had suggested something evil, and said No Way, they would have been ‘cuffed and stuffed’ for carrying a deadly weapon in school.

Times sure have changed. Every boy I ever knew, along with a few girls, carried a knife to school and ‘Nothing’ ever happened… in ‘Our’ Culture. No one ever thought about stabbing anyone with them. 

We played games like ‘mumbly peg’ at recess.  Which included tipping the open knife off various things, knees, elbows, chins, foreheads etc, trying to ‘stick it’ :>) No one was ever critically injured. If so for Any reason, we were given a band aid and Iodine. Iodine was the punishment for being careless.

We threw our knives at trees, dirt, logs to ‘stick’ em and see who could do it best, earning our respect. We whittled animals out of pieces of wood that we carried in our pockets, while waiting for class to start, or just while sitting around with each other or alone.

We compared any ‘new’ knife with pride, as ‘new’ anything, was rare in those days before 'The Great Society'. 'Hand me downs' were far more common. Larry got new boots for Christmas. A knife pocket was sewn on the outer side. Larry was so proud of those New boots.

They were the new boots he was wearing while riding his bicycle, as he kicked the cats (Larry hated cats) in the dark…..Skunks! Those boots stunk for the rest of their life. He had to ‘wear them out’ because no new boots until the next year. Larry didn’t smell like Larry…. until his boots wore out.

My own personal Boy Scout knife, one that mom ordered for Christmas, was very special. I carried that Camp Knife for years, until I broke it, doing something not realistic for any knife. Every time I see a Boy Scout knife, I remember mom getting that special knife for me. :>) 

I had a Boy scout Axe with a sheath from one other Christmas. In excellent condition today, those are worth a few dollars. Mine was battered and used, after many camping and hiking trips. I was ‘rough on stuff’ :<(

Today the knife is wrongly considered a very irresponsible item for a 'sheltered governmental society boy' to own. Back then a personal knife was as common, as a dollar in your pocket is today. 

Totalitarian Controlled ‘progressive’ Society by Design, authoritarian mandated Safety across the USA of today, has changed this once adventuresome nation into some dis-utopian, feel good imaginary dream state, that has far more cumulative flaws than ever existed in Mark Twain’s time. Heaven, filled with adventure and knowledge, seems ever more attractive in comparison.

Enjoy life in the United States of America. ‘One Nation Under God’
and ‘Pack a Knife', a Good One, A unique, well made Knife that is of value.
 One that has character that fits your personal image.  

One added note: Leave your sharp tools home, as you prepare to board an airplane. TSA will confiscate Anything sharp, or even looks like a picture of a weapon, ever since the Muslim extremists did their little funzi on the stews and flight crews on 9-11. Now, belt buckles, belts, purses, wallets, shirts, Anything depicting any instrument or weaponry are confiscated. Nail clippers, sharp credit cards, even ties with pictures of weapons and toys with 1/4" guns in the hands of tiny soldiers are deemed a deadly threat. Sadly this is today's society... Utopia is here, Brave New World style.

 Around the home, in the garden or yard, a Sheath Knife, with fast easy access, no digging in pockets, is handier in the smaller sizes for a quick bag opening or branch clipping. 

Larger sheath knives, up to legendary 'Bowies', that by 'Batoning' can split logs, have their place in the real world. 

Everyone remembers Paul Hogan's Knife, the knife was the co-star of Crocodile Dundee.

 'The TURTLE MAN' line of Knives.  Besides Turtle Man 'Ernie Brown Jr' being a Hoot, the products are designed in USA, well made in China and very reasonably priced. Jay Leno even likes Turtle Man.

This is the Turtle Man song with dance :>)

Bowies, like Ernie's 'Thunder' or 'Lightnin' are also great for whacking a clump of grass from around a bush, or even prying out a dandelion. Handles range from exotic beauty to basic utility. Cordura nylon sheaths are utilitarian and have long life. Turtle Man's nylon sheath, is actually quite innovative as well as utilitarian. Turtle man's 'Call of the Wild Man' 3 minutes.

I personally enjoy owning several well made classical leather sheaths and knives for various purposes. Discarded, high quality, heavy 'full shank' (my preference) Butcher/Carving knives, found in charity thrift stores for a dollar or more, are fairly easily ground down, carefully profiled into serviceable Bowies. Sheaths can be fabricated as simple as home sewn Cordura (thrift store belts, luggage), or old leather belts, reworked into personal creations. Tandy Leather is great source of materials and tools. Hobby Lobby is getting well equipped with leather project paraphernalia. Print the on-line 40% discount coupon or use your smart phone when you get to the check out line.

