Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Also read 'Global Warming', the real thing.
'Global Cooling', the real thing'Casting calls', click on 'In Production' and 'bulletin board' or 'for locals'.

Hyatt Regency Hotel on Tjeras, downtown Albuquerque, 21 August 2007. Parking a few blocks south and a shuttle ride to front door, just like the stars, except for the shuttle truck in place of the Limo. The second floor meeting room was beginning to crowd about 11:00AM. Sign in with the casting assistants then settle in for a long wait. Coffee and very basic snacks indicate a low budget film. Lunch revealed just how low, with a sandwich, pears and bananas.

More waiting for the call to set. Old acquaintances were reaffirmed and new friends were made. That is the attraction to this 'trade'. It surely is not the money. The first thing instinctively is to scan the room for a recognizable face. This does not always work because the 'wardrobe' is always changing.

'Daniel' shaved since our last film, 'Comanche Moon'. 'Alicia' wore a pants and blazer 'greeter' outfit. the last time we worked on 'wildfire' was at the New Mexico State fairground, and a little chilly. She wore gloves and a hat and scarf on that set. 'Deb' was easy to spot with her long strawbery blond red hair, we had just worked together yesterday on 'Swing Vote' in the mountains. Several others were familiar faces from other past films. We nodded at each other with that doubtful look of "Do I know that person"?

The 'call' came to report to the 'live set'. The 'set' was in the hallway and the entrance to the competition. In actuality there is no live dance floor on this set. The actual dancing is filmed in various clubs around the state. Yesterday was at the Santa Ana Star Casino. Another day's filming was at the old 'Caravan' on Central where Blogengeezer spent many, many hours of his wasted 20's.

Actually the original 'Caravan' was replaced with a new building in the same place and format as the original. For various reasons, most patrons never noticed the 'same day' switch. Faron Young,
if anyone recalls that name, was the Promoter of the many Caravan Country Clubs across the country in the late 50's and early 60's. Some names were later changed but the atmosphere remains to this day. (trivia)

The background actors are not all dancers. The competitive dancing is performed by the members of dancing clubs. Pure dedication drives these members because of their love of dancing. Pay was either non-existent or minimal due to budget restraints. I signed up for $64 dollars this day. The hours were from 11 AM to 9 PM. As I noted we don't do this for the money. The dancers travel at their own expense just to be part of a film that depicts their favorite hobby, dancing.

The first camera set, 'position one' for me, was at the entrance to the 'display' hall just after the elevator. I stood in my 'Tux' looking very experienced, conversing with an attractive younger woman (and you wondered why I like this job). The ticket desk was just to the side of us. The set was as follows; Amy's 'double', (the real dancer, a National Country Swing Champion) walks down the hall toward us, with camera following. Amy is waiting behind the pillar. As soon as the large pillar is in scene, they switch. Amy matches the stride of the 'double in a matching blue dress, and struts past us, into the display lined Hall, past the trophy table. We did this scene many times to get the 'switch' timed exactly right. Depending on the camera angle Blogengeezer may be in the shot. The TUX got me in that days filming. good idea 'Olga'. (Darlene Hanson casting)

The following scenes will not have us visible. The cameras were out by the elevator. I stand at the ticket table, take my ticket then walk down the Hall between the display tables many times. No camera was ever in our area, but we did this many times anyway?. Break for sandwich lunch, back at 'Extras Holding'.

Next actual scene was a short conversation with a woman named 'Jan' (Jans husband was standing at the trophy table,'Trophy Husband'). At 'background action' we count to 15 then turn and walk further off set, if that was even possible. Back to 'Extras Holding'. Short nap and wait for next call.

Several 'Swing' dancers were called for the last scene. Blogengeezer usually only danced to Texas Two-Step and Texas fast Waltz including all of the 60's 'Shakin' and 'A rockin'. I was waiting for the 'Wrap' call where we were done for the day.

