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Added note: As Bill Richardson left office as governor in 2010, he was asked to give clemency to Fierro, his former attorney and oftentimes 'bar buddy' (reliable Santa Fe rumors). Due to the very heavily publicised nature of this 'complicated' crime, he wisely declined. Alfred Lovato is still entangled in New Mexico legalistics.

November 26th 2008, 1:45am Santa Fe New Mexico
  • The small group of people were leaving WilLee's Blues Club
  • on Guadalupe st. and Montezuma. Popular local disc jockey, William Tenorio, age 46, father of three, was already in the crosswalk. The 2004 black BMW 530i sedan
  • was roaring down on the group with it's high powered engine screaming at an extremely high rate of speed, careening on its wheel rims after hitting a traffic blocking divider on the small, very narrow historic Santa Fe trails around The Plaza.

    The impact was horrendous, Mr Tenorio's upper body and head crashed through the passengers windshield before being thrown like catapulted trash, with a broken neck and skull fractures. The people in the group were yelling at the obviously drunk driver as the Massive impact occured. One observant witness saw another passenger in the back seat as the four door BMW 530i sped away from the deadly scene in a trail of sparks. That unconfirmed 'mystery' passenger was never identified as a man or a woman. Possibly very recognizeable and surmised as one possible reason for desperately speeding from the scene?

    The driver
  • then sped around the corner, left onto Read st, then North on Sandoval st. to Palace ave. Police were immediately notified and spotted the black BMW sedan in the 200 block of Marcy at 2:00 am, almost a mile from the scene of the deadly crime. The driver was thoroughly tested and found legally drunk with an alcohol reading of 0.21 Nearly three times the legal limit of .08 in NM.

    In the passenger seat, 17 year veteran State Police Sgt Alfred Lovato. Private Security Detail to BILL RICHARDSON Governor (D). Nationally well known presidential candidate and appointee to this US administration's Commerce Secretary's position, before withdrawing his nomination in a fog of legal issues
  • Governor BILL RICHARDSON's security officer, Alfred Lovato was sitting in the front seat as a passenger, apparently also very intoxicated.

    The hole in the BMW's windshield on his side, was the size of a basketball. He had to have been covered in broken shards of glass. He was given a very basic Breathalyzer
  • test on a non-certified device, the readings of which are non-admissable in court. The Santa Fe Police apparently use various testing devices depending on the political, official, or social status of the person being tested? The other unconfirmed 'mystery' passenger seen in the back seat by one witness, was nowhere to be found by the time the apprehension took place almost a mile from the scene of the vehicular homicide. Witnesses at WilLee's also reported an unidentified woman with the two men earlier in the evening.

    Only at that time, was the identity of prominent Santa Fe Political Attorney and Washington DC Lobbyist, CARLOS FIERRO, age 36, discovered as the driver. CARLOS FIERRO had worked in the Attorney General's Office, Public Defender's Office, House and Senate Legislature, state Public Relations Commission and had briefly run as a candidate for the PRC. Undoubtably a very Professional Political Attorney.

    His Political influence does not stop with New Mexico. CARLOS FIERRO was also involved as Council for US House of Representatives, Tom Udall (D) and Senator of Arizona, John McCain (R), Candidate for the 2009 US presidency as well as a Washington DC lobbyist. This 'alleged' Drunk Driver was a very important individual. He posted a bail of $250,000 easily and was released on 'house arrest' with an ankle bracelet. His bail was extremely low in comparison to past deadly DWI offenders of lower status, chastised loudly in the main stream media.

    That fateful evening was passed with several, credit card verifiable, stops of heavy alcoholic consumption, at Rio Chama Steakhouse
  • and Tin Star Saloon
  • most obvious. CARLOS FIERRO, in his drunken rambling, complained that people were yelling at him and "Threw a rock". Well yes CARLOS, the rock was William Tenorio's skull. The people desperately fleeing the cross walk had reason to yell at prominent political Attorney, CARLOS FIERRO that murderous night in Santa Fe, eleven years after his 1997 DWI charges in Albuquerque were dismissed and the records were destroyed.

    As 'alleged' drunk driver, CARLOS FIERRO was in holding on 'suspicion' of drunk driving and allowed to keep his posessions, acording to records his Blackberry cellphone was very busy. Marla Tellez Channel 4, AM news anchor
  • was called (Ms Tellez atty said her client barely knew Carlos, Oh yea? just barely?) along with other undisclosed people, most likely prominent as well? Within hours CARLOS FIERRO was home and William Tenorio
  • was dead.

