Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Albuquerque New Mexico Serial Killer

You have most likely by now, seen this report on National News
  • The, now expanded, 100 acre burial site on the West Mesa housing development
  • has been steadily getting bigger, and faces even more possible expansion. The gruesome death toll on the West Mesa, K-B new home development site (sec 1 - 3)
  • near 118th and Dennis Chavez, was found 02 Feb 2009 by hikers with a dog, after a dozer scattered suspicious bone fragments (a woman's hip bone). The remains count is estimated at, including the fetus, 11 possibly 13 victims as of 27 February 2009.

    Strange that in this case, the 'fetus' is counted as a 'crime victim', but in Liberal Abortion Terminology, it is discounted as "only a 'glob' of tissue". Is this ever more common, Twisted Terminolgy? or something that is growing in our 'lost' society, that is much ..'Darker'?..

    27/28 February 2009, posting updates, scroll lower in article, as details come in.

    Aerial photography comparison from years ago to the present, show in detail the disturbance of soil. This photographic record gives clues on where to dig. Using deep ground penetrating 'radar' enhances the chance of even more discovery. Investigator
  • All found so far, were young women buried in the same general area from the year 2000 to the year 2005.

    The first woman identified, from dental records supplied by her family, was Victoria Chavez. Chavez was a known drug user and prostitute. The latest identified woman's remains at this time, Gina Michelle Valdez also a drug user and prostitute, contained a fetus. Both of these people made life ruining, life threatening, wrong choices that ultimately became fatal for them. The family has been notified and made a short statement on local TV this evening. The FBI has been on the scene to help with the overwhelming amount of forensic evidence gathering. Dental and previous X-Ray records are used, along with DNA (slower) to positively confirm identity. At least two dozen local officers are rotating duties at the scene in order to not neglect regular duties and investigations.

    Any person apprehended while being a morbid (mentally sick) curiosity seeker, will be arrested. This 'Serial Killer's burial graveyard crime scene is the largest in Albuquerque New Mexico's history. Two of the suspects are already dead, one of natural causes. The other, living a couple of mile's from this scene, was shot and killed by another victim's (exotic dancer call girl) driver/boyfriend. The 'boyfriend' shot and permanently eliminated this 'Lawyer's Money Tree' from society, as the Career Violent Repeat Offender killer was preparing to transport her strangled lifeless body in his car trunk. (see comments in top link) I will upgrade and add to this posted report, and date the paragraphs, as new information is released.

    Added 26 Feb 2009;
    Jeff Proctor, ABQ journalist
  • Twenty four suspected prostitutes were reported missing in this time period, 2001 to 2005, now being investigated. Read story in link.

    Leslie Linthicum, ABQ Journalist
  • added into the methodology being used in this research. Heather Edgar, UNM Curator of Human Osteology
  • also known as Bioarcheology, at Maxwell Museum, described this crime scene research she is involved in. The first and easiest is determining human from animal bone structure. Ms Edgar can tell within seconds, because of trained observation experience. Density of top layer, socket and knob configuration, length and diameter, quickly reveal animal vs human bone.

    The next question is woman from man; Woman's pelvic area is noticeably wider. The Skull shows wider brow structure on men. Ancestry; Asian facial structure in cheekbone is distinctive. European anglo; overall height is factor. African american; tooth characteristics. The more bones found, the easier to determine forensics. The variable factors determine time frame. Wet vs dry conditions. Containment; outside vs box or house. Soil type; loam vs sand. Air circulation; tree vs ground or car. Bugs in locality; like on CSI when Grissom used them in identifying time frame.

    27 February 2009;
    Body count is tentivily unconfirmed at approximately 13, which category brings it to one of the largest such crime scenes ever. The original football field sized site, is starting to look like a massive (100 acres) excavation, with shallow blade set, earth movers working among people with rakes and shovels. Dustpans are used as the particles are discoverd. The remains are discovered buried from 2 to 13 feet (0.6 to 3.9m) deep, in what has been called 'the pit'.

