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Ryan Vigil, Christopher Midyette, Violent Repeat Offenders?

Career, Violent, Multiple Repeat Offenders
  • are the nations most serious Crime problem. National Media is obsessed with 'Gun crimes' but fails to notice the escalation of low profile, local crimes. Far, far more of the most violent, are NOT gun related. Brittni Carlini
  • who's gasolene soaked and burned body was found after she was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat, the latest weapon of choice among the most violent repeat offenders. ...Baseball Bats should be registered?
  • In Poland, they actually are prohibited. Naturally creative violent humanity will always find another equally devastating weapon, they always do.

    Albuquerque is like every other city in the nation. It is occupied by Violent, Repeat Career Offenders, mingling among unsuspecting, law abiding society. The taxpayer supported legal system pays for the prosecution of these individuals, but it also pays for their defense. The end result is many times, 'plea bargain', reduced sentence, and yet another release, to again stalk defenseless society, of course after serving minimal time for each violation. Great system...for the lawyers.

    As young people serving time, the 'Youth Diagnostic Development Center' (YDDC), is nothing more than a training facility.. to inform the 'Perps' of the mistakes that resulted in their capture. They usually (if they pay attention) are much more careful in committing their following crimes. It is very difficult to 'burn' a body leaving no evidence, saw it on TV.

    Many of the more adept violent repeat offenders, cut their defenseless victim's body into small pieces before disposing. Don't they read about, or at the least watch TV about the unsolved crimes? I have heard from several previously incarcerated acquaintances, that CSI and the crime shows are the 'most watched' by prisoners....their trade and careers are always in need of 'seminars'.

    Ryan Vigil is no stranger to the legal system. Among his extensive 'record', He previously stalked and threatened yet another 14 year old girl. Broke into her family's home (with Chris's help or?), robbed and destroyed it, set it on fire with gasolene and was only then incarcerated, a grave was also found dug in his backyard, ready 'to hold that girl'. When his 'Review Board' met to discuss his release, That girl's family attended, and re-affirmed to the board, "Ryan Vigil is violent" and should be kept incarcerated until 21.

    The board, made up of all women 'Mothers', disagreed and set this 'boy' free. He then roamed among society allegedly (not proven) with his friend Christopher Midyette, until yet another young pretty girl crossed his path.

    Brittni Carlini's body was discovered on the West Mesa in a shallow grave, doused with gasolene and burned beyond recognition. Now wasn't that unsociable? Someone please call a Taxpayer funded Councilor and find out who to blame for this behavior. Obviously Vigil and Midyette are just in need of some heavy taxpayer funded counseling to address their... habits..

    Yet another violent repeat offender, once again incarcerated. Once again the Lawyers provided by the taxpayers of the State, are actively working on his defense plea.
    Of course the lawyers for the prosecution, or the investigation process, will probably be found to do something wrong, and the evidence could be, 'In-Admissible'. That happens extremely often...what a system, no wonder we have among the highest crime rates in the entire world ...

    Latest update 12Nov09: Ryan Vigil attempted to hang himself in cell

  • Latest word is Ryan Vigil did not survive his 'cell hanging'. 'Blame Game' is now in full investigative motion, with Media eager to report 'It's Opinion'.

    Speculation is;
    If Christopher Midyette did not admit to any part in this crime, with his only accuser now gone, and his testimony only 'Hearsay', with NO evidence to tie him to the murder, he will most likely go free. "Innocent until Proven guilty".

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    The latest information about Christopher Midyette, holds that his charge is now only 'Evidence Tampering'. Unless that can be proven, he will be freed. Of course a Deep Pockets Lawyer will jump on this entire fiasco and attempt to sue the taxpayers for his 'false arrest'.

    7:13 AM  
    Blogger Margie said...

    You need to back off he was found innocent. I know this young man, he was railroaded by someone he thought was his friend.

    4:03 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Yes of course in today's 'fair and equal' society, 'everything' is someone else's fault. Railroaded by a friend or fellow doper, drinking buddy or just to prove to the gang that you are 'worthy' of their close trust and companionship, leads to good times?

    Problem with that simple logic, is we all have choices. Share loose morals, make the wrong choices and shared deadly actions cause havoc, our life turns to hell fairly rapidly. President Johnson's (D) "Great Society" brought about (drastic) 'Change'. Now we All pay for it.

    49 States realizing the number of violent criminals the liberal system has unleased on the law abiding, have now been allowing countless millions of certified citizens in record numbers, to carry deadly weapons for protection. The lawmakers, being citizens, have finally realized they have no other options.

    2:37 PM  

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