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Henrik Svensmark re; Our solar system's position in our Galaxy's 'Spiral Arms', throughout earth's 4.5 billion year history, explains it's cosmic radiation effect on earth's atmosphere (the Ice Ages). It is regulated by our Sun's fluctuating magnetosphere. How relevant is the more recent ERBE Data
  • in correlation? No wonder the IPCC blocked for 18 months, Physicist Svensmark's scientific team's PAPER
  • It is revolutionary. It is Threatening to the UN's world control. The following series is educational, Watch all 6 parts (52 min)...on YT

  • Henrik Svensmark worked his lifetime on a series of projects to research the effects of the Sun on our Earth. His well credentialed team's discoveries instilled even more curiosity about the Cause and Effect of the Sun's radiation on Earth's atmosphere. The ICE Age's
  • their timing and their mechanism, were never fully understood until his research was published. For 18 months his Paper was deemed 'uninteresting' or 'not relevant'. The international committee apparently had another more lucrative agenda it was clinging desperately to.. CO2

  • As our Earth, along with our Solar system
  • travels in it's orbit around our Galaxy, Earth passes through many stages of exposure to Cosmic Radiation. The Arms of our Spiral Galaxy, slowly are winding like a clock spring. As the Earth becomes more 'involved' with nearby stars, weaving it's way through it's Spiral
  • Earth's atmosphere is affected. The Sun's Magnetosphere is also in constant fluctuation. The Sun's Solar Wind has a moderating effect on the Cosmic Rays. We are now preparing for a 'Big Blow' about 2012
  • Did old Nostradamus
  • and The Mayan Calender
  • conspire just to Shake us up a bit?

  • Svensmark's team of Cosmic researchers, Chemists and Astronomers, such as Physics Professor Nir Shaviv
  • eventually linked with the study of Geology and Jan Veizer
  • AstroPhysicist Eugene Parker
  • (discoverer of the Solar Wind effect) and Richard Turgo (joined Carl Sagan in fear of Kuwait oil field fires, atmospheric effects) added their Scientific knowledge to the endeavor. Jan Veizer's team
  • study of Limestone Brachiopods from the fossil records
  • dating back 500 million years, added even more proof. The study of Iron Meteorites
  • recordings of Cosmic exposure, at the time of their formation, brought even more evidence to the discussion table. This is a collection of very impressive Scientific brainpower, not to be trifled with.

    Wikipedia's Climate Gatekeeper (math teacher) William Connolly, Also the partner in AGW Agenda driven worshiping,, take note, quit changing 'All' of the Wiki data to your own contrived 'facts', or Wiki's reputation will suffer greatly. Well in actuality, it's credibility is already in the tank. Now their choice to be in the 'septic' tank is their own.

    The resulting teamwork, was an obvious intertwine effect, which revealed warming and cooling of the Earth, through Cloud formation. The ICE Ages
  • were not fully understood for years. Many Geologists discovered the estimated timing of ICE Caps (melting and flooding?)
  • and their duration, but had little knowledge of the mechanisms that created them or brought their demise. The same demise is occurring on Mars Right Now
  • kind of an inconvenient truth btw.. but don't worry, they are trying desperately to link it with Your lighted and 'heated' living space and 'Soccer Mom's SUV.

    The Earth, in effect, makes one complete cycle in reference to the center of our Galaxy, each 230 to 250,000,000 years. Mathematics can predict the exact spot in our Galaxy, where our Earth will be at any given point, in History or the Future. Turns out that the correlation for higher near star cosmic radiation
  • is more common during close proximity to the stars cosmic radiation effect on Earth's atmosphere.

    The radiation, depending on the 'throttle effect' of the Sun's varying 'Solar Wind' (described in the 2012 link above), either allows or blocks, a portion of Cosmic particles. Those particles strike water vapor 'aerosols' in the air, and create or dissipate Clouds. More Clouds, less heat is collected on Earth. Clouds in effect create shade and cooling. Svensmark's team studied Ocean temperatures, using XBT's or the later, less experienced, ARGO floats
  • down to 5 meters rather than blindly accepting error inherent, Surface Station Data
  • XBT and ARGO methods are more akin to taking a baby's temperature internally, and we know how That procedure works!

    The Cretaceous period
  • was approximately 100,000,000 (+ and -) years ago. There were No ICE Caps. As Svensmark referred, earth's Dinosaurs (amazingly, interesting creatures) were basking in the sun. Fortunately for them (cold blooded), the Earth rarely has ICE Caps. Primarily Earth is ICE free, except for rare intervals. Svensmark's Team of Scientist's and their combined studies, using intense Mathematical Astronomy for verification, revealed the period, as being far from the cosmic effects of active stars, and therefore having less exposure to Cosmic Rays, resulting in less Clouds.

    The 'Cloud' series is a filmed, 52 minute Documentary
  • but receives far more notice from You Tube viewings. It is Not Shown in schools unless they are privately funded. Only the recently being discredited studies, from the Goal Oriented research, lavishly funded by parties (governments and private) that stand to gain from a 'CO2 Power control' Agenda, is allowed in most schools.

    Now we seek and wait for The Truth to be revealed. It will prevail in this United States of America, "One Nation Under God".

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    Recently New Mexico USA has been ravaged by Forest Fires. Over 500,000 acres have burned already in just the last two Fire Seasons.

    They have emitted over Five years worth of CO2 normally attributed to cars and trucks across the Entire one year, in NM USA alone.

    No mention of 'Cap and Trade' against Forest Fires? Australian Fires 'Cap and Trade'? All of the world's natural fires, 'Cap and Trade'? Where is the sanity?

    Interestingly 'Logging' the National Forests has been halted for over 50 years by the 'Environmentalists'. The overgrown Forests are tinder boxes, ready for massive cleansing burns. 'Global Warming'?

    'Science' is quite selective when it comes to Control Agenda and 'forced' wealth redistribution benefiting the Elite 'middlemen'. Legislated tinder boxes ready for a wasteful Burn, rather than a useful controlled Logging program? The past has been purposely forgotten, in exchange for an Agenda. Propagating 'Control' in exchange for common sense.

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