    It is now estimated at 30 X 10 yards (27 X 9m). The site is complicated because of the development for the new homes being built nearby. People are wondering how so many people reported missing during those years (24 reported) without a link to the killer, by police working the case. As mentioned, these young women identified so far, apparently made too many wrong choices in their lives, which put them at extreme risk.

    28 Feb 2009,
    Jeff Proctor, Journal Staff Writer;
    APD Police Chief Ray Schultz is cautiously releasing information about the scene and ongoing investigation. Repeat, the women identified so far, lifestyles were drug and prostitution related. The first set of remains identified were those of Victoria Chavez. The latest identified victim, Gina Michelle Valdez, was pregnant with what would have been her 3rd child.

    A combined 40 member task force, comprised of APD, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept. FBI, Office of the Medical Investigator, District atty's office, and NM State Police, is moving into an office in Albuquerque to solve this historic case. The local Investigators are involved with Investigations in at least three other States with known similar cases.

    11 March 2009;
    Two more sets of remains have now been identified by dental and medical records. Same lifestyle as the others, drugs and prostition. Same wrong choices made by all of the women identified so far. Cinnamon Elks and Julie Nieto now bring the confirmed identified to four.. and one fetus

    13 March 2009;
    The latest unsupported theory is that the nearby interstate truck stop frequented by many prostitutes, was the source of women disposal. After their service is performed or ... The serial killer, being quite frugal with his money, leaves no evidence, above ground at least. So much mystery involved.

    John Walsh of TV fame, 'America's Most Wanted' is now involved as of Thursday April 16th. Positively Identified count is at 7 of the 11 victims found at last count. The victims so far identified are; Victoria Chavez, Gina Michelle Valdez, Cinnamon Elks, Julie Nieto, Monica Candelaria, Veronica Romero. (now including Doreen Marquez)

    Thursday April 23 2009;
    Alb Journal, Metro section, Jeff Proctor, investigative reporter has a family story about attractive Doreen Marquez, Seventh and latest identified victim, that had been a successful housewife with two children, before a breakup and fall into drugs and prostitution to support the habit. She at one time lived in the upscale community and drove a BMW before the attraction of drugs destroyed, then eventually took her life.

    25 April 2009;
    America's Most Wanted featured Albuquerque New Mexico on their program this evening. John Walsh attended drug raids in Bernalillo County and also visited the West Mesa site of the largest crime scene in the USA. Over 100 acres is involved near the highway west of the city.

    The confirmed victim total is now at 12 including the fetus. The last shovel of soil was turned and sifted on the 24th, so the crime scene is no longer being investigated.
    The evidence collected is now being sorted and anylized. A custom painted acrylic fingernail was shown on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal within the last days.

    All eleven of the victims are now positively identified. The other mystery is how many more undiscovered graves are remaining in the trackless deserts? At least six more suspicious dissapearances are possibly attributed to serial killers. The 'Choices' and lifestyle of prostitutes, takes them on trips across the where the 'Business' is best. None of the victims were shot with a gun, or the media would be screeching from their 'news' desks and the paper media would be headlining it for weeks. Strangulation appears to be the method used. Interestingly the one suspect that was shot by the girls 'escort fiance', used strangulation to snuff out his helpless his home...near the west mesa burial site.

    One thing you can count on, The Career Violent Repeat Offender will always be around. Possibly you may meet him some day...or night.. His expert defence is endlessly paid for by the taxpayers that believe 'He has Rights'. Too bad the Victims 'Rights' are so worthless to the 'Revolving Door' legal system in the 'Fairness and Equality' obsessed USA.. BTW that same set of Legalists want to 'Disarm' YOU. They say it will be Safer for you.

    That Second ammendment is showing more promise every day. You had better defend it.

    More news as released,
    ...will post here.

    Cases such as these are only rarely discovered and are by no means isolated incidents. Any city, town, state, and country is susceptable
  • They are seldom discovered, but are far more prevalent than suspected by the naive public. 'Not surprising' is one fact that around the same time the serial killer either was 'exterminated' or moved his gruesome 'Hobby' elsewhere, the state of New Mexico, exercising it's 'States Rights' of this Republic, joining a coalition of 47 CCW, CHC states, allowed the private citizens to take a course in CONCEALED CARRY of a FIREARM
  • including an FBI background certification with fingerprinting, to become 'Licensed to Carry' including reciprocity with many other states. Protect and preserve your '2nd Amendment Right'.

