Saturday, December 07, 2013

'Pay Raise' Anti Liberal (anti-parasite) post from AOL email 'guest'... 'New' Blogger censored? Wordpress obviously has no such problem

20 December 2013 try again to see if guest post is censored.... yet again. Robo of Cali has AOL and sends posts. Apparently 'New' Blogger does not like AOL? or Robo? Or anti-Liberal posts?

Well, the brilliant California legislature and the governor of California have given themselves a 5.3% pay raise and a 15% per diem raise. The raise was justified because the citizens commission on pay raises recommended it. And who appoints the citizens commission? Why the governor and legislature of course. Why were they given the pay raise? Because they balanced the state budget.

How did they balance the state budget? Why they took out the $600 billion un-funded pension liability that will come due some day. Brilliant! This was from the LA LA Times, not exactly a Conservative-Libertarian publication.

The Liberal Rag also reported that some (maybe all but not reported) Republicans are refusing the raise, because they are able to see the deceit, and the Democrats (again maybe all, but not reported as all) are accepting the raise, including the Democrat governor Jerry Brown. No Republicans were reported accepting the raise and no Democrats were reported refusing the raise. Hmmm.

The Los Angeles City council gave itself a raise of 1.4% to $181,292, again from the LA LA Times. Guess they think they are doing a great job of providing the best welfare in the nation and some of the lowest test scores in our schools. But that's irrelevant.

Our schools in LA teach the students to feel good about themselves. LA has the lowest test scores  in the nation, but the students feel good about themselves and the system is "diverse" and that's important. Can't do simple addition or subtraction, but they 'feel good'.
In the meantime the gas prices in CA increased $.42/gal. in 5 days, but that's the fault of the greedy oil companies and George Bush II, not the EPA rulings, formulas, and taxes imposed by Big Bro.
Saw in the news this morning that Harry Reid, head honcho in the Democratic controlled Senate, was hospitalized because he wasn't feeling well. Wonder if "Not Feeling Well" is covered by Obamacare? Wait, my mistake, Harry Reid and the rest of the elite's and Big Bro's staff, are Exempt from Obamacare. Maybe someone was able to read the Obamacare bill Before it was passed? Is that legal? "Good enough for me, but not for thee"?

Harry Reid is also the Senator who will not allow a bill he doesn't like, that originated in the House, to come to a vote in the Senate. Much easier to blame the Republicans in the House and have the Socialist-Liberal-Progressive media cover for you, all while blaming the obstructionist Republicans? Have to remember that Truth, Logic, Reason, Common Sense and Facts are not the strong points in this White House, Senate, and their Mainstream Media.
The First Family of Parasites are off on another multi-million dollar vacation paid for by overtaxed taxpayers, those 47% who actually pay income tax. The vacation is well deserved, it's tough work having to lie, cover the lies, and keep raising money from duped donors, or the donors who receive 'special' favors.

How many rounds of elitist golf, at taxpayers expense, has Barack Bullshitsky played this year? Lost count. It's not easy being the President of a failed economy, failed administration, corrupt departments, Czars under the President, killing off ambassadors and their security guards, placing blame on everyone else. I mean this requires a long taxpayer supported vacation in Hawaii.
There was a story on the over hype, short on truth and facts, Socialist-Liberal-Progressive news agency Huff-Post on AOHELL that an important find was made under the Antarctic ice this morning. Didn't have time to read the story but first thought was what a perfect place for Bullshitsky's birth certificate and school records. Couldn't get any better than that.
Seeker of truth, logic, reason, common sense, and facts, especially FACTS.
Have a great CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS and if any Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrats are offended by the word CHRISTMAS send an E-mail to and someone will get right on it. Really-Period!


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