Thursday, August 02, 2012

Chic-Fil-A day

We went for Chik-Fil-Day on Wednesday.
The traffic line was in 'All' directions. One lady said that before lunch, it extended 1.5 miles.
She told us that both locations were running the same traffic...ALL in 'support' of Chic-Fil-A.

The local 'NEWS' media...the 'Old Media' was nowhere to be seen during the massive 'Eat In'. But the evening 'News' did manage to earlier find two young girls
 that told the 'news' they ate at Chic three times a week. Really? Three times a week? Don't they have a life?
I strongly suspect the young girls, so impressionable with causes, have a problem with being truthful as well.

Said they were "just not going to do that anymore, because of the 'intolerance' for gays"... Wow talk about Intolerant.
When asked at a Religious conference, His personal position on the Gay lifestyle and marriage deviancy, Dan Cathay said he 'personally' supported TRADITIONAL FAMILY.
He did Not say he was Intolerant of GAYs.

Apparently the Liberal Leftist 'news' does not like what They cannot control?
Chicago and Boston mayors 'not allowing' the franchise to open stores?
What blatant Intolerance on their part..... and what 'Maoist' Communist tactics..... to be Forced on America

Are these elected officials now 'Dictators'?

It took us about two hours to get our great meal at reasonable prices,
enjoy it with friends in air conditioned comfort and return home. Not bad for a fun day in the sun.
Almost as much fun as a concert in the park. Met several nice people in line as well.

When we arrived at 1:30pm, the line snaked around the parking lot entrance in a loop. The LGTB crowd of protestors had already left, demoralized at the sight of their own instigated, lack of judgement.

The 'drive through' was equally long, but they waited in running, air conditioned cars. 

Attendants were running back to several cars in line for the window, to take the orders in advance. The business wise, management foresaw the possible turnout for the event first mentioned by Mike Huckabee, and set up a large tent for shelter.
They were passing out ice water cups, while thanking everyone for the support.

Everyone including the expanded staff, was upbeat and happy, in spite of the hot sun. Many brought umbrellas and big hats. The servers were really nice, to keep circulating and smiling, while passing out ice water and the meal orders to the person's named.

Peach shakes were special on Wed. The chicken sandwiches were very large and tasty. The waffle cut fries were excellent.
The manager kept stopping to greet everyone. Len told us he double staffed for the day and a refrigerated supply truck was nearby.
 The two wheeled dolly was busy transporting boxes of  food from the 'reefer', for the staff to prepare.

Added note: we returned on Thursday for excellent Chicken Salads. Lines were manageable and fast moving. CFA is usually very busy anyway. At this rate we could go through the menu in a week if we had no other life. Who would have thought that the misjudgement of an 'Intolerant', 'In your face' group, promoting a deviant lifestyle, could erupt into an explosive Backlash..... against them. 

Latest note of the Intolerant: Intolerant short video of himself, proudly berating the innocent young woman at the 'drive through window' after getting his free Water 'Only', has gone viral. He tried to pull it, but the cobra was out of its basket. He got Fired, after being tracked down and recognized. A CFO of a company no less. You would think that as 'An Elitist' with acceptance of All Diversity, he had a better education. The 'Intolerant' Bully

  • Never paid 'special' attn to the LGBT community, having friends in HS, periodically leaning in that direction, it was acceptance of their choice, without blatant Promotion. This loud vocalizing and spinning of facts, has awakened the Opposing faction. The traditional Family, that now realizes the Agenda of blatant Force, 'promoting' the deviant lifestyle of the LGBT Religion. The customers in line, were active in discussing the reasons for showing their support for Dan Cathy. Judging by the outpouring of Traditional Families, It bodes Not well, for this 'sitting president' that 'chose his side'.

    I would surmise also as a positive, great profit, blessing, will emerge for Chic-Fil-A, from the attacks by the truly 'Intolerant'.
     Now the truly Intolerant are planning a sexually deviant 'Kiss In' day on Friday, Just as obnoxious as their 'Gay Pride days' and parades. A decadent display to 'Force' their own Perverted 'Religion' onto the Family oriented customers of Chic-Fil-A.

    Friday is 'Their' planned 'Spoiler' day. What an obnoxious Intolerant group,
    showing Their own true hatred for the 'Traditional Family' they so despise....or secretively Envy?
    The 'Feral' Groups created by the 'Nanny' govt, have problems. Now their problems are affecting Everyone.

    The 'Feral' groups are gradually coming into the majority..minority?.
    Brought on by the 'Free stuff for everyone' 'Great Society'. When will it end?
    Only when the 'gravy train' is finally empty, or decides that due to bankruptcy, no longer leave the station.

    Enjoy the 'exciting' life in the greatest nation ever existed on earth, The United States of America, "One Nation Under God"..


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    Wanting a different breakfast, I noted a Chick-Fil-A, as I drove along Paseo Del Norte on ABQ's North side. Did you know they serve breakfast? Noted several various items on the menu and an eager counter person waiting patiently to serve me whatever I desired. I chose a bagel with scrambled egg, cheese and CHICKEN.. Very fast service and excellent with a cup of hot coffee. Never thought that I would really enjoy a piece of 'Chicken' for breakfast. :>)

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