    That welcome piece of legislation, brings a lot of surprises into any planned violent encounters toward a victim that appears helpless and unable to defend her/him self. Support your right to Carry a Concealed Firearm. It could possibly save you from an episode like this

  • In this politicaly charged period of Main stream Media's anti-gun fervor, Watch your own states and Federal government legislature closely, for ANY sign of repealing or weakening this important 2nd amendment law.

    This is the latest Group letter to selected Congressional representatives. This letter includes facts about Historic restrictions imposed on Citizens, quickly reducing them to Subjects and 'extermination'.

  • Contact your senators and representatives at both the state and local levels to protect your 'Second Amendment' Right to protect youself as a 'Citizen' of the USA, or you will most definetly see a return to this perverted 'Sport' among other pre-CCW Easy Victim
  • Massacres
  • Also The 1996 Albuquerque NM Hollywood Video massacre of five people and the home invasion killing of two

  • The United States of America, "One Nation Under GOD"
  • Monday, February 23, 2009

    SHAKLEE, the Breakfast of Champions

    Back in the lean mean years of the late 1960's, sucessful men wore slightly bell bottomed, white or pastel colored pants, often white shoes and flowered silk shirts. Hair styled by professionals, was the average appearance for an upscale evening on the town. Whatever the current style, my Texan brother-in-law was meticulous about his appearance. At the time he had never even heard of SHAKLEE.

    One late Sunday he needed a quick trim. My new wife had watched me trim my sons hair with a clipper and plastic guard. She forgot to put on the guard and shaved off a clump of bro-in-laws finely shaped hair and it plopped onto the floor. Whoops, took a trip to a barbers house to trim it for that evenings important affair.

    He didn't see the humor in it, but my wife and her sister got a good laugh.
    My Bro-in-law, as I previously mentioned, was a meticulously coifured, smooth talkin' Southern gentleman...... after his hard days work was done.

    We will go back to his early roots in Southeast Texas way before SHAKLEE. Crawfish huntin' and Catfish, was a way to feed the family of two very rough boys and one girl along with tough cousins and other kin very well accustomed to survival mode. He learned his way around a bayou early and fishin' was not for sport, it put food on the table. Baseball was the way to spend every other hour not spent diggin' for something to eat.

    One other thing 'The Boy' learned in his years of rough survival in Texas, was how to cook up a mess of Crawfish, Catfish, Gumbo, and Jambalai, Dirty Rice and beans served with cornbread. Getting her 'Boy's through school, was Mammaw's goal. The only discipline for the rough boys away from home, came from baseball. As soon as enough schoolin' was aquired, the US Airforce finally gave 'The Boy' a way out of Southeast, gulf coast, Texas.

    He showed up workin' the New Mexico Radar station 30 miles out on ABQ's West mesa. We called it the 'golf ball' as it could be seen from the high mesa and mountain on the East side. One night the Boy came to town all dressed like a young 'squared away' airman with a deep Texas drawl. He promptly was involved in a local barfight and took a severe 'Whuppin'.

    Vowing to never let that happen again, The Texan worked out in the radar facility's gym at every opportunity, rather than go to town as often as the others. On one trip, most likely to 'Little Beaver Town' for a dance, he did meet my future wifes, older sister. They were married near the end of his military service.

    They moved to his southeast Texas town near the water he loved, and had two little kids. The only job nearby was at the big rubber plant where he toiled his days away, played baseball on the local team, while everyone constantly wiped away mosquitos. Of course he always fished and hunted for their food he loved to cook. Crabbin', cookin' and baseball took up all the spare time.

    Boom times are followed by hard times, and the Texas plant shut down now and then, causing distress in the young couple's marriage. The ABQ family patriarch, finally brought the Texas Boy and his little family back to live and work at the family business in ABQ, The local Block Plant. After working hard and proving his value, learning the hard business and demonstrating his very strong ability in convincing other men to do his bidding, he was eventually promoted.

