Saturday, May 29, 2010

ACLU's Gary Mitchell, Murderers Ticket to Aquittal

Daniel Martinez, was aquitted in 1993 by a jury convinced of his innocence by Gary Mitchell, President of the New Mexico chapter of the ACLU
  • Another one of Gary Mitchell's cases (he is a great 'Killer' Lawyer, maybe one day a Powerful Politician?), Michael Paul Astorga, his other (presumed) Killer 'Prodigy'
  • is still in (our Mexican Border State) 'New Mexico' Court, and making daily headlines (previous post). Daniel Martinez, another of his past (presumed Killer) Aquittals, is still Roaming among Law Abiding society causing ever more Mayhem

  • Daniel Martinez, recently released from prison, was again arrested on more of his constant addictions, Drugs and Driving While Intoxicated. He also really gets a thrill out of forcibly Raping young (at this point) Women, (allegedly of course)
  • Martinez Told this week's arresting officer, "he was just on his way to help his wife". Isn't that 'Sweet'. Arresting Officer brought him to 'holding' office, while doing the paperwork. Martinez escaped his handcuffs (on closed circuit monitor), left the office, grabbed a nearby young woman, forced her to drive him to Albuquerque where he forcibly 'Raped' (allegedly of course) her. What a nice set of 'clients' you have, 'Gary Mitchell'. Makes Your 'ACLU' proud, just the type of 'Career, Violent Repeat Offender' they absolutely adore.

    In 1993, Daniel Martinez 'alledgedly' (everything is of course) placed his motorcycle on the highway. When a woman of 24, swerved off the highway to avoid it, he reached in, grabbed her blouse and bashed her face into the window of her car. Martinez then dragged her to the arroyo and raped her with 'A Mop Handle' (a really Fun loving guy). Her screams of (alledged) pain, brought an 'un-armed' (predictable victim) nearby resident to investigate the screaming woman. The Pharmacist approached the Deputy investigating the motorcycle on the highway. He told the Deputy about the screaming woman he and his wife heard.

    As Daniel Martinez then jumped, and wrestled the Deputy for his gun, The 'un-armed' pharmacist was frozen in fear (about to become another Victim). Martinez started firing the Deputies gun, while the Pharmacist and the Deputy tried to run away. Pharmacist was killed, Martinez fled in the Deputy's patrol car. An 'un-armed' Tow Truck driver, witnessed the incident.

    In Santa Fe court (San Francisco style, Liberal), Convinced by the ACLU's persuasive 'Gary Mitchell', the Jury of 'his peers' (One clown short, of a circus) did not believe the testimony of the 'Three' witnesses. The Highly Intelligent Jury, chosing instead to believe Career Offender Daniel Martinez... for some Mysterious reason. Aquitted Daniel Martinez, including the 14 seperate charges against him. Later after release, his Cocaine drug dealing addiction got him sentenced to 26 years in the Santa Fe Prison. Of course he was released 15 years early (aren't they all?), broke parole after his even earlier release, and was forced to return to prison to serve a couple of years more. Oh well, his family loves him and says he is innocent of his life, they always have 'witnesses' for whatever innocence required... Too bad for the rest of the 'un-armed' Victims, of society that had the misfortune to.... 'Cross His Path'...

    Recently released yet again, wearing a monitor, Daniel Martinez returned to his predictable 'Fun' pastime of Terrorizing Law Abiding Society. The ACLU is very busy keeping the distasteful elements of society, 'Roaming' among the rest of US, YOU and I, OUR Families. The ACLU is so wonderful. Their predictable actions are bringing a... 'Diversity'... to society, never seen before.

    Please bring your family, Attend a Firearms Training Course
  • Obtain an FBI background check by fingerprinting, Certify for 'Carrying a Concealed Weapon'. With the likes of ACLU's Gary Mitchell and his mesmerized Juries working their hearts out to keep Career, Violent, Repeat Offenders, Free and Roaming among Law Abiding Society, YOU are eventually going to desperately need it. Vote like your life depended on it...It does. The Anti-gun faction is not 'rowing with both oars in the water'. They are Not facing the 'career offender at large', reality of the Legalistic USA of today.

    The New Mexico Legislature recently made the carrying of a 'Concealed Weapon by a 'Utah licenced', FBI background checked, training course Certified, Law Abiding Citizen... Illegal. Instead they chose to encourage Gary Mitchell's ACLU to do 'Business as Usual'. So predictable for the Anti-Gun Lawyer Legislators...... They have no concept of 'Behavior' vs a Device. They ignore the 'Behavior' and attack the 'Device'. VOTE THEM OUT...

    Protect Your Family, Remain consistantly Armed FBI Data confirms it effective method to deter Crime
  • . If comfortable with it, Carry a Weapon. Better to have a Weapon and Not need it, than to desperately Need it and NOT have one. Enjoy Freedom of Life in this USA, under the Second Amendment of YOUR Bill of Rights. Join The NRA
  • NEVER Ever allow Your Government to infringe upon those Rights. Protect them, "They are Yours", in this "One Nation Under God", "The United States of America"

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