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US Corporations

While the left rear cargo door was being replaced on the Holiday Rambler at Crown Coachworks
  • Eric noticed that two of the Michelin tires showed a few very large cracks in their sidewalls at 37 K miles (60km). I then called
    Purcell Tire Company
  • in ABQ and spoke with Cindy. She determined that each new tire would cost around 500 dollars US installed. She then asked about the DOT number on the side of the tires. It is a four digit number within an elongation. The number was 4103. That meant the tires were manufactured in the 41 st week of 2003.

    I told her to order two new GOODYEAR
  • tires in the 235/80 R 22.5 XRV size. The original tires were MICHELIN
  • but I thought they cracked prematurely, so I was going to gradually replace all of them with Goodyear brand. Later that evening, I e-mailed my cousin in California's Bay area, telling him my plans. He mentioned that his Michelin tires had also cracked prematurely, he called Michelin and they offered him a new set at 1/2 price. He was happy with that, and now has new Michelin tires on his camping trailer for their trip to beautiful Yellowstone National Park. His latest e-mail said they are seeing LOT's of animals this trip :>)

    The next day I called Cindy at Purcell and told her what Michelin had done for my cousin. Cindy gave me the phone number of the Michelin Rep servicing this area. I then called 'Josh', repeating my cousin's story. At that time he gave me the Michelin customer service number to call. After speaking with the national Rep and filing a notice of premature failure, I was told to call Purcell Tire again. Cindy then called Michelin to confirm their intentions. They wanted more information.

    Well dressed, Amazing Cindy then came to my home during her lunch break, crawled around on the ground beneath the motor home, measuring tread depth and writing numbers on her note pad. All of this while dressed in attractive, office suitable clothing and raised heels. While drawing me a map to Purcell Tire in Albuquerque, Cindy said it would take another phone call to Michelin before we would know what they would do. A day later, she informed me it was a 'GO' for my complete set of new tires at 1/2 price. This meant that instead of over 3 K dollars US for 6 tires, We would pay around 1.6 K dollars US, for a complete new set of six.

    Cindy had the new tires in stock at Purcell Tire. I drove the HR down to Purcell Tire on Bogan NE in ABQ NM. Within an hour and a half, all six were installed and balanced. Now our next trip will be free of concern for tire failure. Pretty nice of Michelin to do that for us, to say nothing of Cindy's help. I guess they will have us as customers for a while longer, seeing as the Jeep has Michelin tires also.

    One other good developement occured when I turned in the claim to AAA
  • auto insurance for the cargo door replacement. I had damaged it myself due to not being watchful as I was pulling it out of our gate while preparing for our previous trip to Colorado. That bill, that I had already paid for, was settled satisfactorily and quickly by AAA. We received our check quickly and that helped pay for the new tire set.

    Several years ago we had iron security bars installed on the front of our home. They did their job very well. My wife figured that maybe we should complete the job after an intuition of 'need' came into her thoughts. I learned long ago to heed her intuitions. We called the same company Artistry of Iron inc
  • and found them to be still in business. The woman stopped by and measured the windows and back door. the cost of iron has risen dramatically since the last work done, but the price was very acceptable considering the excellant quality of the workmanship.

    We agreed on the installation date and they finished the job just as they said they would. They even keyed the locks on the new security door to match, and also fixed one old lock that was always sticky. The new security door is of the type that also incorporates a set of interchangable glass panels and screens. It now does double duty as a weatherproof, edge sealed storm door. A very nice touch recommended by Artistry In Iron. I did change the round ball knob, to a Gateway brushed stainless, lever set from Lowes. Now it's easier to carry out the trash and just bump down on the lever.

    Their work is very good and the artistry is as it should be. Most things really work in the USA, no matter what people say. This corporation is now down to the owners doing all of the work. Due to some laws that are beginning to affect small businesses, they let go the other employees and trucks. With the owners now doing all of the work themselves, they earn the same money for themselves at years end, with far less hassles and even time for vacation. That is an early sign of laws that are starting to become oppressive to business. Not good..

