Sunday, February 26, 2012

BLAME, the newly American, political pastime.

Guest Post:
on 'placing Blame'.

Nancy Pelosi was recently at the 'Bush I' Library in Texas. She was calling for a new, civilized discourse between the GOP and her Democrats. As a reminder of what she said when she took over the House in 2007. Let that year 2007 sink in, the Democrats controlled 'Both' House AND Senate... since 2007.

"The American people told us they expected us to work together for fiscal responsibility, the highest ethical standards, with civility and bipartisanship. After years of historic differing, this 110th Congress will commit itself to a higher standard; 'PAY AS YOU GO', NO new deficit spending. OUR new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, NOT burden them with mountains of debt."

"We won... end of discussion."
"We Have to pass it, to see what's in it."

How's that burden of debt for future generations, looking like now? Why was there 'No' budget even submitted? when the Democratic Party controlled Both Senate, House, and White House?

There is a Balanced Budget Amendment, that only the GOP is pushing. In a recent issue of "The American Legion" magazine, there was an article giving support for the amendment, by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-VA.
Opposed to the amendment, by none other than... Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. D-ILL. Why should anyone be surprised that Jesse Jackson Jr. would oppose and punish individual Responsibility, in favor of Collective Dependency Addiction?

His 'bullet point' reasons are as follows:
"An economic gap between rich and poor. Ask the 99 percent". BTW Should also ask his 1%'er economic Rev. father, who made his millions as a preacher of race and hate? How about his 1%'er hypocritical son?

"Social gaps between racial minorities and the majority white population". Yep gotta play the race card. Just a chip off the old block. Dad taught him well.

"A gender gap. Women earn 76 cents for every dollar men earn." Yep, after the race card, play the gender card. Doesn't have to be true, or have any validity,
More men than women work for a living. But if the race baiter says it, must be true. Maybe he learned that from Obama.

"A generation gap. Will Social Security be there for the next generation?"
Obviously Not, the Democrats are spending it at a rate that will take many generations to pay off. The debt THEY have accumulated and immensely magnified. Hence the "Balanced Budget Amendment".

It is the Democratic Party, that turned the 'at one time' Funded Trust, Social Security (insurance against old age poverty, totally paid for by the working class) into the 'Great Society' lifetime of Dependency, welfare program for the young, that it is today.

"An infrastructure gap. We need upgrades to our roads, bridges, ports, levees, water and sewer systems, high speed rail, airports and more, to remain competitive in the world marketplace".

Is there any financial accountability for the taxes WE the working people, have been paying our entire lives to build these benefits? Or is that all just money flushed away and unaccountable?

Ask the Democratic Party in CAL, what happened to the money? Ask California about high speed rail and how it can help push the state further down the tubes of bankruptcy.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why this country needs a 'Balanced Budget Amendment', as explained by the Son-Of-A-Jesse Jackson. He couldn't have explained it better.

This is the same Jesse Jackson Jr., who is 'supposedly' under investigation by the FBI for his part in an illegal scam. To replace Barack Obama's Senate seat, 'pay for Obama's vacated office', that sent an Illinois governor (Blagovitch)to prison... to join other Ill. governors.

Same investigators that were investigating Maxine Waters and her husband's bank account, a 'slush' fund, to finance the "Perpetually Poor". If they were 'Honkey's they'd be in priso., 'Race' obviously does have 'it's privileges.

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency (the group that the GOP opposes), plans to spend $448 million in 2012. A 26% increase, to 'supervise' more (take over more) private companies. As all Govt agencies, they do reproduce fast... once they are born and subsidized. Much like their creation, Welfare constituents.

The Fed is writing new financial rules..... behind closed doors. You'll find out about the new laws... after they become law. Isn't that how the Democratic System always works? Shove it down their throats, then tell the newly impoverished taxpayers, who BTW always pays more than their Fair Share, "It's for Your own good".

Knew it had to be.
The Attorney General of CAL, Kamala Harris (D), is responsible for the wording on the ballots, that the poor taxpaying citizens get to vote on. If she can't stop the proposition from going on the ballot, she can use her Power to change the ballot verbiage, to 'favor' (by obfuscation) her Democratic/union/socialist/eco-enviro support base.

And that's exactly what she's now doing. Why should it be any surprise that this African decent, San Francisco based, Socialist/Liberal/Progressive/Democrat, would do anything differently? Is there a recognizable 'Political Party' pattern here?

Define hypocrite... please. Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Jesse Jackson Jr., and Kamala Harris. Please, no name calling, just offer some facts, to dispute what I write. Facts, do you understand what they are? Facts are a tough thing to live with.

And oh yes, the officially 'undocumented' unemployment picture IS sharply up? In Washington D.C. though, Obama can run on His employment record. Base pay 100-200K average. Qualifications? Be of correct race, gender, sexual orientation, or party Hack. Look it up. Knowledge of anything useful not needed... nor especially desirable.

All problems are magically defined as the fault of, Bush II, Cheney, Halliburton, Capitalists, Greedy Big Oil, Greedy Big Pharma, Greedy etc. Greedy etc. Greedy etc. Always was, always will be... Under 'This' Political Party.

Show me where I'm wrong.
Thank you for your time.
The 'Robo' of Cali


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