Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Costs of Government

'New' Blogger deleting posts by 'key' words detected on algorithms? Censorship in support of political agenda? Restrictions related to source of published format? So many questions. See another interesting example below from a 'Guest'. Derived from information read in daily LA TIMES news paper publication, It contained the name of this sitting president, his adamant supporters, cabinet members, appointees, their politically powered atrocities accepted with no question by the 'news' media and was received in an AOL email.

"I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficit either now or in the future."

September 9, 2009
Barack Obama
Actually he was technically correct. He did not add one dime, he added trillions of dollars. So take that you Tea Party racists.
So what's wrong with California's economy? Well consider this from the LA LA Times:
Janet Napolitano, former Democratic governor of Arizona, former head of Homeland Security, and now president of the University of California system.
Her base salary is:                                        $570,000/year (more than Obama)
A rented mansion:                                         $10,000/mo. Or $120K/yr.
Auto allowance:                                             $8,916/yr.
A one time relocation expense:                       $145,500 (must have a lot of stuff)
These are ALL taxpayer funded costs.
She has no academic experience, except as a student.
Wonder if the so called students against capitalists and the so called 99%ers will demonstrate in front of her mansion? Don't bet on it, hypocrisy rules the Democrats. Someone has to pay for those $35,000 fundraiser dinners that Obama has for the Little Guy.
In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win.
In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.
Ayn Rand
Remember that when the latest negotiations begin over the budget cuts. Don't expect Obama to cut anything, he has another vacation planned, after the last vacation. White House is still closed "To The Children", while the First Family of Parasites vacation, and the mainstream media sees nothing wrong with this. 
The GOP will be vilified for not raising the debt limit, the Democrats and their media lap dogs will call the Republicans greedy, selfish, obstructionist, and uncaring. Remember 'compassion' is the key word for the Democrats, see the above quote and costs.
Want to laugh? Many far left wing Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrats see themselves as moderates. That's phunny, but none can define far-left.
Show me where I'm wrong.


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