    With the complete security system, we feel better leaving home now, even though our family, video monitored alarm system and great neighbors are in 'hyper-watchful' mode when we leave for trips. Too bad we pay taxes for the public defenders to quickly release the 'Bad Guys', so they can get back to their trade. Which, sorry to say, is preying on others. Signs of the times I guess. I have read the quote, "An armed society is a polite society". Makes sense to me. Hope we all keep heading back in that direction, it has worked well in the past.

    I truely hope that CHANGE
  • the new political buzzword, does not mean that things will no longer work as well as they do, because of 'un-called for' laws and financial pressure being put on corporations in the name of 'Fairness' and 'Equality' for all. Those words are of great concern to a freedom lovin' Capitalistic person like myself. I hope readers of this blog see my point. Fairness and Equality of Zimbabwe
  • under 'young' Robert Mugabe
  • made a disaster out of prosperous Rhodesia
  • while the rest of the world cheered it on. Sound familiar? "People that forget history are doomed to repeat it". Our well known saviour "One Nation Under GOD" is still standing.

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Finally 'The Other Shoe Has Dropped' McCain has picked a 'Co-Pilot'. and what a Co-Pilot she is. The present Governor of ALASKA no less. You don't live in Alaska and not know how to survive. You don't live in Siberia and not know how to survive. Siberia is not that far away on similar lattitudes. I think she looks like, and According to Wiki

    She acts like WONDER WOMAN..
    Now that is what the USA needs.

    NO more LAWYERS, Repeat that phrase until you know it by memory. NO More Lawyers..

    8:08 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    As a young man, meeting my aging Grandmother at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago (ORD), during a rare stopover, I was shocked to have her in her wheelchair, run over by ABBIE HOFFMAN and his absolutely obnoxious followers. Of course the scavenging media was also worshiping his every word. Cameras were flashing and rolling as that worthless human drooled his venom.

    No regard for anyone but their Leader himself and his worshipping pack of jackals. We loudly complained to them, "Look out, Leave her alone", but they just shoved her away like a worthless piece of trash in their zeal of euphoria about 'their' Power.

    My elderly Grandmother was terrified and later upset about what our country was becoming in the 1960's. Well now that same 'group think' is trying to wrest total control of our government away from the society that allowed them the Freedom to say whatever they think and do whatever they want, with absolute disdain for the good people of our nation.

    Abbie Hoffman converted me after that day of our 'concourse confrontation'...I have never returned to their 'Hijacked' power base, The Democratic Party, The Party that once was the Party of the working class, the party of my Grandmother and Grandfather as well as my own Parents. It Is No More.

    What a difference in Class, between the Leftists and their Denver Convention, in comparison to the Right Wing and theirs. NO masses of thugish rioters trying to disrupt the Denver Leftists and their party.
    The arrests have already started in Saint Paul Minnesota because of the threats by organizers, to disrupt the Right Wing party with 50,000, so called 'Demonstrators' representing the Leftists.

    Now that is showing exactly what the Leftists mentality consists of. Total disruption of society and it's legal process at any cost, to support only their own self centered Agenda.

    Watch the You Tube video of the Detroit Council meeting being disrupted by 'Conyers'. Nothing has changed with them since the days of Abbie Hoffman.

    Heaven help the USA if they ever get more power than they already exert in our government. I can almost see them all 'Goose Stepping' in a "Left" "Left" "Left" cadence to celebrate their increased Power over the people.

    When they have complete power, watch out, this nation will be like many others on earth with dictators in total power..

    One nation Under GOD is the only salvation and protection from such totalitarian behavior.

    5:07 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    The vicious and sick mind of the Leftists is at it already with Sarah Palin and her family. Oh well, that will only make her more acceptable to a faction of the Leftist base. It will backfire on them to accuse her little family of being disfunctiional, as a large percentage of Leftists are. The 'Daily KOS', the blog marching manual of the Leftists, is shoveling and cavorting in their Septic Tank already.

    I guess it is their nature to spend an inordinate amount of time down there, and out of the Sunshine and Light of the day. I feel Sad for them, they are missing out on so much that is really great in this Nation, and which we all take for granted.

