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Concealed Carry Certification, Recertify New Mexico

Wow, cold enough to render a brass monkey sterile in New Mexico this morning. It was 14 degrees on the Rio Rancho west mesa. Son and myself met Reid Haskamp OMEGA DEFENSE
  • Reid is a Sandoval county Sheriff's Deputy and our Xe (Blackwater) TI, 09:00, Sandoval County Sheriff's Office. The ride to the Sheriffs Del Norte Gun Club range was cold and across crunchy, snowy mesa roads. On arrival at the automated gate that recognizes Reids ID badge, we park and enter the nice warm training room, We promptly were mistakenly fingerprinted for later (two years later:>) and did a review of the current rules of... 'The Game'..

    Certain laws have changed. We are now allowed to carry into 'boutique' beer and wine dining establishments. Utah's popular CCW is no longer recognized in NM, the financially impaired (not quite bankrupt) state of NM is now desperate for the revenue. Strange that NM issues driver's licenses to Illegal aliens, but will not recognise FBI certified Utah CCW holders? Hopefully the politically powerful NRA will soon convince Freedom Preserving legislators to finally acknowledge the Second Amendment and universal reciprocity 'Nationwide'.

    We then Reviewed the scenario for 'A Good Shoot'. An Obvious danger to Citizen, before being allowed to fire to remove the threat. A knife wielding attacker is able to cover 25 feet and be slashing and stabbing, before your weapon can be drawn in defense.
    Check for Clear background before firing weapon at threat. IE: Don't blaze away at the wrong stuff, babys in backpacks, moms with strollers, innocent folks eating ice cream cones, store clerks, old least the old untatooed ones that don't draw down on us first.

    As Certified Concealed Carry Citizens, we gotta' let the bad guys pull some serious s---, threatening our, or other's lives, before we can end their DNA replication and permantly drain their gene pool. Only after dispatching the threat do we sweep the area, with weapon at the 'ready', to break the tunnel vison and restore concentration for resolving the 'Aftermath'.

    Believe me, in today's litigation obsessed society, there will be an Aftermath. It will definitely Change your life.
    One local case last year, left the armed Citizen that defended himself, with over $20,000 in legal bills. That was with the charges 'dropped'. Think of what it would have cost him, if the case had actually gone to court..

    Career violent repeat offenders have no such problems. Their costs of defense are all taxpayer funded.. Lawyers (defense as well as prosecution) and Social Workers absolutely Love and work very hard to keep the Career Criminal circulating in society. Woe be to anyone that removes them from the US legal system's 'food chain'. As noted, the legally armed Citizen will pay...

    After classroom and exchanging a lot of chatter from the streets, we drove over to the shooting partitions behind the berm. Reid likes to practice his high speed driving 'in reverse'. The international 'bad guy' roadblocks he rapidly backs away from, are way too often, shooting at him.

    We then backed into the shooting bay and Reid set up his targets with the official sized 12" x 18" body mass white papers. We loaded our magazines for the range. Our fingers were now shaking in the cold. Reid's first order called out 'Go Hot' as he watched me insert the 9mm's magazine and Tap it solidly into position like he taught us two years ago
  • I chambered the first round by smartly snapping back and releasing the 9mm's slide.... "At the Ready"

    Then he ordered... 'Gun'. We had no large audience like the entire classroom of first lessons, so we took our time and fired deliberately. 15 rounds found the 'central body mass'. After several 'triple taps' (Mozambique Drill), the target went Submissive and no longer presented a serious threat.

    An 'at the ready' sweep of the immediate area to break the 'tunnel vision' and to dispatch secondary threats, would not have been of any use, my magazine was empty. As for the target, the intense firing 'took the starch out of it's britches'. My magazine holds all 15 rounds, so I stepped back while son entered his second magazine of another 7 rounds.

    If I say so myself, we smartly smoked our targets. That was at 3 yards position one, firing cycle of fifteen rounds. Next we stepped back to position two, 7 yards. Case history indicates that most all personal firearms combat is between 3 to 7 yds.. Repeat stage two with reloaded magazines of ten rounds this time. Reid again ordered "Go Hot... At the Ready", and then 'Gun'... which we did..... even better.

    Coming into our stride, we were really ready to poke serious holes in paper.. Now our target 'bad guy' was pretty leaky. Looked like the daylights were shining through the 25 holes. Of course with wooden furring strips for legs, he was still standing. Reid gets upset when anyone shoots his targets legs.

