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From the time you were born, the OIL AGE had an overwhelmingly important sustenance aspect to your life. The modern facility
  • you were born in, was only made possible due to A resonably priced energy source, including the technology contained within
  • Cheap and plentiful Refrigeration to eliminate food and medicine spoilage, is ignorantly taken for granted today.

    Think you can do without fossil fueled 'Energy'? Watch the ZIMBABWE
  • documentary, also posted near the end. They have been Politically forced to 'Go Green'. So 'Green' their Sacrifice brings tears to my eyes. So 'Green' they, like most of third world Africa, have reduced their average age expectancy to approximately 37 (latest figures)

    The high technology medical equipment we have come to rely so heavily on, such as the MRI technology
  • as well as Kidney Dialysis machines
  • Ultra Sound
  • CT Scan
  • PET Scan
  • and countless other modern technology marvels used all over the Free world, are not only made from and operated with, the molecules of OIL and Natural GAS, compounded with other molecules (petro-chemical engineering), the low cost energy mandated, endlessly enters the picture at each and every step of the way. Where are the common sense 'Teachers'?

    Modern Weaponry, Sails, Para-Sails and Parachutes, Vel-Cro, Spandex, Lycra, Cordura fabrics extensively used in military, law enforcement, Backpacking, Survival, Tents. Recreational (including in all) Clothing and Footwear, Seat belts, Air bags. Bullet Proof Vests, Belts, Zippers, Buttons, Fasteners, Purses, Vinyls, Teflons, Acrylics, Polyesters, Upholsterys, Window coverings of every type and purpose. Cushions, Pillows, matresses (ready to return to 'horsehair'?). Even Your 'Natural' fabrics are structured with synthetic threads, to say nothing of their Production. Do the words 'Synthetic Materials' mean anything to you?

    Shampoos, Soaps, Creams and Lotions (think beautification) Preservatives. Do not forget Post Operative and cosmetic 'Hair Pieces'. Burn treatments, Prosthetics and most modern sanitary anti-bacterial compounds, food wraps, serving containers, and recyclable utensils. Dental hygene (wood and Hog bristle toothbrushes again?) Even Bio-products are planted, irrigated, cultivated, harvested and refined using Petro-Energy and Fossil fuels. Do not forget every step of the manufacturing of the Machinery. Bio products like 'Corn' Ethanol CANNOT generate enough energy to produce themselves. That old "Law of Diminishing Returns".. Physics anyone?

    All low cost necessities you use every day, are products of OIL Petro-Chemistry. Snowmobiles, Most watercraft, including recreational and commercial boats are Petro-Chemical in construction and operation. Recreational hardware is made of Plastics and Resin embedded Fiber glass, Carbon fiber, Graphite laminates, as are golf clubs, Skis, Snowboards. Life saving medical supplies and their delivery instruments. Rescue Helicopters, ropes, control cables and rods, Flashlights, LED lighting, Fishing equipment, Nets and Lines included Recreational as well as Commercial... Are you ready to do without reasonably priced Seafood in your diet?

    Diabetic's as well as other's, throw away hypodermic needles, Abundant and cheap Glucose Meters and strips, Heart Monitors, Joint Implants, including many critical medicines themselves...All OIL connected. Petro-Chemistry miracles Everyone ignorantly takes for granted.

    Is anyone ready to do without their low cost, energy efficient, miraculous necessities, Eyewear, Hearing aids and All Entertainment, and Communication 'Technology', including all Children's TOYS? Municipal water sources, which include massive petro-chemical engineered filtering equipment (source of cheap 'Purified' bottled water in re-cyclable 'plastic' containers). Visit a third world country to gain a real appreciation for deadly Hardships.

    Never ever forget one of THE absolutely most important.. Cheap, universally neccessary (Periodic Table of Elements), Anti-Microbial CHLORINE (Yep, product of Petro-Chemical engineering)
  • including Purified municipal Water distribution. Sewer collection and Plumbing, including all modern efficient Mass Irrigation, Pesticides and Fertilyzers for the Unprecedented production of Abundant, reasonably priced FOOD?