    The Thugish behavior of the Leftists, in their organized marching vandalization of St Paul Minnesota, is in todays news. Of course you will have to read the entire publication to find the details buried in the back pages. Does anyone ever question why the news slant to the Left, is so obvious to some and so obscure to others?

    10:03 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Sarah and her average little town family are now under full 'broadside' from the pirates of the media. They love to do battle with someone they can identify with mentally, 'A 17 year old girl', way to go, leftist media. You are on a roll now. Keep it up and you will have the lowest readership and advertising base in history.

    This writeup puts it in far more detail than I am qualified to present. Enjoy the battle, may the best man...whoops, Woman, win..

    7:57 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    The State of New Mexico is a sparsely populated, liberal, wellfare dependant, energy producing State run at this time by Bill Richardson.

    At least when he is not flying all over the nation campaigning and cheering on himself and the other Liberals...Which BTW is pretty much all of the time since he was elected as our Governor. We only see him on TV.

    Which was after our last extremely fiscally responsible, Governor 'Gary Johnson' left the state of NM's bank account so flush, it ranked in the top five nationally during the tight eight years preceeding 2002.

    You know about Alaska's expensive State 'Jet' that Sarah Palin sold on E-Bay :>) immediately after she was elected as Governor. The State of Alaska's official Jet?

    Well Bill Richardson ordered the State of NM to 'buy' one for himself and his political machine, soon after he was elected New Mexico's Governor. And to think he was close to becoming the next president or vice president if the liberals annointed him during their conventions.

    Now we own a 'money pit' like Sarah Palin got rid of, for the State of Alaska. With so many new ways to fly in a private jet at a reasonable price when absolutely neccessary, like Net Jet Time Share, as just one, there is little reason to own your own private 'money pit' personal luxury aircraft.

    We have here in New Mexico the son of a famous man, Secretary of the Interior, Stewart Udall. The son's name is Tom Udall.

    The difference is like night and day. Stewart his father, used his political influence to help accomplish great things for the nation. North Padre Island National Seashore for just one. Tom Udall on the other hand is using his influence to tear down great things in our nation.

    He looks to be the next Congressman from our state. His campaign consists of removing any tax breaks for 'Big Oil' as he refers to it.

    Stop and think for just one minute.

    Remove any tax breaks from a vital industry that earns an 8% profit yearly, and they must pass on that new 'Taxation' to the consumer.

    Guess what that does to the price after that little 'Change'. The government gets more money for it's political 'Hacks' and the consumers pick up the tab.

    AhhYess..'CHANGE' we can believe in. This wellfare State of New Mexico, already consuming more tax dollars than it pays to the Federal Government, will most likely, also vote him into our 'Most Liberal' Gongress this next election.

    Hang onto your shorts, this is going to be a rough ride. If you thought this present Congress was bad, with an approval rating of barely 14%, wait until the uneducated masses, cheered on by 'The Elitists", elect the next one.

    They promise to only raise the taxes on the Corporations. Stop and think again if you are able. As Guliani said: "Raising taxes on Corporations will affect you only if you; Buy things like FOOD, Clothing, Cars, Fuel or if you ever work for a Corporation that now has to cut back to save money for the payment of taxes".

    In overall effect, this 'new idea' is going to cause a big reduction of services you at one time took for granted. The popular LIberal concept of "TAXING A NATION INTO PROSPERITY", Ohhyeah that'll work...NOT!

    3:50 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    The Leftists attacks on Sarah Palin are starting to increase in intensity. Soon the Leftists will be in full screaching fit. The main remark I read is that Sarah has no experience. What?

    With Opie, or I mean OB's lack of experience, they are attacking her's? She is not even running as the future world leader for gosh sakes. What are they thinking when they say such nonsense? It only draws attention to his total lack of 'anything' of substance. Oh BTW her modest home is not a gift from a convicted wealthy foreign national, like Opie's, darn I keep forgetting he is OB not Opie. Actually little TV Opie was kinda cool.

    The main problem with this adult Opie, is that he doesn't have Andy Griffith telling him about the realities of 'life 101'.

    6:05 PM  

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