Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween 2011

I get in the mood for Halloween sometimes. This year I finished the leather armor with bronze embellished straps, placed the big black steel helmet with a tall brush, on top my head and strapped on the black sword. The long spear was in the den from last year, so I grabbed it to finish the effect.

I became a fully armed, leathered and bearded Roman Gladiator, illuminated by an eerie red LED glow from above the open darkened doorway. My grandkids came by. One, the youngest boy just laughed and pointed, saying "Papa funny". The other brother ran past the door and hid. The younger most adventuresome boy eventually stayed with us for the evening as the trick or treaters came to the door.

He enjoyed giving out the little candy bars to the outstretched bags and pumpkins carried by two dozen princesses, pirates, 'Woody's, ghosts, Zombies and whatnots..

The armed Gladiator, his grandfather, scared a few of the evening's two dozen kids that came to the door. They excitedly ran ahead of their family who were walking up the driveway. They took one look into the open front door where the bearded, black leathered Gladiator bathed in a red glow, stood glaring down at them. They instantly screamed and ran back to their moms. My Halloween 'Tour of Duty' was accomplished. :>)

One previous year, I 'transmogrified' ('Calvin and Hobbs' term) into a black booted, deep voiced, gruff and bearded, scarred and dirty old sailor carrying a heavy long rope looped over my shoulder. I personally knew 'Jack Sparrow' (Pirates of the Carribean), and queried the 'Lubbers' as to my friend, Captain Jack's current whereabouts.

Then asking with great interest, "Any of ye 'Lubbers' evah been.... Tah Sea".?? "How would ye like tah go"? "We need 'mates' on board tah work hard and put sail tah thee ship"... "Have Ye evah been 'Keel Hauled''? "Walked thee plank"? "Been Shanghai'd"?

I then wandered a bit down the block behind them, stalking a few of the larger groups, whilst I was in search of a few straglers to 'Shangai'. They kept looking back while staying close to their parents....... I made them very nervous. :>)

Ran into one kid after he was grown and selling 'door to door'. He said that they were really concerned I was going to grab 'em, tie 'em up with the long rope and drag 'em to a ship, where they would never again see their home and family. Said it was soooo scary......

All of his friends always said it was their scariest and best Halloween EVER. :>)
He said they always remembered..... 'The guy that lived in THAT house'... as Very Scary.
Lucky I wasn't labled for life as a terrorist, deviant or molestor....... today.


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