    He was by day, the Block Plant Yard foreman, ram rodding and working alongside the whole crew of really tough, hard working men. He worked long hours, six days a week, loading trucks with cinder blocks at the prosperous block plant. He repeatedly climbed up on the 18 wheelers, with their flatbed loads of heavy cinder blocks he had carefully stacked.

    The Texan had to carry over 100 pounds of big load chains hanging from his huge shoulders, fasten them to the framework of the truck and send it out for delivery. He did that endlessly all day long, soaked in sweat and obtaining a deep tan. To say he got 'Buff', is not fully grasping the picture. He became massive in the arms and shoulders with strong hands, legs and lungs. Not one ounce of fat survived. His 'six pack' looked like half litres.

    When we went out for an evening of dining, the Texan ate a huge steak of his own, then cleaned up the leftovers from the rest of the table. Most times he stopped on the way home and washed it down with a hamburger or two. I think he could eat a bale of hay.

    He also went to the gym about three or four nights a week to lift weights and work the bag for relaxation. Because he worked so hard at his job, he physically took on the appearance of Arnold Schwarzeneger and his working hands were calloused like rawhide leather. He became a member of 'The Shrine' and attended Dale Carnegie classes for memory and relationships in business.

    A SHAKLEE rep was at the gym one evening, and approached my massively muscled bro-in-law, asking him if he wanted to become a dealer. He agreed and after his shower, sat at a table near the entrance each evening for about 30 minutes to an hour. He met other men at the table, and talked as he cooled down after each evening's workout. Envious guys, that watched his awesome strength and endurance during his workouts, would stop at his table loaded with SHAKLEE products, and ask how he got so trim yet huge in the arms, shoulders legs and chest.

    My big, good looking, Bro-in-law said in his deep Texas drawl, that the secret was lots of SHAKLEE products like 'THESE', holding them in his big powerful hands while flexing his huge 28" circumference biceps.

    According to his smiling, well rehearsed Dale Carnegie sales pitch, SHAKLEE was what made all of the muscle, therefore, SHAKLEE made 'The Man'. The crowd layed their money and checks on the table and walked out with arm loads of SHAKLEE.

    As a result of his deep Texas bayou drawl, good, clean cut looks, showmanship and size, he sold more SHAKLEE products than any one person in the Southwest region, which was Albuquerque. The crowds at his table, got even more intense... after a fight at the block plant.

    A big, young local contractor with an untarnished background in collegiate boxing, a mean streak a mile wide, and well known reputation for performing 'Whupass' on anyone that crossed him, called the block Plant office one day, cursing at the person on the phone.

    'The TEXAS Boy' who had answered it, promptly hung up on that kind of trash talk. The phone rang again and the Boy answered once again. The big contractor then said "I am on my way over to teach you some respect, just what is your name".

    He had never met my TEXAN bro-in-law, but cussed him out on the phone about a late delivery. The Boy hung up on him once again. He immediately called back, saying he was coming over to 'Whup his Ass'. The boy went up to his boss's private office and told about the heated conversation and threat. The block plant's owner knew the big man well and told bro-in-law that the guy always talked loud, but usually never acted...much.

    When he slid his big Lincoln into the block yard, and busted through the front door yelling, "Where is that #$%&ing ------- --------", My Texan bro-in-law, standing at the end of the counter, promptly and powerfully commensed to unleash one of his 'big guns', and feed this obnoxious foul mouth, a big calloused fist, full of rock hard knuckles... after smoothly drawling, "Rawht heah' Suh".

    The battle was on.... The block plant owner, a hardscrabble TEXAS native himself, after hearing the commotion from his upstairs private office, ran down the stairs while yelling, "Beat the S--t out of him Boy, Beat the S--t out of him!". 'The Boy' was holding onto the big man with his powerful left hand, while pounding his face with his big right hand, all the while obediantly drawling, "Yes Sir, Yes sir, to his 'boss!

