Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cataract Surgery, right eye

Southwest Eyecare of Albuquerque New Mexico USA, 7110 Wyoming Blvd NE, Alb NM 87109, tel# 505-346-0500 is wonderful. In February, I had the left eye cataract removed and a new implant inserted by eye specialist, Dr Paul Sanchez. view that February story here
  • Southwest Eyecare has a national record setting success rate of amazingly only 'one in ten thousand' procedures resulting in a complication. My vision is, even after the initial February operation, better than ever in my life.

    This time the same procedure was done on my right eye. It was once again improved to even better vision. The miracle of vision is only further enhanced by the precision of modern surgery. The dedication of the numerous technicians and others involved, is remarkable in this healthcare field. From the very attractive receptionist that greeted me at the front desk, to the technician recording the final results, I would hope that it is equally well accomplished nationwide today.

    The device I placed my chin on, and looked at the colorful little balloon on the highway in the lense, is interesting in itself. It is that, which measures the size, critical positioning and patterning of the new 'lensed' image to focus on the retina. The machine itself, a marvel of Intelligent Design and engineering, to also thank the qualified tech recording the results.

    The technology and innovation behind the carefully measured, latest longevity enhanced 'swirl' type soft lens, 'ACRY Sof IQ', with it's little positioning arms (like a galaxy) inserted like a tiny rolled up scroll through a 1mm hole, is only matched by the skill of the Doctors doing the procedure.

    Years ago a friend, and also my own mother were the victims of licensed, presumed professional, incompetence. The unfortunate victims in most botched surgeries of this type are elderly, so no value is perceived in the state regulatory and court system to control the less than talented doctors. Fortunately the doctors today, at least in my case, are dedicated and highly professional.

    The little test admistered by Dr Sanchez on my first consultation, immediately determined my right eye was dominant for distance, the left for closer needs, as is common for right handed people. Makes perfect sense to me. When firing my weapon, Weaver Stance, I use my right eye to sight and right finger for trigger pull.

    Dr Sanchez wisely inserted lenses to compliment the brain's learned routine, so as not to cause a conflict with lifetime patterns. Today I received a small note from the doctor informing any officers of the law, that I no longer need to wear my glasses while driving. A more formal letter will follow for the motor vehicle division of NM.

    The surgery at the North satelite of Presbyterian hospital, AAESC went very well as in procedure before. The wonderful nurses and the other attendants payed close attention to my every response. The Anesthesiologist administered the interesting sedation. It is only effective on the eyesight for painless surgery and seemingly in my case, has no after effects. Fasting for twelve hours before surgery and a driver is required to get you home afterward for legal reasons.

    I could hear every word spoken by Doctor Sanchez and followed his instructions to concentrate on the three small bright lights during the surgery. No body movement is allowed, even a position change of the feet is strictly prohibited. This morning, 24 hrs after the procedure, I was tested at Southwest Eye Care and showed good results. One week from now I return for another examination.

    The eyedrop routine is to be followed to the letter. The night before the operation, one drop in the eye every hour to cleanse the eye of any bacteria that could cause an infection...the cause of most failures. After the surgery, one of each type (2) of drops in the eye every four hours, continued for one week.

    The final inspection at end of month will determine the overall success for both procedures. What a great experience in comparison to my past observations of friends and family. I would highly recommend Southwest Eyecare in ABQ for anybody.. In my mother's case, the incompetent doctor from a another clinic, fled NM to practice her muddling (blinding) of eyes in the Pacific Northwest.

    My latest one week examination determined that my eyesight is stabilizing and no sign of infection. The tightly adhered to, eyedrop routine is doing it's job. Three more weeks at scheduled, reduced dosage of eyedrops, and the final exam will determine the overall success.

    Already the ability to read the monitor of the computer is remarkable...and brighter. No more blurry clouds to divert vision around. The same blurry clouds, were at times, dangerously hiding portions of cars on the highway. I should have had this latest procedure, which was highly recommended by a friend, done a couple of years ago. Driving would have been more relaxing and less distracting.

    I have noticed that the modern wrap-around UV blocking sunglasses commonly used in youth oriented winter outdoor sports activities, are the best for eliminating side glare while providing for a natural vision radius of 180 degrees. My lifelong corrective eyeglasses always had side spots of hindered vison. The outstanding improvement is welcomed as an unexpected bonus.

    Added note 06 Jun 2011:
    Last exam today and passed with excellent results. Zach the tech did all tests using the fantastic equipment and recorded the results. Doctor Sanchez reviewed the data and inspected the eyes for any anomalies. All good to go. Next scheduled check up is in three months.

    Doctor Sanchez told of his own eyesight problems as a youngster. He could not hit any targets with his rifle. Turned out that a shooting instructor determined he was Left eye dominant while being right handed. He had to always allow for vague windage that was distance variable.

    Only 15% of people are like that. After that revolutionry discovery he learned to shoot his rifle Left handed with great shooting improvement. No wonder he uses the same test for his patients. His instructor had him hold out his hands at arms length with thumbs and forefingers touching, while centering a mounted Moose's nose in the spade shaped 'window'. We were lacking a Moose, so used the wall switch in his office. :>)

    Thank the Profit Motivated (naive 'I'm being kind' educators and journalists refer to it as 'Greed'), medical profession and innovators of technology in this Freedom loving USA, The greatest Nation the world has ever seen.
    "One Nation Under God". Pray that it does NOT Change.... National Socialism (NAtional ZI) does not have a pretty history.

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