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Climategate, Global Warming or Cooling? ask HADCRU

News Flash:
Even Google is part of the 'Cover-Up' involving The Associated Press (MSM). Way too cozy with Al Gore again, after all HE invented them. Google is dropping the total hit count on Climategate by millions....per day. Making it, unless spelled perfectly, a hard to locate 'word'.

Other search engines are climbing past 52 million. Looks like more people are now switching to apparently unbiased 'YAHOO'
  • Steve McIntyre The Recognized Authority
  • even had to reform his site because of the traffic, and add a 'Mirror site".

    'Google Bomb's and 'Google Washing' at work
  • Last check they are 12,600,000. Down from 30 million just days ago. Google has obviously picked a side...a loosing Fraud side, from the looks of New Zealand 'Raw Data'

  • First place to start in all exploration, is close to home. Not far from my home is Santa Rosa New Mexico. A tourist stop over, on the Classic Highway Route 66. Not a lot happens in little Santa Rosa NM, but the climate changes often (as everywhere on Earth). Love this music You Tube version of Hide the Decline
  • from where else..Minnesota. They should know. This vid on Pike's Dream is really funny as well Troglodytes
  • This is the way of simple life, the elitists would prefer... for the unwashed masses.

    This website below has pointed out just one small 'Trick', like those described in the recently 'hacked' East Anglia University (EAU) emails
  • from the European's (UK) generously funded HADCRU AGW Science monopoly
  • (recently deleted)

    GISS, Hansen caught Doctoring Santa Rosa Temperature Data

  • What makes this even more disturbing, is the fact that our own blindly trusted U.S. Government and our tax payer funded Civil Servants, are deeply involved. The GISS records have blatantly been 'reverse adjusted' in these last years to accentuate the AGW Theory. The actual recorded temperatures (raw data) are showing quite the overall opposite or reasonable leveling ever since the 1930's. Only in recent years (AGW Theory years) has the 'upward adjustment' method been feverishly massaged into the data.

    The fact that more of the rural stations have been shut down and the Urban and Flawed Site Locations Like These
  • are now relied on in over 3/4ths of the raw data, is certainly 'un-scientific' to say the least. Why Preferably rely on blacktop pavement city sites nearby, for statistically important temperature data?
  • When in the past, the Rural sites composed a fair share?

    Urban sprawl and it's well known Heat Island effect, causes some, once rural, sites to become engulfed in suburbs and pavement. So the 'trick' is to adjust, adjust, adjust, until the goal is reached. California has three most often used, and they are all located within an area south of sprawling LA, Not a fair sample at all. More sites located near the Equator than ever before in history? The lists, complete with images of hundreds of questionable GISS
  • NOAA
  • and GHCN
  • data sites are being released every day... on the internet. Liberal MSM is silent.. as predictable.

    This Santa Rosa NM data collection site, is so irrelevant in the great data collection system, as to make it virtually unnoticeable. Why this is important now, relates to the overall data. If This data is skewed for political reasons, how can the rest of the data collection sites 'adjusted' data be trusted?

    GISS, NOAA, GHCN and the Odd Russian temperature Anomaly
  • Is another example of either Poor Science or purposeful Deception. The steam heated pipes around the data collection station are of No concern?
    Heated buildings with the data instruments mounted on them, No concern?

    Now we look at the Surface Stations in the USA
  • Notice that well over 3/4Ths of them are in poorly located areas now within Urban Sprawl. Many are located near outside heat exchangers blowing from buildings nearby. As Anthony Watts questions...Wattsupwiththat?

  • Steve McIntyre's websites Climate Audit
  • and Climate Audit Mirror

  • are getting their share of Climategate hits, which are faster than Google inquiries about Tiger Woods. Interesting because Steve McIntyre's name is mentioned over 100 times in the 'hacked' secret documents of the CRU. Reading the Climate Audit, subject comments from the very well educated Science professionals, is extremely enlightening. Far more so than the generously 'spun' Main Stream Media reports.

    Because of his intense questioning, filing for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) release of their data collection and recording methods, Steve McIntyre is identified in the emails 'as the enemy that they must deal with'. Hopefully NOT like the young Russian ex-spy. Vladimir Putin dealt with, Alexander Litivenko who died of nuclear poisoning in London on 24 Nov 2006. Stay healthy Steve McIntyre, watch your back and don't sip drinks with the wrong people.