    The big battle between the heavy weight gladiators, which lasted several minutes and progressed from room to room, their rock hard bodies, crashing into stacked displays of cinder block, destroying pieces of heavy furniture and vending machines, seemed to never end, according to eye witnesses. The two equally big men were picking up heavy items and smashing each other with them. Two powerful cage fighters, participating in 'off duty' recreation.

    At one point my bro-in-law saw an upholstered chair being held by it's legs, raised high in the hands of the enraged bull attacker. It was coming down onto his head. He crossed his huge arms in protection and the chair shattered into many pieces.

    After countless minutes of heavy and destructive battle rage, it finally ended with the attacker crab crawling to the door and running out to his car. In his brief but extremely violent visit, he had aquired a broken jaw, broken nose and eye socket, with blood all over his clothes and a big red, black, and blue, raw hamburger face.

    'The Texas Boy' nervously paced like a Panther near the office door as the well known, block plant owner told him to stay there, and went out to the guy's Lincoln.

    He asked him, "What in the world is wrong with you? Acting like a fool, coming in to My business and threatening to 'Whupass' on someone you didn't even know". The big man 'blurbled' at the Plant owner, through what was left of his blood soaked mouth and teeth, "That boy 'sucker punched' me".

    Upon hearing that remark, the rough tough, block plant owner yelled to the Texan by the door, "Hey Boy, He wants some more of you". As the Texas boy strode towards him, the big man immediately slammed his car door and spun out of the block yard, spitting gravel from his tires.

    He was reportedly in the hospital for a couple of days and no one saw him for quite some time afterward. When they finally did, they said he seemed to be a much nicer person and more polite than ever before in his life.

    'The Texas Boy' became famous all over Albuquerque's busy construction industry, because word of a big fight, travels faster than the speed of light. After that big fight in the Block Plant owner's office, 'The Texas Boy's SHAKLEE products became the hottest items in town. Everybody in construction, wanted his exact vitamin and supplement regimen. Everyone wanted to be on his 'team'. His garage was filled with supplies to keep his customers happy. "SHAKLEE, The Breakfast of Champions".

    Only in America, "One Nation Under GOD"

    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    CARLOS FIERRO, Santa Fe Lawyer, DWI

    Added note: As Bill Richardson left office as governor in 2010, he was asked to give clemency to Fierro, his former attorney and oftentimes 'bar buddy' (reliable Santa Fe rumors). Due to the very heavily publicised nature of this 'complicated' crime, he wisely declined. Alfred Lovato is still entangled in New Mexico legalistics.

    November 26th 2008, 1:45am Santa Fe New Mexico
  • The small group of people were leaving WilLee's Blues Club
  • on Guadalupe st. and Montezuma. Popular local disc jockey, William Tenorio, age 46, father of three, was already in the crosswalk. The 2004 black BMW 530i sedan
  • was roaring down on the group with it's high powered engine screaming at an extremely high rate of speed, careening on its wheel rims after hitting a traffic blocking divider on the small, very narrow historic Santa Fe trails around The Plaza.

    The impact was horrendous, Mr Tenorio's upper body and head crashed through the passengers windshield before being thrown like catapulted trash, with a broken neck and skull fractures. The people in the group were yelling at the obviously drunk driver as the Massive impact occured. One observant witness saw another passenger in the back seat as the four door BMW 530i sped away from the deadly scene in a trail of sparks. That unconfirmed 'mystery' passenger was never identified as a man or a woman. Possibly very recognizeable and surmised as one possible reason for desperately speeding from the scene?

    The driver
  • then sped around the corner, left onto Read st, then North on Sandoval st. to Palace ave. Police were immediately notified and spotted the black BMW sedan in the 200 block of Marcy at 2:00 am, almost a mile from the scene of the deadly crime. The driver was thoroughly tested and found legally drunk with an alcohol reading of 0.21 Nearly three times the legal limit of .08 in NM.

    In the passenger seat, 17 year veteran State Police Sgt Alfred Lovato. Private Security Detail to BILL RICHARDSON Governor (D). Nationally well known presidential candidate and appointee to this US administration's Commerce Secretary's position, before withdrawing his nomination in a fog of legal issues
  • Governor BILL RICHARDSON's security officer, Alfred Lovato was sitting in the front seat as a passenger, apparently also very intoxicated.

