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Richard Baca, Benito Lemos, Road Rage or Self Defense?

12 November 2009: Now in the State of New Mexico, we have another 'incident' of somewhat similar description to the Gary Gabaldon, Luke Sanchez
  • deadly confrontation described several months ago.

    Albuquerque Journal
  • front page Quote @opyrite; "Road Rage or Self Defense?" The sub-title, "Suspect Commented About New Gun on 'My Space", caught my attention right away. The 'GUN' is at the Political Agenda (anti gun) Driven forefront of any article like this.

    Choose carefully what you type on 'My Space', or any site. It will be used to paint an Ugly picture of you some day when you least expect it. Richard Baca, a young New Mexico National Guardsman, home on leave from Iraq, is now facing a charge of murder

  • The recipient of the projectile, Benito Lemos, Previously a Robertson High School football star, a very large man not accustomed to loosing 'respect', left his Escalade SUV, to Escalate a Confrontation with the smaller Baca. He approached Baca's car, reportedly to discuss? a close traffic altercation. A scuffle reportedly ensued. At one point, Baca pulled his weapon and shot Lemos.

    Most of the article on the front page, 'presumed' the 'My Space' 'attitude' of Baca and 'The Gun' of course. Nothing like planting pre-judging, which is the media's 'Modus Operandi'. I checked out young Baca's 'My Space' before it was wisely re-configured (now deleted) and found it personally distasteful, but many young people of today fit that description.

    The truth of the altercation will come out eventually, but as seen in past occurrences, only after the media has used it's editorial Power to make 'The GUN' the cause of the problem.

    The Media is already hard at work, convincing the jury, portraying the victim as a fine young man who worked for the Post office, his mother on TV (you tube) crying "He was a good boy", "He was a Football Star", victimized by a 'Gun' wielding, young Military man looking for trouble. "He was with his family", "They watched as he died". "He was wearing no shoes", "they were going to dinner", On and on, the Media Spin continues, increasing in crescendo.
    So predictable.... So divisive.

    One other note;
    The Media 'Conveniently Forgot' to mention. This same town was in the Media during this last year. The Las Vegas Robertson High School football team 'All-Stars' ganged 'down' several of its youngest players and Sodomized them with a Broom Handle
  • requiring hospitalization for at least one.

    This is a Violent little town, just like most of society today, where the 'Traditional Family' is in shambles because of Moral Values being steadily Ridiculed, Attacked, and Destroyed over the past half century. Now who do you propose we blame for that? Surely can't blame "The Ten Commandments", Liberal Leftists you voted into Government, forced the schools to remove them years ago".

    Many stories come out of Las Vegas New Mexico
  • Most are kept out of the Political, Agenda Driven Media, because a 'Gun' was not involved. When they are, it is usually a 'Drive By' and gets little attention, like society's seldom reported, far more common Baseball Bat Attacks
  • Unless of course They have a particularly Horrific aspect.

  • The first item taught in CCW class
  • "Do Not Escalate any incident, Walk or drive away, Do not Antagonize any person into Violence. AFTERMATH is assuredly a factual result to be dealt with".

    Apparently these two, testosterone driven, Macho Bravado young men have never been taught, or disregarded those extremely critical, basic Rules of Engagement with Humanity
  • Now the price must be Everyone.

    Blogger louie said...

    Richard Baca is a Murderer just as Luke Sanchez is a murderer!!!!I hope they both go to hell!!!!Who are they to take a life with no respect for life!!!!!

    12:12 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Louie, in an ideal Utopian world your statement is a commendable one. We all have a wish list.

    The raw facts are quite the contrary. Fact is that there are untold numbers of people pulled from their vehicles, or viciously attacked in a fit of mindless uncontrollable rage. The senseless 'boot stompings' to the skull, that take away their victim's future. Or stabbings and baseball bat beatings, are also the sentences of death. Self defence from attack is every human's right, including your own Louie. Pray that you are 'Never' placed in that position. "Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged"

    Hell, as mentioned in the Bible has countless occupants. Their deeds had 'Nothing' to do with their circumstance. Recall the Thief on the Cross? Only one accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Their 'Unaceptance' of Jesus Christ and God, is a Hell sentance in itself. The Bible records countless thousands of what we refer to as murders. Interesting in that so many were 'Commanded by God'.

    8:19 PM  

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