    In actuality the financial stakes are far higher. Making Steve McIntyre and his countless thousands of Science educated followers go away, is vital to keep the immense international funding pouring in from the 'interested' parties.
    Even Exxon Mobil gives ten times as much money to HADCRU based research than it ever gives to the Anti-AGW studies. Attempted Cover-Up
  • Now that their agenda is revealed, that may change. The IPCC has now commissioned from within their own ranks...Their Own Investigator
  • Now That is not questionable?

    Now Dr Phill Jones has been sidelined (with pay of course) until an investigation is complete. One lingering question is, "why did he delete the 'raw data' just before the official inquiry into the release under FOIA"? Destroyed, just as he threatened to do in 2005, If FOIA pressed for release.

    The powers that be, are rapidly assembling Damage Control. Al Gore has Canceled his IPCC appearance, as Obama has Ummm 'rescheduled' his Grand Entry into Copenhagen. The IPCC has appointed Their Own Insider (someone They can trust), Sir Muir Russell
  • as 'The Special Investigator'. After all 'The Royal Society of Edinburgh' (global Warming apologists) are fully endorsing him and his allegiance, besides that, he has a few Honorary Degrees (he did Not actually Earn them) Most of all he has been a (what else?) faithful taxpayer funded Civil Servant for all of his career.

    I am sure That will work.. Nothing like having your mother testify in court that you are a nice boy... and would not kill that neighbors cat. Already his little group of devoted followers, is declaring the CRU data collecting 'method', as valid and trustworthy, while bringing the hackers to justice.

    As predictable, the Liberal Main Stream Media is clueless, or at the most, feigning it. Reading the hundreds of comments on Climate Audit
  • shows the scientific interest in the situation. The Liberal 'Daily Koss' side, called 'Climate Research', is run by Government Civil Service Employee, Gavin Schmidt. He routinely uses circular logic to prove AGW. Strange that the CRU did not refer to him as an authority?

    The stakes in this AGW theory
  • are astronomical and amount to Trillions of dollars. Cap and Trade
  • takes from the Nations that are prosperous and re-allocates the money to third world Dictators and their administrations. While sounding 'O So fair' to Dystopians, it is totally unfair to the people that Pay taxes and are responsibly and intelligently managing their resources.

    The latest atrocious Co2 Mandate comes from the Bureaucracy known as EPA. They are ramming this through Before the evidence (tweaking the data) is fully researched. The fact that they have overridden the US Congress is bad enough. The worsening effect is placed directly on the consumers of everything (That is the ultimate goal) through regulations on the Business sector. The trickle down effect will become a 'torrent down', if Congress does not step in and force a debate.

    'Brave New World' suggested that it would be best that way. Keynesian of the utmost, Of course That is taught in the Schools of today as well. The USA, with its relatively far smaller population, accounts for 25% of the worlds aid funding. Now it's like reaching in and ripping the Eggs from the intestines of the "Golden Goose"..

    To punitively assess (use) taxes of at minimum $1,600 a year per household, on the successful individuals, to support dis-functional Regimes worldwide is ludicrous Liberal insanity.

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Letter to:
    NM Senators Tom Udall and Jeff Bingamon

    Among other highly questionable issues, I am appalled by the recently announced action by the EPA. It appears to come as the HADCRU emails are just now being researched. The fact that the Bureaucrats that the United States Congress is responsible for, are flagrantly usurping the Power of the United States Congress responsible for their very existence, is atrocious.

    I would like to think that this action, overriding Your Congressional ability to debate the effects of this disturbing exhibition of Power, will be vigorously contested in The Senate.

    Their now Presumed power over the very part of society that makes our system function better than any system the world has ever seen, is unbelievably arrogant of the EPA.

    I would also hope that your influence is great enough to arouse the rest of the Senate to reverse this decision. A decision made by those attempting to take away the power of the Senate, YOUR Power. The financial stakes in this Mandate are high. Possibly even more so than any single issue in History. The faith of the Law Abiding voters is now shaken. This Problem and it's resolution are being watched and recorded by all Law Abiding concerned Voters.


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