Suddenly a small barely audible set of quick high pitched 'yips' came from across the room. Two ladies at the table were looking and reaching under their table. Knowing that many people have custom 'ring tones' on their cell phone, I thought nothing more about it. The sound increased in intensity and emergency. the ladies brought out a bag which I thought contained the cellphone.

When the bag was opened, a small furry face emerged. A tiny 'Yorky' popped out. 'Muffin' had been delivered just prior from 'the Doggy Daycare' and had been a little upset. A glass of water was offered and 'Muffin' drank deeply. Muffin was the Yorky owned by the lady I conversed with in the hall during the last set. Jan and James, dancers from Oklahoma City, were doing the last short dance scene while Muffin waited patiently.

'Muffin' carries a wardrobe. A Tu-Tu, a salsa dress and a daisy dress. A girl has to be ready just in case the camera comes her way. Muffin is 3 years old, and weighs 3 pounds. When Muffin was a baby 'Quarter pound er', she disappeared during packing for a trip. The trash had been taken out, so the 'fear factor' was high. The Police were called and all trash was searched intently by all concerned. Jan was crying uncontrollably due to the loss of Muffin. After the excitement of the search dwindled, Muffin emerged from her seclusion and all was well. I suggested to Jan, that 'Muffin' get a quick 'vid' posted on 'You Tube'.

The story of 'Muffin' made the day far more interesting than the 'rolling film'. We did not get any receipts for our time, so this days filming, possibly could turn out to be a 'freebie' as far as pay is concerned. Maybe I will be surprised by the outcome though, and all will be well. As I mentioned before, most of these true 'Dancers' are on this set just for "The Love of Dancing".

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Swing Vote" movie

Also read Global Warming, the real thing.

'Kevin Costner's Swing Vote is being filmed here in New Mexico. The 'casting call' came in from Elizabeth Gabel's Far Horizon Studios. Thank you for putting this 'Geezer' to work, Elizabeth. I get to play as a 'Greenleaf Supporter' (bearded Geezer) on 'Dennis Hoppers' 'Donald Greenleaf' Party. I have to dress 'conservatively', now that sounds strange. The scene is set in a 'New England' fall setting. Of course this is in the Sandia mountains of New Mexico in August so it will be about 85 if we are lucky. I am to be dressed in layers, tweeds, coats and scarves. I was asked to bring 3 sets of clothing plus what I am wearing. The wardrobe is sorted and ready, my clothes to wear are positioned on a spare bed. The call time is 5:00AM so wake up is about 4:00AM. The 'Hotline call' line this evening is to verify the 'Call time'. These are long days for sure but fun nonetheless.

20 August 2007, 'O dark 30' and up at 3:30 AM. Drove to Madera, parked at 'Extras Parking' caught the school bus to the 'base camp'. Bagels and cream cheese with instant coffee. Sign in and board the bus followed with a short drive to the set. Nice house overlooking the East Mountains on the East side of the Sandia Crest. This is not far from where the 'Geezer' lived at one time many years ago. I asked about the owner of the nice home on an overlook. No one seemed to know. Well all of a sudden I saw an old acquaintance from my years in the banking industry, standing in the doorway of the garage. His home was being used for this film sequence. For sure 'it's a small world after all', as that 'hellish' song at Disneyland goes.

The very next surprise came when I was questioned for being in an area of the set where I did not belong (My friends home). Rebeca, an 'extras casting associate', made 'the bust'. Of course she is very good at that sort of thing, seeing as she is the daughter of one of our past Police Chiefs. It's hard to get away with anything on these sets. The fact that she knew my friend as well, made the entire scenario a little 'special'.

We formed groups of 25 and were assigned to positions which we maintained most of the day with breaks to get some relief from the sun. We were dressed for weather in New England. Top coats, scarves, Layered look, long sleeves, and some hats. Morning was not bad. Dennis Hopper and his wife (stage) walk through our 'gauntlet' numerous times, while we clap, cheer and generally act enthused. Techno Crane 30 followed all of the action. (We used a bigger Super Techno Crane on the set of Wild Hogs, I referred to it as 'Johnny 5'). Today Blogengeezer got to wear a tan hat, clamp a pipe in his teeth, and wear a light colored windbreaker, which was better than a heavy top coat. Men 'sweat ed' like horses, through all of this, during the afternoon sun. To say the least, the women were 'glowing' like horses. Three people passed out from the heat, Drink water , was the endless call around the set. Nobody died today..

