Thursday, March 24, 2011

Truth.... in Media?

Posted by Robo of California:

Finding the actual truth is becoming more and more difficult in this Politically Correct, Revisionist, Progressive, society.

Take the February 7, 2011 issue of Time magazine with Ronald Reagan and Obama shaking hands on the cover. They 'Never' met, but don't let that fact get in the way of media 'spin'. Crux of the article was that Obama has quickly bottomed out, and is moving toward the center, and will soon be like Ronald Reagan?

The article went on to explain that Obama's 'Far Left' policies were the fault of Nancy Pelosi? and now that she's been thrown under the bus, Obama can fix what Pelosi has ruined in four years, and Obama in two.

Unfortunately I had neither a bird cage bottom to line, nor a fish to wrap, and make use of this publication. I had met Ronald Reagan, and worked for his election for governor of California, and I can say, "Mr. Obama, you're No Ronald Reagan." Not even close. Truth in media? I think not!

Someone is starting a scholarship for the most under-served, under appreciated, most discriminated against persons in this country. The Anglo-Saxon honkey-'cracker' male. I mean everyone else has 'preferred' status in jobs, financial assistance, government put asides, and increased and prefered welfare (1999 Community Investment Act). But the Anglo-Saxon 'honkey-cracker' male only gets to pay the bill through ever increasing, excessive taxes.

Someone is finally starting to appreciate the Anglo-Saxon male? the Demographic who has historically given so much to society. Democracy, Republic form of government, science and patents, medicine, technology, education, religion, philosophy, athletics, etc. They have brought you air flight, space flight, trains, ships, TV, the computer, automobile, cameras, X-ray, CT, MRI, and breast scanning technology. To say nothing of all the luxuries the human race has desired.

They have provided the laws (although some I wish they hadn't), standards and disciplines that keep things somewhat stable. It's time to have the scholarship money to bring newer and more exciting things to the world. No matter how much they have been knocked around by so many social groups, they still want to be able to return to help get the world we have desecrated, back to some sort of order and saneness.

Shouldn't our 'new world order' be somewhat grateful for the Anglo-Saxon in history? Their grave sites are all around the world as a reminder of their continued fight for freedom for ALL. This is not to say that others have not contributed, but to recognize that as evil, as everyone seems to try to make us, we are still trying to make things better for all. I wish it wasn't this way, the cry from the Leftists is that we are all equal, EXCEPT...
"Some are more equal than others." (self elected ruling Pigs quote from 'Animal Farm')

Go Wisconsin! Talk about Republicans with guts? Of course the headlines from the mainstream media read, "Wisconsin Union Busting Bill" (from AOHELL), "Strip Collective Bargaining Rights," (LA LA Times).

Of course these headlines are misleading at the least. First the unions aren't busted, they are scaled back in 'how much' they can rob from the helpless taxpayer.

They still have bargaining rights, 'over' the inflation rate. They have to contribute about 10% more to their very generous medical and retirement package. Medical and retirement benefits the poor taxpayer has to fund, against his will.

Those two great "Progressive" intellectuals got their 15 seconds of undeserved fame, Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore. Come to think about it, isn't Charlie Sheen another "Progressive Intellectual?" Seemed most of the protesters were students and teachers cutting class. How do you spell Parasites ripping off the taxpayers?

What is absolutely amazing, is that Anyone within the GOP gets elected... because there is not going to be any truth from the mainstream media to back them up. Media outlets, like Time magazine, Newsweek (should be Newspeak), NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, PBS, etc. are simply AP propaganda arms of the "Progressive Party".

Congressman Peter King is holding hearings on radical Islam. Of course, true to lock step form, the "Progressive Party" is screaming racism, profiling, and wants the hearings to include all religions. OK, in the name of fairness lets hold hearings for all religions that engage in organised terrorist activity that blow people up.

Let's hear it for the Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindi, Shinto, and every other religion that advocates organised terrorist activity and destroying human life to appease their gods.

Ready? Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. What there aren't any others? What could congressman King be thinking of? When so called mainstream Muslims take to the streets with demonstrations, as shown against the GOP government in Wisconsin, then I will believe Islam is a peaceful religion. Obama already believes this, but then look at the source of that belief.

I have just gone through bureaucratic hell to get a smog certificate for a classic 77 Chevy with only 55,000 original miles. It has cost over $525 plus 5 months of 'jerk around' by the auto and smog industry to certify the car safe to drive in California. The culprit was 5 carbon molecules, per million, more than the bureaucrats in Sacramento allows us serfs.

Had to have a carburetor overhaul, maybe just replaced the gasket as far as I know. That's 5 carbon molecules per million and 5 months wasted to satisfy some junk science law. I know someone who spent 6 months jumping through this bureaucratic hoop.

The problem is, if you're a bureaucrat, answerable only to fellow bureaucrats, and your very generous salary provided by taxpayers, dependent on there being smog,.... there will be smog.

If your mega benefits package is dependent on their being smog, there will be smog.

If your golden retirement package, paid for by the taxpayers, is dependent on their being smog, guess what? There will be smog.

No matter how insignificant and no matter how much voodoo science is involved, if not answerable to anyone but fellow bureaucrats, there will be a hazard.
In all 'Fairness' (the lefts favorite word) I do have to say that Big Brother offered me $1,000 in taxpayers money to junk my classic car. I am so glad Big Bro loves me and looks after me.

We should ban breathing, or at least exhaling, as it produces CO2, and would imaginably warm the earth.
No swimming because it causes drowning.
Driving causes accidents.
Walking causes tripping.
Sports cause injury.
Electricity can cause death.

And while the Progressive 'elites' are at it, regulating our lives, they should also ban all Dihydrogen Oxide. It's everywhere! In the food chain, in the water we drink, in the soil, in the plants, in our food, It can cause death. Some Progressive should start the, "Society to ban Dihydrogen Oxide". Who knows they might win an Oscar from Hollyweird and a 'Piece' Prize to prop open a door. Might be some useful purpose there?

On 2001 the "Progressive" County of Los Angeles floated a bond for $5.7 billion (that's right with a "B") to fix up the Jr. Colleges. What could go wrong? The Jr. Colleges get state of the art equipment, the remodeling provides jobs, high paying union jobs, and the taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

Perfect scenario, what could go wrong? Well, none other than the LA LA Times (wonder upon wonders) has been reporting that 10's of millions of dollars has had to be spent to correct the shoddy workmanship, falling plaster, crooked doors, tilted walls, and just plain wasted funds.

So much for the union label. The overpaid administrator was fired or resigned, too bad, he would have had a cushier retirement package. Just another countless project to overtax the taxpayer.

But then actual "Truth" is not in the vocabulary of the "Progressive Party".
(In Huxley's 'Brave New World', the ruling leftists had their 'Ministry of Truth')



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