Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Motor House" lifestyle USA

Why we justify our periodic nomadic lifestyle.

Without the Motor Home, Co-pilot using her Garmin, maps and various camping catalogs, could never 'See' the USA she dutifully paid taxes for all of our lives to build. Especially up close and personal :>)
Our 'total' traveling costs... per day, 'have been' previously in the realm of $150 max, due to frequent free nights while in transit at the beckoning of gracious Walmart and various other attractive 'pastures?

Several large 'big box' parking lots, that we frequent regularly, are quiet and treesy, with lush green grassy areas just outside our door. Re-stocking of provisions is within walking distance into the store. Often we notice a small 'circling of wagons' in the evening. Especially during infrequent wind and rain storms. Dodging Tornadoes is an exciting bit of weather watching and planning that adds to the satisfaction.... so long as we do it right.. Tannehill Georgia was pretty exciting.

  •  We avoid the states that discourage by restriction, Walmart Camping. We avoid like a plague, the few obsessed 'Gun Control' states, because we are Always well armed, 2nd Amendment style, as well as Certified Concealed Carry. The fate of fellow RV travelers, Gary and Linda Hass from Oklahoma
  • is still fresh in our minds. New Mexico alone has had it's share of Career Repeat Offenders, 'Changing' the lives of innocent 'Victims'
  • The police are very efficient. Dial 911, they arrive in time to wrap the yellow tape around the crime scene and collect evidence...After the violence and carnage.

    The Freedom loving 'Republic of Texas' is one of our favorites. The massive state offers so much variation in landscape, it is like traveling across several states. The Southwest Desert has left it's mark on the Western edge. The Hill country and it's Ranching with German influence. Fredricksberg has that ambiance, Quaint International type Cafes as well as the Museum of the Pacific Theater to enjoy. 
  • Gulf Coast water environment and 70 mile natural beach of North Padre Island barrier offers a far different experience of Sea Turtles, Sharks and surf fishing. Texas offers free fishing while staying in it's over 100 various themed State Parks. Swamps and Bayous of the lower Eastern Louisiana influence bring campers back in time to a slower pace still enjoyed by many. Eastern farming with the industrial activity spread across most of Texas around the well known urban areas, that offer employment to anyone looking for a 'Work' oriented lifestyle.  
  • We enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Prosperous Port Townsend shipyards and surrounding area keep us interested for days. If you have a US Passport, the excellent Washington State and British Columbia Ferry System beckons. Anacortes Washington is home and manufacturing port of many commercial fishing boats (A boats) seen on Deadliest Catch. Oregon coastline camping being our favorite scenic Pacific Ocean ambiance
  • The always beautiful mountainous Western states that surround it, are fine touring. World Class. :>)

    Co-pilot's disability forgoes Any Motel or Hotel.
    Her extreme allergies associated, cause her intense and lasting (days past original exposure) discomfort and fatigue. Any 'smells', volatiles, sanitizers, de-odorizers, smoker's odors,.... anything and Everything, cause unbearable joint pain (akin to extreme, progressively crippling arthritis) accompanied by deep respiratory problems. Our well 'stabilized' base home and the fact that the Motor House is now vintage, well used and odor free , create the useable and enjoyable living space she, by necessity requires. New units, like New cars, are smelly, toxic boxes of fresh chemistry.

    By controlling her environment and meal regimen, (both of which also control and limit her discomfort) she can remain in the Motor House for days at a time. Sitting in her comfortable front seat, looking out the big windshield, as we tour and see the USA, is an experience to remember.

    Not encumbered with periodic requirements to step outside, if not desired,.... or having a Severe, progressively crippling 'day' (each severe attack leaves her more disabled). Being thrifty by necessity, she carries and acquires at thrift stores, numerous books to read inside her rolling house, while I hike and explore the areas we camp..

