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Gary Gabaldon, Luke Sanchez, New Mexico

New Mexico is no different than the rest of the USA. The Albuquerque Journal and the local TV Media is on it's perpetual agenda driven Anti-Gun rage. Of course all Main Stream Media is Anti-Gun, Anti-Second Amendment, and tries to hide it behind their 'creative journalism'. Now if the Media were as diligent at fighting the legal system that brought us our millions of 'Multiple Repeat' Offenders, the people that are the cause of this problem, we would have little need for our guns, other than to protect our rights...

Gary Gabaldon's, family authorised picture, in his perfect 'correctional system' uniform, wearing his tie and well groomed hair, adorns the front page of the Albuquerque Journal almost daily. He is being praised in the main stream media as a wonderful young man and a fine upstanding member of the community.

His family is interviewed and their remorse is shown openly. With all of this Media attention, a casual reader or TV News watcher would guess he was somehow murdered in Iraq or by a deranged individual? Such a great loss to the community, appears evident... on the surface, and by what sinister means did they report he met his demise? A GUN of course. Also insinuated by the biased media, cut down in the prime of his (repeat offender) life by a 'Gunman'... A vigilante Gunman no less

  • Now the media's opposite portrayal of respected rancher, former Marine MP Luke Sanchez. A far different picture emerges on the first glance. A disheveld looking man with his hair a mess, is portrayed as would a drug crazed transient. His booking mug shot is obviously used by the gleeful Media. No nice photo, authorised by his family, no comb or any attempt to improve his beaten appearance. Quite the contrary, in the media photo he looks like a beaten up, 'presumed guilty' criminal. The media uses this portrayal method every time to spin their agenda. This media series is a perfect example of their conception of 'The Fairness Doctrine', and how it is manipulated in presenting the 'News'.

    Luke Sanchez is a former Marine MP. Why did the media not use HIS uniform photo like they did for Gary? It would have been only fair. Luke Sanchez is a rare man that does NOT turn away from trouble. Contrary he heads toward the trouble as would a U.S. Marine. On that evening, Luke Sanchez was driving by a propane distributers office when he saw two men involved in a break-in and robbery.

    Luke Sanchez maneuvered his car closer to get a license number from their vehicle while calling 911. He described the vehicle and noted to the dispatcher that the vehicle had no license plate. Almost immediately after, while warning the attacker away, his drivers window was battered in as he was on his cellphone to 911
  • and something started hitting at his face. Gary Gabaldon was intent on leaving no witness to his crime. Luke Sanchez pulled his 380 Colt firearm and shot Gary Gabaldon. The Politically ambitious Assistant DA in New Mexico which is lacking a common sense Castle Doctrine
  • like over 22 other states (2009), is now filing Murder charges against Luke Sanchez. The story here

  • The other robbery 'suspect', Gary Gabaldon's nephew, Rudy Sisneros, fled the scene. After hanging out at his mothers home for some days, he finally turned himself in. Now wasn't that nice? He waited to see what the public portrayal of the crime would look like. As soon as he saw the 'News Spin' against Luke Sanchez, he figured it wasn't going badly at all.... for he and his now demised criminal, repeat offender uncle. The USA's Politically Correct legal system has infested the nation with millions of Repeat Offenders, the main reason for it's overwhelming violence and crime.

    The fact that his uncle, Gary Gabaldon, had formerly been a Corrections Officer, seemed to make no difference in the nephews following him into the more rewarding career of 'breaking and entering'. Now the interesting but predictable agenda driven News reports are saying 'The Community is divided'. They conveniently fail to mention at what percentage 'the divided community', divides. See this link
  • And This
  • you still think it is as divided as the Media tells you? Don't believe The agenda driven Media... for anything.

    Both Gary Gabaldon and Luke Sanchez, (only according to the biased news), knew each other (doubtful) before this conflict of interests? Luke Sanchez serving the USA as an MP in the Marine Corps, and Gary Gabaldon serving as a jailer for a time (why was he terminated?). The flattering file photo endlessly flashed on The Media, is of Gary in his Correction Officer uniform.

    Law enforcement in this and most other states, is selective. The community is fairly close and law enforcement knows much more than it reveals.
    This same area of the state is associated with the 'mysterious' dissapearance of Pretty college student Tara Calico
  • The totally inept law enforcement and tort Lawyer infested legal system allowed her 'suspected' abductors to get away with the violent crime while knowing the guilty persons involved. The legal system allows most suspects to eventually get away with their crimes, due to lack of a video on You Tube showing the entire crime from start to finish with no missing portions.

    Understandably Luke Sanchez views this local system as one in need of some 'assistance'. Last year, Luke, the former Marine MP, recognised, captured and held suspects after a break-in, until police arrived. The Media is now portraying Luke as a gun toting cowboy. Anything that will spin the news toward their Anti-Gun stance.