During our 'Comanche Moon' filming in 2006 (start of this 'Da Flikkers' blog) I had a wife that rode in the carriage with me, walked the sidewalks of 'old Austin' with me, and carried a parasol. She wore a hoop skirt and bonnet. This was 'Shani' my second wife. Well as Jack Nicholson said in 'The Shining', "Sheee's back". Well Jack didn't say that exactly. Anyway she is still a very beautiful young wife and fun to work in films with. Tall Bryan was on this set as well as Chuck the butcher (he survived) from Comanche Moon (check out his website ) and 'Curly' that stabbed the dead Indian some more after the massacre in old Austin. Hank a retired bank exec was there as well.

Debbie the Strawberry redhead, always impressed me from other films we worked on including Comanche Moon. Debbie reads a lot and recommends Cormak MCarthys, 'All the Pretty Horses', 'The Crossing' and 'Blood Meridian'. This book set is a 'trilogy' about the border and Deb said it made her cry. Don't say we didn't tell you. We work together on the 21st at the Hyatt Regency in Albuquerque. See you there Deb. John, one of the 'reporters' told me it was his second day on Swing Vote and he is loving every bit of it. Thanks John, I hope to see you again on another set.

We basically repeated the same sequence most of this day, where Dennis Hopper walks to the podium, watched intently by the ever observant Secret Service agents, one of which was played by 'Marcy', and gives a speech proclaiming his allegiance to several prominent people on stage. Every base was covered for his 'Rainbow' Whitehouse. American Indians, American Hispanics, American Koreans, American Blacks, American Muslims, American Jews. Everyone but Anglo Americans, Oh wait, that's Dennis. Dennis makes a lot of Bloopers so we do the sequence over, and over, and over again until some sort of continuity is filmed. The names of each one of the 'stage people' were especially difficult for him. They were long complex names, so he has an excuse.

Dennis Hopper is a shorter guy than I thought, still looks pretty fit. He looked taller in 'Easy Rider'. Peter Fonda, his 'Easy rider' sidekick, is pretty tall, He showed up at the end in 'Wild Hogs' when we filmed it in NM last summer. Check archives about March of 2007.

Lunch break was veggies, spaghetti and meatballs, Lemonade (pretty good stuff) served back at base camp (another bus ride). After that little break we returned (more Bus riding) for more of the Greenleaf support work. The end of the day slowly rolled around with a mob scene down the hill from the house. Lots of yelling and booing, most likely when the two candidates demonstrators met? I wasn't there.

Boone was the opposition to the presidency against Greenleaf. The last scene we did was at the polling place, an old church down near base camp (bus ride). It was over quickly so we were able to grab a piece of pizza and board the bus again for sign out at base camp, then board the bus one final time for a ride to the parking lot. Being on set until 8 PM is a real long day. Now I know what 'the Freedom Riders' went through, Bus rides anyway..

Rebeca was waiting for us along with other 'associates'. She signed me out and gave me her em for further discussion about 'The Chief'. See you on the next set Rebeca. Get some sleep so you can do this entire thing again tomorrow.

Debbie, maybe we will do some good 'back ground acting' tomorrow at 'Love N Dancing' See you there. We are supposed to dress up real nice for this one. I have my Geezer 'Tux' all lay ed out. Maybe it will be just like 'Dancing with the Stars'? The next filming for 'Swing Vote' comes up for the Geezer on the 4th and 5th of September in Belen NM. I can hardly wait, due to the wonderful attitude of everyone on this set. Good Job Ya'll, hope to meet again, I'll blog the next days 'as well' or 'as worse' than this one. Maybe in the comments below or......?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zero Sum Economy

During 'the Good Old Days' of relatively closed economic borders in the USA. The wealth was shared between everyone. Not equally of course, that's only a belief in the 'Utopian' concept and totally unreal in the human psyche. The existing wealth and resources were traded back and forth with not much gain to any of the resources shared. The system was rapidly becoming 'ZERO SUM'.