Most good quality, full shank handles (scales) are riveted. With your personal creative imagination, being the key to creating Your Own 'Custom' made tool.... Enjoy your next project (knife 'blanks' are sold on ebay). Get skilled enough and the next step could be marketing your individualistic and extremely useful 'creations;>)

Camping trips, practicing 'Survival' prove Knives absolutely indispensable.... for Everything, even cooking and serving keeps the proper personal knife busy. Lewis & Clark's entire party would have failed without their critical knives. While camping, I sleep well every night.... with my knife under my pillow :>)

Pack a knife, you will feel better about yourself. Practice deploying (many are one handed, some are spring assisted) your knife rapidly, for even more satisfaction in case of an unpleasant, unplanned 'incident'. Check local laws. Many are 'against' You and favor the Career Repeat Offenders. After all he/she are professionals.

From years of experience, I guarantee a carry knife's personally positive, satisfying effect :>)

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'Lone Survivor', woman viewer

Congress.. only 20% today have served in US Military. Very few in Senate. Most, 90, are of the House of Representatives. 1975, over 70% had served.
Story REC'd in email

Some additional info re: Congress.........

Washington (CNN) -- Members of Congress are quick to say they support the troops and veterans, but the number of elected officials who have served has plummeted to its lowest point since World War II.
Only 20% of the 535 members of the new Congress have served in the military, 25 from the Senate and 90 from the House of Representatives.
Juxtapose that with 1975, when over 70% of those elected had served in the armed forces.

On Wed, 5 Feb 2014 11:22:40 -0500 (EST) writes:

A woman's view of "Lone Survivor" - the Movie
Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on January 19, 2014

I saw Lone Survivor today. I wept. I’m a female, I can do that sort of thing in public.
Here’s why I wept.

In the first few minutes of the film, watching the Navy SEALS train, I turned to my friends and said what a travesty it would be if the physical requirements were ever adjusted downwards to accommodate women – or anyone who could not meet them for that matter, regardless of gender or orientation.

These men, these warriors, are elite for a reason. They are capable of doing things very few can. That’s the way we want and need them to be.

I wept for the mothers, wives, sisters, fathers, brothers and friends of the beautiful, strong and healthy warriors who gave everything to defend the freedoms of this nation, and of others they would never know.

I wept for the people of Afghanistan who are not supporters of the Taliban. Those who can only dream of a different life. Who even in the best of times must eke out their existence in the harshest of conditions.

Who will never know the comfort and liberty we do. For the women who will never have the choices I have, and the freedom to chart their own course.

Perhaps it is an accident of birth. In some respects, I felt that about Marcus Luttrell himself. It was an accident of fate that he survived and others did not.

Such is life, and only God knows the plan for each of us.

But most of all, I wept in anger. I am overcome with rage at the elected politicians who have never served their country in uniform, never seen battle and yet make decisions that affect the life and death of their fellow citizens.

I am so angry that our rules of engagement, made in courtrooms by people whose personal agenda has nothing to do with victory, restrict the ability of our military to do the thing we send them into battle to do: fight.

I am disgusted that budgets for military equipment and training get shaved away and shaved away so much that lives are lost because we cannot adequately equip the men and women we send into the most terrifying situations.

I have no words to be spoken in polite company to express my frustration that this administration seems more focused on the sexual orientation of our warriors than their fighting readiness or following up on the promises made to them in their retirement.
I am however thankful this film was made, and somewhat surprised Hollywood allowed it.

Pardon my candor, but I hope every candy-ass liberal can take a few minutes away from the exertions of Kanye West and Lady Gaga, look beyond themselves and their concern for polar bears and baby harp seals, and understand what real sacrifice, real pain, real effort and real honor truly is.  

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Shane Harger Jemez Springs New Mexico Chief of Police

Shane Harger is the Chief of Police in a small, remote mountain tourist mecca of NM. Jemez (Hay-mas) Springs. His small law enforcement department fluctuates with tourism, therefore is primarily comprised of retired (fully certified law officers, some from other larger cities).

They each are part time or volunteer up to 8 hours per month, to allow Shane some time off and cover the large territory of rental cabins, National Forests and fishing streams. Winter is 'off season' and relatively few traffic, or other problems. Cabin break-ins are an unpredictable, fluctuating occurence, due to remote locations.

A few years back, one serial cabin robber, 'Cookie Bandit' Joseph Henry Burgess, a western states, Canada serial killer, while being handcuffed, using murdered hiker, David Eley's weapon, shot Joe Harris, Sandoval County SO deputy officer, who then killed him before dieing. Surviving involved deputy is now suing the SCSO

 for negligence.

