Friday, February 19, 2010

"DO NOT" lists

This weeks post is from a visiting 'California ROBO' RANT
'Curiouser and curiouser'

Remember back during the 1999 Presidential campaign and George W. Bush and Al Gore? The media was bashing Bush back then. The Media has bashed Bush for over 10 years. Not once did I ask anybody not to send me any anti-Bush E-mails. In fact I haven't asked anybody not to send me E-mails of any sort.

Guess I think of myself as being grown up enough, that I can hit the delete button if I don't agree or am bored. In fact I don't know anyone who asked not to have anti-Bush E-mails sent. I'm sure there are some people out there, I just don't know of any.

A funny thing happened on the way to the White House during the 2008 campaign. I took what I saw as gross bias with the "Mainstream Media", who focused on the negative of the GOP, real or not, and made up a positive for the Democrats.

To refresh memories. John Edwards was the first to throw his hat in the primary and the media went 'Ape', so to speak. John Edwards was to be the great white leader of the Democratic Party and the end of Capitalism, as we knew it.

But then something happened, Hillary Clinton threw her hat in the ring. Remember, Hillary ran for Senator of New York and promised her constituents that she would not use the Senate chair to advance a run for the presidency? Well that promise was way back then, Democrats aren't expected to keep their promise and the media ignored that small fact.

The media dumped John Edwards as he was just a honkey male and now they had a female, a honkey, but PC points way above a male. Media went out of it's way to accommodate Hillary and crown her before the primaries were even started.

Then out of far left field came Barack Obama. The wonder boy from Chicago who wrote two books about himself, had parlayed honkey/guilt and affirmative/action into the fast track run for the presidency.

He really had not accomplished anything, and with the media as his lap dog, he didn't have to. Now the Media could really go totally 'Ape'...Anyway the media was in love with wonder boy and anointed him The Messiah. The rest is history.

Well it turns out that John Edwards had some issues of his own, an affair, a child from the affair, a close friend Andrew Young (ya, the same Andrew Young that rode the same honkey/guilt and affirmative/action train to fame and semi-fortune as The Messiah). He covered for John. Anyway the media was told about the affair and the child but chose to ignore it because John was, well, a "Progressive" and one of them.

A third rate paper pushed the bounds, and exposed the Edwards affair. Not that I give a damn. But if the slobbering Media had covered Edwards, and the rest of the Democrats, this would not be news today. Oh, and Edwards best friend just wrote a tell all book about John and the affair, sex tapes and all. Some friend John, but then you deserve the very best.

Soooo because of what I saw as a huge media bias and media blinders to truth, I started my E-mail rants. I sent them to all non-clients on my E-mail list. I did not discriminate as to party affiliation, most I didn't know or care. I sent the rants out.

The returns were mixed. Some agreed, some disagreed. And that was okay. But some, mostly, "Progressives", wanted me to cease sending any political E-mails, whether I generated them or not. A few wanted off my E-mail list. Of course I complied.

But what is interesting, is that for 10 years it was okay to Bash Bush, but as soon as I started to criticize The Great Messiah, censorship was requested. I find that curiouser and curiouser.

Of course this E-mail will not go to those who do not want it. That's why changing this country for the better is even harder, refusal to acknowledge facts or to even listen to someone who disagrees. I guess the 'heads' prefer being in a very dark, but comfortable, place.

'Robo of California'
Whatever you do, enjoy life in the United States of America,
"One Nation Under GOD"


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