Our Nations natural resources were diminishing or being sequestered away by 'Activists' with 'Tort' Lawyers leading the attack.

Along came US President Ronald Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The stage was set for true World Trade. We were now entering a new era of 'Non-Zero Sum', Game Theory economics. The 'Closed Shop Trade Unions' that had the lions share of the financial resources to themselves, saw "the hand writing on the wall". Their total control of wealth in the US was now threatened. The New World Economy started to develop. Japan, China and India slowly became part of the overall worlds largest trade groups. The USA was slowly relinquishing it's dominant position over the world.

I say slowly because there are always going to be factions dragging their feet and screaming that they do not want to 'go there'. The most obvious cause is that they personally have something to loose. Those factions liked the old system where they got the 'Win' while everyone else got the 'Lose' in the old 'Zero Sum' system. Some world leaders had the vision to re-institute this 'New' World Economic trend, which had previously existed from the beginnings of mankind and was brought to an end in the early 1900's.

The following is re-printed from Wiki; The borders open Complexity and 'Non-Zero-Sum'.

It has been theorized by Robert Wright, among others, that society becomes increasingly non-zero-sum as it becomes more complex, specialized, and interdependent. As former 'US President Bill Clinton' states:

"The more complex societies get and the more complex the networks of interdependence within and beyond community and national borders get, the more people are forced in their own interests to find 'non-zero-sum' solutions". "That is, 'win–win' solutions instead of 'win–lose' solutions.... "Because we find as our interdependence increases that, on the whole, we do better when other people do better as well — so we have to find ways that we can all win, we have to accommodate each other".... 'Bill Clinton', Wired interview, December 2000 .[1]

For your own information, read 'The World is Flat'

Read 'The World is Flat' to get a true perspective of exactly what has happened while you were intently watching the 'Associated Press' (AP) fed, major News outlets, and of course the 'Talking Heads' and Hollywood celebrity's rant and rave about the incompetence of the leadership in the USA. (Totally Dysfunctional Hollywood? complaining about the way things are done in government?)

The MSM is filled with 'Indictments on top of Indictments' for every political affront to opposition party members and this nations leaders, to the point of making them 'neutered' in performing the act of administration. It will soon be necessary to begin 'Impeachment' on the day that a President and administration is sworn in to office. If not Impeachment, Indictments will be overflowing the courts. Remember the Lawyers on both sides are profiting immensely by this system. You, the taxpayer, are paying their fees. The vast majority of MSM relished 'indictments' are dismissed by the courts and slide into the trash bin of History.

The outdated and very punitive, devastating legal system that the USA is using, started to become an 'Elephant' that you can not ignore back about 40 years ago. Funny how that coincides with 'the dysfunctional 60's. The 'Chemically Enhanced' generation. The 60's brought 'change' so now we have to just 'deal with it' as the popular saying goes. I recall the unprecedented graduation of countless swarms of 'Lawyers' and no one knowing what they were all going to do for a living.

Well now we know, don't we. Our GDP is growing only at the rate of real inflation. I'm not talking about the much cheaper things that we import from China, and seemingly cannot get enough of, in our unprecedented times of World prosperity. I'm not talking of the price of gasoline, which is unchanged from the day I was filling our tractor for 25 cents a gallon and our local bank president made only a thousand dollars a month. I earned 40 dollars a week back then, at a good job as a telephone lineman. Believe me, gas is the same price it has always been when you put it into it's proper perspective.

I'm referring to the costs of pure necessities like health care, meds, everyday costs of a home and it's maintenance. Add the legal fees and risks of defending against a catastrophic lawsuit to every item or service that you buy, and you will then be aware of the cost of 'protection', as the 'Mob' used to say in 'the good old days'. Any one priced a 'made in USA' furnace installation lately? The legal implications possible for devastating lawsuits are mandatory to take into account for any procedure or change attempted, whether it is major or minor. The 'Innovation' science cannot even be tested without numerous 'legalities' taken into consideration. Our great nation has a lot of economic activity but it is mostly 'Zero Sum' due to the 'parasitic drag' of legalities.