Spring begins the thousands of cars daily, the cabin owners, renters, fishermen/women, hunters, hikers, bikers (swarms of bikers), forest campers, small tourism businesses and craft shows.
Only the occasional heavy snowfall, slows the tourism, except for snowmobilers.
Shane voluntarily attended a two day, 'Constitutional' Sheriff's and Peace Officer's Association meeting being held in LV Nev.

TSA, having insider information, brought in a US Federal investigator, who harassed, video recorded and questioned Chief Shane Harger for over 35 minutes, before allowing him to board the commercial aircraft.

Shane previously had been a state's witness, a Valencia County deputy (first on the scene) against a large city, police officer who was suspected of killing his wife, therefor was given a temporary new identity, under witness protection.
...... the plot thickens.

Within 24 to 72 hours 'After' his return from LV Nev, the Sandoval county Sheriff, obviously sycophant upon Federal Washington DC orders, TSA Homeland Security, ordered Chief Shane Harger to disband, disarm his small, fully state certified (police veterans), volunteer, part time police force .....and put Chief Shane Harger on suspension. 

Only the US Constitution, 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights, something Chief Shane Harger deeply believes in, due to his experience in law enforcement, can now protect the otherwise rendered helpless citizens in that remote area.

Accusing the Chief of Police, of resisting a federal officer's interrogation (trumped up charges, with no official filings, no arrest). The little town of Jemez Springs is in shock.
Our family had and enjoyed for long many years, a cabin near Jemez Springs. It was often patrolled at the time by the Jemez Springs police force.

This Federal, officially sanctioned, anti Constitution activity, is now occurring quietly across the USA. ANY local law enforcement that openly declares their allegiance to the... 'US Constitution and Bill of Rights'... is being forced by this govt, under Eric Holder's DOJ and Barack Hussein Obama's Czarist regime, to immediately and quietly leave their elected positions.
Police Chief Shane Harger is Not going 'Quietly'...

Last week this same situation occurred in Pennsylvania.

This is another 'Oath Keepers' link pertaining to Shane Harger's incident.   

This is another:
This Police Chief Shane Harger story is ongoing as of 01 Feb 2014

You Tube interview 18 mins.

update voice/video also available here

Here is another

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Snowy Owls too Cold, Heading South?

Wolverines are now returning to the USA from Canada, following a long absence. Lake Tahoe California, recent sighting of Wolverine, has not had a Wolverine in residence since last sighted in 1922.  

Career 'Enviros', programmed into the religion of global warming from childhood, are mystified, so invent reasons.... such as.... you guessed it.... Global Warming. 

 'Everything' today is blamed on Global Warming. Too hot.. Global Warming. Too cold... Global Warming. Animals and birds heading North.... or South... Global Warming. Wind, Snow, Rain, Hail, Waves, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Wars...... All Global Warming. Naturally when the globe refuses to actually 'Warm', the Religion of Climate Change takes precedence. Never fear, Raising taxes will 'Fix' it.
Not sure about you, but if I was getting warm, I would head further North. Canada's remote Cold wilderness, is where Wolverines really are into their preferred elusive ambiance.

Now we have another fluffy, Arctic loving critter heading South.... Once Again, to reside in the USA for the winter. What do these animals and birds instinctively know? Is there something coming? something they enjoy? An ambiance where they thrive in the winter?

According to several reports from many states including Michigan, Snowy Owls are once again on the increase. Typically they breed in the Arctic tundra and feed on Lemmings. You know, those  cute plump little critters that are reported to sometimes over breed their territories, then periodically dive off cliffs into the ocean. 

If Hollywood is involved, trying to emphasize the event, any event, Lemmings are imported from their breeding  grounds, naively placed on a spinning disc below the camera and 'launched' Lemming like, off the cliff. Hopefully onto a large net, where they are regathered by PETA observers and returned to their happy breeding grounds, to profusely breed happily, 24-7 forever after (Not likely :>)

in 2013 Dec they sighted 55 Snowy  Owls in Wisconsin. Historically many routinely follow the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan to Indiana where numerous sightings of the magnificent two foot tall, white feathered birds have been reported. Several have made it as far south as Missouri and even into Florida.

Snowy Owls like airports because they are vast 'Tundras'... with lots of 'Voles' that apparently taste like Lemmings :>) Some interact with aircraft and that soon controls the tendency of that particular Snowy Owl to reside at the airport.

Maine and New Hampshire are not 'owl free' either. They have returned all across the northern states in numbers not seen in many years.

'Experts' argue on the causes. Some say not enough Lemmings. If not enough, how did there get to be so many Snowy Owls?