    Modern Natural and LP Gas lines, Fiber Optics Tele-data comunications including all Satelites, are totally impossible without Fossil Fuel and Petro-Chemicals. Basic Electrical and Electronic control switches and conductors, Keypads, Screens, and Housings used in every device, including Vacuum cleaners, Coffee makers and of course COMPUTERS could never exist without PETRO-CHEMICAL components. Universally popular Games and Hand helds of every imaginable use, Maintenance and Construction Tools, including 'Clean Energy' systems, are manufactured, distributed and produced Only with the use of OIL products.

    State of the Art Air Transportation is Only possible with massive amounts of Fuel and Petro-Chemical composites in manufacturing
  • Adhesives, Sealants along with weather preservative, rust and Decay controlling Coatings of every type. Paints, solvents, thinners, flooring...All OIL, Petro-Chemical Engineered.

    Barely justifiable, 'Green' (heavily taxpayer subsidized) Photo-Voltaic Solar collectors, with a 15% efficiency of Crystaline technology (thin film is 6%) would be impossible without Oil products. The 25% 'maximum' efficiency The 25% maximum efficiency
  • Heavily taxpayer subsidized Wind Turbines, every news article touts as 'The Renewable Energy Answer', would be totally impossible without OIL products (also heavily taxpayer subsidized).

    The massive Composite blades of the beautifully Engineered Wind Turbines
  • are even Petro-Chemical, hollow Laminates. Consider the energy to Mine the materials, Manufacture, and transport (20% of the costs), assemble and erect these huge State of the Art marvels only viable by the recent use of composite, Rare Earth
  • Super Magnets

  • Every new "Breakthrough" in Green Energy or products, is tied inextricably to OIL and Fossil Fuels. Following the 'Mandates' ordered by Self Righteous 'Idealists', regulate, restrict and remove OIL and Fossil Fuel, from the equation, and you are instantly thrown back to The Bronze Age
  • That period of time (population Five Million)
  • when Amazingly self sufficient, 'Oetzi' the Iceman
  • perished by an attack from others (some things Never change).

    The Industrial Age, made possible by cheap, plentiful OIL, allowed today's 'easy life', OIL AGE population to grow to Seven Billion.

    The worlds power grids, as all electrical wiring circuits, are shielded with Petroleum based insulation on the overwhelming majority of local conductors. Just over 50 years ago, Only vulnerable glass, ceramic, cotton and rubber were the insulations. No one even thinks of the massive amounts of Fossil Fueled energy required to mine, process and transport the raw materials consumed by the developed world..

    OIL's continued production is made possible, only by the OIL energy resource already produced, refined and continually stored. No other source of energy on this planet is so readily converted to the everyday things we all take for granted. Storage and transportability of energy is an engineering science in itself.

    Observe closely, attempt to understand the Engineering of the novel 'Solar Car' technology, seen in races held around the world, to get a basic education in Physics. Does "The Law of Diminishing Returns" mean anything to you? Probably Not. SAT scores are dropping, and school systems are reducing the credit requirements, to create more Dependency, and Voters that support the New World 'Dependency' movement.

    Every bit of plastic, or rubber in your life, including every electronic gadget and communication device you view as an absolute necessity to Your life, is major percentage, refined, and a laboratory composite of OIL molecules. The entire world's manufacturing facilities, and 'Every' place of business and employment, is dependent in some way, on OIL molecules. New studies of human blood and tissue, show a significant percentage of OIL molecules. We are seeing more and more Centenarians, so it isn't all that bad.

    Transportaion, including every source of energy before the 19th century, was Water, Wind, Animal or Human powered. Coal was an uncommon, unaffordable (to most) luxury. Accessable Forests were depleted by societies in search of heat producing combustibles and building materials. The population of the earth was less than one Billion people. During those times, life was only survivable due to the Wits, Size or Strength of certain 'Fortunate' humans. DNA was extremely important. Genetic weaknesses doomed the unfortunate bloodline. Today, with cheap energy and resources, they are encouraged to prosper.

