Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lakewood Washington Police Officers Massacred

Latest update 01 December 09:
They got Clemmons, and his enablers
  • I will assume (because he is alive) that the amazingly professional lone Seattle Washington Police Officer was guilty of 'Profiling'. That ever so distasteful PC poster word. The other four Police Officers would still be alive if they had been allowed to Profile.

    Four uniformed police officers massacred while doing routine work reviews on their laptops, at a small popular coffee shop south of Tacoma Washington. At this point, the story is told best in this Media
  • So far all are in shock and the inevitable finger pointing with predictable anti-gun Media SPIN will soon begin. The MSNBC comment threads are running wild
  • What is most disheartening, is the huge numbers of negative, hatred filled comments in this MSNBC link above. Overwhelming hatred directed against our Uniformed Officers. Disgusting. I would not like to think that this is the primary genre of Liberal MSNBC's target audience?

    A part of society that would violently as well as verbally attack our officers like this, is truly a violent, despicable segment of society. The perpetrator of this violent crime will more than likely be a person that has been given countless chances over his lifetime. A system that both the prosecution and DEFENSE are payed by the Taxpayers, results in endless Repeat Offenders. An 'Extensive Record' is the way the media reports it.

    Our 'Progressive' legal system is forgiving to the point of being a deserved victim
  • The Governing system of our USA is now a total Pyramid of Lawyers, now from the TOP down and including 3/4ths of Congress. Law in the USA prefers to allow endless Repeat Offenders freedom to roam in society. Probably a good system ...for Lawyers.

    A lifetime's legion of Lawyers constantly filing for his releases, funded by the Taxpayers, ensured that yet another sociopath is allowed to roam free in society. Of course the same society that voted for this system, then routinely and so predictably attack the Governor, The Judges, the Police and The Gun of course.

    They unwittingly attack all but their own chosen system that treats Career, Violent Repeat Offenders as if they were just errant children seeking 'direction', council, and Guidance.

    Our nation (no surprise) has Violent crime. The greatest majority is committed by the smallest minority of society. Violent, Repeat Offenders achieve Career status by being Released Repeatedly. Our legal system is based on Lawyers for the prosecution and the DEFENSE, both paid for with Taxpayers dollars.

    No wonder that so many states are experiencing large numbers of their Law Abiding Citizens to be Trained, Certified, CCW. If just one plain clothes Citizen trained in Situational Awareness, Certified CCW, was on the scene, this event would have been far less likely to have this outcome. The mere thought that an armed citizen could have possibly been in the coffee shop, would have made anyone contemplating this act, to give it second thought.

    As it stood, the killer was free to focus only on the uniformed officers. He had no reason to look around while drawing his weapon. The city apparently has restrictions that discourage the legally concealed carry of a weapon. Of course a Career Violent Criminal has no regard for such laws.

    One other point to note. The PC view of 'Profiling' has been discouraged to the point that society can not 'Prejudge' the intent of anyone. If these Police officers had not been discouraged from Profiling, they would still be alive and the 'Attempted Assassination' would be the story. After this event, I will assume that the Washington Police Officers will assume a far different perspective.
    Having associated with Law Enforcement Officers for many years, I know they are excellent at judging 'Character'.

    The resultant Media Spin will of course be focused on 'THE GUN'. Little mention will be made on this violent persons lifetime career and it's seemingly prolific popularity in our nation. I Pray for all involved in this total waste of life.

    One Nation Under GOD, The United States of America
  • Friday, November 27, 2009

    CAP and TRADE Dead?

    I always compared the idea of Cap and Trade Congressional Mandates, as similar to Self Castration. Both have the same effect. Both are exceedingly Painful. Both have the soon noticeable effect of ending society. Many (who do not practice this themselves) view this schadenfreude
  • as their ultimate goal. Climate History is overwhelmingly comprised of facts to dispute these individuals own personal 'Dream' that has surfaced to 'Control' humanity.

