Sunday, December 25, 2011

Right to Vote, South Carolina

Posted comment by Law Abiding US Citizen Joe Kirkup, wildlife photographer

  • In reference to the current administration's US DOJ ruling vs South Carolina, that an Identity Card is Not Required? To Vote, especially for Liberal Left totalitarian Democrats?
    Wash Times: commentary

    I am not sure how much more blatant this staggering abuse of government power has to become before we say enough is enough. Think about it, to enjoy the most important and coveted privilege granted to any citizen of any democracy on this earth, most of us would struggle through any process, take any series of tests, provide any and all forms of ID and drive halfway across whatever state we are in, to cast our ballot.

    The fact that, here in America as opposed to many places, we don't have to ride all day on an old bus, full of goats and chickens, to get to the polls. We don't have to be threatened and sometimes actually killed for the privilege to cast our vote. We don't have to beg for UN election officials to keep things honest.

    There are no suicide bombers waiting in the shadows for all of us to gather in a public place. We don't have to even speak English to vote. We don't have to take a literacy test. We don't have to know a wit about the US Constitution that provides for this sparkling privilege. All they ask us to do is simply get a photo ID and present it at the polls, Period. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is apparently asking too much.

    Even with the lax voting laws and the constant democrat encouragement to vote (illegally if necessary), minorities, especially blacks, still don't bother. On any given election, minority turnout is about 20%. All you have to do is put down that Big Mac, turn off BET for a few minutes, get on the democrat rented school bus and go to the polls but no, even at that it is just too much trouble.

    I have a commercial drivers license which requires me to submit to drug testing at random. If I get a speeding ticket anywhere I risk my license. I have a Captain's license, again random drug tests. I had to produce all manner of ID to get it, up to and including birth certificate, SS card, drug test, finger prints plus a difficult exam. I have a concealed weapons permit. Yup, you guessed it, finger prints, drug test, birth certificate, exam etc... None of these things are as precious, or as important as my Right to Vote.

    I think we can all feel it in the air. Time is running out. The nation is being entirely corrupted by government in all it's insidious forms starting with teachers unions, all the way to a president who is actually an illegal alien. Young people have no concept of self reliance at all. If there's a problem you cry to the government and do your best to act like some form of victim. I for one, am just plain sick and tired of it. If your lazy, stupid, uneducated (for free) butt doesn't want to vote then don't. Just stuff down another box of McNuggets and shut up.

    Joe Kirkup
    Calvin Ave
    Lehigh Acres, FL

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