Some 'experts' say lots of Lemmings. Plethora of Lemmings and Lemming families, encouraged the breeding proclivity of Snowy Owls (sounds reasonable).

Possibly they ate all of the slower less intelligent Lemmings.... then headed south after the first cold wave signifying the onslaught of winter?

It does seem likely, especially seeing as their breeding ground and prolific food source is totally frozen and iced over during the winter months, as the earth tilts it's northern axis Away from the sun. A sun that seems to have quieted down, lost a bit of it's agressive tendancies (not so prolific, solar flares) for the last 18 years? Mars probes are noting some strange events as well... hmmmm, must be Global Warming.

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A Story of Christmas Past and Christmas Future

A Story of Christmas Past, and Christmas Future?

Courtesy of Dr. John Rossi, as shared with Glenn Beck
Every once in a while, a very special story comes along to remind us how blessed we’ve been in our Republic — and how threatened it is as we rack up bills totaling trillions of dollars in IOUs and the spectre of massive inflation, socialism and the systematic destruction of personal freedoms continues to grow like a cancer in America.

Glenn Beck read this on his radio program on December 8th.  It was written by Dr. John Rossi, who handed it to Glenn while he was making his book tour rounds in Florida earlier this month.  Here it is:

“Once upon a time there was a very happy couple. Their names were Freedom and Capitalism.
They married and had many wonderful children.

Their names were Independence, Self-worth, Hard-work, Dignity, Charity, Faith and Hope. They all lived happily for many years and the children respected their parents and loved them both very much.

But Freedom and Capitalism later had several naughty children, very naughty. They weren’t so respectful and never appreciated their parents.

Their names were Wealth-envy, Environmentalism, Animal-rights Activism, Racism, Feminism, and Ultra-liberalism.

These evil children blamed their parents for everything and hated their parents Freedom and Capitalism. In fact, these unappreciative children began to hate their parents, since they didn’t realize their parents gave them everything they had and didn’t realize that they wouldn’t even exist without their parents.

They hated their parents so much that they began to plot with their neighbors to kill their parents and to keep their home.

Their neighbors’ names were Socialism and Communism, who on the outside were a very lovely couple, but inside they were very, very ugly.

They and their children, whose names were Despair, Poverty, Suffering, and Repression had been welcomed into every neighborhood they had lived in. Eventually, they were thrown out of each neighborhood, after years of suffering and the loss of many lives.

So late one night in total darkness — because Socialism and Communism did everything in darkness and  away from the light of the truth — while everyone was asleep, Wealth-envy, Environmentalism, Feminism, Animal-rights, and their younger obnoxious brother, Hollywood, disguised Socialism and Communism from recognition and let them into the house of  Freedom and Capitalism.

It wasn’t hard to sneak in, for the two parents, Freedom and Capitalism, always left their gate and their door open for everyone.

Wealth-envy led the way because he knew the house oh, so well. The evil children then led Socialism and Communism throughout the house, one room at a time.

And one at a time they killed Hard-work, then Dignity, then Independence, Self-worth, Charity and Faith.
They finally found the room of Freedom and Capitalism and killed them as well. It wasn’t hard to do, since Freedom and Capitalism always left their door unlocked and open for everyone.

Only Hope survived. Hope survived hiding in the closet. She ran out during the ensuing celebration.
After Socialism and Communism moved in, things went well for a while, but then they decided they didn’t like Freedom and Capitalism’s evil children, either. They wanted their own children to have the rooms in their new house.

So late one night in total darkness — because Socialism and Communism did everything in darkness and away from the light of the truth — they sent their children to kill Freedom and Capitalism’s remaining evil children.

Poverty and Suffering killed Environmentalism and Animal-rights first, for they were so hungry, they had to kill all the animals for food and the trees for their wood. And besides, why should animals have rights if people don’t?

Hopelessness killed Liberalism, the retarded brother of Communism. Then Poverty, Suffering, and Repression killed Feminism, the retarded sister of Liberalism.

And Hollywood, the young obnoxious son of Freedom and Capitalism, was also killed.
Finally, Wealth-envy, who had originally led the attack on his parents, died at the hands of Poverty since there was nothing left to envy.

So Socialism and Communism and their children, Poverty, Despair, Hopelessness, Suffering, Repression lived in the once beautiful home of Freedom and Capitalism which was now in great disrepair and they all lived sadly ever after.

