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Sarah Palin for President

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  • Well the Liberal Leftists are again using their most devastating Weapon of Mass Destruction. The worst single weapon of destruction of society that ever existed. Abusive TORT LAW in The U.S. LEGAL SYSTEM.

    The devastating frivilous Legalistic attacks toward a representative of the common class, a family woman
  • who apparently has the taxation Dependant Liberal Left quaking their Latte's. This same system of harrasment lawsuits that has been used for years to make the productivity of the USA totally uncompetitive with the rest of the world. Ever wonder why Major Corporations
  • 'offshore' their operations? Even federal prisoners are constantly using this ridiculous abusive TORT system to clog the courts while enriching themselves at the U.S. taxpayers expense. Many 'special' interests have learned of this major USA weakness and gleefully abuse this destructive political power. Radical foreign interests

  • Tort Law as it exists in the USA, is wholly in the favor of the Plaintiff (the person filing the frivilous, politically driven lawsuit). The Defendant MUST hire Lawyers and pay court costs to prove innocence. The Defendant is immediately considered Guilty and endlessly portrayed as Guilty in the Liberal Left dominated Main Stream Media until they prove their OWN innocence.

    Even after proving their innocence, their character is destroyed forever in gullible public opinion. Remember the years we all spent in U.S. K-12? Those same 'Players' are now dominating public opinion. The Plaintiff Loser in these Legal Battles is never out anything but their own time. The Loser is never assessed the costs of the Defendants legal expenses, no matter how expensive and destructive to the Defendant these 'Harrasment' costs escalate.

    Our current society is favoring it's 'Losers' as bastions of 'Truth'?... Sick and Prophetic at the same time.

    People in Prison have lots of time. Many, known as Jail House Lawyers, each have countless dozens of Harrasment motivated lawsuits pending against whatever state, county, government or individual they have chosen as a target. The Defendant most times, to avoid the exhorbitant expense of hiring lawyers, endless time away from work, pays to settle. In simple logic, EXTORTION. This cost is passed on to the

    This system works well.... for Lawyers. They get paid no matter what the outcome. So what, if the case has absolutely no merit. When the Defendant settles, the lawyer filing the lawsuit gets a large percentage of 'The take'. The percentage is around 40% or more, after accounting shenanigans are presented to the court.

    Years ago the Law firms that sued the tobacco companies
  • were presented with windfall profits in the billions of dollars. The law firms got their money first.. before any of their purported 'Victims'. One lead lawyer in these 'class action lawsuits', was shown afterward as one of the wealthiest men in the USA. Punitive 'Class Action Lawsuits' are the most lucritive for this class of 'legal predator'. The only true losers are the Defendant of course, and the people that consume the product or service being endlessly sued.

    Another famous and of course endlessly Newsworthy 'Class Action' case involves ASBESTOS
  • The astronomical legal costs are ongoing today in every consumable item you purchase. Discovery now reveals that the huge underground cities in the middle east, that tens of thousands of people lived in for centuries, are actually tunnels they hammered and chisled through Asbestos rock. Think about it.

    The latest Extortion case is MOLD
  • Buy a house or rent a room. You as a consumer, through inflated insurance rates, are paying the cost of the 'possibility' of MOLD. The lawsuits in those famous 'Class Action' lawsuits, have led to disasterous rulings against even common homeowners. Sold your home, if mold is found, you pay the lawsuit and if any cash is left, you may have enough to pay the first and last months rent and damage deposit for your next home, a small apartment in a low rent area.

    Remember the endless News Hysteria cases against Ford for the Explorer
  • The rollovers that threw out ten passengers (illegals) during high speed smuggling runs. The plaintiffs (many illegals) families were made wealthy of course, but the Class Action attorneys got the largest windfall profits of all.

    The Firestone Tire Company (Bridgestone) was sued near bankruptcy for tire failures most times related to underinflation caused, overheating. Just one example
  • Naturally as in the case of the Ford Explorers, grossly overloaded. One local case had the Ford Motor Company sucessfully sued for millions because the rear hatch was forced open by the 9 (yup 9) passengers pressing against the rear hatch during the rollover. Always blame someone else for your own bad choices. Absolute Insanity pervades the U.S. population today.

    Of course the 'Deep Pockets' are legion and were punished out of business or into Bankruptcy protection. Are You actually surprised why taking a business 'Off Shore' looks so good? It is infinetly more profitable and has far less risk in contrast to trying to do business in the 'Business Un-friendly' USA. Look at California. It is bankrupt as of 01 July 2009. Why are the un-employment numbers constantly climbing? Inflation, though hidden and un-reported, is tied directly to costs of doing business. Think about it.

    Add on the legal expenses involved in every aspect of daily life and the cost is astronomical. The health care system in the USA is bound by Lawsuits at every minute detail. That is the ONLY reason it is prohibitively expensive. Medication alone is made up more of Legalistics than 'Product'. The lawsuits, which are the reason for these exhorbitant prices, are clogging our U.S. courts like a large excrement in a standard diameter waste drain.