    At this point the media is showing Luke Sanchez as the bad guy and Gary Gabaldon as the victim... Sick and yet predictable as the media spin progresses toward it's agenda of Firearm confiscation by an oppressive incompetant government, aparently terrified of it's own citizens.

    Voters and Jurys are unpredictable though. After this same pattern of 'News Bias' against a person intervening in a local crime years ago, the jury found self defense for the defender. In these times, people are getting fed up with the legal system of protecting the repeat criminal. Catch and Realease are the means by which repeat offenders by the millions are roaming our streets in the USA. The public defenders office is tax supported and provides for every means available to get the minimum time served by the career criminal, so they are able to get back on 'the job'. After all, our present elected 'Controllers' of our nation desire to promote a 'Crises' in order to confiscate our Constitutional 2nd Amendment authorised, 'Firearms'. For an extremely educational lesson in human/society reality, it should be mandatory for every adult to take a certification course in 'CCW'. Of course like all education, how you use this new knowledge, if ever, is entirely up to you. This is what to expect

  • 11 July 2009;
    The Albuquerque Journal finally showed a decent picture of Luke Sanchez. The article actually showed some rare feeling for him. He now has a support group of people willing to stand up and fight for whats right in the community. If you wish to sign the petition, call Paul Caputo 1-505-975-2033 or... ...for email of support. Paul will return email a printable copy of the petition to Lemuel Martinez, thirteenth judicial district attorney. Please get as many signatures as possible to have this travesty of justice rectified. Mail them to Paul's address listed on the email.
    Semper Fi

    The Albuquerque Journal is slightly backing off on 'Media Prosecuting' Luke Sanchez for defending himself. It is becoming unpopular and the Media certainly does not desire to be 'unpopular'. If more people like Luke Sanchez were around, our crime repeat offenders would certainly be fewer. One other note; Gary Gabaldon has had many, many other 'run-in's with the law, violent physical arrest's NOT described in the Main Stream Media. The only loud repetitive news from the media is repeatedly, 'GUN' and of Course, 'Vigilante'.

    11 July 2009 update;
    10 pm TV reported 40 locals interviewed with an overwhelming 31 for Luke. Only 9 said charges should be filed. In the true 'spin' of media they interviewed roughly three of each opinion, with Gary's 'Homies' opinions presented last.

    If the media had truely been 'un-biased', three of Lukes supporters and one of Gary's 'gang supporters' would have been televised, with Lukes suporters being in the majority, presented last. Fact, the last images viewed are the retained images. So predictable for the agenda driven media.. never accept them as factual... never.
    Another ecxample of THEIR 'Fairness Doctrine' ...repeated endlessly.

    Florida and Kansas as well as over 22 other states (2009) have far more comprehensive laws dealing with this type of incident. New Mexico with it's lack of a 'Castle Doctrine', is far more unpredictable. Local atmosphere overides 'Rule of Law'.
    The obvious media spin is having its effect...with many. If the spin methods are observed and fully understood, (journalism teaches 'spin') this case would not fly, charges would be dropped.. except for the wild card, Political Ambitions.

    Online comments
  • are running overwhelmingly in support of LUKE SANCHEZ. 'DROP the CHARGES' Mr D.A. Lemuel Martinez. 13th Judicial District of the State of New Mexico.

    13 July 2009:
    News is dominated by this case, especially the talk shows. 'Call in' People are adamant about Luke's getting a raw deal from the District attorney. I walked our neighborhood, getting a few signatures to send in with the petition I printed from Paul Cavuto. I ran into about the same minority of people the news station did. The people that said he should have just turned a blind eye to the crime. One said he should have shot his leg... Another said the Governor would be the one to decide... One said we are not in that district and should stay out of it's problems? I hope they are not victimised themselves some night. It would be really hard for me to intervene in any way. I guess many people (one out of four) would just continue on their way and 'Not Get Involved'. The Killing of Kitty Genovese
  • Thank you, United States Marine Corps, for building character into humans.

    This nation will become stronger when the hundreds of thousands of fine military men and women return and run for public office in every state and national election. This crowd of criminals presently leading our nation, desperately need to be replaced.
    "The United States of America, One Nation Under God"

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    As of September 11th 2009 Luke Sanchez is still awaiting preliminary hearing. The DA says he is awaiting more information from the Sheriff's Department. Hopefully the Sheriff knows that Luke did the only thing he could at the moment, as his marine corp MP training and instinct went into action mode. The South Valley now has one less career criminal, repeat violent offender, to contend with. Praying for you Luke, stay strong.