    We couldn't use the range table today. It had several glancing holes in it from an unknown shooter preceeding our two year review. Apparently 'whomever' went to set down a 'hot' weapon while finger on trigger and it discharged.... several times at a close angle. Hmmm did they do that? Will it be on You Tube?

    After our first weapon of choice, we switched to our second, while Reid replaced our papers. My secondary was the little 38 special revolver belonging to wife. Reid holding my ammo bag with hands in his pockets, noticed my frozen fingers starting to shake He took control of the 38 and rapidly ejected and loaded the revolver for each consecutive five, to give me a total of 25 fired rounds to qualify. The little revolver only holds five rounds, but packs a man stopping wallop with each shot.

    I now am re-certified for 9mm or smaller semi-automatic and 38 cal or smaller revolver. Now to send the signed paper work in to the state of NM for the next two years extension of my Concealed Carry Weapon certification.

    Reid lately deploys to mountainous Afghanistan often and likes it lots better than Iraq. It is not so unbearably hot in summer. The reason he survives so well, is that the Xe (Blackwater guys) do not wear uniforms. They 'Go Native' while hunting down and convincing the excessively violent Taliban tribal leaders to 'play nice'. Going Native (Turbins beards and such) they fear most, the Army convoys 'bulletizing' them.

    Mexico missions to counter violence, and protecting diplomats is a never ending job for Xe, no matter what the main stream media reports. The main stream news has no idea... or pretends not to know. They depend on their protection as well....if they ever desire to get the 'real' news and then return to their families. Reid loves his work. The Bad guys try to Not share in his passion, at least if they are lucky they don't.

    His pretty wife understands. She worked in the same 'profession' when they met. Now her only pleasure is the kids and grandkids. Oh yea, one more, She is martial arts CCW and always on alert for local bad guys, as she innocently visits the mall and dines out.. Well trained, confident pretty Daughter, like her father, is martial arts CCW as well :>)

    Time to shake hands with Reid after hearing tales of our Sandoval County Sheriff's recent dilemmas and consequential removal from office, makes our frequent visits with Reid even more interesting. See you at the next protectors of Freedom Gunshow Reid, it has been our pleasure. The Second Ammendment of 'The United States of America, Bill of Rights' is being protected by 'The Patriotic Citizens of The USA'..

    My own wife really enjoys firing her little revolver. Her neighbor friend had to shoot our kitten with it.....
    I know, I know it sounds terrible, but let me finish the short story.

    The story started years ago when our very young son jumped off a kitchen stool. The new kitten was his unintended landing zone. It went into convulsions, so my sweet young wife called her young neighbor friend.

    She immediately ran over and checked out the leaping and twisting kitten. Determining it was fatally injured, she knowingly told wife "We have to put it out of it's misery". Wife quickly told her "I have a gun". Her and the neighbor looked at each other for a minute. Wife said ie: "I can't shoot the kitten, It isn't a threat to me".

    Young neighbor lady replied, 'in essence: "I have no connections to it, it is your Kitten, I know how to shoot a gun and will take care of the job". They wisely took the writhing kitten out to the back yard for the execution. A good thing, because we would have had to deal with a really torn up floor as an aftermath.

    The two young ladies dug a hole and set the kitten in it. It kept turning and flipping over. The young neighbor lady pointed wife's 38 revolver into the hole and squeezed the trigger.

    Both of them jumped at the loud report, then looked into the hole. The kitten was still writhing and flipping..... She had missed. The neighbor said "My ears are ringing, that is the loudest gun I have ever shot, and it jumped as the bullet came out." My compassionate wife said, "shoot it again". Neighbor lady said "NO it hurts my ears and I can't look, I turned away and closed my eyes before pulling the trigger".

    Well being very distrught about the kitten and fearing firing wife's 38 revolver the city... they grabbed the shovel and buried the kitten....alive....well sort of.

    One of the more intrigueing stories from our 'Land of the Free', Our USA. "One Nation Under God"

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    Well, Wisconsin elected a new Governor to overturn the tyranny that befell our state when the Universities elected a liberal. We hope that Governor walker will support CC. It seems that the Lord has already begun to support wisconsin with a trip to the Super Bowl for our Packers.

    9:18 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    The time for 'Re-certifying' NM CCW is now realized and completed. Here is the description from the time it took place. Different TI this time. Ellis McMath.

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