    Of course we recall vividly the black diesel smoke being emitted from the exhaust of buses and trucks years ago, along with the stench of unburned fuel in poorly maintained cars before emissions requirements came into effect. I am totally in support of environmental issues...within reason. I love wild animals and their domain. I enjoy National and State Parks. Wetlands are wonderful to visit.

    The USA is comprised of fully 1/3rd publicly owned lands. We join others in support of the 'Management' of our resources. By Management, we refer to the resource being of access to the public Taxpayers. It belongs to the Taxpayers, not the exclusive domain of the self appointed Regulators. US Sovereignty demands that surely not any International organization take over control. If they desire to donate or fund out of their own pockets, a share of the cost of Maintenance in exchange for the right to visit, that is acceptable.. The USA disproportionately supports Parks world wide.

    Now we are informed of the fact that the Global Warming Crisis, endlessly touted as Fact by the Media, is little more than another scam being forced over the World by Political Figures. An International scam to gouge out their own disproportionate share of Wealth and POWER. Plato's Allegory of the Cave

  • refer to the IPCC's own questionably funded 'employees? These lately uncovered (the Russians 'found' em) emails from The University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU), voice worry from this agenda driven cadre. Many facts don't support their theories, so the disagreeable facts must be 'Cooked' (Tricked)
  • to get their own desired results. Discrediting Any opponents of their scam, is one way. Endless EPA Lawsuits from the Dystopian
  • liberal left are their tools in this legalistic USA. Damage Control is in full Screech.

    The WALL STREET JOURNAL has an article buried in the Opinion section of A-19, 27 November. Written by Kimberly Strassel
  • ( Quoting Senator Jim Inhofe (R Okla)
    In this article Senator Inhofe is noticing a shift in the public's level of gullibility. Finally the public is starting to connect the dots. The overwhelming, noticeably Fawning, support of The Media is coming into doubt. When someone gushes too much, questions arise. Now the answers are beginning to surface. The first alert was the name change from GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE.

    The fact that every impressionable young child is being indoctrinated
  • in schools and by TV, to this now de-bunked theory, by watching You Tube Polar Bears being chased across open oceans by camera crews, until they fatigue and drown. Of course then blaming it on their Moms driving SUVs.

    Only the normally passive, supine UK
  • has publicly discredited major misinformation in this teaching (Al Gore's infamous Hockey Stick)
  • in their schools. As they awaken, others may possibly start to follow, then the 'house of 'man made' Global Warming cards' will collapse. Of course the Main Stream Media will attempt to silence any reports detrimental to their agenda, "For the public good"
  • Fairness Doctrine you know.

    True climatologists, Engineers, and Scientists of overwhelming numbers, have not fallen for this ruse, endlessly driven by the droning Media. These true scientists have been researching, debating and de-bugging the misrepresented long term data and noticed quite the opposite trend. Historically the CO2 rise 'followed' the Temperature rise. It did not 'cause' it. 0.0011% of man made CO2 is Not going to destroy the world. Facts and Truthful Data are something this group of politically Agenda Driven, Quasi-scientists try desperately to discredit using 'Their Fawning Media'. A Media that has no knowledge of the fact that Interglacials are rare.

  • Climate Scientists on the US taxpayer funded 'dole', may now face charges of Fraud. In order to manipulate the facts, many resorted to deception. The Media relished the deception as long as it promoted their political views. Now these organizations are in 'Damage Control' mode. Fallout will follow, along with distancing from the 'bad press'. Michael Vicks friends became much fewer after his brutal affliction with Dog Fighting was publicly acknowledged.

    Now we are reading in the Liberal Spin Media about China and this US administration's influence (in actuality, an overwhelming lack of). India and China are not about to drastically limit their chance at the industrial growth (which Enviro's really despise) historically revered by the world's leading nations. These Emerging nations have dreams too.

    China has tentatively agreed to limit the "Rate of increase' of pollutants over the coming years". Not the 'decrease' or even 'reduction of' fossil fueled (easily the most economical energy source) and Hydro-Electric (enviro's hate that too) industrial growth. India has a long way to go as well. They both are Not intimidated by the Elitists demanding they slow down. More power to them. Hopefully in the form of even more (enviro-hated) Hydro-electric as well as Nuclear generated Power, The Energy of The Sun.