    Try renting a small deck boat
  • these days. The minimum cost of around 300 dollars for a small family, is ridiculous for one day.
    That same rental boat should cost no more than a days pay for a 'low average' working individual. Now the price is set only for the Lawyers to afford and flaunt as they take 'their friends' for an alcoholic party day on the lake. The San Angelo Texas City Park system at one time reasonably rented paddle boats, canoes, and even low powered outboards for the average family to enjoy.

    A couple of years ago, the City of San Angelo Texas, Risk Management (lawyers), was terrified of a lawsuit and rid itself of all forms of family use craft. The docks are still located on the old City Park site of Lake Nasworthy. It is now designated as a 'nature center'. That city park is not the fun filled family place it once was. The fear of devastating legal costs is wide spread and now affects every individual and every item of life in the USA.

    Attorneys will NEVER
  • change this system. It is the source of their unimaginable Billions of dollars yearly in income, lifestyle and most importantly , their Power. It pays for the law firms lush travel perks. It raises their standard of living far above the commoners, "The Lowlife of society", as I have heard repeated many times from those deeply entrenched in the US legal system.

    Naturally they attack only those with 'Deep Pockets'. City, County, State, Federal tax dollars are some of the deepest... after taxpaying, job providing corporations. The taxpayers pay for the defense as well as the prosecution. What a great cow to 'milk'. I am surprised that 'the Cow' even has an Udder left after these endless attacks by the primal wolves of society, it's leaders, and their lacky minions

  • The government of the USA now has almost every position of power, from the President on down, filled with Attorneys. There is no way in the world THEY will change this system of 'wellfare' for all lawyers, most notably Political Lawyers of course.

    I was reading about ancient Romes system of The Roman Republic

  • It lasted for over 450 years before it was dragged by civil warfare into the intensely corrupt system of Imperial Rome
  • Now there was a system to be proud of. Power was bought and sold by the wealthy. Political office was held by the wealthiest of all.... the 'Politicians'.

    Of course they were allowed to stay in Power as long as they lived... They lived as long as they still had money. They used taxes and fees to support their lifestyle, and Corruption to maintain power. They owned their own military Forces Praetorian Guard
  • Only when their Legions were destroyed, did they relinquish power.

    Have you been reading about the rapidly escalating costs to the U.S. taxpayers, to support the wonderful 'fact finding' vacations of the latest Congressional members? To say nothing of the POTUS and his extravagant, and controversial, world tours. The costs to taxpayers have more than doubled in just the last several years. These career politicians fight like Pitbulls to maintain their power. No threat to their power goes un-punished by the 'BULLY' of Their Tort Courts.

    Sarah Palin
  • resigned her governorship to save the State of Alaska from these endless, frivolous, harrasment lawsuits that have constantly been dismissed for lack of evidence, and for being flagrantly biased against her. One can only imagine 'Why' the Liberal Leftists desire to slaughter this woman and her little family? Her little family's legal debts are now in the range of half a million dollars... $500,000.00 for those digitally oriented. Todd is going to have to catch a lot of fish.
    Just because she was asked to be the running mate for the candidate running against BHO, 'The POTUS'. (now often referred to in Russia as 'The Entertainer')

    Could it be that Sarah Palin
  • elicits support from 'The Lowlife Commoner'? Could it be Sarah Palin
  • appeals to 'The average (killed and ridiculed by the Media) 'Joe the Plumber'? Could it be Sarah Palin
  • poses a THREAT to this insane TORT Legal system? The same TORT system totally discredited and gotten rid of in Great Britain long ago.

    This TORT Lawsuit insanity has no supporters anywhere in the world, other than here, the Lawyer Infested USA. How totally backward and hamstrung our society has allowed itself to become under the heavy handed pressure of the Political Lawyers.

    The immense bulk of 'deposited' currency was withdrawn and left the USA in the later half of 2008... as soon as it became apparent that BHO was on the Main Stream Media track to become the next POTUS with Homeland Security as his Cohorts
  • . His handlers have the lacky media in their pockets. Absolutely Nothing will change until common sense returns to the voters. That is nearly impossible because the life destroying, deadly 'Defamation of Character' Liberal Left Media is 24/7.
    Rid the USA of Abusive TORT LAW
  • before we enter the one state of Sustainability, POVERTY.

    Blogger Bobby said...

    She has been a target from day one. The people can identify with her and "they-beltway east coast" can't belive that she is real. I hope she will hang in there. I like your blog found it on a search about fun valley where we are headed later this week

    4:36 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Bobby, we did not take the grandaughters this year. They chose to skip Sonlight Camp near Pagosa Springs on the West side of Wolf Creek Pass from Fun Valley.

    Enjoy the side trips described last year in this blog post. Dance a few steps for us in 'the barn'. Take your fishing gear. Fun Valley is almost as much fishing fun as Texas State Parks, where a fishing license is not required. I also write about Texas motorhoming often.

    5:49 PM  

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