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Concealed Carry State of New Mexico


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Concealed Carry, State of New Mexico

Time for another full course of qualification for state certification. This is the fourth full class, including several others, that I personally have attended over these last many years.

11 hours classroom, plus range time of 4 hours, add travel time total of 3 hours, equals 18 hours of quality time with associates of similar interests.

Instructor this session is retired US Naval Aviation officer, former Alb NM Police Dept officer, presently reserve. Ellis McMath is in charge of the class, with other officers periodically in assistance, including a Baptist pastor…. ‘The reverend Mr Black’?

These Concealed Carry of Weapon courses are often held in church facilities, as is this present series. Christian churches receive an inordinate number of hate based threats endlessly directed at church members these days. This church, among countless others across the USA, is definitely ‘Not’ a gun free zone. Many members are certified and armed… at all times.

Only remaining procedure upon completion of certification, is the visit to the ‘Darth Vader Building’ in Alb NM [really looks like Darth Vader’s head, black glass and all] where New Mexico Dept of Public Safety office accepts the completed paperwork.. ..and another check, for $61. Four years certificate, with re-qualification every 2 years. New Mexico concealed carry license is accepted in most states. My State of Utah Concealed Carry license [some states also have reciprocity with Utah’s] is contingent on my NM license. Virginia’s permit is also a popular recourse for out of state applicants.

New Mexico requirements for CCW [concealed carry weapon] are very stringent. In this course, we receive the equivalent same course as APD {Albuquerque Police Department} Officers.
Exceptions for me to Not be allowed to ‘carry concealed’, being the ‘Left coast’ and several states of East coast, Illinois and a few others….. that we Never visit, for Any reason.

So far the tally is $100 for instruction, $40 for materials, $61 for State of New Mexico official certificate, $44 for fingerprinting [electronic on-line data] and background check by FBI [if they are not too busy investigating Russians] which totals $245 dollars.

All to prove that I and 22 [33 counting those re-certifying] other people, 'Citizens' of incredibly law abiding behavior, in my four + 4 re-qualify at range, classes over the last 16 years, this being only the latest class.  Total of 33 citizens, including the firing range review of those others re-qualifying [their 2 year requirement] are responsible citizens. Responsible enough to acknowledge our 2nd Amendment Right to own and carry our firearms.

“Shall not be infringed” will definitely cost anyone, those desiring that ‘Right’..

The first evening class of 4 hours, was spent in a review of the study material and what the end result is expected to comprise.

…reviewing the handling and safety principles of…
Keeping home weapons out of reach of children, locked case. Wisconsin law blames gun owner if child gains access to an unlocked gun… by whatever means.

‘Concealed Carry’ gives ‘Right’ to own and carry a gun, not the right to use it..
‘Finger ‘Off’ trigger until ready to shoot’.

‘Never point the weapon at anything you do not want to destroy’.
‘Do not load weapon until ready to fire… on firing range.’

‘Be aware of background’. Bullets continue on trajectory… to cause damage.
‘muzzle at low ready [45 degrees, pointing downrange] until preparing to fire’.

‘Standard defensive response/failure response’ 2 shots within 2 seconds to upper torso center mass, evaluate 1 second, then 1 shot to forehead.

Body induced alarm reaction- 2nd shot within 1 second, shuts down the “How bad am I hurt” reflex.

Many experienced gun fight survivors have reported, Threat elimination is at times like using a small fire extinguisher, when its empty is when you stop :>)

Express firmly, the intent to decisively defend yourself unless attacker leaves. Body language, words and weapon manipulation… do not fiddle around with the weapon. Let them know, with no questioning, that you are prepared and ready to fire.

Do not escalate minor differences of opinion. Leave the area if possible, to unwind tensions. ‘Do not ‘brandish’ or threaten to use a gun to settle minor differences.

‘Do not ever fire ‘warning shots’, for any reason.

‘Do not ‘shoot to wound’.

‘Do not shoot a fleeing person that poses no further threat’.

‘Only use the weapon to save your own life, or that of another.’

‘Focus on front sight’, target will appear slightly blurred, which is normal.
‘Press’ trigger, do not jerk’.
‘Grip’, both hands, 360 degrees wrap around, with dominant eye alignment, dominant hand firmly on weapon and other hand wrapped over fingers. Arms extended, [dominant locked] in isometric opposing tension, for steady aiming.
‘Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy.’