    Hopefully, knee replacements, though risky for sufferers, will allow her to again climb the stairs, like she once was able, rather than crawl up and down like a dog, as she is barely able to do now. In San Antonio KOA, we met a man traveling with his Blind wife in a vintage Winnebago. He described the sights and vistas in detail as they toured the nation. She knew every crevice of the small Winnebago, and prepared their meals, while he maintained and drove the vintage Winnebago.

     One pleasant evening in Greensberg Kansas
  • before it was destroyed by a Tornado 04 May 2007, we met a Coleman tent camping family of very funny, heavy older folks, that laughingly described others as 'morbidly' obese, joking that 'they' themselves were just 'over' weight.... for their height. Said that if they were a foot taller, they would be just fine. :>) Fun evening discussions, no matter where we travel and who we meet.

    'Fun Valley' RV Campground in Southern Colorado is an adventure in itself. So many things to keep campers busy, we took our grand kids on occasion. They remember the trips to this day, even though now teens with their own lifestyles. Ruidoso New Mexico is another camping destination they enjoyed.

    We also do not particularly relish the city life, where the hotels and motels are located, other than to visit some historic sites. We eschew the urbanized settings, in exchange for the National forests, State Parks, Lakes, Rivers, even semi-arid deserts... if scenic and inhabited by natures always interesting Wildlife :>)

    We enjoy the freedom from 'reservations' dictating our travel whims (Being 'Free' spirits, we Never plan for any night's stay). In popular tourist destinations, even the camping lifestyle is now requiring reservations. Only off the beaten path, do we still find secluded little campgrounds, that are happy to see us pull in for the evening. Some of our most enjoyable camping has been in those little, somewhat forgotten places. :>)

    Since the economy 'CHANGE', it appears that people are being 'forced' into Camping far more than before. We see more of the Traditional families in tents, than ever. They are far more abundant in the parks in these 'Changed' later years. Small camping trailers are now considered a step up from the fun and exciting 'roughing it' tents..

    We enjoy watching the small families having fun together, while out in the natural settings. The kids are so excited and active during the daylight, they hit their sacks soon after darkness. I remember being in Boy Scouts and the same warm secure feeling, crawling into the sleeping bag for the night.

    In Tennessee we watched a small happy Traditional  Family, camping in tents around their little camp fire. The brothers were wearing Davy Crockett/Dan'l Boone Coonskin caps, as they hid among the trees, while we carefully wedged the rig into our chosen site.

    They were carrying well constructed toy 'Brown Bess' cap fire muskets with green wooden stocks, and what appeared to be a cap fire Pirate pistol. They had proudly bought them, while visiting Disney Land in Anaheim Cal.... they told us the whole story. :>)

    The 'forest frontier' boys, crawled through the grass and 'surrounded' our camp, as we set up for the evening :>)
    I told the family that I was impressed, that in this 'PC indoctrinated' day, the 'lost boys' were still Allowed to be Armed :>)

    The very intelligent Mother told us that their kids were 'Home Schooled' during their cross country 'Education'. Seeing and learning about America and her History, is the goal of their camping travels. They are intensely studying... 'Every'.... aspect of the America our ancestors so proudly built.

    We were proud of her and her husband, and told them so. Gave them my copy of 'American Rifleman'. :>) That National Campground in Tennessee, is the birthplace of Davy Crockett (very Independent, interesting guy).  The young boys showed me their weaponry and were anxiously awaiting the opening of the Crockett museum on Monday. :>)

    The last opportunities (we are not getting younger, the USA is gradually becoming more restrictive, less Free)  for seeing the Greatest nation the world has ever known,  meeting the fantastic LEGAL Citizens that keep it functioning and maintaining FREEDOM.

    As long as we are able, we will forgo other pleasures. Saving the costs that others justify expendable, to instead periodically spend to relish our FREE USA.
    We still continue to love our amazing, unique nation and the travel opportunities to see it's wonders, even in our rapidly dwindling active years. God willing, we will somehow find the resources and energy to 'keep on Rollin' on'. :>)
     Enjoy life and touring in The United States of America, The Greatest Nation the World has Ever known, "One Nation Under GOD"

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