    Cap and Trade was great (financially) for Al Gore's International 'Regulating and Re-allocating' corporation, but NOT for the reasons publicly stated. Redistribution of taxpayers wealth, lowering of the USA's relative position, while raising the third world, is a Dystopian
  • theory right out of Brave New World
  • and embraced by Keynesian
  • elitists (socialist communism).
    As the world becomes more educated and TV's CSI raises in it's ratings, the Taxpaying, gainfully employed, voting public is waking up. As for the perpetually Dependant, they slumber on, in a perpetual daze
  • Monday, November 23, 2009


    The ROTC
  • is Under Attack in America. The results are being seen in small communities across the nation. The Universities have relented in some cases
  • Now the High Schools are the target

  • The Liberal Left sympathizer, Albuquerque Journal (comparable to The NYT, LAT and the San Francisco Bee)
    23 November 2009: headlined a large picture of Highland HS, sharply uniformed, ROTC Girls Drill Team standing 'At Ease', during inspection. "Served Up To Recruiters" was the heavily suggestive caption (Spin). Then devoted the first half of the article (most readers fail to hold interest past the front page) reporting the statements scripted by the detractors that are working endlessly to weaken the US Military. (this subversive administrations goal?)

    Examples are held up as fact that the youth are Impressionable, Well who would have thought that? Yes they are impressionable
  • to gangs, drugs, child sex with no afterthought, youth alcohol, and all numbers of secular society induced, poor choices for a future generation. Make Love Not War
  • was the motto of the teachers of this generation, the students of Jimmy Carter Mid School
  • are finding that out. As well as far too many students across this HIV/AIDS and STD infested, 'Nation of Tolerance'. Almost makes a student want to Pray in school...

    The demand being made by the Dystopian Liberals
  • The term Liberal, being a flagrant misnomer
  • is to remove the tempting curriculum of a Military Career. The statement made was to the effect that it was wrong for these 'children' to be introduced to the violent life of a soldier.

    By what means are these Do-Gooders
  • using to fight the other multitude of poor choices secular society presents in schools today? They seem to only want these young people in organized team Sports of Their approval or whatever curriculum approved by their Liberal Left viewpoint, now THAT is Intolerance.

    Today's young people are exposed to many detrimental aspects of secular society. The ROTC gives them an alternative opportunity to experience Teamwork, Discipline, taking Orders and accomplishing a Goal. Why does that appear bad in the eyes of the 'Liberal' Left?
    One problem they seem to have, is that 'They' are not the Leaders, some other entity is.

    ROTC and it's related organizations, are used World wide
  • to teach young people that Dedication, Discipline, Honor, Teamwork and most of all Leadership are all great goals absolutely required for any society to function. Scouting worldwide is under attack by the exact same foes for the exact same reason. Total Destruction and then programmed reconstruction to fit 'Their' Dystopian
  • Agenda is their goal.

    We enjoy our Freedom only because our US Military has defended our way of life. If a child is raised to passively accept anything that is taught, any ideology, in any school, home or on the streets, they will accept the lowest common denominator as fact.

    The Honorable goal of Our Military Service, is to protect this nation's society in times of attack from the far different ideologies and ambitions of those who would use force or subversion to take control of the USA and it's citizens. This Honorable goal is acceptable and written into the US Constitution.

    Look at the News of today and you will see that a percentage of society is career violent by nature. It is far better to channel that violent predisposition into an organized activity which teaches Self Control, Self Respect, Discipline, Teamwork, Respect for Authority, and Goal Oriented Service to the society that insures their well being and Freedom.

    In case no one has noticed, our Police, Fire and Rescue services all respond under an Authority and Chain of Command. The Liberal Left seems to not understand that system except when 'They' are in Totalitarian command. Our entire system of Democracy functions on a multi-tier system of that discipline.

    Many young people of today are feeling Left Out. Feelings of Depression and Loathing of Self, are far too common. Resultant Self Abuse, Self Mutilation and Suicides are not rare. For whatever reasons, Physical, Mental, Lack of Confidence, Athletic Abilities or their personal appearance, they are not easily accepted into the selective, (Inclusive-Exclusive) closed society crowds, of 'beautiful people'
  • on the campus.