    As in most of History, 'Absolute Power' was in the hands of the gifted few. Most children born (including many Mothers in childbirth), did Not survive to adult age, as is commonly expected today. With the shortage and unavailability of energy consuming products in Communist/Socialist Zimbabwe today, the life expectancy is reduced to no more than the mid 40's, and Zimbabwe is in a 'life favorable' climate. Is your local climate and society favorable to a non-heated, non-air conditioned, food and energy deprived life?

    Energy becoming comparitively easy to obtain, Coal then OIL... made the entire world more easily survivable. The Industrial Revolution was the catylist. The world's population is now around 7 Billion, testimony of immensely improved 'Survivability'.

    The loudest antagonists shouting "Greed, and Pollution" need only to look in a mirror. To attack efficient, Free market OIL producers, and our source of everyday life, is tantamount to promoting mass suicide... of the majority of the human race.

    Today there are those 'In Power' among us, that would be perfectly happy to accomplish just that. Repeatedly showing the Oil soaked Pelicans and beaches, are only the first 'visual shock' salvos being fired. Demanding 'Change' through oppressive Taxation, regulations and restrictions, 'They' work tirelessly to convince the naive among us, that it is 'our duty' to forsake life as we have become accustomed, or Pay Dearly to Survive.

    Back to the 'cave and sustenance' lifestyle (excluding their own taxpayer funded, lavish lifestyle of course) is exctly the way they view Utopia...Their Utopia.

    OIL is a direct result of Solar energy physics. It would not have been possible without the perfect Carboniferous conditions present on this earth, millions of years before man thought of walking around on it. The Bible's account varies somewhat in Time line, but basically confirmed the process. Note the modern process of 'BIO OIL'

  • Think of your modern, oil product containing shoes. I still recall the all leather shoes of my childhood. They were prohibitively expensive, many times 'hand me downs', and even though often being repaired at costly 'shoe repair shops', had a ridiculously short useful life span. The slipery leather soles, wore through quickly.

    The 'animal based' hide glue, soaked loose and the layers seperated. The nails that held the heels in place, rusted loose. The cotton thread around the tractionless, slick leather soles, wore out fast, letting the sole 'Flap' as I walked. To say nothing of the rocks, snow and water flooding in to freeze my feet. A black tar soaked cloth product, called electricians 'Friction Tape', allowed me to survive the winter with a very unstylish, 'tape layer wrapped' look on my shoes.

    Traction treaded, cushioned soles, such as in universal demand today, were non existant. 'Vibram' was not even a dream back then. Cars were a luxury not many familys could afford. Fuel was only 10 to 20 cents a gallon, but a 'dollar an hour' was a really well paying job at the time.

    Most people were happy to earn 25 cents an hour. BTW minimum pay scale was 'never' considered a 'Living Wage'. It was a supplement, that is today, touted by election seeking Politicians, as a 'Right'. The extremely fortunate 'Union Workers', did extremely well, in comparison to the rest of the working force. Not everyone was as fortunate to know, or be related to someone, in order to get a 'Union Job' in a 'closed shop' state.

    Government jobs with benefits 'to die for', were Never plentiful. Air Conditioning was a rarely seen 'commercial novelty'. Sooty Coal or expensive Kerosene Heat was barely sufficient and 'Rationed' (WWII). Even then only to certain rooms. No worry about Freezing the plumbing, we didn't have much. Our one kitchen/bathroom pipe was drained in the coldest winter, or dad had to crawl under the house with a blowtorch to thaw the pipe..

    Our 'post war', modern Fuel OIL heater, changed all of that and we finally were able to afford an electric (only turned on 'night rate' as needed) Water Heater. After the War, we finally got a fresh water deep well. No more Cistern, shallow hand dug well, with bacterial polluted water, no more skin 'boils' and bowel disorders.

    Insulating Carpeting was not always taken for granted on floors. Grandmother hand wove scraps of salvaged wool clothing to make our throw 'Rugs'. Miraculous, Plentiful and Cheap OIL and Petro Chemical Refining is the reason that families homes today can afford Oil based synthetic carpeting. Modern upholstery, draperies, fabrics of every nature. The insulation that keeps homes warm and cool, started life as OIL. The vinyl windows used in modern High Efficiency homes, are OIl based as is Vinyl siding. Shingles on your roof? Lighter modern, plastic containing, cars, trucks, Tires, Batteries. Anyone care to return to leaky leather, cork and fiber 'Natural' seals? Fabric drive belts?