    The hole in the BMW's windshield on his side, was the size of a basketball. He had to have been covered in broken shards of glass. He was given a very basic Breathalyzer
  • test on a non-certified device, the readings of which are non-admissable in court. The Santa Fe Police apparently use various testing devices depending on the political, official, or social status of the person being tested? The other unconfirmed 'mystery' passenger seen in the back seat by one witness, was nowhere to be found by the time the apprehension took place almost a mile from the scene of the vehicular homicide. Witnesses at WilLee's also reported an unidentified woman with the two men earlier in the evening.

    Only at that time, was the identity of prominent Santa Fe Political Attorney and Washington DC Lobbyist, CARLOS FIERRO, age 36, discovered as the driver. CARLOS FIERRO had worked in the Attorney General's Office, Public Defender's Office, House and Senate Legislature, state Public Relations Commission and had briefly run as a candidate for the PRC. Undoubtably a very Professional Political Attorney.

    His Political influence does not stop with New Mexico. CARLOS FIERRO was also involved as Council for US House of Representatives, Tom Udall (D) and Senator of Arizona, John McCain (R), Candidate for the 2009 US presidency as well as a Washington DC lobbyist. This 'alleged' Drunk Driver was a very important individual. He posted a bail of $250,000 easily and was released on 'house arrest' with an ankle bracelet. His bail was extremely low in comparison to past deadly DWI offenders of lower status, chastised loudly in the main stream media.

    That fateful evening was passed with several, credit card verifiable, stops of heavy alcoholic consumption, at Rio Chama Steakhouse
  • and Tin Star Saloon
  • most obvious. CARLOS FIERRO, in his drunken rambling, complained that people were yelling at him and "Threw a rock". Well yes CARLOS, the rock was William Tenorio's skull. The people desperately fleeing the cross walk had reason to yell at prominent political Attorney, CARLOS FIERRO that murderous night in Santa Fe, eleven years after his 1997 DWI charges in Albuquerque were dismissed and the records were destroyed.

    As 'alleged' drunk driver, CARLOS FIERRO was in holding on 'suspicion' of drunk driving and allowed to keep his posessions, acording to records his Blackberry cellphone was very busy. Marla Tellez Channel 4, AM news anchor
  • was called (Ms Tellez atty said her client barely knew Carlos, Oh yea? just barely?) along with other undisclosed people, most likely prominent as well? Within hours CARLOS FIERRO was home and William Tenorio
  • was dead.

    Santa Fe New Mexican

  • All news gets old and forgotten. February 13 of 2009, the evening news announces that Prominent Attorney, CARLOS FIERRO has now been released from house arrest 'due to a technicality' and left the state of New Mexico. The Santa Fe district Attorney, Angela 'Spence' Pacheco
  • 'allegedly' failed to ever file charges of vehicular homocide against CARLOS FIERRO within the 60 day window mandated by state law. She said she was patiently waiting for the SF Police to finish their 'investigation'. Would this happen if 'Carlos' was a construction worker or any other 'low life' citizen. This obviously well planned? 'failure' resulted predictably in his release. Remember that he is a Prominent Political Attorney and Lobbyist. He is right now in 'WASHINGTON DC', with countless others of his kind. Maybe he will be appointed to a cabinet position by this administration. He does seem to have all of the credentials.

    His victims, popular William Tenorio's family are on the news crying about the flagrant injustice of it all. Of course at this time, CARLOS FIERRO is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We all have seen injustice in our lives, but this one is so despicable it bears resemblance to only one other I can recall.

    William Bonney, alias Billy the Kid
  • From Lincoln County, the largest county in the US back then. Site of the historicly famous, Lincoln County Range War
  • realised that kind of desperation.
    'Billy' had seen so much of New Mexico's filthy dirty politics, that he became enraged at the more than obvious, murderous actions of the political figures back over one hundred years ago, that he and others, finally took the law into their own hands. Rest in Peace 'Billy' Rest in Peace.