This country taught GM a hard lesson many years ago with the first economy car they tried. The 'Corvair' with its 'Trial by Jury' unprecedented awards (Lotto?) from the 'Deep Pockets' of GM

was followed shortly by the success of more Jury awards from Ford for it's Pinto.

The famous little 'Crosley' would have been crucified in the courts system of today.

The Nash Metropolitan was another fuel efficient little light car that was driven out of the 'O So Tolerant' USA by the relentless media attacks.

Now every one scalds the 'big three' for not being innovative and popping out little 'econo-boxes' to satisfy the 'enviro's'. Well do you blame them for their reluctance to try anything 'new little and light'?

Heaven forbid the little BMW 'Isatta' with it's door in front. No long nose to absorb the inevitable head on crash that every city driver gets into at least once a week. Of course the 'cell phone induced' trance that makes a driver 'rear end' the truck stopped in traffic, waiting for the red light to turn green, those damned other vehicles, it's all their fault. Suits, more lawsuits, that''s what we need.

The 'Tort' legal system has to somehow be leashed, The politicians, the majority of which are Lawyers (Tort?) by trade have to somehow be forced (don't vote them into power?) to realize that the enemy is of their own making. I do not see any reason for them advocating reform. It would be like condemning your self to death or Heaven forbid, 'financial restrictions'.

In far too many major areas of our government, we are still intertwined in 'Zero Sum' mentality. There are the same old 'factions' trying to return us to 'The Good Old Days' (Theirs). Russia is slowly going back to their 'Good Old Days'. Russia is now an Oil Exporting Nation, which we are no longer. Only an awareness of the motivation behind Political Rhetoric, will slow the overall desire to 'regress' toward those days of 'exclusivity' against the masses of humanity across the entire World. Conflict will aways be present, it is the innate nature of man, to disagree with others opinions.

With our legal system favoring very little, or absolutely no change whatsoever, I see a very slow and tedious turnaround in the way we do things. Remember that in a 'Zero Sum' situation,the gains are made at the expense of others. I recall a speech made by 'Bill Clinton', using his best 'cosmetic' smile, "Why does it just have to be one way or the other"? "Why can't we just make it better"?

Only the massive forces of nature will administer the change humanity needs. Somehow It seems that we deserve the system we have voted for. History has always given people just what they deserve, sorry to say. I have faith in this new, highly educated group returning from a part of the World that is totally 'Hell on Earth'. They have seen a dysfunctional society, and know the steps to control our own tendency to fall into 'The Abyss'. Welcome home troops. Take your rightfully earned place in Government, we need you.

Also read Global Warming, the real thing.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Elderly Care Facility

This day my Wife's elderly Mother, that fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago, (prev blog post) was moved to a more advanced facility where the care is more tuned to rehabilitation. The goal is to get her up and walking again. Progress was made in the 'skilled nursing' facility of the hospital where the surgery was done. Now the next stage is a little more intense with more walking to strengthen the hip.

This facility is one of the more advanced in care and attention. It is closer to our home so visits are easier. The staff and facility is very well attuned to the residents needs, with ample staff for even the late night care. The first person we met was the helpful receptionist followed shortly by the Director of Community Relations, Carol, a wonderful tall attractive woman with such sincere eyes. She took us on a tour of the facility. The rooms are carpeted, cheery, and have windows to see the difference in night and day. Don't laugh, some facilities do not. The walls had color. Hospitals are pretty stark, white and sterile in comparison.

The rooms have several activity areas close by. Today a few of the residents in this wing, were gathered around a friendly activities attendant, for a table game in the room close to our Matriarch family member. I was reading a magazine in there but could not help but enter a conversation with a bright eyed 90 year old woman playing Solitaire. She mentioned that Delaware was where she was from, and this facility brought her closer to family. I teased her about playing a game of poker. she replyed quickly that she would not play for 'money' just for fun. I had better be prepared for the next visit and bring the chips.

