Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy's last Journey

Whichever way an individual 'believes', the indisputable scientific fact is Senator Ted Kennedy's body mass is now gone from the living face of this earth. Physically he is a glob of carbon, busily in the inevitable process of natural decomposition, to return 'his elements' to the earth, 'To Rot', as is the commonly accepted term... "From Dust to Dust"

His SOUL on the other hand is facing various, commonly disputed destinies. One popular 'religion', albeit wishful notion among the Godless 'believers', is simply 'Going to Black Screen',... La-La land?.

Another more viable option held by many is, for 'the True believers', going to a 'higher' place, most commonly referred to as Heaven, for a really long, long time, to be in the presence of 'The Maker', and trying desperately to explain your 'voting record' and life on earth to The Boss, who BTW has all of your life's true documentation on the screen in front of him.

The last option is by far the most disturbing. So disturbing as to generate a state of complete 'Denial' in a very large percentage of humans.

If by the slim number of true Believers, (a small but rapidly growing percentage), the Bible is RIGHT, and history most definitely suggests the Bible has 'Something Going For It',.. HELL, whether it is the Soul existing as a 'Spirit' (as many believe) locked (imprisoned) in the exact geographical place where the body met it's demise,.. or eventually, as the Bible describes, "in a Fiery place", is not where ANYONE would desire to spend ETERNITY (a really, really long time).

  • Whichever way;
    Senator Ted Kennedy went, it was his own life's Choices that placed him there.

    One Nation Under GOD, The United States of America. In God We Trust

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Rivaling the 'wishful' theory of re-incarnation, the 'SPIRIT' remaining in the 'one exact geographical location' where actual 'Death' did occur, has had a vast majority of serious believers over history.

    Stories are written, tales are told, a huge amount of documentation is present to confirm this near universal belief from the beginning of recorded History.

    The emotional stories and documentation of feelings of 'A Presence', told by visitors to historic major battle grounds and similar areas, where endless thousands of human beings were slaughtered during history, are countless.

    Similar countless documented stories of 'Ghosts' remaining in the exact vicinity of their untimely death by murder or other means, are again, far too numerous too discount and lightly ignore.

    The ability to 'Haunt' an area after death, is a belief so common to a majority of people of all faiths, as well as those of no faith, that it certainly bears credit to assume it more than possibly logical.

    An actual feeling of such a 'presence' on the heights of Kennesaw Mountain Georgia, were experienced by our family.. before actually knowing the history of the place, so we personally know full well 'the feeling'.

    Th 'Soul' of a once living being, apparently if not sure of it's final destination, after being forewarned, seems to be doomed to this Hellish existence of Spirit Limbo. The Spirit, forever locked within one location, endlessly searching and trying to warn others of this heavily possible fate, for all Eternity.

    The Soul of a True Believer is NOT condemned to this Hellish fate. The Bible informs us that only 'One way' is available to avoid this distasteful final stage of awareness. The acceptance of Jesus Christ as Your Personal Lord and Savior, Before YOU die..

    Sounds simple enough, but many living members of Humankind find it too difficult to accept. They would rather 'throw the dice' of Fate. Personally, just as an Insurance value alone, I would Accept. I personally find the 'gamble' concept severely lacking of favorable Odds...

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