    JROTC is not dependent on whether someone can catch a ball, run and throw or kick it, or sink a basket with style and ease. Those are wonderful attributes... to Media worshiping society. Fitting in with peers is a natural desire, whether those peers are honorable or not is an always risky, Sometimes Fatal Choice

  • The ROTC, it's brotherhood family and even it's possibility of a Military Career to follow, is far better than many choices pushed upon the young adults of today, by a society that is far too self serving. Our Freedom allows Freedom of Choice. Do not allow those Intolerant individuals on the so called 'Liberal' Left, working endlessly, trying to remove it from our way of life.

    To obtain support, Fight them with every means at your disposal, and at every opportunity. Call or write Your Representatives and Senators. Attend these 'meetings', voice your opinions. Support our great Military. Our Nations future and Your way of life depend on it.

    "One Nation Under God" The United States of America
  • Friday, November 20, 2009

    Pay to Play, Politics

    Albuquerque Journal 19 November 2009
    Headline "Domenici Campaign Cash Pays Legal Fees".

    The article goes on to condemn retired Republican Pete, for doing what all politicians have done. How longtime Republican Senator Pete Domenici (ret) was implicated in the firing of our local U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, among eight during the Republican President Bush administration.

    No Media Outrage to the fact that Democrat President Bill Clinton fired 93 U.S. District Attorneys
  • that he figured would Never support his ambitions. That and the fact that he owed his election to his cadre of influential supporters, other attorneys, and they All wanted cushy Government jobs... Don't we all?

    Never mind that Mr. Iglesias was serving his own special interests of preserving the political Kingdom of Democrat Governor of NM, Bill Richardson and the rest of his self serving cadre. Remember Bill Richardson? He ran for President of the United States in 2008. Now word is that Obama likes him again
  • Maybe to replace useless Hillary, then as his VP for the next term. Remember that Hispanic vote?

    I actually supported Bill Richardson
  • knowing him to be far more knowledgeable than Obama in everything, including Foreign Affairs (Iran Hostage Crisis? Richardson met with the Ayatollah). That he also understands the total importance of Business and the fact he would Never, Ever attempt to destroy America, was of major importance to me.

    Bill, who spent his privileged early years in Mexico before moving to Boston where schools prep the Politicos, came to New Mexico because the majority of voters love welfare and big government, also Gary Johnson (previous Republican gov) left the state bank account overflowing. Bill was actually born in Pasadena California, after his mother flew in from Mexico to give birth, HIS Birth Certificate is available any time someone wants to see it.

    Failing his nomination run for President Bill had a large Hispanic vote
  • he threw his support behind Obama who offered him an administration position, Commerce Secretary
  • (he would have been very good at it) North Koreans love Bill (came to visit him when he was elected Governor of NM). He and Jimmy Carter visited and helped ($$,$$$,$$$ taxpayers dollars) insure that North Korea (Kim Jung Il) would have no problem bringing into operation a 5 mw GE Gas Graphite Nuclear Reactor
  • under the Clinton Administration. Now wasn't that nice?

    The FBI investigation into Richardson's questionable campaign fund sources (Pay to Play) led to Bill Richardson dropping out of that political 'olive branch' offer from Obama. Bill Richardson as some remember, served on Bill Clinton's Administration. Hillary was super ticked in 2008, that He would back Obama and not her. One thing Bill Richardson is, he is politically smart enough to see Hillary Clinton as a looser against mysteriously promoted and 'super funded' Obama.

    The details are gradually coming out about the Local U.S. Courthouse Scandal (hundreds of millions {Billions?} of taxpayers dollars missing) and the Federal Indictments that were subsequently filed. They eventually resulted (with new US District atty) in career Political power broker, LULAC
  • supported Democrat, State Senator Manny Aragon finally being found guilty and sent to Prison
  • David Iglesias tried his best to NOT file any charges or pursue any legal avenues against his suspected real boss, Bill Richardson.