I told her that my own Mom played solitaire for years with actual cards until the computer given her by my sister, proved so addictive to her, that the paper cards were put away in favor of the 'virtual cards'. My own Mom passed away at 92. Now can you imagine, that a woman that age was very active on the Internet? She enjoyed daily 'email', as well as using Google searches right up until the last week of her life? She would have made a great 'blogger'.

I was reading my National Geographic but also intently observing each and every act of kindness performed by the attendants for the residents. This is the most dedicated group of professional caregivers that I have watched work. This group, which is comprised of people of all ages, attended to each need with courtesy and caring friendship.

The 'outside world' would do well to witness this life first hand. These people are driven by an inner 'Calling' and that is no doubt, as my Wife noticed. The likes of 'Hollywood Michael Moore' are totally clueless about our true society and seem to beleive that Cuba and Comunism is the best life stye, well "go for it 'Supersize Me' Mike and take 'Cindy Sheehan' with you". We need to reduce 'toxic' pollution in the USA. I can not truly understand any intelligent people following along with this 'thinking'...or lack of it. They give their 'money' to this group so they must believe in it, along with 'Rosie O' and 'Jerry Springer'.

Our Daughter in Law, with her Daughter and new baby Son, (my only Grandson) stopped by to try and fit my Mother in Law into some new garments they had shopped for and purchased for her stay. She requires five changes of clothing with her name written inside. Kind of sounds like 'summer camp' doesn't it? Many of the new clothes were understandably a little off in size but some fit well. Returning a few is always in the mix. Our family has the pleasure of being fairly close so visitors are plenty.

The elderly appreciate attention just as much as most of us young hearty souls...My equally caring Daughter in Law is planning a birthday party for my Mother in Law on her birthday. We are to have it at this facility. My own birthday is to be celebrated that day there as well. The cake will have to be very large because the residents in that wing are sure to want some as well. Fun stuff...

At a certain time and day, ice cream is served. My 'solitaire playing lady' speedily left in her wheelchair as soon as she noticed the ice cream attendants. I even received an offer to take one from a perky young attendant. Another caring attendant gave my Mother in Law the extra one she had been saving for herself. See what this group is all about?
There are different 'tiers' of care depending on need. This wings room that we are associated with, has skilled nursing and a doctor on call to assist with the special needs of a 'post surgery' resident.

A lifelong friend of my Mother in Law, is there as well. He was hit in a grocery store parking lot by an inattentive (cell phone mental block?) young woman driving through the spaces where he was loading the car with groceries along side his wife. Now he is slowly recuperating in this facility. His wife can no longer live alone now as well.

Life has interesting changes in store for all of us. Be certain that you have your 'Spiritual' life in order. Things happen in life that are out of our control. Be totally prepared for any happening and you will not be surprised by the unforeseen. Our Great Nation has some of the most wonderful people in the world. God Bless All!

Also read Global Warming, the real thing.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Elderly

When the return from our last trip to Southern Colorado was completed, the girls dropped off at their homes, and the motor home unloading was finalised, we went to bed. The next morning my wife tried to call her elderly Mother who lives alone.

No answer from that end of the line so we drove over, jimmied the lock that had been fastened from the inside, only to find her laying on the carpeted floor. She was very alert and thankful that we had arrived. Her Femur was broken. She had been there for two nights. She had been fine when our Daughter in Law dropped her off after an outing for snacks. She fell shortly after that.

The phone was within 3 feet. Her cane had been carefully layed across a chair where it spends it's time while she is at home. Her walker was in another room where she keeps it as a decoration. Her 'life line' device necklace, that calls us if she presses the button, was away in another part of the house where it is being preserved for some future time. The elderly from that era long ago, are very independant. They think that they are invincible.