    6:38 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    04 Nov 2009: Luke Sanchez is now a free man. His charges have been dropped. Magistrate Judge Danny Hawkes immediately dropped all charges against Luke Sanchez during a preliminary hearing. 'No probable cause' was found to prosecute Luke after his 'self defense' against yet another 'Repeat, Violent offender', allowed by the courts to roam free among society. Gary Gabaldon had bashed in his window and attempted to drag him out of his truck after being reported to authorities by Luke, as robbing the local propane business. Gary Gabaldon, portrayed as the victim by the family and the media, had a blood alcohol level over three times the legal limit presumed drunk. Choice was made by Gary to become a Superman on alcohol. He apparently was not really bulletproof after all. Gary's family of course defends all of his actions while admonishing Luke. Justice has prevailed in this case. The 'Second Amendment' is still in power. The right to 'Self Defense' is still intact. Thank you Courts of New Mexico for not being blinded by the rantings of 'Gun Control advocates' Gun Control is not about Guns, It is about CONTROL.

    Now this retired Marine, Luke Sanchez has about $20,000 in legal fees because he further served society by intervening in it's defense against Repeat Offenders. If you would like to help this cause, contact Paul Cavuto

    9:11 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    12 November 2009: Now we have another 'incident' of somewhat similar description, in the State of New Mexico. Albuquerque Journal front page Quote:. "Road Rage or Self Defense?" The sub-title of "Suspect Commented About New Gun on My Space", caught my attention right away. The 'GUN' is at the forefront of any article like this. Richard Baca, a New Mexico National Guardsman, home on leave from Iraq, is now facing a charge of murder.

    The victim, Benito Lemos, approached Baca's car, reportedly to discuss a 'close' traffic altercation. At one point, Baca pulled his weapon and shot Lemos. Most of the article on the front page described the My Space 'Attitude' of Baca and 'The Gun' of course. Nothing like prejudging, which is the media's 'Modus Operandi'. I checked out Baca's, My Space, and found it personally distasteful. The truth of the altercation will come out eventually, but only after the media has had it's Power to make 'The GUN' the cause of the problem.

    The first item taught in CCW class. "Do not Escalate any incident, Walk or drive away, Do not Antagonize any person into violence. AFTERMATH is a result to be dealt with". Apparently these two Macho young men have never been taught, or disregarded those critical basic Rules of Engagement.

    4:28 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Another Career Violent Repeat Offender...

    On 12/11/09 a 911 call was received by our department. The caller, Adam M. Pierson (MW, 02/19/76, KS D/L: K01-74-4754, 6'3", 250#), threatened to shoot four police officers in the head.

    It was learned that Pierson was upset after being warned about panhandling in Vernon Hills a short time earlier. Pierson was found and arrested at his apartment later in the day.

    However, only Class A Misdemeanor was approved and Pierson was bonded out by his girlfriend, Teresa M. Grandinetti (FW, 12/16/63). Both reside at 5227 N. Reserve Avenue, Apartment 1W, Chicago.

    After leaving LPD, Pierson stopped at the Shell gas station in Lincolnshire to buy cigarettes. While inside he began telling shoppers and employees that he was going to kill two Lincolnshire Officers tonight and that they could watch it all over the news tomorrow.

    With the assistance of the Norridge Police Department, Pierson was stopped and arrested within one hour. During the second interview he admitted to the threats, but told Investigators the threats were not specific to Lincolnshire Officers.

    A felony was approved after the second incident and he is being held at the Lake County Jail on $20,000 bond. It is doubtful he will post bond at this time, but please post this for officer safety.

    Pierson has many prior arrests for violent crimes across the country (FBI #376616XA8). He drives a blue-green 1993 Ford Taurus station wagon, Kansas Registration 275BGZ.

    His girlfriend drives a red 1991 Buick, Illinois Registration 9149316. If you have any questions, please contact Investigator Anderson or Investigator Hyde at 847-883-9900.

    8:03 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    22 Dec 2009:
    Another ironic twist. A totally worthless friend of Robber, Gary Gabaldon's (it figures) has now robbed and caused great destruction at the hapless little propane distributor, where the last robbery ended in Gary's death. Some people are just like their friends. "You are known by the company you keep".

    The expensive propane truck was stolen and damaged before this parasite's capture. The poor little business looks like a war zone after his mindless attack.

    Of course the, 'he's a nice boy' legal system will release him back into society quickly as history repeats, to circulate among the Law Abiding Citizens. Next time he predictably will escalate his attacks even 'more' violently. They always do.

    Luke Sanchez will not be around to help. He now has over $30,000 in legal fees after his last intervention.
    That's the way it works in the Dysfunctional criminal system of the USA.

    4:33 AM  

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