    A couple of Vigils are now in prison or on probation for various money dealings. Usually they transfer to another state job and are told to lie low for a while. State Senator Manny Aragon and Governor Bill Richardson have been cohorts for many years. Bill even 'gave' Manny the Presidency of Las Vegas NM University. Of course he was too corrupt and inept, even Las Vegas NM soon gave him 'the boot'.

    "You wash my hands, I'll wash yours" $..with taxpayers money..$ is the way of the Democratic Party. Of course they spin it toward the Republican Party as an evil sin. The Pay to Play scandal is still in FBI investigative motion. Last night on the local TV news, minimum details of one more major twist involving the scandal, was broadcast. State of NM taxpayers, Hundreds of millions of 'graft' dollars involved in the State of NM Billion dollar investment funds belonging to the taxpayers. Even more Pay to Play. Again the Democrats and Bill Richardson naturally, are deeply involved. We won't even talk about "The Stimulus" package, non-existent districts and such, now gradually being exposed...somewhat. Of course they have found a new source of 'Taxpayer' cash...

  • This morning, 20 November, and also 21 November as well
    expecting to read politically 'Unbiased' News and the more in depth details of the latest indictments to be filed, in the 'Unbiased' Albuquerque Journal, I was disappointed.

    NO Blaring Headlines on this latest Corruption scandal involving the Democratic Party and the empty bank acounts. NO castigation about who paid who, or even a mention of what is being said for two nights now on the local TV News. Maybe the fact that Bill Richardson hired onto his staff, many of the Albuquerque Journal staff? Well I'll be darned, I never thought that 'Unbiased' News would do such a thing.

    And all I endlessly heard on the 'Unbiased' News about the Bush administration was how Corrupt it was. Now some (liberal left) people are incensed about the masses switching over to FOX NEWS.... Now the White House 'Handlers' are trying to ban FOX.
  • Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Mike Locksley, Ritchie McKay, UNM

    19 November 2009:
    The Albuquerque Journal had an interesting article on the front page. The comparison between The last two controversial coaches at UNM
  • Reading the article and recalling the years of diatribe in the News Media, a concept of just what all has transpired is coming to light. No need to go into details, they are to be found in absolute abundance elsewhere on the internet.

    The notable differences. Coach Richie McKay
  • who has produced many (22 as of 2007) pro basketball players in his extensive career, was Never accused of violence against his assistant coaches. Attendance was lower than the distant past, Glory Years' of the 1970's
  • In spite of his teams overwhelming winning streak (82-69) under his leadership, he was terminated early at a cost of over half a million dollars. Oh by the way, the Media constantly and endlessly 'whined' that Richie Mckay was an 'Outspoken Christian' that Prayed with his team before games. How Politically Incorrect of him..

    Now we have Coach Mike Locksley
  • in the daily Media
  • previous Offensive 'Coordinator' from Illinois
  • (Illinois, Coordinator...Hmmm). He would cost the UNM finance office, over 1.5 million to terminate. The outlook is that he will stay as the head football coach in spite of his record of 0 wins and 10 losses, only 2 games remaining. Each loss results in endless blaming of someone or something. Sounds like the Oval Office of today, blaming a past administration for it's own inability to come up with a winning team strategy Today.

    The stands are a mere empty token of what they drew in the past. The season monetary losses are staggering. Locksley's antics are attracting so much attention that the University of NM leaders have resorted to cover-up
  • on an 'almost' unprecedented scale. Fire him? Nah, he'd love it
  • BTW he has Never been accused of Praying with the team before any game...
    Which is Obvious.

    The entire fiasco is defined as such. "Do not ever Pray or mention Christianity in Schools". The courts with the obvious blessings of the people that elect them, have decided it's PC illegal. The Media wholeheartedly endorses this Anti-Christ ruling.

    One interesting reality has surfaced in years of observation. "The people get the Leadership they deserve". Enjoy YOUR Coach Locksley, he is exactly the coach that YOU deserve...

