Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Occupy Wall Street? Destroy Mainstreet?

Without 'Wall Street', Steve Jobs would never have gotten his concepts to market. Think about that for a minute, take longer if you actually require it. Yes he also 'Made too much money' as the Liberal Left OWS'ers are dead set against. All of this media gushing mind scribble, as they use their Steve Job's envisioned, small pocket electronic cyber-devices to organize their attacks on the nations infrastucture.... and law abiding society.. Talk about Hypocrasy...

This following post by Robo of California.
He see's the govt/media sustained 'disfunction' outside his door.

Media Bias?

It should be no secret that the mainstream Media has a decidedly Socialist/Liberal/Progressive/Democrat Party bias (Polls show they consistently vote overwhelmingly Democrat).

The LA LA Times this week reported; "Oakland engulfed by mostly peaceful protest". Huh? That's like that old morbid joke; "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play"? These un-civilized monsters were burning, looting, and trashing the city. Isn't that what the left wing protestors do? Isn't that what they have always done?

How about the headline AOHELL Huffington report this weekend; "Car drives through occupy crowd". Turns out three "peaceful, intelligent, minding everyone else's business" protestors jumped on a moving car in an effort to gain attention. No one was seriously injured, there was no arrest, and it was the protestors fault. But that's not what the headline leads one to believe.

How about the sexual harassment charges brought against Republican candidate Cain? This is in the headline everyday by the biased media. The headlines get more ridiculous and show the level of education of the reporters. Bottom line, the harassment charges are brought by anonymous women, with charges that no one can explain or explain the pay off made by Cain.

Where was the media when John Edwards, the darling of the Democratic Party in 08 (before Hillary and Obama threw their hat in the ring), when charges were made by a cheap rag that Edwards had fathered a love child with his mistress. The silence was deafening from the media hypocrites.

Turns out the National Enquirer was correct with the story. Someday he may go to trial on charges he misused campaign funds to cover up the accusations and support his mistress. Tom DeLay is sitting in prison for much, much less, but then DeLay is a Republican.

Where was 'the justice' with Charles Rangle and his tax cheating? Where is the justice with Maxine Waters and her misuse of taxpayers money funneled to her husband's bank? Those stories are swept under the rug.

Have been arguing that the high-speed rail that the CA taxpayers so foolishly agreed to fund is another government waste of money. Turns out I was right. But remember the LA LA Times and other left wing groups championed the program. Of course it creates jobs, lots of high paying green jobs for consultants, enviro/eco consultants, union jobs all of whom will vote for guess who?

Now the cost, before the project has started, is pushing 100 Billion, more than three times the amount promised by the high salaried 'backers'. Of course they are knocking down salaries that exceed the excess that Obama makes. Kinda makes the bankrupt taxpayers proud.

Governor is trying to figure out a way to close the $500 billion budget gap with a billion in cuts. At that rate the CA budget will be balanced in 500 years, if the legislature does not spend any more money. That's not going to happen!

Notice how the capitalists who have made their money from capitalism, Oprah and Michael Moore come to mind, then go and bash the very system that enabled them to become millionaires and billionaires. Don't notice them giving their money away, it's always 'someone else' to give their money away. How do you spell Socialist/Liberal/Progressive/Democrat Hypocrites?
The rest of the "Progressives", Community Organizers, ministers Jesse and Al, politicians Maxine and Rangle, just take from the working taxpayers to line their plush pockets. More hypocrites!

Is it just me or are the "Occupiers" with their new allies the Union thugs, looking and acting more like the Hitler Storm Troopers, without brown shirts. And these barbarians of an un-civilized society have the sympathy of The Messiah?

ROBO of California


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