Sunday, November 11, 2012

NEW Blogger, "Change is Good, you go first"

'New' Blogger apparently is, not for the present time, the simple to use, friendly instrument of communication it once was (note the lack of automatic Publish paragraphing from paragraphed draft). Possibly due to my own ignorance of the 'Changed' system? One 'Forum' comment (there are countless), describes this 'one paragraph auto format' as a 'Blob'. For many years, I composed a draft, compiled over several edits from various sources, then copied and posted the final draft as 'Publish'. No longer is that always acceptable to 'New' Blogger for some unknown reasoning? (see the previously totally blank Post about Lincoln County New Mexico and Billy the Kid. btw it finally, mysteriously 'Publish'ed.... AFTER I parallel moved the blog from blogger to 'Copy' from guest Robo's email (AOL) was periodically posted over the last six years with no problems... No longer acceptable? Paragraphing (example seen here) is periodically lost during the 'Publish' segment of final post? The historically low SATS of US students is also a possibility. Could they be the 'New' Blogger's programmers? Of course the possibility of being vindictively hacked or censored for political reasons, is always a remote possibility. Blogengeezer is continually commenting on current events across the internet, based on a lifetime of observations (what works, what Doesn't). 'Anti-Liberal, Anti-Left, Anti-Socialism, Anti-Communism' is My personally avowed stand (unlike the latest generation of US students, I have at the least, Read History), as is the apparently diminishing (note: last elections) concern for moralistic 'Change' in our present elected govt. In a voting democracy, the voters eventually get... 'Everything'... they Vote for (Deserve?). In either case, DaFlikkers 'family' blog (no profanity allowed), with it's interesting random images of Ducks and sunsets, is no longer easily published, as are hyper links to relative information, or Any Political opinion? Farewell for a time. I will not delete willingly, but cannot prevent this blog from being removed by 'Forces' beyond my control. In the future, the welcome replacement/fine tuning for 'New' Blogger will result, due to inevitable 'Change'. In that case, I may return to post comments/stories/pics.... without fear of Censored? retaliation? Other 'Restrictions'? Complications? Da Flikkers New 'parallel' realm on the net, is now located at Lets see if Billy the Kid and articles about Dogs, Cats, Trips in the RV, Acting gigs and daily/weekly/monthly 'adventures' with pics are more easily Published. Thank you all, for six + years and tens of thousands of 'Hits', in this greatest Nation in History, The United States of America, One Nation Under God.... Blogengeezer


Blogger napoleon said...

Please post a story about the real reason for the "Christian" crusades

10:47 PM  
Blogger napoleon said...

Change? Please post a Story about the real reason for the "Christian" Crusades. I'm tired of people who said the Christians are responsible for the blood shed of so many "innocent"

10:49 PM  

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