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Pay to Play, Politics

Albuquerque Journal 19 November 2009
Headline "Domenici Campaign Cash Pays Legal Fees".

The article goes on to condemn retired Republican Pete, for doing what all politicians have done. How longtime Republican Senator Pete Domenici (ret) was implicated in the firing of our local U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, among eight during the Republican President Bush administration.

No Media Outrage to the fact that Democrat President Bill Clinton fired 93 U.S. District Attorneys
  • that he figured would Never support his ambitions. That and the fact that he owed his election to his cadre of influential supporters, other attorneys, and they All wanted cushy Government jobs... Don't we all?

    Never mind that Mr. Iglesias was serving his own special interests of preserving the political Kingdom of Democrat Governor of NM, Bill Richardson and the rest of his self serving cadre. Remember Bill Richardson? He ran for President of the United States in 2008. Now word is that Obama likes him again
  • Maybe to replace useless Hillary, then as his VP for the next term. Remember that Hispanic vote?

    I actually supported Bill Richardson
  • knowing him to be far more knowledgeable than Obama in everything, including Foreign Affairs (Iran Hostage Crisis? Richardson met with the Ayatollah). That he also understands the total importance of Business and the fact he would Never, Ever attempt to destroy America, was of major importance to me.

    Bill, who spent his privileged early years in Mexico before moving to Boston where schools prep the Politicos, came to New Mexico because the majority of voters love welfare and big government, also Gary Johnson (previous Republican gov) left the state bank account overflowing. Bill was actually born in Pasadena California, after his mother flew in from Mexico to give birth, HIS Birth Certificate is available any time someone wants to see it.

    Failing his nomination run for President Bill had a large Hispanic vote
  • he threw his support behind Obama who offered him an administration position, Commerce Secretary
  • (he would have been very good at it) North Koreans love Bill (came to visit him when he was elected Governor of NM). He and Jimmy Carter visited and helped ($$,$$$,$$$ taxpayers dollars) insure that North Korea (Kim Jung Il) would have no problem bringing into operation a 5 mw GE Gas Graphite Nuclear Reactor
  • under the Clinton Administration. Now wasn't that nice?

    The FBI investigation into Richardson's questionable campaign fund sources (Pay to Play) led to Bill Richardson dropping out of that political 'olive branch' offer from Obama. Bill Richardson as some remember, served on Bill Clinton's Administration. Hillary was super ticked in 2008, that He would back Obama and not her. One thing Bill Richardson is, he is politically smart enough to see Hillary Clinton as a looser against mysteriously promoted and 'super funded' Obama.

    The details are gradually coming out about the Local U.S. Courthouse Scandal (hundreds of millions {Billions?} of taxpayers dollars missing) and the Federal Indictments that were subsequently filed. They eventually resulted (with new US District atty) in career Political power broker, LULAC
  • supported Democrat, State Senator Manny Aragon finally being found guilty and sent to Prison
  • David Iglesias tried his best to NOT file any charges or pursue any legal avenues against his suspected real boss, Bill Richardson.

    A couple of Vigils are now in prison or on probation for various money dealings. Usually they transfer to another state job and are told to lie low for a while. State Senator Manny Aragon and Governor Bill Richardson have been cohorts for many years. Bill even 'gave' Manny the Presidency of Las Vegas NM University. Of course he was too corrupt and inept, even Las Vegas NM soon gave him 'the boot'.

    "You wash my hands, I'll wash yours" $..with taxpayers money..$ is the way of the Democratic Party. Of course they spin it toward the Republican Party as an evil sin. The Pay to Play scandal is still in FBI investigative motion. Last night on the local TV news, minimum details of one more major twist involving the scandal, was broadcast. State of NM taxpayers, Hundreds of millions of 'graft' dollars involved in the State of NM Billion dollar investment funds belonging to the taxpayers. Even more Pay to Play. Again the Democrats and Bill Richardson naturally, are deeply involved. We won't even talk about "The Stimulus" package, non-existent districts and such, now gradually being exposed...somewhat. Of course they have found a new source of 'Taxpayer' cash...

  • This morning, 20 November, and also 21 November as well
    expecting to read politically 'Unbiased' News and the more in depth details of the latest indictments to be filed, in the 'Unbiased' Albuquerque Journal, I was disappointed.

    NO Blaring Headlines on this latest Corruption scandal involving the Democratic Party and the empty bank acounts. NO castigation about who paid who, or even a mention of what is being said for two nights now on the local TV News. Maybe the fact that Bill Richardson hired onto his staff, many of the Albuquerque Journal staff? Well I'll be darned, I never thought that 'Unbiased' News would do such a thing.

    And all I endlessly heard on the 'Unbiased' News about the Bush administration was how Corrupt it was. Now some (liberal left) people are incensed about the masses switching over to FOX NEWS.... Now the White House 'Handlers' are trying to ban FOX.

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    23 November 2009:
    The Albuquerque Journal has not published any recent account of the state Democrats 'Pay to Play'. One thing they did devote and I do mean with 'Devotion', an entire 1/2 page article about the 100 transgendered, in this world of over 7 billion. They were persecuted. Guess that tells much about our local News. So sorry I even mentioned such unimportant News as the Corruption that has robbed the tax dollars from a one time wealthy state.

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