Friday, November 27, 2009

CAP and TRADE Dead?

I always compared the idea of Cap and Trade Congressional Mandates, as similar to Self Castration. Both have the same effect. Both are exceedingly Painful. Both have the soon noticeable effect of ending society. Many (who do not practice this themselves) view this schadenfreude
  • as their ultimate goal. Climate History is overwhelmingly comprised of facts to dispute these individuals own personal 'Dream' that has surfaced to 'Control' humanity.

    Of course we recall vividly the black diesel smoke being emitted from the exhaust of buses and trucks years ago, along with the stench of unburned fuel in poorly maintained cars before emissions requirements came into effect. I am totally in support of environmental issues...within reason. I love wild animals and their domain. I enjoy National and State Parks. Wetlands are wonderful to visit.

    The USA is comprised of fully 1/3rd publicly owned lands. We join others in support of the 'Management' of our resources. By Management, we refer to the resource being of access to the public Taxpayers. It belongs to the Taxpayers, not the exclusive domain of the self appointed Regulators. US Sovereignty demands that surely not any International organization take over control. If they desire to donate or fund out of their own pockets, a share of the cost of Maintenance in exchange for the right to visit, that is acceptable.. The USA disproportionately supports Parks world wide.

    Now we are informed of the fact that the Global Warming Crisis, endlessly touted as Fact by the Media, is little more than another scam being forced over the World by Political Figures. An International scam to gouge out their own disproportionate share of Wealth and POWER. Plato's Allegory of the Cave

  • refer to the IPCC's own questionably funded 'employees? These lately uncovered (the Russians 'found' em) emails from The University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU), voice worry from this agenda driven cadre. Many facts don't support their theories, so the disagreeable facts must be 'Cooked' (Tricked)
  • to get their own desired results. Discrediting Any opponents of their scam, is one way. Endless EPA Lawsuits from the Dystopian
  • liberal left are their tools in this legalistic USA. Damage Control is in full Screech.

    The WALL STREET JOURNAL has an article buried in the Opinion section of A-19, 27 November. Written by Kimberly Strassel
  • ( Quoting Senator Jim Inhofe (R Okla)
    In this article Senator Inhofe is noticing a shift in the public's level of gullibility. Finally the public is starting to connect the dots. The overwhelming, noticeably Fawning, support of The Media is coming into doubt. When someone gushes too much, questions arise. Now the answers are beginning to surface. The first alert was the name change from GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE.

    The fact that every impressionable young child is being indoctrinated
  • in schools and by TV, to this now de-bunked theory, by watching You Tube Polar Bears being chased across open oceans by camera crews, until they fatigue and drown. Of course then blaming it on their Moms driving SUVs.

    Only the normally passive, supine UK
  • has publicly discredited major misinformation in this teaching (Al Gore's infamous Hockey Stick)
  • in their schools. As they awaken, others may possibly start to follow, then the 'house of 'man made' Global Warming cards' will collapse. Of course the Main Stream Media will attempt to silence any reports detrimental to their agenda, "For the public good"
  • Fairness Doctrine you know.

    True climatologists, Engineers, and Scientists of overwhelming numbers, have not fallen for this ruse, endlessly driven by the droning Media. These true scientists have been researching, debating and de-bugging the misrepresented long term data and noticed quite the opposite trend. Historically the CO2 rise 'followed' the Temperature rise. It did not 'cause' it. 0.0011% of man made CO2 is Not going to destroy the world. Facts and Truthful Data are something this group of politically Agenda Driven, Quasi-scientists try desperately to discredit using 'Their Fawning Media'. A Media that has no knowledge of the fact that Interglacials are rare.

  • Climate Scientists on the US taxpayer funded 'dole', may now face charges of Fraud. In order to manipulate the facts, many resorted to deception. The Media relished the deception as long as it promoted their political views. Now these organizations are in 'Damage Control' mode. Fallout will follow, along with distancing from the 'bad press'. Michael Vicks friends became much fewer after his brutal affliction with Dog Fighting was publicly acknowledged.

    Now we are reading in the Liberal Spin Media about China and this US administration's influence (in actuality, an overwhelming lack of). India and China are not about to drastically limit their chance at the industrial growth (which Enviro's really despise) historically revered by the world's leading nations. These Emerging nations have dreams too.

    China has tentatively agreed to limit the "Rate of increase' of pollutants over the coming years". Not the 'decrease' or even 'reduction of' fossil fueled (easily the most economical energy source) and Hydro-Electric (enviro's hate that too) industrial growth. India has a long way to go as well. They both are Not intimidated by the Elitists demanding they slow down. More power to them. Hopefully in the form of even more (enviro-hated) Hydro-electric as well as Nuclear generated Power, The Energy of The Sun.

    Cap and Trade was great (financially) for Al Gore's International 'Regulating and Re-allocating' corporation, but NOT for the reasons publicly stated. Redistribution of taxpayers wealth, lowering of the USA's relative position, while raising the third world, is a Dystopian
  • theory right out of Brave New World
  • and embraced by Keynesian
  • elitists (socialist communism).
    As the world becomes more educated and TV's CSI raises in it's ratings, the Taxpaying, gainfully employed, voting public is waking up. As for the perpetually Dependant, they slumber on, in a perpetual daze

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