All that was left of the family of Freedom and Capitalism was Hope, who was quietly hiding in the woods.”
Dr. John Rossi lives in Florida and hopes to turn his piece into an illustrated children’s story one day and is looking for an artist and a publisher to help.  I hope he finds both — and soon.  Little Hope needs to be able to read something to keep up her faith out there all alone in the cold and dark woods as she reads this Christmas Story (of the future?)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Varela-Casaus, Roberta Morales Alb Journal 30 Dec 2013

10:13 AM
My letter to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal is within this story, following the article of 30 Dec 2013 describing Synthia Varela-Casaus 9 year old son 'Omareee's death.  Roberta Morales comments. Click on her and her associates pictures, store their images in your memory, to see and remember the effects of what the Liberal Leftists have done to US society.

As is said, "a picture is worth a thousand words".
Pictures, images depicting situations such as these are increasingly very common across the USA of today, of course they are rarely published for obvious reasons. Exposure would threaten the status quo of massive, ever more demanding governmental bureaucracy and it's escalating taxation.

'The Great Society', a visioned utopia of cradle to grave, subsidized, perpetually dependency addicted existence, at the expense of the 'Traditional Family', subsidized using Social Security if you have any doubts. If you really believe that Social Security is only for retirees, you are quite naive.

Blogen Geezer · Top Commenter · Albuquerque, New Mexico
There sits just one poster child of 'The Great Society'. Perpetually Dependency Addicted, subsidized from cradle to grave. The direct epitome of totalitarian Government Welfare. Even the overwhelming 'Tats/piercings' indicative of the culture are subsidized. No reason to have a Traditional Family, of which less than 25% of the US school children in society consists today. The Feral, random associations breed for dollars and sexual gratification, nothing more. Someone asks about the Father'? Why have any need for a real, caring working Father, other than the random donor of sperm for spawn fertilization. When the Govt fills All needs, there is little to no motivation for personal gain or betterment. Cradle to Grave existence, leisure time for 'whatevers' (including career repeat offender crime), nothing more. Taxation fed, ever expanding CYFD bureaucracy only stirs the cauldron over the fire. Continuing to demonize the Traditional Family, the Only historically sustainable societal structure remaining, demeaning Traditional Family in the time honored Liberal Leftist agenda and Varela-Casaus and associates such as Roberta Morales will become the new 'Normal' to be forever subsidized (including victimized). Retain their images in your memory bank. You, as Liberal Leftists, created her and her clones, millions of Morales's, Varela-Casaus's and Omarees. btw, in the future 'Vote like Your life depends on it', It Does'.

2 days ago ... One of Varela-Casaus' longtime friends, Roberta Morales, said that although the incident is tragic, she doesn't think that the mother meant to kill ...

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Museum photos from early Albuquerque New Mexico

The last (bottom) link is to the Albuquerque Museum pictorial archives. An early day, well into the Industrial Revolution. Rail rolling stock, Steam Locomotive maintenance was extremely labor and investment intensive. Albuquerque was a major maintenance station along the Santa Fe "Route of the Stars"

Blunt end Diesel Electric engines in eight car 'consists' (train sets) were first used temporarily by ATSF in 1936 on the Southwestern Transcontinental routes. Pioneering in1938 and extensively following WWII, the stream-liners Diesel Electric Locomotives, pulling 4 and 5 car passenger sets at the beginning, as well  as baggage and mail cars, such as the venerable, luxurious Pullman consists 'Santa Fe Super Chief'. 

 'El Capitan', with it's reclining sleeper seats in 'all coach' 4 and 5 car 'consists', Super Chief and El Capitan, both Diesel powered, eventually replaced the high maintenance, classic Steam Engines. Story of Super Chief here on wiki. Route of the Super Chief from Chicago through Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona (to Grand Canyon.. El Tovar) to California including west coast.. here.

The days of Steam Locomotives, Diesel Electric engines and passenger rail cars linking the East to the West, was often romanticized or dramatically depicted in clips of 'Movietone News' narrated by Lowell Thomas on the big screens in local theaters. 

Rail sabotage was always a newsworthy event, carried out to bring attention to whatever cause. Such was the 1939 derailing of the modern Diesel stream liner, 'City of San Francisco' near Harney Nevada that killed 24 people and caused a national furor.

The northern California 'Zephyr' Central Transcontinental route from Chicago to Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno, Sacramento to the coast was more prone to blizzard disruptions during winter months '1952 Southern Pacific' due to the infamous Donner Pass. That party had a really rough, long Christmas season in 1847.  A bit problematic for maintenance crews both rail and highway, even to this day.

The Northwestern Transcontientals out of St Paul-Minneapolis Minnesota through North Dakota, Montana on to Portland Oregon and Seattle, Tacoma Washington also enjoyed rough blizzard conditions. 

