Sunday, September 13, 2009

Western States, USA Motor Home Camping

Will up-date this Western States, trip report, as wireless is available. Verizon tether, laptop/cellphone may also be used at times. Time to sally forth once again. Check on this Nation and see first hand if it is still worth saving :>)

Said goodbyes to family and friends. Mowed lawns, Left friend to house sit :>)
Preps.. Oil changes on Holiday Rambler coach
  • and tow Jeep. Jeep tires 42psi for low rolling resistance. 75 gallon MH Fuel tank is always kept topped off, as well as LP tank in case of emergency. Fuel mix, 1 qt Marvel Mystery Oil for fuel pump lube. Fill 60 gal coach water tank, 1 cup chlorine bleach (bottled water for drinking), Pressure test water system, test 120VAC electric/propane hot water system. Test and pre-chill refrigerator/freezer on both shore power 120VAC, and propane. 120VAC house outlet GFCI problem, until the generator test cleared it? Fill four 6VDC coach batteries with distilled water, Disconnect 2 computerized battery maintainers on coach batts and chassis batt.

    On-board compressor, fill 6, 22.5 Michelin tires, to 115psi, (5psi over for safety margin). Installed behind grill, 2 high power driving lights for open highways common in Western States. 2 small bright Pilot LED lights are also now connected to the system, to hyper illuminate reflective highway signs and markers. New Truck and RV map (loaded with extra info, campsites and local attractions) AAA, $20, last one in pieces after 7 years. Check and store Self Defense, survival systems :>)

  • Co-pilot Navigator wife, checked Nuvi Garmin 260 GPS, checked online weather Northwest. Cooler this time of year, each year since 1998. Adjust clothing load to cooler conditions (Global Cooling). Packed 3 cargo shorts/pants (like pockets for hiking). Packed all hiking and fishing gear. Food will only be the basics to cover early needs. The first stop is Four Corners, Farmington NM 200 miles, where one of the nations largest Walmarts is fully stocked with all food. Top off fuel tank, Shop there while parking overnight in their Sam's Club lot by the grassy little park :>)

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