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ORWELL 1984 "Those who control the Past"---

Posted by guest Robo:

How did we get to this point?

"Those who control the past, control the future". "Those who control the present' controls the past".
Big Brother's party slogan: "1984," by George Orwell.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace Alarmed-and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
H.L. Mencken

Think these "Progressive" scary thoughts; Global Warming, DDT, MMA Vaccines, Acid rain, Alar, Green Energy (subsidized by taxpayers of course), Organic (fine if it's voluntary), Ethanol (Al Gore again), Silicone implants, Dietary fraud from oat bran-fructose, that are nothing. Keep the electorate frightened of the Boogy man and let them know that you, as a candidate for office, will save them from imaginary harm.

Some Democrats bolted the party and Obama's coat tails in order to get re-elected. Does that mean we are all racist now?
I'll check with the Rev. Al, Rev. Jesse, Rev. Wright, and the rest of the self appointed Rev's, Oprah, Michelle, Obama's affirmative action prof on African studies, the rappers, the gangsta's, Kenya West, NAACP, BET, and anyone else the media has proclaimed "Expert" in racial matters.

Sooooo Tom DeLay gets 3 years in prison for funneling Private donor's money to Other candidates. Money freely given, no one was ripped off, but rules is rules and he gets 3 years. Why didn't Charles Rangle get something more than a rebuke for ripping off 'The Taxpayers'? Why didn't he do time for not paying his fair share, as Joe Biden 'says' he wants Everyone Else to do? Why has Congresswoman Maxine Waters not been brought before the tribunal?

It's been known, for years, that Maxine (of South LA fame) funneled taxpayers money into her husband's bank to help the poor. Instead her husband treated the bank as his own piggy bank. LA LA Times (a major supporter of Maxine) has been writing about this for years. In the year end edition, of the LA LA Times, they had a wish list. One of the wishes for 2011 was that; "Maxine gets off, not that she deserves it, but we hope she gets off".

Of course Maxine has many things going for her, she's a self proclaimed socialist (Progressive), African (like Charles Rangle), a female, and a Democrat (like Rangle). Can't become more immune from the law than that. Poor Tom DeLay, born Honkey, male, Republican, bad Tom, bad!

2010 the taxpayers gave up $6 billion in tax credits to subsidize ethanol, a fuel that is nearly a third less efficient as gasoline, has contributed to the increase in the price of corn, and can potentially cause engine damage. You can send a thank you note to Al Gore for this. The same Al Gore that wants to shove "Global Warming" junk science down your throat. Make sure the thank you note is "Green" so as not to endanger trees, must support the post office, produce no carbon, or upset the whales.

LA LA Times is calling the new Cali governor the "governor of the people." Can't wait until May 1st to grab my hammer and sickle and march in the parade. Isn't that what the "Progressives" want and do?

How did we get to this point in our country's history?

Media? Mainstream Media? Not to marginalize in any way the shootings in Tucson, AZ. but I first read about it an hour after the shootings on AOHELL. They said the shooter was "probably" influenced by Sarah Palin and the Teabaggers. No evidence, nothing but the writers lock step "Progressive" mentality.

Turns out the same mentality was exercised by the; "New York Times, LA Times, and other "Progressive" publications and media. Don't these people think? Do they have the capacity to think? Even my small town local newspaper, "Progressive" of course; got into the act.

When it was proven they were wrong, that a mad man committing the shooting was closer in philosophy to the left, the media started backtracking and saying, "it could have happened", "can't we be civil to each other?"

The question I have to ask is where were these pontificating hypocrites when their Messiah was talking:
"I'm itching for a fight."
"They bring a knife...We bring a gun."
"Get in their faces!"
"I don't want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I'm angry!"
"Hit back twice as hard."
"We talk to these I know who's ass to kick."
"Republican victory would mean 'Hand to Hand combat.'"
"It's time to fight for it.
"Punish your enemies" (referring to Americans who disagree with Democrats).
And Michelle's quote when she took a well needed vacation to Europe to demand the Olympic Committee give the games to Chicago, "We'll take no prisoners."
Must be a culture thing from the hood.

Where was the hypocritical Media calling for cooling of rhetoric then?

What about the "Progressives" Bashing Bush for 10 years? Where was the outrage and the high ground by the media? Where was the media when Cheney went into the hospital and on-line blogs hoping he wouldn't come out alive? Where were the sanctimonious hypocrites then?

If the "Progressive" media really must twist it's shorts in a knot and find blame someplace why not start with the "Progressive" ACLU who started shutting down the mental institutions in the 60s because the insane have rights too. If mental institutions were in existence, this insane killer would have been locked up.

continued in Nov post by ROBO of Cali.


Blogger Blogengeezer said...

LA LA Times ran Two stories about Joe Arpaio this morning. Quote: "Remember we have more illegal's than you have illegal's". Naner, naner, naner.
"And we treat them better, they can now get a 'taxpayer funded' college education".
Tell me again about the greedy corporations? I keep forgetting.


It didn't take this elected administration's Appointees long to attack...yes 'ATTACK' Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Joe is the ONLY common sense Sheriff in the USA, and this deceitful administration is 'ATTACKING' HIM.?

2012 can not come too soon for this voter...

8:03 AM  

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