Then the Canadian Trans-continentals out of Winnepeg, across thousands of miles of fairly mundane flat grain growing prairie and into the mountains western Canada offered more excitement, as The Canadian Pacific and the Canadian Northern engineered and blasted their roadbeds on to Vancouver, through rough mountainous terrain with deep gorges to keep bridge builders/engineers busy with such historic 'forests of lumber' wooden trestles as the 'Mountain Creek' on the CPR line.

Movie Stars, political figures and national celebrities traveled coast to coast by train sets (including the esthetically smooth rounded end 'observation' cars, halted for cost utilitarian reasons in 1958) of  luxurious 1800's  'Madison' cars on rail. Later Pullman Cars by visionary George Pullman, added the 'sleeping while rolling' convenience and luxury to their various configurations

'Pullman' was the most prolific employer of black Americans following the Civil War, due to the prestigious positions previously held by the multi-talented 'Porters', many of whom previously were talented household  managers in the southern estates. 'Dome Cars' were another added luxury to the stream liners.

The likes of Diamond Jim Brady, Leland Stanford, Jay Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt, J Pierpont Morgan and W Averell Harriman, all were deemed by political pundits, as rich 'Robber Barons' in their time. Many of whom were instrumental in the US rail systems promulgation across the USA, without which the historic rise in prosperity of the USA would not have been possible.

 Their philanthropy, passed down through their offspring, is still noteworthy today. Stanford University, John's Hopkins University Hospital, Vanderbilt University, among countless others, thrive even today, due to their initial bequeaths of fortunes and trusts.

Interesting to note the many famous names of personalities from the past, while perusing the historic photos on the ABQ museum link below, then research their individual stories.

 Jackie Coogan child star, became a pilot of combat invasion Gliders during WWII, as well as being the point of 'Coogan's law, referring to film children's earned wealth, vs parental financial responsibilities. His marriage to film Star WWII 'Pin Up Girl', Betty Grable was a notable accomplishment, though short in duration.

Noah Beery Sr, Noah Beery Jr ('Rockford's father 'Rocky'), Wallace Beery. Douglas Fairbanks, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish. Many interconnect through marriage, siblings or the family film 'business'.

 Fearless (Spiderman) Harold Lloyd was the less well known equivalent of Charlie Chaplan. In real life, dashing Charlie Chaplan was the direct opposite of his film character. Many lived productive lives as often did their parental heritage, in giving to the world (Doris Duke, only daughter of the international tobacco magnate). 

Many Stars destroyed their own lives, just as happens today. In the early days of film and live theater, the Stars were supported in style by wealthy individuals, Patrons of the Arts, rather than the meager earnings from the viewing public. As throughout history, saving or squandering a legacy is related to personal choice.

Fred Lambert at 16 years of age, was the youngest Territorial Marshal ever in New Mexico Territory, carrying dozens of various official law enforcement Badges during his lifetime in law enforcement.

 Film Star Ricardo Cortez (Wall Street broker) was of Jewish US parentage, though falsely portrayed by Hollywood as Spanish from Austria. The ruse (Hollywood is talented in 'the false portrayal' trade) was to play off of Rudolph Valentino's (died of pneumonia after surgery, at 31 years of age) fame as an international heartthrob Latin Lover. 

Early days of air travel, when the planes landed for the night then took off in the morning heading for the next overnight landing 'Field', was more primitive than luxurious rail travel. Barely faster.... if at all, when considering storm delays, including flight being far more risky in those early days.

 A time of fast developing industrial prosperity, with unlimited opportunities for those willing to work hard and take risks. The time when 3 century old Albuquerque New Mexico was rapidly emerging from it's sleepy days, as one of the many Spanish Missions and resupply trading posts on the Camino Real (King's Highway) from Mexico City. 

Here is the pictorial history of those times in the United States of America. One Nation Under God.

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'Pay Raise' Anti Liberal (anti-parasite) post from AOL email 'guest'... 'New' Blogger censored? Wordpress obviously has no such problem

20 December 2013 try again to see if guest post is censored.... yet again. Robo of Cali has AOL and sends posts. Apparently 'New' Blogger does not like AOL? or Robo? Or anti-Liberal posts?

Read more »

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cheap Motorcycles

I personally enjoy any conveyance with only two wheels. In simplistic form, Bicycles are favored. As a hobby, I restore then enjoy riding, selling previously neglected bicycles, if they are 'Of the right stuff' and were initially high quality. Efficient and highly maneuverable, they easily go where cars and trucks cannot travel. Absolutely Love Motorcycles, especially the well made models, Due to early exposure as a teenager, unique modern technology Triumphs even attract my attention. I Bought (with my own hard earned money), rode, sold, raced, various classes of motorcycles most of my life.