    Enjoy life in "The United States of America, One Nation Under GOD"
  • Thursday, November 12, 2009

    Richard Baca, Benito Lemos, Road Rage or Self Defense?

    12 November 2009: Now in the State of New Mexico, we have another 'incident' of somewhat similar description to the Gary Gabaldon, Luke Sanchez
  • deadly confrontation described several months ago.

    Albuquerque Journal
  • front page Quote @opyrite; "Road Rage or Self Defense?" The sub-title, "Suspect Commented About New Gun on 'My Space", caught my attention right away. The 'GUN' is at the Political Agenda (anti gun) Driven forefront of any article like this.

    Choose carefully what you type on 'My Space', or any site. It will be used to paint an Ugly picture of you some day when you least expect it. Richard Baca, a young New Mexico National Guardsman, home on leave from Iraq, is now facing a charge of murder

  • The recipient of the projectile, Benito Lemos, Previously a Robertson High School football star, a very large man not accustomed to loosing 'respect', left his Escalade SUV, to Escalate a Confrontation with the smaller Baca. He approached Baca's car, reportedly to discuss? a close traffic altercation. A scuffle reportedly ensued. At one point, Baca pulled his weapon and shot Lemos.

    Most of the article on the front page, 'presumed' the 'My Space' 'attitude' of Baca and 'The Gun' of course. Nothing like planting pre-judging, which is the media's 'Modus Operandi'. I checked out young Baca's 'My Space' before it was wisely re-configured (now deleted) and found it personally distasteful, but many young people of today fit that description.

    The truth of the altercation will come out eventually, but as seen in past occurrences, only after the media has used it's editorial Power to make 'The GUN' the cause of the problem.

    The Media is already hard at work, convincing the jury, portraying the victim as a fine young man who worked for the Post office, his mother on TV (you tube) crying "He was a good boy", "He was a Football Star", victimized by a 'Gun' wielding, young Military man looking for trouble. "He was with his family", "They watched as he died". "He was wearing no shoes", "they were going to dinner", On and on, the Media Spin continues, increasing in crescendo.
    So predictable.... So divisive.

    One other note;
    The Media 'Conveniently Forgot' to mention. This same town was in the Media during this last year. The Las Vegas Robertson High School football team 'All-Stars' ganged 'down' several of its youngest players and Sodomized them with a Broom Handle
  • requiring hospitalization for at least one.

    This is a Violent little town, just like most of society today, where the 'Traditional Family' is in shambles because of Moral Values being steadily Ridiculed, Attacked, and Destroyed over the past half century. Now who do you propose we blame for that? Surely can't blame "The Ten Commandments", Liberal Leftists you voted into Government, forced the schools to remove them years ago".

    Many stories come out of Las Vegas New Mexico
  • Most are kept out of the Political, Agenda Driven Media, because a 'Gun' was not involved. When they are, it is usually a 'Drive By' and gets little attention, like society's seldom reported, far more common Baseball Bat Attacks
  • Unless of course They have a particularly Horrific aspect.

  • The first item taught in CCW class
  • "Do Not Escalate any incident, Walk or drive away, Do not Antagonize any person into Violence. AFTERMATH is assuredly a factual result to be dealt with".

    Apparently these two, testosterone driven, Macho Bravado young men have never been taught, or disregarded those extremely critical, basic Rules of Engagement with Humanity
  • Now the price must be Everyone.
  • Ryan Vigil, Christopher Midyette, Violent Repeat Offenders?

    Career, Violent, Multiple Repeat Offenders
  • are the nations most serious Crime problem. National Media is obsessed with 'Gun crimes' but fails to notice the escalation of low profile, local crimes. Far, far more of the most violent, are NOT gun related. Brittni Carlini
  • who's gasolene soaked and burned body was found after she was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat, the latest weapon of choice among the most violent repeat offenders. ...Baseball Bats should be registered?
  • In Poland, they actually are prohibited. Naturally creative violent humanity will always find another equally devastating weapon, they always do.

