Monday, October 07, 2013

Blame the Tea Party?

This is another 'Guest' post, copied from an email of AOHELL origin. That may be the problem, but seems strange that other similar emails not of AOHELL origin, criticizing the agenda of this administration of national Socialism are also blocked from posting. 'New' Blogger is either extremely paranoid or despises AOL. Of course the subject matter criticizing the Democrats National Socialism for the masses, may be an issue. It tends to bring up 'facts' about the issues, noted by the University degreed 'guest' poster.

Maybe 'New. Blogger's algorityms do not like the guest from past experiences? When the blame for 'everything', falls on a president from almost a decade ago (last time he had a party congress), there is a definite problem with realistic comprehension. The term 'Tea Party', unless used in a derogatory fashion, elicits foaming mouth rhetoric from the leftist media and their agenda driven manipulators. Of course blaming them and their conservative (sustainable) nature, for whatever else is now disintegrating in US society.

Never mind that the increasingly perpetually dependency addicted, uneducated masses vote solid Democrat. The US school system teaches only Democrat, bigger government is better, perpetual dependency addiction is the best way to a totalitarian 'Progressive' lifestyle. Control of the masses from cradle to grave is the best way to exist? Really? History anyone?

Whatever the cause for 'New' Blogger blocking these posts (they are visible in draft and this note came in a form of composed email), the fact they are allowed to be posted on Wordpress, seems relevant to the issue.

Why is that only the Social Security system is endlessly threatened to be on the verge of running out of money, including Bankruptcy? while  Never the US Welfare system? Ahh ...'The Great Society' (Communism) What's not to love? Of course the post will be blocked and a large blank space will be seen below this line.

Let me explain this debt thing a bit. All of my credit cards are maxed out so I need a new one to pay my bills. Don't yell, I just want to raise my own debt ceiling and besides I only spent half of what I did a few years ago. So see I cut my own deficit in half. Like Detroit.

Your Welcome!
I have been reading about the mean, selfish, capitalist, Tea Party types,as envisioned by the Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrats.
This is what I have found:
A Tea Party advocate is one who is a hill billy living in the back woods who does not pay taxes and lives perpetually on welfare and sucks the government dry.
My question then to the S-L-P-D is, if they do not pay taxes, and live on welfare, why would they want the government shut down?
Or as one of the S-L-P-D intelligent creatures put it, a Tea Party is a greedy capitalist big wig who doesn't pay taxes and lives off the backs of the poor people and the "Little Guy". Did he mean like Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey? No names were given.
I believe the comments read, on AOHELL and LA LA Times are proof that what this country needs is a competency test for it's people to vote. Just being 18 isn't enough, used to be 21 until the Democrats needed more votes. There should be a test and voter ID card to show one is capable of understanding the issues. Just that a candidate is black, or half black, or the cry of racism, or I'm going to rob one group of people to support the perpetual parasites is not good enough.
Why can't we all just agree on one villain in this? How about the aliens who landed at Roswell, New Mexico. it's their fault, or George Bush's fault!
Show me where I'm wrong? 'Guest'


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