Adored by the proletariat masses, Hugo Chavez, using National Socialism as his personal tool to Power, ensured that All of his supporters would have the resources and many be able to buy cheap Chinese motorcycles (among other 'things'... using Sandinista 'Bolivian Communist' style... Nationalized funds).

 A nation in deep debt, with it's VEB currency suffering from massive inflation, 01 January 2008, Hugo Chavez 'adjusted' the savings of thrifty Venezuelans, those who actually had savings, in order to redistribute wealth to the masses. On that fateful day, Hugo's Venezuelan Bolivar 'Fuentes' officially exchanged at 1 VEF to 1,000 VEB. Overnight the (imagined) saved wealth of conservative minded individuals disappeared during the 'Reset' to 1.  Venezuelan Debt holding internationals, those that were asleep as Hugo's National Socialism came to power, lost...... fast.

'Motorizados' (those who figuratively earn their living..'Taxis, Curriers, Delivery' on a motorcycle) popped up everywhere, millions of Motorizados. All grateful Chavistas... militant Leftist Chavistas. Blocking highways to gridlock beneath overpasses during rainfall is common in urban areas such as Caracas, the capitol. Images of Motorizados

There are now millions of Chinese Motorcycles in Venezuela.... mostly unregistered. Building Motorizado rain shelters along the major highways, for use during torrential rainfall, is now another govt option to placate and benefit the urban Motorizados.

Now that the tires and parts (rampant inflation.. officially 6.3+ VEF to the US $... unofficially at least 7 times that (Sep 2013) and exponentially inflating daily   )  cost more than the motorcycles did originally. Violence,.... for tires, parts...and 'acquired' motorcycles... is the daily (nightly?) norm. There are many areas that touristas are never safe. Even commuters ride in gangs for protection.

Of course along with the 'Cheapest Gasoline in the world' Venezuela also has one of the most prolific and complex (Nationally Socialized) govts money can buy. Layers of Govt, all layers of bureaucracy requiring 'time'. lots of Time to navigate for generation of  'fees', taxes and documentation.

What to do now? Hand picked Hugo #2 is perplexed. 'Chavistas' are a massive and politically powerful force of extremely radical, highly emotional Leftists to deal with. Now they are addicted to govt dependency, he can't deny them their 'Hugo' toys. They will attack any politician that tries to take away their 'right' to ride a Chinese motorcycle (Government Controlled, dependency addicted Venezuela has difficulty in economically manufacturing much of anything of quality). 
Let alone, manufacturing for export.

Canada warns it's Venezuela bound tourists to stay at least 80 kilometers from the Colombian border, due to kidnappings. International fact, easy to force whatever comes to mind, when in mob mentality gangs. Motorizados and many others now, form into gangs for their own protection, to keep their tires and motorcycles... and also to 'Acquire' others.

Costa Rica has McDonald's. Venezuela, as other authoritarian controlled Central American country's, offers local vender food choices (Natural, Green and Organic ;>). 100% tax on imports into C.R. whereas 20% (avg) on imports into Venezuela (care in not angering Chavistas that enjoy Chinese motorcycles). Redistributive Fees, taxes, restrictions and regulations, are major govt money sources in both countries. Tax avoiding fraudulent sales vouchers are also common to both.

Costa Rica, a long time established tourist and ex-Pat refuge, especially for 'Sandinista communist fleeing' wealthy Venezuelans, including Bolivians etc, is now exorbitantly expensive in comparison. Venezuela's economy, driven into the dirt by wealth redistributing, violent Leftists, is now extremely cheap to live in by comparison. Sought after US dollars and other top world currencies being the key. Using the US dollars to advantage on the black market is paramount to success.... and profit. Caution, lawlessness and fraud are profitable... and dangerous.

50%  inflation of the Venezuelan Bolivar 'Fuentes during this past year alone... more to come, as the Liberal Leftist economic 'system' takes full effect. A US $3,000 used motorcycle becomes a $6,000 motorcycle in Costa Rica. By the time it 'mysteriously' works it's way into Venezuela, it takes an advanced math student to figure the US dollar value at market....daily. Note: Two distinct systems of monetary exchange exist. One the 'Official' rate, the other the local or market rate on the street (Illegal but commonly used) Travel through Venezuela can be expensive or cheap, your choice  Far easier for certain elements to 'whack' the naive, unaware solitary rider and take Possession.