The questions as to how and what happened seemed to ramble in her memory. My wife was on the floor with her. Her Mother was looking over to the other side and said "Hi" to someone she saw there. My Wife asked her who she was talking to. Her mother replied "That man", she thought he was maybe her son. She also said "Well they have all been so nice to me, They could not help me to call you, but they stayed with me for the entire time".

My wife asked her who was she talking about? Her Mother replyed, "those two Ladies sitting there, they treated me so sweetly and have been there all along". My wife looked in that direction and saw no one there. My Mother in Law has been a true Christian for her entire life. Only another Christian would understand that she was guarded over by 'Angels' during the 36 hour time she lay on that floor.

Psalm 91 theme. Gods protection in the midst of danger. "God doesn't promise a world free from danger,but he does promise his help whenever we face danger"

The EMTs that this fantastic USA has in endless supply, to work with accident victims, arrived shortly after that. The fantastic training and equipment did it's job. She was transported to the ER in a modern Ambulance with every available life saving technology built in. She was stabilised. Upon arrival at the Emergengcy Room, the techs rigged her up with the latest monitors for her vital signs. A little device even monitors the Oxygen percentage in her blood by looking through her finger with a little clip.

O2 is piped in through the 'Hi-tech' wall panels with their many outlets, no more big tanks standing in the corner. Other monitors were checking everything in her system with IV's to adjust her electrolytes to prepare her for the next days surgery. What a great array of technology and dedicated personnel available to every one needing assistance in our Nation. The ER was very busy and more accident victims were arriving by the minute. Three of them were elderly victims of falls. Several heavily tatooed young males, victims of the 'follies' of youth.

Due to the heavy demand for assistants, I was recruited to assist the Technician during the X-Ray procedure. I held the receiver plate in position and held her other leg up out of the way. I wore a lead protective garment while assisting. The X-ray emmiting unit head, floated on a zero-gravity arm which made it easy to position precisely.

The image from that wonderful computerised machine was clear as a photograph, and available instantly for the Doctor to examine online. What a wonderful Nation we live in, that has equipment and trained people to do these things without delay. That darling of the 'Left', 'Michael Moore' has absolutely no idea what a wonderful country he is allowed to 'exist' in. Or, he has found a following of unknowing people gullible enough to swallow his toxic form of 'brain pollution' and give him money to boot. As we say in the deep south, "Bless His Heart".

The numerous tests determined that she had suffered very little of the symptoms usually associated with a prolonged time on the floor. She was truly protected. The young Doctor (self described as 'The Carpenter') explained to us about the prospects at her age. She could choose to, not have the metal rod inserted, which would mean a prolonged bed stay, which at her advanced age results in death within months, or she could have the inserted rod that would allow her to stand up and sit within a couple of days, and eventually to walk again. She wisely agreed to the rod being fastened in place during the surgery the next day. She also wisely agreed to her 'DNR' consent in case of major problems.

Once again the US medical system exhibited it's finest display of training and equipment. The operation was completed without any complications. 'Cipro' was administered to prevent any infections from getting a toehold. She was transported within days to another fantastic facility for 'Skilled Nursing' and preliminary 'rehab'. The Nursing crew is working to get her to stand and start walking. My wife and I visited another care facility for her extended treatment starting next week.

Again our great country has facilities to provide that care, some of which is taken care of financially by the social security medical system. The system goes to great lengths, to see to the needs of the citizens of the USA. This system is also being taken advantage of by the endless train of 'illegals', invading our Nation for just the reasons described above. I mentioned previously that the ER was 'very' busy.

The 'detractors' of our Great Nation are very much unaware of what can happen to them while in other countries during a 'Life threatening' situation. Luck is the best thing available to them in those circumstances. I'll take our system over theirs any time.

Now comes the long hard road to recovery. She has to desire to do this part herself. Longevity runs in her family. Centenarians are in her past. I hope she will have the fortitude to see this through. She can no longer live alone and that has her upset at this time. We are hoping for a brighter future ,but that is in her hands now. She is a firm 'Believer' so that True Power is on her side.

Also read Global Warming, the real thing.