    Remove OIL Molecules from the Toyota 'Prius' engineering and manufacturing, and you would have a curious immobile lump of rusted metal art. Everything you touch today has an intertwining relationship with OIL, absolutely Everything. OIL and it's cheap energy, contributed immensely to change our lifestyle. Many areas of this country, to say nothing of the world, absolutely depend for survival on Tourism, made possible ONLY by a cheap energy source and a lifestyle in excess of Basic Sustenance. We became a blessed, air conditioned nation of excess, and more than any other country, shared our prosperity with the world.

    The Associated Press writer Seth Borenstein (Knight-Ridder)
  • gives a report today in the major Journals across the country. It is titled "Oil's Ubiquitous Embrace". Hopefully the world's teachers will someday teach a basic education in OIL and Petrochemicals. Engineering classes anyone? I once toured the Port Arthur section of Marathon OIl's, Texas City Texas, facility
  • Only then did I sense the magnitude of this 'Life Giving' product. Seeing a beautiful and intricately engineered refinery at night, is enlightening as it's importance to life on earth.

    A trip along the Texas Gulf will educate you further, as you observe the industry that allows You to Exist. Driving south from Galveston, many Deep Water rigs, 'Bullwinkle' for one
  • amd many more are being constructed everyday, HERE in the USA. Ready to throw away Those jobs along with most others? Regulate them? Restrict Them? TAX them under 'Cap and Trade' to finance ever more Government 'Bureaucracy'? This is a link of the U.S. OIL Refineries
  • Think they will not affect YOU? Think OIL is a bad thing? want it done away with? convinced that it's nasty and not neccessary? Want it tightly Regulated, Restricted and highly TAXED by Government..... like Zimbabwe?
  • Think again, find a Real Teacher, get educated, then decide...intelligently.

    Everything you touch, everything you wear, Panty-hose, Socks, Undergarments including Bra's? Strong Thread with Polyester core, (visible when you wear through the heels of socks)
  • and every bite of food you eat, is plentiful and cheap to produce 'Only' because of OIL and its necessary, potentially dangerous and miraculous, sometimes fallable sources of retrieval
  • All made possible by the Risks of OIL field workers, and Investors (including municiple and retirement funds, maybe even Yours?) trying to earn a Profit, so that Your monthly income may be sustained..

    Question: Where are the 'Competant' people involved in this life sustaining technology? Are we now so Politically Correct, that in the name of Diversity we now embrace 'Incompetance'?
    The EPA is presently the force holding back technology from cleaning up the result of 'Incompetance'. The EPA is in itself so Politically infected, that it reeks of the same Incompetance of Bureaucracy

  • As Pompous, pontificating National Leaders, Politically, Oppressively Control, then tightly Regulate, and Restrict (exhorbitantly TAX) this life's necessity, you directly and immediately, affect millions of people earning their livelihood on the front lines in the industry.

    Bankrupt or exhorbitantly TAX, Restrict and Regulate this necessary life sustaining Industry, Then prepare for the inevitable 'Colateral Damage'..... YOU and Your Family....
    Nuclear Fallout will seem a minor inconvenience in comparison..

    To learn 50 years of oil history, view these pictures. You will then know far more than the 'News' Journalists

  • If CAP and TRADE (TAX) has anything to do with it, You will be on Your way...'WALKING' (the Zimbabwean way) back to 'The Cave'. You will definetly learn first hand, as Plato taught, "The Allegory of The Cave".

    Stay informed. Voice your opinions to Your Senators and Representatives. Vote Wisely. Enjoy life, in this miraculously Free country. The United States of America, One Nation Under God".

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    Fantastic. I "cut and pasted" this and sent it to my friends. It's a bit of preaching to the choir, but it's nice to know that their heads will be bobbing up and down in agreement.
    Thanks for going to all of the trouble to verbalize this.
    All is well here in Houston,

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