 Venezuela, as is fact in other South American countries, is disorganized in bureaucratic govt enforcement, therefor slightly easier to circumvent and 'beat the system' than modern westernized Costa Rica. Government Police officer in Leftist Venezuela earns equiv of US $5 a day. Bribes, offered as 'Police Assistance Fund', are sometimes effective.... 'After' diplomacy and attentively listening to the officer's long lecture.... but only when officer is alone. A $5 bribe, kept separate from your far more attractive 'wad', is a welcome day's pay.

Radio communication between Venezuelan officers is very rare. Taking advantage of that govt weakness, is often one recourse to avoid a ticket. Your Driver's License is confiscated when you finally 'accept' a ticket. A trip to the local police station, paying whatever the fine, is the only way to get it back (unless you are politically 'connected' of course). Best is to drive on the temporary yellow Multa for 30 days, letting that Multa get confiscated on next offense, replaced by the next temporary Multa, followed by a third, then get a cheap replacement DL... after your return to the 'States'.

Nicaragua has it's own problems, as described by this very attractive 'solo' female rider.

Oh yes, almost forgot, in a country that strictly 'Controls' guns in the hands of the lowly seething masses of the Proletariat, the gangs have guns, lots of guns. Police and Military 'guns' (Hmmm... they are illegal, now where did they get those?) Learned from dependency addicted, urban core Chicago USA perchance?

Did I tell you I personally love motorcycles? Especially those that are paid for.... with other people's money. ...I can hardly wait...

Of course being an avowed Capitalist Pig motorcycle rider, including with time to burn, I would rather ride a used bike I bought sweet, off Craig's List in the USA. Ride to the coast, sign into the pool, hire on and load the 'ride' aboard a 'tramper' into Venezuela for excitement. After Pay out, and clandestine offload, I would quietly roll 'up the road'..... well after 24:00.

 If caught by the authorities at those wee hours, paying the taxes, fees, registrations, bribes... etc (note: being willingly led into Leftist poverty, they seldom actually ..'Buy'.. an outrageously expensive motorcycle in Venezuela). If it did not sell for a fantastic profit at the inflated street exchange rate, making me temporarily feel wealthy, I would roll on the throttle north, eventually into Costa Rica (if I still had a bike when I got there:>), adding on more fees, where it would Theoretically sell at twice the price. Helping to cover expenses :>) Ahh..  South America, so beautiful, so exciting, Fairness and Equality driven, Green 'sustainable'... Utopia.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cheap Watches

Cheap watches:
 If you were in the market for a watch in 1880, would you know where to get one?

You would go to a store, right? Well, of course you could do that, but if you wanted one that was cheaper and a bit better than most of the store watches, you went to the train station!

Sound a bit funny? Well, for about 500 towns across the northern United States, that's where the best watches were found.

 Why were the best watches found at the train station? The railroad company wasn't selling the watches, not at all. The telegraph operator was.

Most of the time the telegraph operator was located in the railroad station, because the telegraph lines followed the railroad tracks from town to town. It was usually the shortest distance and the right-of-ways had already been secured for the rail line.

Most of the station agents were also skilled telegraph operators and that was the primary way that they communicated with the railroad. They would know when trains left the previous station and when they were due at their next station. 

It was the telegraph operator who had the watches. As a matter of fact they sold more watches than almost all the stores combined... for a period of about 9 years.

This was all arranged by "Richard", who was a telegraph operator himself. He was on duty in the North Redwood, Minnesota train station one day, when a load of watches arrived from the East. It was a huge crate of pocket watches. No one ever came to claim them.

So Richard sent a telegram to the manufacturer and asked them what they wanted to do with the watches. The manufacturer didn't want to pay the freight back, so they wired Richard to see if he could sell them. So Richard did.

 He sent a wire to every agent in the system, asking them if they wanted a cheap, but good, pocket watch. He sold the entire case in less than two days and at a handsome profit.

That started it all. He ordered more watches from the watch company and encouraged the telegraph operators to set up a display case in their stations, offering high quality watches for a cheap price to all the travelers. 

It worked! It didn't take long for the word to spread and, before long, people other than travelers came to the train station to buy watches.

Richard became so busy that he had to hire a professional watch maker to help him with the orders. That was Alvah. And the rest is history as they say.

The business took off and soon expanded to many other lines of dry goods.

Richard and Alvah left the train station and moved their company to Chicago -- and it's still there.

YES, IT'S A LITTLE KNOWN FACT that for a while in the 1880's, the biggest watch retailer in the country, was at the train station. It all started with a telegraph operator: Richard Sears and his partner Alvah Roebuck!

Bet You Didn't Know Dat!!!