    Santa Fe New Mexican

  • All news gets old and forgotten. February 13 of 2009, the evening news announces that Prominent Attorney, CARLOS FIERRO has now been released from house arrest 'due to a technicality' and left the state of New Mexico. The Santa Fe district Attorney, Angela 'Spence' Pacheco
  • 'allegedly' failed to ever file charges of vehicular homocide against CARLOS FIERRO within the 60 day window mandated by state law. She said she was patiently waiting for the SF Police to finish their 'investigation'. Would this happen if 'Carlos' was a construction worker or any other 'low life' citizen. This obviously well planned? 'failure' resulted predictably in his release. Remember that he is a Prominent Political Attorney and Lobbyist. He is right now in 'WASHINGTON DC', with countless others of his kind. Maybe he will be appointed to a cabinet position by this administration. He does seem to have all of the credentials.

    His victims, popular William Tenorio's family are on the news crying about the flagrant injustice of it all. Of course at this time, CARLOS FIERRO is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We all have seen injustice in our lives, but this one is so despicable it bears resemblance to only one other I can recall.

    William Bonney, alias Billy the Kid
  • From Lincoln County, the largest county in the US back then. Site of the historicly famous, Lincoln County Range War
  • realised that kind of desperation.
    'Billy' had seen so much of New Mexico's filthy dirty politics, that he became enraged at the more than obvious, murderous actions of the political figures back over one hundred years ago, that he and others, finally took the law into their own hands. Rest in Peace 'Billy' Rest in Peace.

    Blogger Rose Growing Gal said...

    I am not the kind of person who gets happy when others make grave mistakes and go to prison. However, after knowing the Fierro family personally for a long time, I am somewhat satisfied. Finally, the actions of these people have caught up to them. It is awful that a person and a father is dead, but at the rate Carlos and his brother were leading their lives, some tragic event was the only possible outcome. All those people that these brother cheated, lied to, taken advantage of and humiliated, have undoubtedly wished bad upon them. Karma is a bitch. Carlos might be able to post bail, wiggle out of this "little problem" and even if he walks free, he - and God - know that he's gotten blood on his hands.
    I thank the Higher Power every day for guiding me away from this family.

    1:59 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Carlos Fierro is now back in NM Feb 23, 2009 and under House Arrest (living home), supposedly wearing an ankle bracelet. This treatment is not like a person of lesser prominence would have to endure. The preliminary hearing, partially televised on the news, was brutally honest describing the scene with blood flowing in the street. Boyish looking Carlos showed no emotion. Now to see the outcome as it progresses.

    6:18 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Well the latest finding 25 Feb 09, by a Judge that heard all of the testimony by witnesses during the preliminary hearing, of the manslaughter of William Tenorio on that drunken evening, is in. Carlos Fierro, now sitting home under house arrest (still has access to his car with a breathalyzer attached) can be tried in a court of law. As we often said during our youth, "No S--t Sherlock"

    7:34 PM  
    Blogger ecuador said...

    Well this goes to show, that the apple really does not fall far from the tree. We here in Ecuador, south America have had to bear witness to much of the same from Fierro Senior...And talk about pompous, this one here really does take the cake on that one. This one here has a half dozen litagations in progress as he still buys property in his name only from the monies collected from his "Charity" Amada Encarnacion in Santa Fe... which is under investigation here in Ecuador. When that does not satisfy his greed, he lures unsuspecting foreigners to invest with him, the proceeds to bribe local authorities into revoking there status here and throwing them out only to claim there hard earned money as his own. Thus, many litagations in progress. And the Amazon village he clams to support is in the process of filing a joint action suit against this man.. They cannot remember the last time he dared show his face there. And as for Junior, it only took him 3 days to become the secound most hated person to ever grace the village of Same, Carlos Senior holds the position of least liked person to this day. He only drives through under the cover of darkness. And yes there is more, we witnessed carlos senior crash his Vitara 4x4 into some nice locals on a new motorbike at 2Pm on a Tuesday Afternoon with many hours of drink already coarsing through his bloodstream. And all this after only a short time past, he totalled a Kia 4x4 almost killing a women passenger! But still, these sort of men seem never to learn. Con Men Walking ??? Above the Law?? or just to damn POMPOUS to care??? Either way, this Tree needs chopped down once and for all.

    3:56 PM  
    Blogger ecuador said...