    Albuquerque is like every other city in the nation. It is occupied by Violent, Repeat Career Offenders, mingling among unsuspecting, law abiding society. The taxpayer supported legal system pays for the prosecution of these individuals, but it also pays for their defense. The end result is many times, 'plea bargain', reduced sentence, and yet another release, to again stalk defenseless society, of course after serving minimal time for each violation. Great system...for the lawyers.

    As young people serving time, the 'Youth Diagnostic Development Center' (YDDC), is nothing more than a training facility.. to inform the 'Perps' of the mistakes that resulted in their capture. They usually (if they pay attention) are much more careful in committing their following crimes. It is very difficult to 'burn' a body leaving no evidence, saw it on TV.

    Many of the more adept violent repeat offenders, cut their defenseless victim's body into small pieces before disposing. Don't they read about, or at the least watch TV about the unsolved crimes? I have heard from several previously incarcerated acquaintances, that CSI and the crime shows are the 'most watched' by prisoners....their trade and careers are always in need of 'seminars'.

    Ryan Vigil is no stranger to the legal system. Among his extensive 'record', He previously stalked and threatened yet another 14 year old girl. Broke into her family's home (with Chris's help or?), robbed and destroyed it, set it on fire with gasolene and was only then incarcerated, a grave was also found dug in his backyard, ready 'to hold that girl'. When his 'Review Board' met to discuss his release, That girl's family attended, and re-affirmed to the board, "Ryan Vigil is violent" and should be kept incarcerated until 21.

    The board, made up of all women 'Mothers', disagreed and set this 'boy' free. He then roamed among society allegedly (not proven) with his friend Christopher Midyette, until yet another young pretty girl crossed his path.

    Brittni Carlini's body was discovered on the West Mesa in a shallow grave, doused with gasolene and burned beyond recognition. Now wasn't that unsociable? Someone please call a Taxpayer funded Councilor and find out who to blame for this behavior. Obviously Vigil and Midyette are just in need of some heavy taxpayer funded counseling to address their... habits..

    Yet another violent repeat offender, once again incarcerated. Once again the Lawyers provided by the taxpayers of the State, are actively working on his defense plea.
    Of course the lawyers for the prosecution, or the investigation process, will probably be found to do something wrong, and the evidence could be, 'In-Admissible'. That happens extremely often...what a system, no wonder we have among the highest crime rates in the entire world ...

    Latest update 12Nov09: Ryan Vigil attempted to hang himself in cell

  • Latest word is Ryan Vigil did not survive his 'cell hanging'. 'Blame Game' is now in full investigative motion, with Media eager to report 'It's Opinion'.

    Speculation is;
    If Christopher Midyette did not admit to any part in this crime, with his only accuser now gone, and his testimony only 'Hearsay', with NO evidence to tie him to the murder, he will most likely go free. "Innocent until Proven guilty".
  • Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Embudito Canyon, Sandia Mountains New Mexico

    East of Tramway on Montgomery Blvd, then Left on Glenwood Hills Dr for 1/3 mile, Right on Trailhead Road (sign 'hidden by trees' Embudito Trail) Just a very quick hike today up the Embudito (little funnel) Canyon from the parking lot in the foothills area of Glenwood Hills. The lot is large and many cars are there most of the day. The signs warn about leaving any valuables in the car.

    Predators are everywhere in today's society. Most are career repeat offenders, released back into society to prey on the taxpayers that payed both the prosecution and defense attorneys, to get them released from any charges. Job assurance all of the way around.

    Obey the warning sign about hours. If the patrol is around, they lock the gates at either 8 or 9 pm depending on time of year. Your car could be stuck there overnight. I always carry a pack designed for overnight, whether I am walking for a couple of hours or all day. You never can be sure about conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

    This little hike on the North Eastern edge of Albuquerque, was to check on the waterfall and stream that feeds it. Last time I hiked the canyon, the stream was flowing vigorously from snow melt off the mountain above.

    The decayed Granite bed of the Embudito Arroyo is a fairly straight shot up to the granite waterfall. Several other hikers were in the lower arroyo trail this day. Many were walking dogs. The dogs always enjoy the hikes. The entrance offers two separate trails shortly after leaving the parking lot.

