Thursday, December 17, 2009

Copenhagen to Mexico City

Quick Note:
Yahoo with it's over four to one ratio, is beating the pants off Google... or... Google (think Al Gore investor?) is 'agenda driven' manipulating the system. Note the unreal discrepancy between the two counts when you search Climategate. Google has obviously chosen sides, it makes one very Suspicious of Google, totally unwise in today's.. Climate Change..

William Connolly now has total control of the Wikipedia site of Climategate.
He is an ardent AGW advocate. The HAD/CRU emails are starting to arouse interest.

First thing novices do is go to WIKI. The fact that the AGW advocate
and ardent suporter are now in charge, Now reduces the credibility of the WIKI to absolute ZERO....


  • There is huge MONEY at stake in this Fraud. Everything is now Suspect.
    The enemy is within the gates......
    Plan A:
    IPCC World (Global Warming) Conference in Cold Copenhagen
  • middle of winter. Thousands of Expensive, well organized Demonstrators do slight damage (according to Reuters owned AP). One Thousand (AP reported hundreds) were arrested by 'no nonsense' Danish Police.

    The Expensive Demonstrators were then forced to kneel, cuffed, in rows, in freezing Cold temperature on Pavement. Needing some Global Warming
  • Humiliating for the Elitists among them, to say the least. Result, Failure of AGW 'Climate Change' Agenda. Developing Nations are wisely not willing to forgo their opportunity to reap the benefits of the Industrial Age to enrich cunning, financially savvy, New World Order Oligarchs, in their planned Re-distribution of wealth.. They could even miss The Twelve Days of Global Warming

  • Plan B:
    Reset the IPCC meeting
  • to a more AGW favorable Climate. Mexico City
  • in the full heat of SUMMER 2010 according to the IPCC 'Decider', 'Big Al' Gore. Nice and hopefully HOT. Near the Equator, far from any cooling Ocean Breezes.

    Massively populated with 21,000,000 (21 million) of 'Low Cost' Demonstrators willing to 'Mass Protest' for Pesos. (reported average yearly income of Mexico City is $25,00O. virtually no middle class) of course depending on the premise of potentially receiving 'Promised' Billions from the 'Rich' Nations later. The Seething masses predictably will be overflown by the AP Helos. Hugo Chavez used this exact same method to enforce his 'election'. It is time proven and works well for the Liberal Left.

    The images of the Seething Masses milling about in the streets below, will be viewed the world over. The many square miles of Mexico City destruction (improvements?), caused by these masses, intermingled with incompetent, notoriously corrupt Mexican Police, will naturally be followed by Demanded Reparations. The IPCC, well funded by the Rich nations (USA taxpayers), will pay the Extortion money (hundreds of millions) out of Guilt.

    The World 'Guilt' will result in passage, at devastating economical costs in the Trillions, of AGW 'Climate Change' driven Regulations. Enforced of course by the powerful strong armed actions of the EPA in the USA. The planned end result is a total the cunning World Fraud of AlGoreRythm..

    At least that scenario is what 'They' hope for in their schadenfreude infested, dystopian view of life.

    With scientific assistance from Some Dedicated Canadians and concerned Russians
  • along with a far more logical system of 'Modeling'
  • maybe sanity will be forced back into line. Hopefully this United States of America remains One Nation Under God. That is the only protection against these Internal Evils.

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