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Shane Harger Jemez Springs New Mexico Chief of Police

Shane Harger is the Chief of Police in a small, remote mountain tourist mecca of NM. Jemez (Hay-mas) Springs. His small law enforcement department fluctuates with tourism, therefore is primarily comprised of retired (fully certified law officers, some from other larger cities).

They each are part time or volunteer up to 8 hours per month, to allow Shane some time off and cover the large territory of rental cabins, National Forests and fishing streams. Winter is 'off season' and relatively few traffic, or other problems. Cabin break-ins are an unpredictable, fluctuating occurence, due to remote locations.

A few years back, one serial cabin robber, 'Cookie Bandit' Joseph Henry Burgess, a western states, Canada serial killer, while being handcuffed, using murdered hiker, David Eley's weapon, shot Joe Harris, Sandoval County SO deputy officer, who then killed him before dieing. Surviving involved deputy is now suing the SCSO

 for negligence.

Spring begins the thousands of cars daily, the cabin owners, renters, fishermen/women, hunters, hikers, bikers (swarms of bikers), forest campers, small tourism businesses and craft shows.
Only the occasional heavy snowfall, slows the tourism, except for snowmobilers.
Shane voluntarily attended a two day, 'Constitutional' Sheriff's and Peace Officer's Association meeting being held in LV Nev.

TSA, having insider information, brought in a US Federal investigator, who harassed, video recorded and questioned Chief Shane Harger for over 35 minutes, before allowing him to board the commercial aircraft.

Shane previously had been a state's witness, a Valencia County deputy (first on the scene) against a large city, police officer who was suspected of killing his wife, therefor was given a temporary new identity, under witness protection.
...... the plot thickens.

Within 24 to 72 hours 'After' his return from LV Nev, the Sandoval county Sheriff, obviously sycophant upon Federal Washington DC orders, TSA Homeland Security, ordered Chief Shane Harger to disband, disarm his small, fully state certified (police veterans), volunteer, part time police force .....and put Chief Shane Harger on suspension. 

Only the US Constitution, 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights, something Chief Shane Harger deeply believes in, due to his experience in law enforcement, can now protect the otherwise rendered helpless citizens in that remote area.

Accusing the Chief of Police, of resisting a federal officer's interrogation (trumped up charges, with no official filings, no arrest). The little town of Jemez Springs is in shock.
Our family had and enjoyed for long many years, a cabin near Jemez Springs. It was often patrolled at the time by the Jemez Springs police force.

This Federal, officially sanctioned, anti Constitution activity, is now occurring quietly across the USA. ANY local law enforcement that openly declares their allegiance to the... 'US Constitution and Bill of Rights'... is being forced by this govt, under Eric Holder's DOJ and Barack Hussein Obama's Czarist regime, to immediately and quietly leave their elected positions.
Police Chief Shane Harger is Not going 'Quietly'...

Last week this same situation occurred in Pennsylvania.

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This Police Chief Shane Harger story is ongoing as of 01 Feb 2014

You Tube interview 18 mins.

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