    Watching this from Ecuador is a sad experance best. America seems to have become so sad that to protest outrage (as it did with Vietnam) seems now the US really has given up on itself.....LONG LIVE THE DIK-TATTERS??? Hell, lets get real, thats ALL that Gov. will support. Zombies??? OMG! Stand up and be what you were...Get back INTO the streets and be heard...shrugs are for quitters...Still developing in Ecuador....Thank God...Yours Truly, A Legal Restraining Order Against one...Carlos Fierro...again..Thank God,

    4:08 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    NM State police sergeant Alfred Lovato (one of Gov. Bill Richardson's bodyguards) is no longer employed with the NM State police, 08 May 2009.

    In spite of (his?) passenger side windshield being shattered into HIS face by Mr. Tenorio's head, (that's their story) The Santa Fe Court (who else?) decided that he was 'Unaware' of any accident occurring while Carlos Fierro was driving while under the influence of alcohol.

    Charges against Lovato (not rendering aid) are now dropped. Now isn't that convenient? The only way he could be 'Unaware', is if he was asleep in the back seat and someone else was in the front passenger seat?

    2:22 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Looks like a legal ploy to get a mistrial are in motion. The State of NM is charging Lovato (the passenger) with the crime of killing Tenorio. This move by the state could may well end up letting Carlos Fierro off free. The Santa Fe Gang protects it's own....

    2:23 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    16 July 2009 Albuquerque Journal update:
    Carlos Fierro and his political attorney partners, are twisting and turning to get him off the DWI hook for killing the pedestrian. Carlos was over three times the legal limit for driving drunk in New Mexico. Still they are pulling every trick in the book to get the charges dropped, on 'technicalities'.

    Of course the odds are totally in Carlos Fierro's favor in a state as corrupt as NM. After all he has the entire Santa Fe 'Ring' on his side. The media is torn between Their liberal left constituents and their Santa Fe loyalties. What to do, What to do?
    Which way to spin, in 'the Twist'?

    9:16 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    17 July 2009;
    As expected, Carlos Fiero's high powered lawyers are working 'their' system for all of it's loopholes. The latest and not the only one, being the blood alcohol level credibility. Watch for every trick in the book on this case. When a 'Lawyer' is in trouble, his Wolfpack comes to the rescue. Of course there are suspicions, Bill Richardson, a 'Lame Duck' governor is no doubt ready to jump in at the last moment to save 'his (political) friend'..

    8:05 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    21 august 2009:
    Carlos Fiero's Professional Lawyers, pulling every trick in the book, are putting immense pressure on the legal system of the State of New Mexico in order to free him from his DWI charges.

    They are quite obviously consuming time, in order to get the time 'over run' for dropping the case. The latest tactic by this group of knowledgeable insiders, is to sue the City of Santa Fe for not having enough street lights. I sadly predict (pray I am wrong), 'due to his connections to The Governor and many state and federal officials', Carlos Fiero will get away with Vehicular Homicide.

    9:02 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    13 Nov 2009; Carlos Fierro sentenced to 7 years. With good behavior he is out in 2 1/2. About the same time Richardson leaves office in 2010, due to his close political ties, he may be pardoned? The victims family had no comment about the sentence. Carlos Fierro is now considered a political Liability rather than an Asset, given the current DWI awareness. This may affect his political future...or Not.

    6:55 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Lovato has been 'talking head fodder' several times in the last many months. He is still getting kicked around in the court system. If certain people want it to 'go away', they usually 'play' with a case past it's expiration date, then Santa Fe NM legalistics history indicates controversial cases like this often get dropped. If Richardson was still gov, it would definetly get forgotten. Suzana Martinez is a different kind of cat. She is a stickler for the law. She is also vastly 'out Democrated' in the state of NM. Time will tell.

    8:52 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Carlos Fierro was released from prison after serving 2.5 years (good behavior) of his 7 year sentence. He will reportedly serve his probation in California. He was on TV saying it was not 'all' his fault?

    7:09 PM  
    Blogger Yellow Dog said...

    This is many years later, but the dad, Carlos E. Fierro, also mentioned above is something of a "hit and run" himself. Known as Buffalo Thunder or the Plastic Shaman, he is a law unto himself, above the law, he recklessly lies to public officials and bulldozes over any one who gets in his way. So, Ecuador, you are right on about this guy. Glad that I found this site although no one has written in for a long time.

    2:50 PM  

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