    The first trail choice is signed 365 and leads along the edge of the city, parallel to Tramway. The left trail within 100 yards (#192) takes you up onto the ridge on the North side of the arroyo. This is the re-routed trail. Eventually you would come out overlooking the small waterfalls and the canyon below. If you continue on up, eventually you would come to a trail to South Peak. From there you can access the trail to the crest or have various alternatives. I would strongly suggest getting a copy of 'Sandia Mountain Hiking Guide' by Mike Coltrin, if you are interested in going further on any of these trails.

    This day I stayed in the canyon bottom on the old trail and just enjoyed the hike past cactus and scrub brush and into the shady scrub trees and up into the wet stream bed. A very big Road Runner, like the one Coyote is always trying to catch, let me get within about 20 feet, before running up the edge of the arroyo. He then went about his business of searching for lizards or any prey easily grabbed for a

    One other warning sign informed to be on the lookout for Rattle Snakes. Sometimes they are basking in the sun along side the trails, so stay alert and away from the out crops of brush while you walk. The bed of the arroyo is wide and gradually climbs for about a half mile to the two concrete water reservoirs set in place to hold an amount of water for Deer, or any other thirsty critters in dry periods. Many animal tracks were visible this early morning.

    The lower tank was dry and the upper tank was full. The tanks are in need of maintenance. Some of the wall area is decayed and the upper tank leaks before the overflow into the lower tank can be transferred. I continued to climb above the tanks into the big rocks comprising the waterfall. Years ago an effort was made to support the ledge which forms the waterfall in wet periods. The concrete and support pipes are still visible on the base foundation.

    I continued up the worn granite surface with its grit polished 'tilt', offering little traction. Another younger couple turned back at this point because the woman felt intimidated by the slick rock scramble. Soon I was alone and still climbing. The second rock waterfall is a little more tricky. It is about 6 feet high but has an outcropping ledge to step on while scrambling higher.

    At this point, I just stopped and watched the dozen or so very small gray birds that escorted me this far. It seems they enjoy flitting from bush to bush, ahead of hikers until they reach some predetermined area, then returning back down the trail to start over with the next human of interest.

    Seeing as I was alone on this hike, I saw no need to risk going much higher through the huge rocks in the stream bottom this day. As I made the descent back to the tanks, I noticed many large rocks thrown into the reservoirs. Taking off my backpack, I set to the job of pulling them all out.

    That water is freezing cold. My hands got numb from the repeated dunks. After many sun warmings, I had the rocks all out and packed near the concrete outer edge and then carried many handfulls of decayed granite to pack around them, somewhat stemming the waste of water pressure at the tank's cracked edge.

    This endeavor may eventually help fill the second tank. The frequent flash flooding through the canyon, starts the eroding process all over again. The mountain neighborhood association apparently cleans away the loose granite that fills the tanks from time to time. The flow transfer pipes are filled and no longer work except for one direct pipe about 2 inches in diameter.

    I may try to locate some hydraulic cement at a future date and try to repair the crack in the first tank. It takes a little work to carry in supplies. This is a National Forest and only non mechanized forms of transportation are allowed. The time was past lunch and I brought no sandwich this day, so began the trek back down to the car. The rabbit I saw on the hike up, was in the same spot on the way down. It must feel comfortable in that area.

    Most of the cars that were parked or parking when I got there, were now gone. A few still waited for their owners to return. This trail system has many alternative routes. Most trails interconnect to other parking lots along the western face of the Sandia Mountains. If you plan your hikes, leave a second vehicle at the destination of your choice.

    The possibility of going all of the way to the top, about a vertical mile above the city, is always a fun prospect..if you are abundant in the energy category. The City of Albuquerque has acquired hundreds of acres of 'Open Space' interwoven into the edges of the National Forest. Many trails are multi-use, such as horses and bicycles, so be alert for sharing the trails.

    The time I spent leisurely hiking the trail on this day, was about three hours. Of course the tank work took up some of it and my frequent stops to enjoy the silence, used even more time. Being retired gives me that luxury to enjoy our USA up close and personal. "One Nation Under God" as it has always been.