Verbal Judo: Attempt to talk the offender out of whatever he/she is doing to create violence and injury to others. 80% of time, attacker is someone that you know.
Rare for stranger on stranger confrontations.

Laws of the State of New Mexico and other states that you may enter… Carrying of concealed weapon is a Petty Misdemeanor in State of NM…. Knowledge of Law..

Only 3.7% of NM citizens are certified CCW. National average is above 5%. Many people in the state of NM, often those with little financial means, accept the fact that they may be guilty of a misdemeanor.. to protect themselves and loved ones.

Types of guns, details of their configurations, such as revolvers vs semi-automatic pistols and bullet types available. Hollow points are ‘defensive’ in nature. ‘Full metal jackets’ are typically used for target practice.

Federal laws. Review and have knowledge.

Post office and schools are ‘Gun Free
Zones’. [we see how that works out].
Court houses and many public buildings are ‘Gun free zones’…
Official signs 144 square inches, with the ordinance and offense, are to be taken seriously.
Laws, Laws, Laws.

Tests follow..
Situational Awareness brings up color codes of readiness.
‘White’ Totally unaware of everything, focused on whatever is of interest at the time… very vulnerable.

‘Yellow’, relaxed alert, no specific threat at the moment, just aware of surroundings.

‘Orange’. Specific alert, something seems not quite right, maintain attention on whatever is taking place, threats could materialize.

‘Red’ ..Fight or flight. The threat becomes real.

‘Black’. Combat is about to take place and it was Not your fault, ready your plan for action.

‘Opportunity’, Threat, Ability. Can this person actually accomplish the attack?

Biblical View.. Psalm 144: “The Lord is my rock. He trains my hands for war, fingers skill for battle”.
Matthew 5:39: “Slaps cheek’ [backhand, if your read the passage carefully] means minor ego effect’. Self defense does not mean take revenge.

Luke 22:35-39: Jesus advises selling garments to purchase weapons. Peter actually used one to cut off a soldier’s ear..

Killing another person Exodus 20:13; “Do not ‘Murder’ is correct translation.
“Love our enemy”, allows fighting off attack, without hating the attacker.

Aftermath. Shooting someone leaves emotional decisions. Be sure you are ‘Right with the Lord’ to better accept the ensuing complications to your life. Many people can not deal with the consequences, the guilt.
Be sure the element of necessity, becomes acceptable reality in your own conscience.
Many people are fine with allowing themselves or loved ones, to become victims of atrocities… Interesting. Philosophy of Martyrs?

Scenarios practiced on range: Hostage situation leaves very small target zone. Head shots are usually the only available. Risk to hostage to be carefully considered.
Rejected love triangles are common violence perpetrating incidents involving deadly weapons. Try to talk reason, but be prepared for ending the attack… saving lives.

Saturday, following three evenings of classroom, was ‘range day’. Driving round trip of 70 miles was involved to get away from civilization. This instructor likes outdoor ambiance [Sandia Mountain canyon] for shooting qualifications. We had a total of five instructor advisors, excellent for ‘One on One’ shooting tests, proficiency.

Scenarios: quite realistic, with full sized color targets of real men and women… armed. Dialogue provided by personal instructor, expecting verbal responses and commands. Women are often emotionally violent and not taken seriously.. until they kill you.

A knife is deadly and fast. Attacker can cover 25 feet in One second.

Laws, Laws Laws.. Review until understood, even then have information available, a competent lawyer.. Financial risks, including imprisonment, are always present.
We, as legal Citizens have completed the training, required testing, accepted the risks and are now ready once again for legal New Mexico certification.

Several forms. Copy of birth certificate..  [a real one:}, including health review permission, and social security number form, take all required, in order to finish official state application. Monday…. for  visit to 'Darth Vader'…


Blogger napoleon said...

Interesting that 80% of the time the attacker is someone you know?

10:51 AM  
Blogger Blogengeezer said...

The official sounding, judicial court mandated, protective "Restraining Orders", in harsh reality, are micro-thin pieces of paper, that repeatedly fail to 'Restrain' anyone.

With 'Catch and Release' of career-repeat, violence prone offenders, now the chosen method for today's courts, the danger.... for the 'helpless'..., is historically ominous.

Family members, such as the ABQ 'family', that were all killed by one ADHD 'medicated' son, are others.

SSRI's are taking their deadly toll of the unarmed and defenseless. Adam Lanza's 'Fanapt' created a 0-flat-lined emotion, child killer.... after killing his own mother.

11:19 AM  

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